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How to connect a phone to a TV listen to music

Is it possible to connect the phone to the TV for watching the film, how to do it best, what methods are suitable for smartphones iPhone, Samsung, Xiaomi and. RIA Novosti, 16.09.2021

Moscow, 16 Sep. RIA Novosti. Is it possible to connect the phone to the TV for watching the film, how best to do it, what methods are suitable for iPhone, Samsung, Xiaomi and Honor smartphones. in the material of RIA Novosti.How to connect a phone to television and practically all the latest models of TVs of known brands are equipped with a mobile device connection function. This provides great opportunities: viewing on a large screen of a film downloaded on a mobile device; transfer to mobile games TV; Convenient search for information on a wide display.You can synchronize the screens of a mobile phone and TV with the help of various adapters or via a Wi-Fi network through special applications.The best option is to connect a smartphone to TV. However, some options are best suited for a specific phone model: with iOS and Android operating systems. Consider each of them.For iPhone iPhonephons, you can connect to a TV through adapters such as a USB cable and HDMI system. You can try to use the HTML cable and even special Apple Store apps (one of the rather popular-IMediaShare). However, a proven and most reliable way to synchronize TV and phone screens with an iOS operating system is Wi-Fi Network.For Androidsmartphones with the Android system, it is easiest to connect using special adapters, because their connectors are more likely to be more likely than Apple phone ports. over, if the TV supports Wi-Fi Direct or DLNA, then the connection is easy to install without wire.You can synchronize the screens using any Android Smartphone model.Samsung Telephones Samsung are most conveniently connected to the TV using the SCreen Mirroring source or through Miracast technology. A special accessory “DEX station” has been developed, which operates through an HDMI cable and allows you to connect Samsung Galaxy phones to any TVs.XiaomItelephones Redmi Note 3 Pro, Redmi Note 4, Redmi Note 5 and other newer versions are connected to the TV via HDMI cable and via USB. There are also programs for Xiaomi, such as Bubbleupnp, Wireless Display.Honor is most of the Honor and Huawei smartphones to connect to a USB cable. If you use the Smart TV-Box prefix, you can apply HDMI.The wireless connection of connecting the phone to the TV via cable is not always the easiest option, because often the connectors do not coincide, and there are no special adapters at hand. In this case, it is better to use a wireless connection.Through Wi-Fi Direct, the option is considered the most optimal if both electronic devices support the Wi-Fi Direct option.For the connection, you will need to: go on the phone in “Settings”, select the Wi-Fi Direct section from the entire menu and click “Connect“; Almost the same operation is done in the settings of the second device (find the point “Network” and turn on Wi-Fi). The TV will begin to look for a mobile device, after which an active window with the “Connect” button will appear on both screens.Through Dlnadlna, it is a set of standards by which on compatible devices it is possible to transmit media materials of various types (photographs, music, films, etc. D.) Such a compound will occur through a router. The phone must have Android OS, and the TV, in turn, support the DLNA system.For the connection, it will be required: through the AirPlayol from the simplest ways to connect the device from Apple. AirPlay. However, in addition to the smartphone and TV, you will also need the Apple TV prefix, which is completely compatible with the iPhone and immediately offers the user all additional options.For the connection, it will be required: through Miracastmiracast. this is a technology that provides for the transmission of video images without wires. Suitable for phones with the Android operating system, works only on modern Smart TV TV models and is carried out using Wi-Fi network.The connection will be required: through Chromecastchromecast. this is a device developed by Google, which transfers media materials to TV. This connection method is suitable for Android smartphones.The connection is required: through Screen Mirroring, the connection option is available for Samsung models.For the connection, it is necessary: ​​to TV Samsung.Mimo SCREEN MIRRORING, Smart View app, Miracast technologies, there is also a wireless way to connect the phone to the Samsung TV. using the “YouTube Broadcasting”.For the connection, it is necessary: ​​the wired connection is not possible to install applications, you can use wired methods of connecting the phone to the TV.Through a USB-cablepter, a mobile device is used as a flash drive through a USB cable: the action performed on the smartphone is not duplicated on the screen, but the media files can be lost.For the connection, it is required: through the HDMI cable there is a mini hdmi connector for direct connection to TV on smartphones. If it is absent, you will need an adapter with Micro USB on HDMI or adapter.It will take: through MHLMHL it is now supported not by all smartphones. For this already outdated connection method, Samsung phones (released until 2015) and some devices from Sony, Meizu, Huawei, HTC are suitable.For the connection, you need to connect the adapter with the MHL to the TV using the HDMI system, to the phone through Micro USB.Via Slimpotslimpot is another adapter for synchronization of phone and TV screens. Suitable for smartphones with the Android operating system, such as LG G2, G3, G4, Nexus 4 and Nexus 5. Connects to TV via HDMI connector.Through the Lightning Didgital AV Adapteret, the adapter will help connect an iOS mobile device with TV. In this case, the smartphone connects to via Lightning connector.Useful advice on how to connect a mobile phone to a TV, study the advice of specialists:

Down with the wire!

