Connecting a phone to a computer via USB

It is often necessary to save data from a mobile phone on a desktop or laptop or, on the contrary, download anything on it. In this case, you need to connect the smartphone. The easiest and most reliable way is to use for this connection via USB.

This method is convenient in such a situation when it comes to a large amount of data. Compared to the use of a wireless connection in the case under consideration, the data transfer will be more quickly.

For the procedure, you will need an appropriate cable. It is recommended to use the one that is included in the standard delivery of the smartphone. This will reduce the risk of unexpected problems when working.

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Connection is as follows:

  • You need to connect the cable to the mobile phone, and insert the second end to the computer connector. If this is done for the first time, it may be necessary to install a suitable driver.
  • After the drivers are installed, a window will be shown in which the user will be offered a choice for what to do next.
  • Now the connection is established, and the phone can be seen on the computer as one of the mobile devices.
  • In order to perform the necessary actions, you need to go to the conductor and open a mobile device through it.

However, on some models of phones, additional steps are required to connect. This is due to the possibility of using several modes of operation.

Phone Connection Modes

However, devices using the Android operating system must require additional steps to connect. They depend on the method used.

In charging mode

Connection can be performed in charging mode. In this case, when the cable is connected, the smartphone starts to charge his battery through it. It does not open access to the data on the phone. Often this connection is set in a standard way.

To change this, you need to lower the curtain on the screen. Among the inscriptions can be seen a message that charging usb is charging. It is necessary to tap on this inscription. As a result, a menu appears to select a suitable connection mode. One of the proposed options will be “File Transfer”. If you choose it, access to the phone data will appear.

In debug mode

The connection between the smartphone and the computer can be performed in debug mode.

In order to take advantage of this, the user needs to take such actions:

  • You need to go to the settings and select the section “About Phone”.
  • It will require a string where the version is indicated. It needs to be tap 7 times. This will lead to unlocking the developer mode.
  • Now you need to go to the main settings menu. It must be scroll down and find the “USB debug” item. It must be activated.

The inclusion of this mode can make that the smartphone will immediately be connected in the mode required to work with the data.

How to Connect, you can see in the next roller.

Your Phone program in Windows 10

Your Phone program in Windows 10 connects the phone and personal computer. It works perfectly with Android devices, allows you to receive calls and send messages, view notifications and transmit files in both directions.

This is a powerful tool, however, users of Windows 10 often undeservedly bypass its side. If you have a phone with Android, then you can dial text directly from the computer, view the notifications of the smartphone, quickly send photos from a mobile to a computer and back.

You can view and download the last 2000 photos made on Android. The screen display also works for only Windows Insiders beta testers, but they promise that this function will soon be available to all.

How to configure the connection? First install Your Phone Companion application with Google Play and log in in the same Microsoft profile that on a computer. After that, run the Your Phone program in the Start menu of Windows. A connection window will appear in which you want to click Allow to install PC connections with a smartphone.

How to configure Wi-Fi connection

To attach another device, click at the bottom of the Main Window “Add user”. In the “Phone Type” window, select the device with Google Android and specify the connection method.

With hang

How to connect the hanging phone to the computer. Probably, each of us has a “full freezing” computer. The same sometimes happens with Android devices. The device in this case does not react to any action, does not turn off, does not reboot. Well, if a removable battery is used in the gadget, the extraction of which automatically turns it off, and after inserting it and long pressing the power button, the device reboots and works, as if nothing has happened. But what to do if the battery is not removable? Or just do not want to remove the back cover and pull it out? Some of us in such situations in panic call friends, others will throw everything and rush to the service center, the third crown of the manufacturer’s good matte and are trying to reach the support service. Do not panic. In fact, everything is very simple. Hanging smartphone or tablet. normal (or, at least, permissible) phenomenon, and it does not need to be afraid. In order to “send” a device to a forced reboot, press simultaneously: Power button Rador Volume adjustment (decreased) and hold 10 seconds. On some devices, a similar trick is made at the same time by pressing the power button, the “house” (home) button and the volume zoom button. I have on samsung with android 4.4.2 Just press and hold the power key for more than 8 seconds. And the device goes into a forced reboot.

