How to connect a microphone to the phone

Voice devices integrated into mobile communication devices do not differ in the quality of sound broadcasting. Therefore, for the convenience of recording Комментарии и мнения владельцев on the video, the plots need to connect the microphone to the smartphone. Both wired micro and wireless structures can be connected to mobile devices.

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Connecting the microphone to the phone is performed in the following ways:

Make Microphone from old Headphone

It will not be at all in the microdynamic or electrite. This applies to devices where the power source (battery) is installed in the case. Studio.type voice devices that require an external power of 48 V are used with special adapters. It is not difficult to connect a wired microphone to a phone or smartphone, but this cannot be done directly. The fact is that mobile gadgets are equipped with four pole connectors, the cutting of which does not coincide with Mini. Jack of an external voice device. Therefore, to connect a wired microphone to the phone, an adapter will be required.

Usually this is a small segment of the cable at one end of which there is a connector inserted into a mobile device. The nest on the other side is designed to connect micro. In addition to a simple adapter, you can connect a splitter to the smartphone, which allows you to use micro and headphones. There are adapters without a cable. This is a plastic block that is inserted into the mobile phone nest. After connecting external devices, the corresponding icon should appear on the screen. It signals that the device is identified and the system sees it. When connecting a microphone to the phone, it is not required to install drivers or other software. If the icon does not appear and the device does not work, you need to separately check the voice device and the adapter cable. To connect a loop microphone to the phone, no special devices are required. They are connected through special adapters, like other types of devices.

connect, microphone, headphones, phone

How to connect a headset to a Windows 10 laptop?

If the laptop (on Windows 10 or another version) “does not see” wired headphones, then you need to check the audio card drivers and connectors:

  • Open the device manager.
  • Choosing “Audiocations and Audio Exit” and the right device in them.
  • If there is an exclamation mark, we update the drivers.

Connecting a microphone depending on the smartphone operating system

If we are talking about wired devices, then the principle of their connection is the same on all types of mobile phones, because it is defined as a headset in which there is a microphone. The process may differ with wireless modifications of external sound recording devices.


The procedure for connecting remote speakers and a microphone with a Bluetooth module looks pretty simple:

  • First you need to charge it so that it has a signal of sufficient power for normal synchronization with the phone.
  • Then you need to turn on Bluetooth on both devices.
  • Press an additional button to synchronize devices if this does not happen automatically.
  • Often there is an indicator on them, which signals the condition.
  • Perhaps the smartphone will require access rights to confirm.

The peculiarity of its connection to the iPhone with iOS is that the standard input of Jack 3.5 mm is only an audio output, that is, it is not possible to directly connect the microphone. For this reason, it is not possible to connect it without special programs. For Apple devices, you need to install a specially created plugin and then configure it. But the fact is that the program is worth the money, so it is better to use the Lightning-to-USB adapter and a USB 3 power-user-user.0.

  • Turn on the concentrator.
  • Connect a standard iPhone cord to a concentrator.
  • Connect the microphone to the concentrator.
  • After starting the application with the possibility of video recording and audio sound should sign up.

Connecting a wireless product looks similar to Android smartphones, only for synchronization you will have to slip through the icon after connecting.

How to connect a microphone from headphones to mixer

Microphone in headphones. not a full replacement of the gadget. This is a life hack that should be used in case of emergency. This applies both to the inclusion of the microphone thus directly into the computer, and through the mixer.

If you need to turn on vacuum headphones so that they become a device for an audit, then the following features are valid in the presence of a mixer:

  • The mixer itself is connected to PC via an audio connector. This will require a separate cable that is not always included.
  • Headphones need to be included in the mixer itself in the microphone connector. This can be done directly or using a long cable.
  • Next are standard settings for a certain type of screw, t.e. Through the “Sound Management” unit, it is checked whether the device is used as a microphone and, if necessary, it is connected.
connect, microphone, headphones, phone

Due to the presence of a mixer, you can reduce the number of extraneous noise on the recording, as well as adjust the volume of the microphone in headphones. However, it will not be possible to make a good entry, since the headphone membrane is too rude as for a sound recording device.

The use of headphones as a microphone is a little forgotten, but convenient life hack. All settings on the computer are carried out automatically, so there is no need to check manually. Unless the sound does not work. With a microphone, you can also do a similar job. But make him play music a little more difficult.

How to choose an external microphone for a smartphone

The choice of a microphone is one of the important steps that must be overcome to someone who wants to record high.quality sound on their device. In fact, there are several criteria that are the basis of choice:

  • Wire length;
  • Goals;
  • The size of the micro;
  • Equipment;
  • Device compatibility;
  • Frequencies;
  • Regulation of the cardiode.

The length of the wire is how far the user will be able to move away from the smartphone, and the sound will still remain good, as the microphone is connected. Too long wire. it is as inconvenient as too small. It is worth finding a middle ground.

Goals are what the device is used for. It is necessary to decide on the type, based on the goals for the device. details about the types were mentioned earlier.

With the size of the microphone, everything is simple: the larger, the higher the quality. Videooblogers are advised to purchase quite small devices, but musicians should pay attention to larger models.

