Tablet connection to 3G modem

You can go to the Internet from a tablet in various ways. But if the gadget does not have a slot for a SIM card, and there was a need to use the Internet in places where there is no wireless network, then the only option is to connect a 3G modem. Made in the form of a flash drive, it will help to catch the network wherever there is a coaching of a cellular network. Below it is told how to connect a modem to a tablet and avoid possible problems.

When buying a modem, it is important to determine the mobile operator so that it has a coating in the place where the device will be used. Today the main choice is Megafon, MTS, Beeline, Tele2 and Yota. Which option to choose. a personal business of everyone. But it is worth noting that for traveling throughout the country Megafon and MTS are better suited, as they have the largest coating and usually catch even in the outback. Tele2 is a fairly budget option, but there are a lot of places where the connection will not be caught, or the signal will be too weak. Beeline is an option for an amateur, there are good tariffs here, but far from the most profitable. Yota will appeal to those who like to fully manage their services. The operator is relatively young, so not all users trust him.

The device from one manufacturer does not work with SIM cards of another service provider. It is possible to change the firmware of the accessory so that it becomes working with any SIM, but it is quite problematic and unsafe in terms of further performance of the modem.

Advice! The modem is usually sold with a SIM card and a tariff connected, so when buying it should be clarified which tariff is connected, and if necessary, then switch to a more optimal.

Regarding the device, options may be as follows: model with Wi-Fi, 3G or 4G distribution. The first type is the most convenient, as it does not require a physical connection to the device, and the whole setting is only to enable Wi-Fi. 3G modems are rare today, but they may get from friends or just lying around on a shelf. The downside is that the speed of the connection will not be the highest, but if the buyer is only interested in sewing or work with mail, then this option is quite suitable. 4G modems provide a high connection speed, which is enough for a variety of tasks. from just communication on the network to online games.

How to connect a 3G modem to Android tablet

Therefore, for starters, we need to convert this 3G modem into a mode that allows your tablet to recognize it only as a modem. For this you need:

Make Your Phone as Modem via USB

  • Install the 3GSW program from ZYXEL to your PC or laptop at the link
  • Open the utility and connect a 3G modem to the computer
  • In it, click on the “only modem” buttons and then “Exit”

If this method does not help you, use the following:

  • Download and install Hyperterminal utility to your PC
  • Connect the modem to PC
  • Open Windows Device Device, find a connected modem among the equipment and open its properties
  • Write down somewhere about the number and speed of the port that you will find in the “modem” tab
  • After that, start the Hyperterminal utility and in the new connection window enter an arbitrary connection name
  • In the new window, enter the port number recorded by you previously
  • In the next window, enter the connection speed and click on the OK button
  • In the next window, enter the ATE1 command, after a positive response “OK”, enter “AT^U2DIAG = 0”
  • For some modems, other AT commands need to be introduced: at^setPort = “A1, A2; 1.2.3”
  • Wait for the next answer “OK”
  • Now you can turn off the modem from the computer
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UPD: As prompted in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев, in tablets without a 3G module there is no Inte Weep to set up connecting mobile networks, so we will have to install the PPP Widget application with Google Play. The program requires Root-right.

The program will create its own widget, which needs to be taken to the desktop. Go to the widget settings and enter the APN, user name, password and call number that you can find on the operator’s website.

If you have a “no driver” error, go to this page, download the driver for your device and place it in the SDCARD/PPPWIDGET/LIB folder.

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How to insert a modem into a tablet

The first question that needs to be solved is how to connect a modem to a tablet Android via USB. There are two possibilities here:

  • Directly. This option is possible if the manufacturer has provided a connector and the ability to connect to the modem.
  • Through the adapter. As a rule, the 4G modem is connected to the tablet through OTG adapter. The latter is included in the set of delivery or is purchased separately.

New devices supporting USB modems (including 4G) can be connected directly, while older devices can use the adapter. However, keep in mind that some devices do not have OTG support, which excludes the possibility of connecting. In this case, Wi-Fi is the only way to connect to the Internet.