To learn how to use the phone as a modem, you need, first of all, configure the Internet on the phone. How to do this in our article how to set up the Internet on the phone android.

Then connect the smartphone to the computer using a USB cable. If the computer requires drivers or programs to work correctly, install them on PC. Drivers with drivers or attached to the smartphone, or drivers are on the phone itself. Access to them can be obtained if you connect your smartphone in USB storage mode.

How to do it:

Find the USB connection icon on the smartphone. Swipe down the message panel Press “USB connected”. Computer connection is installed and running after the driver installation is completed Disconnect the smartphone from the computer and connect it again, but already in the USB mode mode mode.

Activate in the smartphone settings android USB modem mode. For different firms, access to this function is implemented in different ways: in LG and NTS: “Settings. Wireless Communication. Modem-USB modem mode” in Samsung: “Settings. Modem and USB-modem access point” in CyanoGenMod: “Settings. Wireless Networks. Modem Mode.USB modem “in MIUI:” Settings. System. Modem mode. USB modem “

Instructions for Apple iPhone

To connect to a computer via USB phone from Apple, you can use the phased algorithm specified in the previous section. In this case, file copying functions are available.

In order to delete data from the gadget or record new information, you must use the special “apple” utility. iTunes.

  • After connecting the smartphone and the PC using the cable to enter the program by clicking on the icon in the form of a musical notch.
  • Click on the icon of the associated device from above to the left. A page with full gadget information opens.
  • For operations with files, you must mark the desired and designate the necessary actions.

Using iTunes, you can connect the phone to the computer without wire.

  • Connect PC and iPhone to one Wi-Fi network.
  • Open iTunes application on computer.
  • In the settings of the phone, select the section “Synchronize with iTunes by Wi-Fi”.
  • In the list of available devices, specify the desired PC and click the Synchronization button.

Copying data using Bluetooth on iPhone gadgets is carried out in the same way as on Android OS devices.

Connecting a smartphone on Android

On Android smartphones, the connection process is simple as a nail clogging: you only need to connect the smartphone to a computer using a standard cable (microUSB or USB C) and select the desired connection mode: Drive, webcam or modem.

In the case of the drive mode on the computer, access to the internal catalogs of the mobile phone will open, as the usual Windows folders. Using a smartphone in the role of a webcam or modem requires individual materials with a more detailed analysis.

How to connect samsung to computer

SAMSUNG connection to a computer is a simple process, just need to choose, with what it will be implemented. This can be done in three ways:

Thus, the user granted a large selection that he can dispose of. It is worth checking each of the ways.

Connect the Samsung phone to a computer using USB

The first connection method. with a special cable. For him, first of all, a cable itself is needed, which comes with a phone device. Charging, with which the Samsung tank is fed. the required version.

You also need to turn on the computer in advance, as well as check that there are no viruses. This is necessary in order for the computer does not infect a relatively weak phone system. This alignment can influence its work.

note! So that there are no problems with the PC check for viruses, you can use various programs. For this you should watch this video

After checking and preparing all materials, it is necessary to carry out the connection itself:

  • Connection can be called successful if charging went to Samsung. If this has not happened, it is worth checking the correctness of the cable. Whether he has no chipping chips or other additional damage;
  • To start the data transfer, a pop-up window will appear on the screen in which you want to click on the “Allow” button. This will allow the computer to receive data on the operation of the device, thus ensure that images and other files will go through the phone system easily and simply.

This is the most basic way to connect the device to a computer. He has his pros and cons. For example, the user simply may not be the necessary cable, as well as there may be problems with the connection that it is worth talking further.

It is also worth noting that if the user is fine with this connection type, it can try others. They are more complex in the setup, but still take place, as cool SAMSUNG connection methods to a computer.