There is support for Wi-Fi Direct technology today in almost all TVs that have a wireless connection, and even more so, almost all phones have it. Thanks to this technology, devices are interconnected without an access point. At the same time, TV sees the phone not as a simple drive, but as a multimedia device. The process of conjugation of these two devices is as follows:

  • First of all, we include on the mobile gadget Wi-Fi Direct. With any version of the operating room, this mode is located in the wireless connection settings.
  • Next, we perform the same actions on TV. The option can be found in network settings, its location may slightly differ depending on the brand of the device:
  • After activating this option on a television monitor, a list of devices available for conjugation will appear. Among them, find your mobile device, choose it without wires, look at anything on the big screen.

Speaking of Wi-Fi Direct, one cannot help but mention the Wi-Fi Miracast. Miracast is improved and more advanced technology, so so far not all devices can support it. Mirakast, like a direct, is able to connect gadgets without involving routers.

connect, phone, listen, music
  • Excellent quality of transmission of volumetric information (ideal for watching a movie)
  • Shipping is protected by WPA2 encryption
  • Displayed both the screen of the mobile device and vice versa
  • Easily transfers 3D and volumetric sound
  • Economic battery savings.
connect, phone, listen, music

The connection instructions are as follows:

If your television receiver does not have a miracasta support, but there is WIDI support, you are also lucky, you can use it. Another good news for those whose devices do not support neither the first nor the second. there are specialsadapers that can easily perform the above functions. They look like simple USB USB flash drives, but at the same time it is easy to connect them to the HDMI port.

How to play TV Audio on the phone (over the phone )

General diagram of phone connection to TV

Before proceeding with the main connection, the user needs to find out in general, what is the general scheme for connecting a mobile device to the TV through any carrier and method, and not just Bluetooth. All this is due to the fact that not all TVs support this type of connection.

In general, there are two types of connection:

The general connection diagram for data transmission looks like this:

  • First, the user needs to understand what kind of TV model he has. If it is new enough, then he was lucky, since connecting a wireless method for him is possible. It is also worth seeing what the user has a mobile device model, because sometimes the devices do not join due to the fact that different versions of Bluetooth;
  • After that, it is worth checking what connectors are on the TV and on the phone. If there are the necessary connectors, then the connection using wires is definitely possible;
  • After that, it is worth checking whether it is possible to attach devices to each other, correctly connect them for broadcasting. It may simply be necessary to use Wi-Fi;
  • Next, you can connect them with a cable or in any user comfortable user without wires.

It is always worth focusing on what are the features of the technique. Smart TV is much easier because there is Wi-Fi, which you can always connect. In other cases, it is necessary to buy special wires or install additional programs.

Question Answer
What are the wireless methods of the mating most popular? The most popular include: connecting via Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, DLNA, MIRACAST and other applications.
What to do if the wireless option does not work? It is worth using an option that involves the presence of wires, however, it is not always very convenient.
Which is better: wireless or wired option? Everyone has their own pros and cons of. In the wireless version, you do not need to mess with the wires, however, the connection is not always stable and clear. With a wired version, it is likely that the connection will not be lost, but it is very inconvenient to use the wires.

Only expensive TVs have a Wi-Fi module, moreover, not all phones support Wi-Fi Direct technology. Therefore, its relevance is still under a big question. USB connection is the most outdated method. Only those files (audio, photo, video) will be played, the formats of which are supported by the TV. Because of this, there is a risk that films or photos uploaded to a smartphone simply will not play.

How to Connect iPhone to TV Screen Mirror! (2021)

The easiest and most affordable connection method is through the HDMI InteEIS. It is supported by every modern TV and most of the older models. Even if there is no HDMI connector on the mobile, it is much easier to purchase an adapter or adapter. It has a small price, but you will get access to all functionality, you can play any media files, connect other devices (mouse, keyboard, gamepad), go to the Internet.

