How to turn on the radio from the power supply

Often to mess with head devices on Android is easier at home. In addition to the inconvenience, there is a restriction on the battery of the battery, which will not spare the radio tape recorder. In fact, I make this note more for myself, because every time I forget where to supply meals in addition to the power contacts of the radio itself.

In the case of my magnet of Wanqi Allwinner T3 (Yuehoo YH-605), the consumption current at a voltage of 14 volts does not exceed one ampere. When choosing a power supply, take into account that it can provide a capacity of 20W with a margin.

Wanqi Allwinner T3 radio (Yuehoo YH-605) is powered from the power supply 12V

What where to connect in a car radio

The output pads on radio can be different in size and layout of wires. The good news is that manufacturers try to adhere to certain rules in choosing colors for each of the systems. And this can be used.

Most often, the colors of the wires for each of the systems are allocated:

  • Yellow and red. power 12 volts. Yellow. from the battery, red. from ignition, this is control.
  • White, purple, green and gray (and their options with black or white stripes). on the audio system.
  • Black. mass.
  • Blue. antenna output.

The colors of the wires of the connection of the audio system may vary slightly. But for food and mass there will be just such colors.

A standard connection scheme for which just understand what needs to be submitted

We will deal with food further, and in this connector we will talk about connecting the audio system and antenna. Everything is simple with antenna. the blue wire. You can temporarily “hang” here even just a piece of wire, or you can. a purchased or homemade antenna.

The audio system is rarely complicated. Most often put one or two speakers. We connect them to any pair of wires from the list. A couple is a lilac and lilac-black or lilac with white, for example.

The main color suggests that this conclusion is positive, “”. The white or black strip indicates that the conclusion is negative “-“. This must be taken into account when connecting speakers. They will definitely indicate a plus and minus connection.

One of the wires of the pair we put the speaker on one input, the second. to the other. After feeding the power in the columns, sound will appear.

How best to connect wires

Depending on the state in which you got a car radio, it may have an output block, or maybe a bunch of wires. Both options are suitable for work. The second option is preferable, since it is easier to make a quality connection. If you do not plan to use this device in the car, the ISO block is easier to cut. Well, or those wires that you need to cut off from the block.

Wire connection when connecting a car radio

connect, radio, computer, power, supply

If you decide to save the block, when connecting, we clean up the conductors and insert it into the nests opposite the wires of the desired color. If you choose the option “wires without a block”, the ends of the necessary conductors must be cleaned from insulation (0.8-1.0 cm). Then, in the process of work, the connected wires are tightly twisted. If you have a soldering iron, it is better after the tests. when you are sure that everything works, all the twisting.

When they were convinced that the radio works isolate the compounds. You can use the island, but the heat.shaped tubes are more reliable.

Connecting through a lowering transformer

You can connect the radio tape recorder through a lowering transformer with a 12V power supply. The device can be powered to a home.made or factory power source, which is connected to the network in 220 in. To create a transformer with your own hands, it is important to get rid of the secondary winding and make several additional turns with an insulating coating.

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You should also determine the type of cord, which is suitable for creating the winding. Most of the car radio are equipped with an amplifier with current consumption up to 10-15 A. When creating a homemade node, you need to make sure that it will be able to cope with increased loads without overheating or melting the insulator. To prevent the heating of internal parts, it is necessary to put the fan at the output of the diode bridge.

To assess the voltage of the winding, a multimeter is used. After that, the user needs to calculate the number of turns in which you can get a voltage of 12 volts. You still need to include a rectifier of 4 semiconductors like D226 in the chain. The system is equipped with an inductive coil with 2 capacitors of 10 thousand. MKF. For assembly of the diode bridge, they use the Getinax plate.

Preparation for work

Before connecting the radio to a computer or a 220 V power source, it is important to prepare the following devices:

  • Voltage transformer.
  • Insulator.
  • Wire with optimal length and section.
  • Multimeter.
  • Calculator for calculations.

How to make a lowering transformer with your own hands

A lowering transformer is created according to the following instructions:

  • Choose a free section of the wire and wrap it with an insulator and a piece of wires of optimal length and section.
  • To determine the optimal number of turns, it is necessary to assemble the inclusion circuit and measure the output voltage of one turn. If the multimeter produces 2.9 V, one winding has an indicator of 0.41 V. To get a 12-volt voltage, 30 turns will be required.
  • Next, you need to connect a diode bridge.

