Model overview

A large selection of webcams with different characteristics and at different makes you think about which one to choose. To answer this question, consider the most popular models among users.

  • Logitech Brio Stream. Camcorder that allows you to shoot in Ultra HD 4K at 60 frames per second. When rendering, the colors are as bright as in life, which is very pleasing. The lighting will not affect the resulting image in any way, because the camera adjusts automatically. The frame resolution is 3840×2160, which guarantees clear footage even while driving. The camera weighs only 63 grams, the device is, in principle, small and almost invisible on the computer.

But despite such a tiny size, this model has been working for at least a year.

  • Logitech C920s. The model is equipped with two microphones that are able to clearly transmit sounds without any interference. In addition, an autofocus system is built in, which helps to take good shots. Video filming takes place in Full HD 1080p, the image is quickly transmitted, which is very important during conferences. As with the previous model, the camera is equipped with light correction. The difference is the new Capture software and.
  • Logitech C615. Unusual web-camera that can be folded and even fits into your. The quality of the video allows video communication with good images and no interference. The model is compatible with all computers and does not require additional software to operate. Again, autofocus and automatic lighting correction, which is very convenient for communication. The model has a guarantee for 12 months and a price of 4 thousand rubles.
  • Logitech C525. Video in 720p format and noise reduction will allow not only chatting, but also making video recordings on various sites. The camera can be mounted on any flat surface and filmed at a great distance, the cable length is 1.83 meters. The device itself is larger. it weighs 88 grams and has the following dimensions: 40.4×31.75×68.5 mm.
  • Logitech C310. This webcam was produced quite a long time ago, but it has not undergone a single change, being a very good option. Automatic tracking function, lighting correction, high quality sound and image transmission. all this makes users happy. Everyone likes it even more for such a high-quality model.
  • Logitech C922. The cheapest model, but the quality does not get worse from this. High resolution and video recording in 720 p format, like many cameras, but for 1.5 thousand rubles. The image is automatically corrected, the brightness and colors of the picture are adjusted. The built-in microphone makes video calling even more convenient. Of the minuses, only the mount, which is not suitable for every monitor.
  • Logitech Brio Ultra HD Pro Webcam. The small model allows you to record images in Full HD 4K quality. Built-in microphone, quick setup and quick connections make this model one of the best. Stylish design (you can choose not only a black camera, but also an orange one), of course, this is not a reason to pay 15 thousand rubles for it, but excellent sound and a removable USB cable are a reason.
  • Logitech C925e Business Webcam. The model can be purchased for 5-6 thousand rubles, while receiving a small camera, which is certified for business. The shooting speed reaches 30 frames per second, which makes communication more productive. The field of view is 78 degrees.
  • Logitech B525 Foldable Business Webcam. The webcam is also made specifically for business, but with it you can also tutor over the Internet and play games over the network. The sound quality is excellent and the voices are intelligible, which is very important in business communication. The front of the camera is closed to protect the device from dust. for such a device. not so much.
  • Logitech C930e Business Webcam. A model with an unusual design, but with the same characteristics. Good quality, fast autofocus, excellent color reproduction and zoom, nice body material. You can endlessly list the positive aspects, so let’s turn to the disadvantages. He is one, but very large. For such quality, they demand a good amount, which is not available to everyone.

And there are also round cameras. Logitech ConferenceCam Group and Logitech ConferenceCam PTZ Pro 2, but they are no different, except for the shape and price. these are the same models for which you will have to pay 70-80 thousand rubles.

How to set up a webcam and microphone

Advantages and disadvantages

Logitech camcorders have their own characteristics, but almost all of them are positive. If you want to purchase any of the models, you should study the company as a whole and see what the advantages and disadvantages of the products are.

We will discuss the positive points first.

  • A high resolution. You can buy cameras with different characteristics, but everywhere the resolution will be from 1280×720 to 3840×2160, which allows you to get clear frames both in photos and in videos.
  • Minimum computer requirements. Cameras are suitable for almost all systems and immediately after switching on via USB they start working. This does not require additional drivers or any special programs.
  • Nice microphone. The microphone is included in all models, it is built-in. There is noise cancellation almost everywhere, which makes people’s voices clearer without any interference. But even if you take a webcam, where there is no such feature, the sound quality will be very good.
  • Motion Sensor. This function allows you to record actions in motion, turn on and off the backlight, as well as sound when the camera detects movement. Wide angle of view allows you to deviate from the center of the camera, but stay in the frame.
  • Zoom. Allows you to shoot any room, focusing on every detail. Even in the largest conference room, there will be no problem with small and fuzzy images. However, all this needs to be configured through special programs, which is done in a couple of minutes.
  • The material from which the body is made. Cameras are black, made of a material that will not scratch or break at all upon impact, but you still need to be careful.
  • The ability to rotate the camera 360 degrees. Allows you to shoot from any corner of the room by rotating the webcam as needed for perfect shots.
  • Long wire. This feature makes it possible to use the webcam at a considerable distance (1.5 meters) from the computer.

There are very few disadvantages, but still they are.

