How to connect a smartphone to a TV

There may be several reasons for transmitting data between the phone and the TV: a comfortable visit to Internet resources, watching videos, photos or presentation demonstrations. To date, there are many ways to solve this problem, due to the lack of a single connection standard. All of them are attached to certain intenses and data transfer protocols and use either wire or wireless connection.

In this article, we will touch upon only the most common ways to connect a phone to the TV and start with wired connections in view of their wide distribution.

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Wired methods

You say what wires, in the yard of the 21st century, have long been Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, and in general the whole world is rapidly abandoning the annoying laces. I understand that it looks like I want to return the “Ancient Age”, but this is not so.

MHL adapter

HDMI cable avoids delays in “pulling pictures” when broadcasting the screen onto the TV. And this can be relevant, for example, in games, dynamic films, in working moments. Using the adapter OTG or MHL, allows you to expand the full.time capabilities of the smartphone: connect the keyboard, mouse, other periphery, charge the battery. In fact, you can use a mobile phone as a system unit, and a TV will act as a monitor.

In general, the wired connection has not yet lost its relevance.

But if for Android you can use an OTG or MHL adapter, then for the iPhone you will have to buy the Lightning to HDTV Cable Video and Charge Plug and Play with an HDMI connector. Now the of such accessories have fallen very much in price, so you will not have to lay out 5,000 for a plastic box.

MHL or special connection process. The adapter for the iPhone is not difficult:

Apple Lightning to Digital AV HDMI Adapter. What to use it for!

  • Insert Lightning, Type-C, or Micro-USB into a connector on the phone case,
  • HDMI cable in a TV connector,
  • We connect an external power supply (usual by 5 volts),
  • Select the signal source using the remote control from TV.


Another version of the cable connection is through the morally outdated Slimport device. The principle of operation is similar to MHL, but there are versions for DVI, DisplayPort Monitor and for the VGA-input of the projector.

Type-C adapter on HDMI

A modern wired option, but not suitable for all phones. The fact is that to support the display of the image from the device of the equipped Type-C to a large screen, the device must support the DP Alt Mode technology (most often through the dock). The list is extremely short, but if you are a happy surplus of a boot apparatus, feel free to buy a Type-C adapter on HDMI, and use health.

Like a flash drive

The easiest option, but the most not functional. Allows you to view files in the internal memory of the device, photos, videos, music. In fact, the mobile phone joins the TV like a flash drive, the main thing is to choose a USB in the TV menu on TV. A file manager resembles Windows will open, using a remote control and “arrow”, open a multimedia file.

VGA Video transmission connector

Old TV models are not equipped with HDMI and USB connectors. For conjugation of an Android planet or phone, use an adapter.

  • Connect the Micro-USB device cable to the VGA adapter. Insert the other end into the connector on the mobile device.
  • Press the Source on the remote control, then select as source “VGA”.
  • Conjugation takes a few seconds. After the operation is completed, use the gadget to broadcast video or photo on the screen tv.
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This technology is rapidly becoming obsolete, so it’s hard to find such adapters now.

Connection to the TV using Chromecast

It is worth clarifying immediately: the Google Chromecast device is only one of the devices that supports the same name technology.

In the same way, it is supported by many phones, from Google Pixel and Samsung to Xiaomi and Huawei, as well as all sorts of nouns of the Chinese of the third echelon. As well as a considerable number of TVs, which is perhaps more important.

If your Wi-Fi network has a TV with Chromecast support, then a special icon will appear on the smartphone in the player window that offers to transmit the video broadcast to the TV.

After transmission with a smartphone, you can do anything: at least start the game, at least look for new headphones on Aliexpress, at least put it aside, because in fact the smartphone will simply send the TV link to the video and will display the controls, and it will already play the file by the specified link.

In addition, Chromecast supports Google assistant, so you can not look for a video manually, but send a voice assistant to do this.

By the way, through Chromecast you can pass the video to the TV and from the laptop, and then you can remove the laptop at all: the TV received a link and opened the video directly from the site, so the mediation of the laptop already, in principle, is not necessary.

And one more pleasant moment: Chromecast technology as default supports work in Miracast mode, that is, you can send the TV a link to the series of interest, or you can go to the screen duplication mode and look through the same pictures on the big screen.

How to connect iPhone to TV via AirPlay

AirPlay allows you to quickly and easily transmit any content between Apple devices without loss of quality. Due to the attachment to the manufacturer, this method is not suitable for everyone, but if you are the owner of apple products, AirPlay is very useful. The Connect may also need Apple TV prefix. On modern TVs, the AirPlay function is often Unfortunately, it does not always work stable, and sometimes simply refuses to see the devices.

To connect, open the iPhone settings and find the “repeat repetition” menu, or click the corresponding button in the video itself.

Wireless connection

This is the most convenient type of connection. You do not need to think about where to put another wire, you do not need to approach the TV for connecting a smartphone. The only unpleasant moment concerns that your TV should support Wi-Fi. If this is not the case, then you will have to take care of the purchase of additional accessories.

To connect a smartphone to the TV, you will need to buy a chromecast media player. Fortunately, it is not worth it and cost you only 3500-4000, and if you add about 3 thousand more, you can purchase Chromecast with Google TV. In this case, you will not only be able to broadcast content from a smartphone, but also get a full-fledged TV setup that turns your TV into Smart-TV.