Computer Power Supply Box Running a car amplifier

The listed components are sold in various spare parts stores for electronic devices or manufactured by yourself at home.

Direct connection

All components must be combined using cables, and then fixed in a protective casing of fireproof raw materials. Switching is performed using separate laces.

In the process of connection, you should make sure that the correct selection of the scheme. Otherwise, the system will burn out.

How the radio is connected to the power supply?

To connect at home, the necessary materials and equipment will be required:

  • A computer power source, this is our block of its power should be 300-350 watts;
  • car radio;
  • acoustic columns or speakers;
  • Wires with a section of more than 1.5 mm.

Acoustics should be of high quality, the device has a output, it can be connected to each exit by a column. For a loud sound, you should choose speakers with a resistance of 4 Ohms, as a rule, this is an automotive acoustics. Home acoustics has a resistance of 8th.

connect, radio, computer, power, supply

How to Connect Car Stereo to Computer ATX Power Supply. Pioneer

Connecting a car radio to a computer power supply contains several main stages:

  • Prepare the radio, the connector will have to be cut, There is no universal adapter for connecting to a computer power supply, we clean the wires.
  • The power supply is more than the number of different connectors, we will need the one to which a hard drive is connected. Four wires, yellow, red, and two black ones are suitable for it (the photo of the connector is below).
  • Now we connect the radio for our power supply, the connection diagram is as follows, we twist two yellow and red wires in the radio (this is both pluses), and connect them to the yellow wire of our PSU, we connected all the plus now we need to connect the black wire on the radio, and the black wire which approaches the chip of the power supply.
  • Everything, the power supply to our radio is connected, but the PSU refuses to turn on without the motherboard, now we will deceive it, we take the connector which is connected to the motherboard (this connector is most suitable for the wires, the photo of the connector is lower) we are looking for a green wire, to turn on the block to us It is necessary to close it with any black wire. You can do this with a jumper. After this closing, our PSU will begin to supply electricity to the radio.
  • If there is a jumper in the circuit breaker block, you can not remove the black and green wires enough. The switch can be used to turn on or disable power.
  • It remains only to connect acoustics and enjoy your favorite music, the following designations have an audio output at the radio.-The wires of the left anterior dynamics are white, marking is FL. The minus has a black strip.-Right front speaker wires have gray color, marking. FR. The minus has a black strip.-The wires of the left rear dynamics have a gray color, marking. RL. The minus has a black strip.-The wires of the right rear speaker have purple color, marking. RR. The minus has a black strip.All speakers have two maples, this is a plus and minus. We connect the above wires to our speakers. If you use speakers, then to increase sound quality, for them you need to make a box (like a column).
  • The collection of all devices in a single network allows you to include a home.made speaker system in a 220V voltage and enjoy music. The homemade acoustic system will provide the presence of pure, loud and high.quality sound without unnecessary costs, and the control panel will provide comfortable listening.
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It will be useful for you to know what kind of radio connection scheme is used in the car.

Why do we use a power supply from a computer

Connecting a tape recorder from a computer power supply is the most common example of connecting a radio tape recorder at home, you can also use a battery instead of a power supply, but this method is not very convenient, as it needs constant recharging.

Using a power supply is another of the most budgetary methods, you can purchase a used power supply, or use an old computer as a donor. Before connecting, it must be checked for performance, make sure that it is working, if problems are detected, the block must be repaired or replaced. To do this, we need to perform the following algorithm of action.

Connection via adapter/charging

Most charging devices or adapters for small household appliances give out 12 volts. But you still need to select the current that this device issues. If you have a passport on a radio or a nameplate on it, see the exact data there.

For the operation of the car radio requires 12 V and 5-6 A

Most charging devices or adapters for small household appliances give out 12 volts. But you still need to select the current that this device issues. If you have a passport on a radio or a nameplate on it, see the exact data there.

If there is nowhere to take the data, you can focus on the “medium”. Usually, the car radio in the standard operating mode consumes 5 A. With maximum load, it may be consumption of 10 A. But with such a connection, you can’t squeeze out the maximum from it. So, we are looking for a network adapter or charger, which produces 12 V and 5-6 A.

If you find an adapter or charger with suitable parameters, after five to ten minutes of the car radio will work from the network 220

Most of the order of connection of the car radio of the house is described above. We describe only direct actions.