Connect samsung on Wi-Fi to a computer

This is the second more complex, but progressive connection method. It lies in the fact that the user quickly can connect the phone to the PC using Wi-Fi. Previously, this method of connection was counted with something unusual and impossible. At the moment it enjoys greater popularity than all other ways to combat. In order to take advantage of them, you will need two additional items:

You can use various software as a program. FTP server, My Phone Explorer and many others work perfectly. It is worth noting that when choosing a program you need to repel from what functions have it. For example, the FTP server only works with phone files, and if access to SMS is needed, it does not fit at all. It all depends on what the user needs.

If we consider those utilities that were previously named, the most multifunctional is my Phone Explorer. A more detailed review on it, functionality, work as a whole, can be viewed in this video

The user itself decides which device it is best to use. It is worth noting that when choosing, it is worth making an accent on the functionality, as well as that there were no viruses on the download. It is also important if there is a need for further protection not only a computer, but also the phone as a whole.

When the user installed the desired program, it is worth making several actions:

  • Activate the PC, set the special and selected utility to the device, and after activating it;
  • In the utility itself, choose the connection method. In this case, it is with Wi-Fi;
  • After that, waiting for the devices synchronized. This is done fast enough. Both the phone and PC must be connected to the same Internet network. Without this important item, synchronization will simply fail.
  • Now the user can register a special code in the settings to make the connection rapidly;
  • We enter in the settings of the PIN and the name of that device to which I would like to connect;
  • Waiting for synchronization.

Thus, using Wi-Fi, you can also easily and successfully synchronize contacts, pass the required data. This method is convenient when there is no cable or the user does not know how to work with it. The minus is that you need to install a program that will not occupy a lot of space on the computer, as well as what is necessary router.

How to connect samsung phone via bluetooth

This is the third way, which also takes place. In order to use it, devices must have a special Bluetooth module in its system. On the computer it is located on the bottom panel, and on Samsung. on top, in the program manager.

Next, the user must prepare devices. On the computer it is worth finding the Bluetooth icon in the system tray, click on it. After that, the window will open in which click on “Open Parameters”. Now it is worth entering the “Parameters” section and using tap on a tick to allow devices to detect a computer. Thus, the user allowed devices to connect to a computer.

Now you need to carry out the conjugation itself, it is done quickly and just. First you need to activate Bluetooth on Samsung using a function transfer to active position. I confirm that other devices seen nearby Phone.

When the adapters are turned on finally, in the same path of the computer, click on the Bluetooth right-click and open the “Add device” item.

How to connect a computer to Wi-Fi from the phone using the access point

If there is no Internet on the computer, you can always use your gadget, which is always at hand.

In order not to have any connection problems, you need to properly configure the access point on the smartphone.

Stepped procedure for tuning hot spot:

  • In the phone, go to the “Settings” section;
  • Next, choose “Wireless Networks” and subparagraph “”;
  • For further configuration, only “modem mode” is interested;
  • Activate the button in front of the “Wi-Fi Access Point” section.

If you wish, you can change the name and password of your access point. With the first activation, all data is affected automatically.

connect, mobile, computer, connection, algorithm

Connect to access point

Computer connection instructions:

  • In the lower right corner on the desktop, select the connections menu;
  • The entire list of previously used networks will appear, click on the one to which the connection is planned;
  • left mouse button Click on the “Connect” key;
  • Enter a password of the mobile network and click “Next”. To no problem with entering the password, open the data in the phone settings and write off. Also do not forget that it is often written in English configuration. If all the letters are capital, then it is better to immediately press the CAPS LOCK button.

Alternative File Transfer Methods

If you can fix the problem with the USB connection via USB, and the files must be transferred right now, use one of the alternative methods.

  • Synchronize data via Google Drive. For normal operation Android requires Google account, so you exactly have access to a cloud storage. You can send files and through other services. Dropbox, Onedrive. I use Yandex.Disk.
  • Transfer files via email, messengers or social networks. I often add small files in “documents” by. and then download them to the computer.
  • Install the AIRDROID application on the phone and get access to the memory through the browser on the computer.

You can come up with other options for connecting the smartphone on Android to the computer. For example, create an FTP server on the phone or configure a remote connection via TeamViewer. So USB is not the only way out. But if the wired connection is not installed, it is still to see what is the reason, and it is possible to eliminate it.

connect, mobile, computer, connection, algorithm