And so, you bought Chromecast, what’s next? Connect the prefix to the TV via HDMI and install Google Home for Android or iOS on the smartphone smartphone. After that, switch the source of the TV signal to the HDMI port of the console and make it setting up, following a simple and understandable step-by-step instruction.

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We connect a smartphone to the TV via USB cable

Perhaps this is the easiest way to connect a smartphone and TV. The only condition here will be the presence of a USB port by the TV and the possibility of using it to read external drives. For connection, any food wire with the corresponding connectors used in the smartphone is suitable. For connection, install the wires, and on the TV select the corresponding point of display menu of connected devices.

Indeed, the smartphone will be defined as an external storage (in a simple flash drive). Viewing will be available only those files that are saved in the internal memory of the smartphone.

This method is not entirely convenient, because gadgets will always be connected by wires, and their length is not always comfortable. And reproduction is possible only saved files.

We connect a smartphone to the TV via HDMI cable

exotic, but more functional, the method of connecting a smartphone to a TV. Like the previous method, the wire is used, but with completely different connectors. And besides, HDMI should be installed on the TV, although in modern gadgets it is used everywhere.

connect, phone, adapter

So what we need. USB Type-C-HDMI or corresponding adapter capable of converting this signal. It should be borne in mind that when connecting the TV screen, not only the picture will be displayed, but also the sound. And the smartphone itself will not be defined as an external medium of information, but as a signal source. Therefore, after connecting a smartphone on the TV, you need to select the corresponding signal source and you may have to change the resolution.

Connecting a smartphone to a TV via DLNA Inte Wee

Again, a rather exotic way to combine not only a smartphone and TV, but, for example, a computer in a common network. But here, again, there is a condition under which a special router will be required to view the output content and is possible software with DLNA support.

All gadgets planned to output should be posted in one common home network, and the TV support the DLNA function, otherwise you will have to use an additional router with this support.

The management of the output content is possible only from the transmitter. So, for example, on the smartphone we open the corresponding folder or file and indicate the final device for the output of the image.

Expanded possibilities of using this method can be implemented using the Bubbleupnp application media, which can be downloaded from Google Play.

Connection via Wi-Fi Direct

888 രൂപക്ക് നമ്മുടെ TV സ്മാർട്ട് TV ആക്കാം | How to set up Google Chromecast | Screen Mirroring

Temporarily leave the wires and try a wireless connection. For connection, any modern smartphone on the Android operating system and compatible with Wi-Fi Direct TV.

The point is that the smartphone connects directly to the TV creating a common network with an access point, and the selected information is displayed from the smartphone. The setting will not cause special problems and you just need to search for a smartphone in the corresponding television menu item, for example, “Wireless Connections / Wi-Fi Direct”. After searching for connecting a smartphone, you may need to enter the code displayed on the TV. This method will be relevant if you have a Smart TV.

But if your TV is old and does not support Smart functions, you will have to connect through a special adapter installed in the HDMI Port of TV. In addition, additional power is required from USB. Next, the connection is quite simple, after searching for the device, select it as the main one and search for a smartphone.

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Connection via Chromecast

The method is similar to the previous one, but in this case, the prefix from Google is involved. To connect, you can use smartphones with Android or iOS operating systems. The prefix is ​​connected to the HDMI TV connector and allows you to display the image in FullHD or even 4K format. To display the image on the smartphone, you will have to install the Google Home branded application or similar to the “apple” smartphone.

Connection of the iPhone smartphone to a TV via AirPlay

This technology is applicable only to Apple devices and allows you to transmit a signal without loss by quality. To connect, you will need a TV support for AirPlay technology, and it is built into some models. Otherwise you have to buy the appropriate prefix from Apple. After a fairly simple connection of devices during viewing on the smartphone, you can click on the “Repeat of the screen” button and the image will be on the TV.

Connecting a smartphone to a TV via the Tap View Inte Wee

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This possibility of output of images is subject only to smartphones from Samsung and TVs of the same manufacturer. To connect and transmit data on the connected gadgets, you will have to install the SMARTTHINGS branded application. This method is applicable only to modern televisions of the manufacturer and is supported by Tu7000 models and more.

There is another way to display the image, but it is involved only in YouTube video hosting. When connecting a smartphone and a Smart TV to a common account, it becomes possible to display the image on the screen. But as practice shows, this applies only to modern gadgets.

What way to choose to connect your gadget decide. Will you use obsolete connection methods via wire connection, use additional adapters or wireless method. Much will depend on how modern your devices are, because technologies do not stand still and every year the unification will be easier.

Possible problems

Consider the possible difficulties that may arise when connecting an old TV to the phone:

  • Using the HDMI-RCA cable. This is a cable, at the end of which the HDMI plug is located. and with the other “tails of tulips”. As a rule, such a connection does not give a result. This is due to the fact that the digital signal must be converted into one of the analog formats, such as: PAL, PALSECAM or NTSC. HDMI-RCA cable does not perform this function, so its purchase does not make sense.
  • Lack of signal after connecting. If nothing happens after the connection, check the tolerance to the switching switch of the analog signal. Most often this switch is on the side of the converter.
  • Picture of the worst quality. You must understand that old TVs had a much lower screen resolution than modern 4K or UltraHD models. Do not wait for pictures in high resolution from them.

It is easy to connect a smartphone to the TV. Given the current selection of accessories and additional devices. The main thing is to know for sure what outputs and entrances are on your smartphone.