There is no need to provide instructions for connecting a modem to a tablet using OTG cable. The most important thing is to make sure that it is supported, and when choosing, pay attention to the attached connectors (they should be suitable for your equipment). First insert the cable into the connector on the tablet computer, and on the other hand, install the USB modem itself. With proper tuning, everything should work.

How to connect a 3G model to an Android planet

So, firstly, in order to move to the most important thing, we must have an actual tablet on OS Android, equipped with a USB entrance, if there is only a micro-USB entrance, then a special OTG (host) cable is also needed. Typically, such a cable should be included in the standard equipment, but if for some reason it is absent, then you have to purchase it:

And thirdly, since the modems were originally intended for computers, to launch the Beeline, Megafon or MTS modem, other. PC will need a working state.

We connect the modem to the computer and install the software that should be included (programs and special tuning applications). According to the modem drive or on the CD-disk attached to the kit.

Using the application available in the kit, we translate 3gmodes to the “only modem” position (because by default all tablets read this device as a flash memory), turn off the wi-fi module and check the pin code.

In the tablet we open the section “Settings”, find “Network Settings” (may be called otherwise), select “Data Transfer” and “3G”.

We connect the tablet computer to the modem and wait until the moment on the modem, the bulb will stop flashing.

In “additional settings” we find “APN access points”, create an access point (you can find out the data from the operator of the selected mobile communications company, but if the modem is bought at the certified point of the operator, then the necessary settings will be installed initially). We save the settings and reload our apparatus.

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Shout!”You can when the 3G icon appears at the top of the screen.

“Unsush” modems are connected as follows:

  • We find and launch the introductory version of the Hyperterminal program for PC
  • We create a connection to a computer, for which in our USB modem we find the “Device Manager”, open the properties and in the “modem” point, we enter the speed and numbering of the port.
  • After starting the Hyperterminal, it is necessary to enter the random name of the current connection.
  • Then, enter or insert the port recorded earlier, then we perform the same actions at speed.
  • Next, enter “ATE1”, after the consent received, add “at^u2diag = 0”.
  • Click “OK”, disconnect the USB device.

Now the modem is transferred to the desired mode, and you can start connecting to a micro USB port. Some tablets with such a port do not support the desired integer, which means we will need a ROOT right, after receiving them, we download and install the free PPP Widget application.We attach a widget on the desktop.

On the developer’s forum, we find information about the driver for our tablet device and download it in SDCARD/PPPWIDGET/LIB.

We connect the tablet to the modem through the cable, in the “Connection parameters”, which are in the widget settings, prescribe the configuration that needs to be obtained from the selected operator.

Internet connection to Wi-Fi tablet

Any tablet PC has a built-in Wi-Fi module. It should be activated:

Important! This instruction is valid for owners of mobile devices with Android 4 OS.0 and above. If your device is based on Android versions 2.3 or 3.0, then to activate Wi-Fi, you need to go to the “Wireless Networks” point in the settings and make it include.

To connect to the network, click on the Wi-Fi icon in the tablet settings. In the window opened there will be a list of all available networks

Wireless communication module is activated. To connect to the network, click on the Wi-Fi icon in the tablet settings. In the window opened there will be a list of all available networks.

Select an unprotected point (without locking), protected, from which you know the password and login, or the name of your home network, if you have it (see. How to connect wi-fi at home). After the introduction of identification data, the tablet PC is automatically connected to the Internet, as evidenced by the corresponding icon in the fast access panel.

Connection via 3G module

Some tablet models have an integrated 3G modem, through which you can easily connect to the Internet (see. How to choose a tablet).

  • In the appropriate tablet slot, insert the SIM card of the operator providing communication services;
  • Turn on the tablet;
  • in the settings, go to the “Data Transfer” item and click the “Turn on” button;
  • In the settings, go to the “” menu, and then enter the subparagraph of the “Mobile Network” menu.

Next, you need to enter the parameters provided by the operator in the “Access point” field.

Tip: 90% of wireless Internet operators when connecting a SIM card send SMS with settings. Save them in your tablet PC, and in further operations there will be no need.