It is important that an additional configuration in the form of an adapter or wind protection is underway with a microphone.

Not many devices can be combined with devices. It is also worth paying attention to this.

Frequency. an important point. If the microphone has more than 20,000 Hz, then this device is clearly of poor quality. The equipment must be of high quality. The ideal range is 60. 15000 Hz. If it is higher, then the ear simply does not catch it, the device will concentrate on extraneous noise. For example, for a blogger a low indicator is an advantage, since mainly the microphone will only catch a person’s voice, and not extraneous noises. It is important for the musicians that all the sounds in the room are heard to create a high.quality picture, which is why the maximum range is an excellent solution for them.

connect, microphone, headphones, phone

The last item is incomprehensible. this is a cardiode. In fact, this is a circular diagram of the microphone, that is, its regulation. Setting up such an indicator means that the user has the ability to completely adjust what the device will hear. This can be only the voice itself, and you can also configure the capture and the entire room. This is a great opportunity to regulate the recording process.

Weight these characteristics should be indicated with the device, in its settings.

How to connect a wired microphone

When the user tries to connect the phone with a microphone, he is faced with one problem. Contacts at the entrance to the port of 3.5 mm are located in a different order than the contacts of the connector connector. Therefore, to make a direct connection to the phone becomes impossible.

Manufacturers usually equip their device with several adapters that allow switching with a wide variety of ports. In addition, a user for connection can also use any extraneous adapter.

In order to connect a microphone-telly with a smartphone, you must use a special adapter cable. Due to its design, it allows you to branch the minijack entrance. Get two channels designed to connect additional devices. Headphones are connected to one, the other works with the headset.

Thanks to such a specific technology, the problem of the difference in contacts is completely solved when the port has the same format. After connecting the microphone, a certain icon informs the user about connecting an external microphone on the smartphone display. This symbol, which appeared on the screen, informs the owner of the phone about the opportunity to start working with a new, connected device without any restrictions.

If the phone does not see the connected equipment, although the connection was made according to all the rules, it is necessary to check the contacts of the connector, or the adapter used. Sometimes contacts are bent, their integrity is violated. As a result, they lose their performance. To check all possible options, you need to use another device, change the adapter, connect another adapter. In addition, the performance of each part must be checked separately. Perhaps one of them was out of order.

To connect a capacitor microphone, you can use a similar technology. In order not to experience discomfort when working with such equipment, you will need an adapter. An extraneous adapter can also be used. The smartphone will quickly find any additional device. One of the main advantages of the condenser microphone is a high.quality sound recording. This device is equipped with a special filtering circuit. It suppresses any noise of the bandwidth strip. As a result, the quality of the audio record increases several times.

You can connect the microphone to the phone in another alternative way. The user can use a USB port for this. The connection is carried out using a special conductor. It makes it possible to switch a smartphone or phone by connecting a USB adapter. If the connection was made correctly, the contacts entered into a dense connection, the corresponding icon will be displayed on the device screen that reports that the external headset was connected.

How to repair earphone without soldring iron /earphone mic and switch box repair.

To carry out the performance of the connected device, it is required to use the Softophone application on the smartphone. Make a record of loud music, conversation, separate voices. Then enable playing the resulting file. If all sounds are heard well, it is easy to conclude that the connection was successful, you can start working with a microphone. In a similar way, the quality of playback of the connected device is checked. The sound should be clear, without extraneous noise.

How to connect headphones to the phone

Now there is no difference between headphones for computers and smartphones. In addition, they can be equipped with a headset.

Devices are primarily classified according to the connection method: wired and wireless.

The wired are connected to the phone using the wire at the end, which is located a plug with a diameter of the working part equal to 3.5 mm. On the detailed analysis of the connection of devices of this category, we will not stop. Everything is transparent and clear here. Connect the two halves and you will be happy.

Its design contains the presence of a microphone and speakers. The microphone is conveniently located on the wire, so it does not interfere when using a device for listening to music.

Wireless representatives mandatory combine the headset and speaker. Connection to the phone is carried out using Bluetooth technology. But in this category everything is much more interesting.

The next unit of headphones is the separation by the mounting method. For wireless, fixation on one ear is usually used. The wired, in turn, are divided into droplets and vacuum models.

It is worth noting that the use of wired options in conjunction with the phone leads to an increase in the speed of the battery discharge. Most often, such models are used on computers, laptops and TVs. However, this is not the final verdict.

You can choose those that will not load the battery much. In most phones models, the headphone connector is located next to the connector of the charger connection. If for some reason your phone does not provide for a 3.5 mm connector, then the connection will be made through micro USB.

Special adapters have been invented for this. On the one hand, which provides for the Mini Jack connector, and on the other, the micro USB plug.


Now you should not have any more questions regarding how to connect a microphone from phone headphones to a home computer. It is worth noting that the roller of the jack 3 connector.5 of different manufacturers sometimes differs, as a result of which even with only one nest on PC there may well be a need to acquire an appropriate adapter.

That is why, if you need a computer record tool on a computer, use a headset with different plugs or buy a separate sound recorder, or if Bluetooth on PC, use a wireless headset.