Android phone as a computer modem (by USB). And what to do if the Internet does not work when distributing from the phone

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Almost all modern Android smartphones can work in modem mode. t.e. “shake” (share) with your 3G/4G (Wi-Fi) Internet with a computer or laptop.

And I must tell you that in some cases. There is no alternatives to this (for example, in small district centers where there is no cable connection; or in new buildings, where it simply did not conduct it. ).

Actually, The topic is popular and there are always a lot of questions on it. then in this note I decided to put up all this and show on a simple example of how to configure the phone on Android to work in a modem mode (simultaneously dismantling most typical problems).

For a simpler perception. The material is designed in the form of instructions (with an explanation of each action).

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How to distribute the Internet through Wi-Fi or Bluetooth with Android-another instruction

Setting a router from a phone (without PC)

And so, the first step is standard: we connect the cable from the Internet provider to the Port Wan (or Internet) router.

Connect Lan Cabel from the provider to the Comfast router

Also note that a number of modern routers can work in different modes: a repiter, router, etc. If there is special on the device case. switches. use the “Router” mode.

After connecting the device to the 220V network (if everything is in order with it. On the case should start burning/blink LEDs).

Now open the phone settings. In the section of wireless networks, go to the “Wi-Fi” tab (see. An example below).

Then turn on Wi-Fi: among the list of found networks, “ours” should appear-try to connect with it.

Usually, the name of this network (and password for connecting to it). are indicated on the sticker located on the router. Cm. Screenshots below.

Available networks. We connect to our Wi-Fi network

Note: if there is no such information on the sticker, then usually the router broadcasts Wi-Fi network for connecting to which the password is not required.


If the router works, but the Wi-Fi network does not appear, several options are possible:

  • You are not quite a “new” router and someone in its settings turned off Wi-Fi (this could be done in the store. ). You can try to drop the router to default settings;
  • You are too far from the router (behind 2-3 walls. The signal can be very weak);
  • If the Wi-Fi network, after resetting the router settings, did not appear, it is possible that the router does not broadcast Wi-Fi by default (t.e. It won’t work to configure it from the phone. You need to connect the device LAN cable to the laptop/PC);
  • a malfunction of the router cannot be excluded.

After you connected to the Wi-Fi network-open the browser (in which the VPN is turned off, there are no plugins for blocking advertising, etc.) and enter into the target line IP from the web-intake of the router.

The IP address from the web-intake is also indicated on the router case (on the sticker). Most often, these IP:

In my case, IP 192 was required.168.ten.1 (see. screenshot below). I draw your attention, you need to introduce IP without unnecessary points, quotes, etc. symbols (if you correctly indicate the IP. the router further forwards to where you need. ).

IP addresses of the Comfast router (by default!)

If you have introduced the correct IP, the greeting window should appear with the proposal to enter the login and password for access to the settings (the window depends on the model and firmware of the router).

This information is also indicated on the router’s case, or standard data is used:

Login: admin

Password: admin or 1234 or

By the way, when entering a login and password, pay attention to the register! By default, Android puts the first letter title. which is wrong (in this case). Password and login must be indicated in lowercase letters!

An important point. Pay attention to the register!

If the username and password came up, the main page of the router settings will appear in front of you (it is significantly different from the rest, so you will immediately notice it. ). Cm. An example below.

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If the password is not suitable, maybe you should try to drop the router settings to the factory presets.

Further, usually the WAN (Internet) settings open and indicate the type of connection, for example, pppoE (depending on it. DOP may be required. Information: password, IP, etc.). After the task of these parameters, the router will reboot and begin to distribute the Internet, the task is performed ✌!

Usually, and type of connection, etc. The information necessary for communication with the Internet is always indicated in the contract with the Internet provider. T.e. you just need to postpone the parameters from the contract. into the window of the Roter’s web-integse settings.

Well, the last touch-I would recommend changing the name of the Wi-Fi network and the password from it (especially if in the default version. your password is not set at all. ).

This is usually done in expanded router parameters in the “Wireless Settings” section (wireless settings).

How to give the Internet from a phone to a TP-Link router?

On the phone, turn on the mobile Internet (in the OS settings, this parameter is called “Data”, “Data Transfer” or “Mobile Data Transfer”). Then turn on the “USB modem” mode. Go to the “Settings” “Network and the Internet” “Access point and modem” and turn on the “USB modem” mode. Important!

How to give wi-fi from phone to phone

  • Turn on your mobile Internet
  • In the same place, click on the access point button;
  • A dialog box will appear in which the name of the access point and the “zero” password will be displayed
  • In the settings of the access point, set the name of the network, and in the “Protection” point, select WPA2 PSK;

Via Bluetooth (relevant for laptops, etc. smartphones)

If problems arise through a USB-shield or with a Wi-Fi network (for example, some devices do not support Wi-Fi, system errors could appear, etc.). then you can try to shake the network via Bluetooth.

She does not have any special advantages over Wi-Fi (except for the impact on health), but there is a minus, time to configure-you will have to spend a little more.