Wi-Fi connection via external 3G router

For those users whose tablets are not equipped with a built-in 3G modem, to connect to the network, use the external 3G router with Wi-Fi distribution (see. How to choose a Wi-Fi router). A SIM card is inserted into this device, a Wi-Fi wireless access point is created, to which the tablet PC is connected.

connect, modem, android

This portable device is equipped with a battery, which, depending on the model, allows you to continuously distribute the Internet from 5 to 10 hours. Traffic is paid to the mobile operator providing the service.

Wi-Fi connection: telephone tablet

If you have Android Smartphone, then you can create a wireless access point on its base. For this you need:

  • Turn on the Android Smartphone and connect to the Internet.
  • Go to “Settings”.
  • Go to the “Wireless Network” section.
  • Go into the modem mode, activate the function by installing a checkmark in the corresponding window or by pressing the “enable” button
  • Go to the access point of the access point, where to set the name and password of the created network.
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Now it remains only to connect the tablet. Recall how this is done: “settings”; “Wi-Fi”; In the list, select the created network, enter the invented login and password from the created access point in the dialog box.

Wi-Fi connection: laptop planet

With this method, the laptop plays the role of access point. The main thing is that the leptop is working with a Wi-Fi connection, and is connected to the network by means of a wired connection (see. How to choose a home laptop).

To create an access point on the laptop, the capabilities of the Windows operating system, or additional software are used. Consider the utilities of Mhotspot and Virtual Router Plus. Both software were checked for performance and make a full.fledged virtual router from the laptop.

After loading and starting MHOTSPOT, you need:

  • in the column Hotspot Name. enter the name of the network;
  • in the Password column. dial the invented password;
  • In the Internet Source column, select an affordable connection;
  • In the Max Clients column, set the number of connected users.

Next, press the Start key and connect the tablet to the newly created access point, as described above.

Important: download the program only from the manufacturer’s website.

The next utility is easier to set up, but this does not affect the quality of its work. We work with the program:

  • Download the installer and install the program. Manufacturer’s site:
  • In the column “Network (SSID)”, set the name of the access point.
  • In the column “password” invent and enter the password.
  • In the General Connection window, select the connection of your laptop with the Internet.

After simple settings, run the virtual router and connect your tablet PC to the created access point.

How to convert a 3G modem into the “only modem” mode on a computer running OS Windows.

1) We connect the modem to the computer, cancel all the settings started. Launch the Hyper Terminal program (hypertherminal)

Start. Programs. Standard. communication. Hyper Terminal

If you do not have this program, you can download it from the Internet

connect, modem, android

2) the “Description of the connection” window will open. In the “Name” field, enter any word as a connection name and click “OK.


If the window does not appear automatically, select the “file”. “new connection” in the menu ”.

3) In the “Connection” window, select “Connect through”: Huawei. And click OK

4) In the next “Connection” window, click the “Change” button and go to the “Properties_wash_M compounds” window

5) On the “Parameters” tab, install the Windows key box, then click “ASCII parameters”. Display the introduced symbols on the screen, twice click “OK.

7) If you now enter at ^ u2diag = 0 and press the Enter key, the modem must receive a response “OK”, and the modem will switch to the “only modem” mode.

Manual activation of the APN point

Another procedure that can help when connecting an external modem is manual activation of the APN point.

On the tablet you need to go to the settings. wireless networks and put a check on the line 3G.

connect, modem, android

After going to the settings of the mobile network. Make sure that data transfer mode is turned on and select an APN access point.

Next, select the point “New access point” and enter the necessary data of the mobile operator. Check them in the Call Center.

After that, save the settings. The exit to the network should be active.

This setting usually takes place automatically.

Possible problems and their elimination

Sometimes, when connecting a USB modem, some problems arise to the tablet. If the equipment does not even glow when connecting, then the device is not intended for the USB-Host mode. It remains only to replace the tablet with a newer model.

If the tablet screen begins to flash or completely turns off, then the equipment consumes more energy than the device is able to give. Then you need to connect the tablet to the charger or buy another OTG cable with a connector for additional power.