Phone to HDMI Convert Cable. MHL on the phone without MHL support.

What to do if MHL is not supported? Turn to the Chinese! When I found out that my smartphones have no MHL support, I started looking for other ways to connect in the cable and stumbled upon the Phone to HDMI CONVERT CABLE from UNNLINK, there is such a stray about 1000.

For connection, you will need to activate the “developer mode” mode (how to do it?), turning on the USB debugging mode and installing the EZ CAST application.

connect, phone, listen, music

This method displays the picture from the phone screen to the TV, the sound is how lucky. It is also written in the documentation. on some smartphones the sound will be from speakers, on some. from the TV. over, “not all Android devices support the transmission of the image”. In general, such a Chinese version, which “can work, or maybe not”.

I tested this connection method, you can find out more about it in a separate article. here. On Xiaomi Mi Note 3 and Mi A2, the picture is transmitted, and the sound comes from the speakers of a smartphone. Films, videos and modest according to the requirements of the game are broadcast on the TV perfectly, with a minimum delay, which does not cause discomfort. So I was happy to play Limbo-without any problems. But, for example, in the GTA Vice City, the delay during the test was about 1 second, which made control of the extremely unpleasant. I also tested the GeForce Now-Dying Light and even Moba-toy Hots (Heroes of the Storm). It turned out something average. you can play, but not very comfortable.


SlimPort is a standard for transmitting high.quality images from a smartphone on TV. This standard supports the video with a resolution up to 4K. SlimPort is a technology similar in device with MHL. SlimPort is required to transmit data:

  • Special converter, as well as support for the device of this standard.
  • It is necessary to purchase a HDMI cable, converter and prepare a mobile device.

The advantage of using this technology is the ability to convert the image from the device not only with the output in HDMI, but also in VGA and DisplayPort. On the market, adapters with different connectors are implemented, as well as universal converters who have both HDMI and VGA at the same time. A large number of connectors allow you to connect the phone to old monitors, TVs and other equipment.

Wireless ways

In addition to wired methods of connection, there are wireless ways. They are much more convenient, since they do not require connecting wires. The user does not have to buy additional headsets in the store, spend money on them. It is worth considering in more detail each option.

Wi-Fi Direct

If the Wi-Fi Direct option is equipped with a phone and haier, then you can use this modern technology. This is one of the most practical and simple ways to create a connection between the TV and the phone, as a result of which to connect one device to another. It is worth noting that without creating a local network it is impossible to carry out this manipulation:

Now you can broadcast any image from the phone.


This is another technology. In general, Miracast was created on the basis of Wi-Fi Direct, but at the same time the developers made additions for convenience. For example, you can create 3D files. You can also display a large volume content:


This method is especially popular for Apple phones, but at the same time you can install on all devices. First you need to install Apple TV on the Haier TV. By the way, this method is very suitable for connecting the phone to use musical content. Often include music with it.

To begin with, we are convinced that the iPhone is connected to the network, and there is Apple TV on the TV. After that, on the iPhone we open the control point and select “Repeat of the screen”. So you can easily and simply reproduce content, turn on the music.

Creating a DLNA network

For remote phone access, you can use DLNA technology. It is that the TV and the phone must be connected to one network. You need to activate the function on the TV, then open the gallery and select the required file. Dahla go to the menu and select the player. Tap on the name of the TV.

Through the technology Miracast

Miracast is a technology for duplication of an image that allows you to duplicate the entire process on the TV from your device. In this case, no cables are required, everything is carried out on a wireless network. It is only necessary that this technology be on the TV and smartphone. As a rule, in most modern smartphones it is. She was introduced from Android 4.2.

Consider the connection on the example of the LG TV.

  • We go on TV in “Menu”. Next, we find a “connection manager” there and in the general list we select “smartphone” or “tablet”. Now you need to select the “General access to the screen” tab. As soon as you click, see the inscription Miracast. Click on the start tab. Everything, on the TV, the setting is over.
  • We proceed to activation of technology on our smartphone. We go to the “Settings” and we are looking for the item “”. There will be a widi item here. Click on him. In the list you will see your TV already. Click on it and wait for the device to connect. As soon as the conjugation is installed, you will see a smartphone duplication on the screen and you can run games, applications, go online, etc.D.

It will also be possible to connect a gamepad, for example, either a keyboard, and make a full computer out of your Android smartphone.