If you find an adapter or charger with suitable parameters, after five to ten minutes the car radio will work from the network 220

  • Cut the plug. Part, which we insert into equipment from charging/adapter/adapter/power supply.
  • We share the conductors, trying not to damage the isolation.
  • We determine the plus and minus by the multimeter. Often you can find the central wire and braid in the cable. Everything here is just a braid. this is a minus.
  • They cling them to the power inputs of the car radio.
  • We include 220 volts to the network and check how it works.

If you do not want to cut off the plug, then you can simply clean the wires at some distance and draw conclusions. But after checking it is better to insulate.

Another option, do not cut off or clean anything. You can just connect the wires to the plug. The wire “” is stuck into the central hole, and the minus is external contact.

How to turn on a reduction transformer

Simple rectifier on a lowering transformer from the 220 in network

The implementation of this option is more difficult, but for those who love something to make it will not be difficult. How to wrap the transformer we will not tell. We proceed from the fact that you already have it with the necessary parameters. Namely:

At its output we will have 12 in alternating current, and the car radio is powered by constant. Therefore, we need to straighten this tension. You can assemble an elementary circuit using a diode bridge and condenser.

Diodes, for example, KD226, the capacitor is best put on 4700 μF to reduce pulsations. Before connecting, check the output voltage parameters. Without load, it can be slightly higher and draw up 14. 15 volts.

Proper connection of the radio to the computer power supply

If you love music and want to fully enjoy it at home in good quality, then any modern music center can replace a simple radio. All that is needed is to correctly connect it to a home audio system and computer. As a result, you can achieve excellent sound, which is not inferior in either cleanliness or quality of expensive specialized systems. In this article we will figure out how to connect the radio to the computer power supply yourself. Let’s start. Go!

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To make a good audio system at home, it is not at all necessary to spend a lot of money. Sometimes you can just use a car radio

The big advantage of this device is that it implements the possibility of manual settings of low/high frequencies, unlike many audio systems in which there is only a set of standard settings. Of course, the radio must be connected to the power source. She needs 12 in the main voltage plus 5 V to maintain settings and radio stations. It is not difficult for to purchase BP specifically for this purpose. The problem is that such BPs have a fairly high price and can do an order of magnitude more expensive for you. Fortunately, you can easily get out of this unpleasant position using a computer power supply.

First of all, you need to prepare the wires of the car radio for connection. To do this, it is necessary to cut off the DIN station by means of which the device is connected to the car. After that, expose the wires.

To connect the car radio to the power supply, you can use any connector, however, the most suitable for this is the connector for hard drives. The most obvious approach is to cut off the connector and then solder the contacts, but it is better to make more and more conveniently, namely, to make a special adapter that will allow the use of BP in the future for PC.

Let’s deal with the wires and their purpose:

Before you start doing anything, you must definitely turn off the power supply from the network. In addition, it will not be superfluous to carry out forced discharge of high.voltage electrolytic capacitors of the input rectifier. This is done as follows. parallel to the contacts of the capacitor, connect literally for a couple of seconds a resistor (100-200 kOhm). At the same time, do not hold the resistor with your fingers so as not to get a shock. This is done in order to get rid of the residual charge in the capacitor, which can be dangerous in case of accidental touch to conclusions.

To carry out the launch of BP without a motherboard, use the largest connector designed just for this. If you close the minus and the green contact responsible for the launch of the power supply, you turn on the BP. When opening. turn off. To do this, you can use a simple pin. The red wire of the radio with the ACC marking must be twisted along with the yellow wire 12 V.

The next step is to take a home column from auto.dynamics. Buy some speakers that you will like. It is important that they are not heavy. For example, it can be speakers from a car. Now we need a box in which the speaker will be placed to create a full.fledged column. The best solution would be to make it from wood, cutting a hole for the speaker, but if you do not want to mess with this, use the usual cardboard box. Just pick up a dense cardboard box. If the box itself is too small, and the walls are too thin, then there will be no protection against the antiphase, which will cause the lack of bass.

For home use, car radios are perfect, to which the remote control remote is included in the kit. In the car it is useless, but at home it will come in handy.

So you can simply connect the car radio to the computer power supply. Now you can independently create at home an excellent audio system for listening to music. Write in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев whether this article has been useful for you and share your experience with other users in performing such operations.