First: it is necessary to carry out the conjugation of the devices (t.e. Connect them).

To do this, open the Bluetooth settings on the laptop (the easiest way is to use the collar: there should be an icon).

To help!

Bluetooth icon disappeared: how to add it to the tray next to the clock [Instruction]

You can also open the menu: Start/Parameters/Devices (Bluetooth, etc.) (this is for Windows 10 users).

Next, click on the digging “adding Bluetooth device”.

Check if Bluetooth is turned on and start searching for the device

On the smartphone, turn on the Bluetooth. then among the available devices you should see your laptop.

By clicking on it, you will see the request-confirmation. It is necessary to agree to the conjugation (in some cases, you will have to enter the code for connection, it will be displayed on your phone screen).

Available devices. Connect / Android

As a result, you have in your Bluetooth devices, your phone should be connected (pay attention to the status of “connected”).

The device must be turned on and connected

Action Second: We shake the Internet with Android.

Check the presence of a 3G/4G network, then open the network settings, the “” tab (an example is presented on the screenshot below).

After that, open the “modem mode” tab “. and turn on the phone in the “Bluetooth modem” mode (the green “switch”-T should light up.e. The phone moved to the right mode).

Then open the Windows control panel at the address (to open the control panel. Press the combination of Winr buttons. And enter the Control command):

connect, phone, router

Control panel \ Equipment and sound \ device and printers

In this tab, select your phone and click on it with the right mouse button. in the menu that appears, select “Connect through the access point” (see. An example below).

Access point. connect through this device

Actually, you should automatically have a new network, with which Windows also automatically connects and access to the Internet will appear (which the icon will notify you about you. An example below).

If suddenly the network did not appear: go to Windows network connections (to open them: click Winr. And enter the NCPA command.CPL) and turn on the new network manually!

By the way, every time you do not need to mate devices. it is enough to do it once. Therefore, if we consider the method of. through Bluetooth. then it is not so long (at least with repeated connections. ).

Setting up mobile router Megafon on 3G. 4G Internet

Similarly, work with 3G and 4G Roters Megafon, Beeline and body 2. Let’s see how the megaphone works. To set it up, you need to go through the browser at Let’s get to the starting page where we need to enter the password indicated on the sticker on the router cover.

After that, on subsequent pages, we click “Next” several times to use the settings already sewn into the device. As usual, in the WAN section from the “Settings” menu, the network name (SSID), login and password for connecting are easily set.

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I will also give a few recommendations for saving the battery. after all, the duration of autonomous work is a determining parameter when working “away”. So, in order for the charge to stay as long as possible, activate on the “Connection mode” device on “Automatic”. This will give a 3G Wi-Fi to the router to connect only when there is a model for a file or page on the Internet. And another mode that helps save a charge is auto shutters. If the router is not used for some time, then it turns off automatically and turns on the button located on the side.

How to connect a modem to the phone: through a USB cable, setting a modem and smartphone

A modern person can not step without the Internet. and those who can get stuck in the past. The Internet determines today’s reality, and to one who steps up to the leg, it is very important to maintain a permanent connection with it. But what to do if speed or traffic in the smartphone is missing? The answer is simple: there are modems. But how to connect a modem to the phone?

Cases when it is necessary to connect a modem to the phone

The function can really turn out to be useful if the money suddenly ran out, the traffic expired, or there is not enough speed. In this case, the modem is what you need. After all, if you know the method, you can connect to the device via USB: if there is no such connector, then you can not do without a special adapter. over, this should not just be a USB pipeline, but a full-fledged OTG host cable for external connection.

Is it possible to connect a USB modem to the phone

A modem connected to a smartphone is an excellent output if there is no laptop or tablet at hand, and in a long road outside the city you need fast Internet. If you connect a configured device using a special adapter, then access to the network will always be available.

Just in case, you need to have a charger or a powerbank at hand: a connected device can consume a lot of phone energy, and quickly discharge it.

Suitable modems for connecting to Android smartphones

At the moment, most modems are divided into three “generations”: 2G, 3G and 4G. The latter is, respectively, the fastest traffic speed, but it may not be caught in zones remote from civilization, where access to the Internet may be needed. The most optimal option is 3G.

What are the differences between 3G and 4G networks: features, advantages and disadvantages

As a rule, any Russian operators selling modems under their own brand use the Chinese model Huawei E3272, which installs all drivers automatically. So most modems have already been stitched in advance. Among other models stand out:

  • 3G Huawei E3131
  • 3G ZTE MF 667
  • 4G Huawei E3272- a universal model with high data transfer speed, as well as the ability to switch between 2-, 3- and 4G.

note! You can also buy an unenviable device and insert a SIM card of the preferred operator into it. Only set up such a device will have to independently. Connect an empty Internet device to the device is almost the same as supplying it with an additional memory card.


Connecting a modem to a router to distribute the Internet via ADSL and USB

In order to connect the modem to the phone, you need:

Modem setup

Before connecting the modem to the Android phone via USB, you need to configure the device itself. This is done, as a rule, through a personal computer.

DLNA Media TV PC or Mobile using a Router USB Port

In devices from Huawei and ZTE, software is installed in advance, you just need to turn it on by placing a checkmark in the right window. For other smartphones, the process is a little more complicated. Necessary:

  • Deactivate all types of network connections on the computer, and then connect the USB modem
  • Find a connected device in the “Device Manager”
  • Click on the “Properties” button and remember the port of COM
  • Download and run the program “Hyperterminal”
  • Create a connection name in the settings window, indicate the remembered port of COM in the line “Connect Using”.
  • Go to the “file. properties. settings”, then in “Asciisetup”. It is necessary to put a checkmark next to the inscription “display the introduced symbols”.
  • The window should open in which you need to dial the AT command and press the Enter button.
  • After the OK button appears, you need to enter: at u2DIAG = 0 and press Enter again.

Preliminary settings are completed on this. If after that you need to connect the Internet device to the computer, then the instructions will need to be repeated, but in the final formula, instead of the number “0”, prescribe “255”.

The correct setup of the smartphone

After the configured modem is connected to the device, you must take the following steps:

  • Enable the transfer of mobile data in the “Wireless Network” menu
  • Create a new APN access point
  • Enter the data of the mobile operator: they are indicated on the packaging of the modem, or on the official website. In some modems, the data will already be filled out, and in this case the item is not required to execute.
  • After pressing the “Save” button, the connection should begin
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The phone does not see the modem

Some developers are not enthusiastic about the fact that 3G devices are connected to their device, so they create obstacles to such manipulations-most often this is an artificial restriction of access. To remove it, a ROOT right in the Android system is necessary, similar to administrator rights in Windows. Only Root-right allow the owner to get into the storage and delete or change internal files. It will not be possible to get them using manipulations on the phone, you need to download special bypass applications. Below are three programs that can help get a ROOT-right.

  • Kingo Root. the most convenient application for Android. He even has a utility for PC, you can configure both through a smartphone and through a computer. After installation, the program downloads all the necessary scripts, and the owner of the device has a Root-right for several minutes. Does not require special programming subtleties, everything is carried out according to the instructions.
  • Framarot. in one press it sets on the smartphone “Superuser” and “Supeersu”, but on PC installations does not require. The program is supported by most smartphones on Android, it allows you to control ROOT laws, permits for various applications and the applications themselves. Set when starting an APK file from a memory card.
  • 360 Root is another utility that allows you to install Root-right on a smartphone, from China. Designed for Android 1.6 or higher. It can be installed through PC as follows: install the application, on the computer in the “Management Panels” Find “Network and Internet Connections. Lan Settings”; After that, enter the following numbers into the “address” field:, activate proxy and press OK “.

How to connect a mobile usb modem 3G, 4G to router?

Since the antennas of the Wi-Fi router, which are included, are most often all-off, that is, with the same amplitude they distribute the signal in all directions, it is advisable to install a router with 3G/4G modem closer to the middle of the summer cottage. But my signal on 12 acres finishes from one end to the other.

Therefore, in this situation, the main thing is to observe 2 things:

  • So that between the location of the router and the receiving device there is as few barriers as possible in the form of walls and trees
  • So that there is a stable intake of the Internet LTE on the Yota, Megafon, MTS or Beeline modem itself.

For a better signal receipt from the operator, you can connect the modem to the router not directly, but through a long USB cable, placing it as high as possible at the window, while the router itself is to move as much as possible to the place where it will optimally cover the site.

Ways to use the phone as a modem

Now let’s take a closer look at these few schemes:

    The phone (tablet/smartphone) is connected via the SIM card to the Internet and works as a modem that extends the Internet via Wi-Fi. With this use, we can go online from another smartphone, laptop, tablet, or something else with wireless support.

According to Bluetooth

Now we will talk about how to connect a smartphone as a Bluetooth modem. This technology of wireless data transfer is designed for shorter distances and a smaller amount of information. It makes sense to use it if you have an ordinary old phone (not even a smartphone) with any in the extent of an outdated mobile operating system, such as Symbian or Windows Mobile, with Bluetooth support and Dial-up Network technology, but, as it was with past models no Wi-Fi module. The Internet will be heard the one that receives this phone via a SIM card from a mobile operator.

To work this method, a Bluetooth module should also be installed on the computer. usually it is built into modern laptops by default, so let’s consider how this is done on the Windows 7 system.

Before starting work, make sure that Bluetooth adapter on a computer or laptop is turned on and is in good condition

First of all, we need to activate the modem function on the phone. To do this, in the “Settings” section, we find the section “Wireless Networks-Still” and activate the “Bluetooth modem” mode.

connect, phone, router

After that, you will need to add a phone to the computer as a modem. We go to the “control panel”, set the menu display in the form of icons and find the “Devices and Priners” item and click on the “Add device” in the new window.

The search for devices that is currently available for connecting via Bluetooth will begin. When your phone is determined, click on the icon. A new window with an 8-digit code will open. It must be entered on the phone to conjure.