  • High, and there are those that cost 70-80 thousand. Of course, the quality of shooting and other characteristics will be completely different, but the are still shocking.
  • Inconvenient fastening. All cameras have a special mount, and some also have the ability to mount on a tripod. But there is not a single model where the mount would normally hold the device. It’s pretty weak everywhere, made of plastic and can’t handle the weight of the webcam.
  • Small size. Not really a minus, rather a feature, but many people do not like it.

Some miniature models do not inspire confidence, because not many people can fit into the frame. This is very inconvenient for meetings.

How to choose?

First of all, you need to decide what the camera is for and how it will be used. Depending on the purpose, different characteristics are needed, therefore, different models. Basically, webcams are required for conferences, calls to family and friends using Skype, for streaming and recording video to various sites.

When choosing, we pay attention to a number of factors.

  • Sensor resolution. It is measured in megapixels and can be from 0.3 to 3. The image quality depends on these numbers.
  • Video and photo resolution. And also the size of the frame is important, in the Logitech camera it can be from 1280×720 to 3840×2160.
  • Frame rate per second. This parameter affects the transmission of motion in the video. It can be from 7 to 60, but it is better to pay attention to models where the speed is at least 30 frames per second.
  • Focusing. Many cameras have automatic focusing, which is very convenient. In the process of communication, you can change the position of the body, but still stay in the frame and not lose the clarity of the image.
  • Viewing angle. Affects the resulting image. Here the larger the number, the better.
  • Microphone. All cameras have a built-in microphone, but you should pay attention to those cameras that have noise cancellation so that only your voice can be heard, and not shouts from the street or loud music from neighbors.

All About Logitech Webcams

In the age of modern technology, you can work without leaving your home. There are a large number of vacancies that require the desire to work and the presence of a webcam, which will allow the boss to interview you and communicate on work topics.

The webcam connects to the computer and transmits the image directly to it. Let’s take a closer look at products from the Logitech brand. one of the popular manufacturers of such equipment.

User’s manual

Upon purchase, we receive a webcam with a USB cable, the length of which is from 0.5 to 1.8 meters, various documentation and special programs (they may be useful during installation). If you suddenly need additional drivers, they can be found on the official website, but before that you need to find out and indicate for which model the program.

Special software on the disc allows you to connect the camera and immediately start recording from multiple sources, makes it possible to shoot in 9: 16 format and conduct live broadcasts. In addition, the user can select the angle of view, resolution for recording, adjust the white balance and the number of frames per second.

the microphone is being used by another program

If there are other programs running on your computer that can use the microphone, you will need to close them (for example, through the “Task Manager” window, which can be invoked by the CtrlShiftEsc keyboard shortcut).

inoperative microphone input

Try plugging any other microphone into the microphone jack. If another microphone is not detected by the system, then this may indicate that the microphone input is inoperative. It is quite possible that the desired contact, for example, could move away from the motherboard. If possible, look under the case of the system unit. If there is no experience, it is better to entrust this task to specialists from the service center.

How to take a photo with the included WEB-camera on a laptop and PC

Regardless of what kind of laptop you have. Aker Bell, Vayo, Dell, MSI, Packard, Samsung. or computer, you can take a photo using Windows programs. Install a utility called LiveWebCam.

connect, microphone, web-camera

Open the program and click on the big button “Take a picture”. Pictures are saved along the path “My Documents. Pictures. Current Date”. This setting can be easily changed.

For Linux lovers, there is GuvcView. For Mac OS. iGlasses. You can also try MyCam or AlterCam.

Microphone is busy with another application

If you have more than one program installed on your computer that involves working with a microphone, then perhaps this is the reason for the inoperability of this device. The fact is that if one of these programs is already using the microphone, then the second application may not be able to access it. Open Task Manager and use it to close one of the programs that are using the microphone.

Broken contacts

Absolutely all webcams that have a built-in microphone also have two outputs: one for video, the other for sound. If the webcam is detected in Device Manager, but its microphone is not, then the problem is in the contacts. Therefore, here you can do different things:

  • Find damaged contacts (broken or oxidized) and try to fix the problem yourself. Here, of course, the skills of working with a soldering iron will come in handy. If you are not confident in your abilities, do not start doing this.
  • Take the camera to a service center where they can help you if possible.

How to launch a web browser on a laptop and PC

To open a web browser and browse the news online, just find its icon on the desktop. If we are talking about a clean system, just find the small letter “E” and press it twice.

Also common are the Opera browser, whose icon is made in the form of a large red letter “O”, and Google Chrome. a multicolored circle. In order to get these browsers, you need to download them.

And finally

An inoperative microphone in a webcam is a fairly common problem that many users face, judging by the number of requests on the Internet. If you already have experience of solving a similar problem before, share it in the comments.

Today, computer technology has reached the level where one device can perform several functions. So, modern webcams in most cases are equipped with a built-in microphone, which greatly simplifies communication with other people through web resources. Thus, you will no longer need to buy an additional headset for conversations, which will save a certain amount of money.

Right now, we will talk about the problems associated with the webcam microphone, which are in its inoperability. Sometimes this can occur due to the carelessness of the user himself, and in some cases, due to some technical malfunctions. Let’s go through all these reasons and try to find out why the microphone on your webcam is not working.

Microphone setup

After the cables have been connected, proceed to the software setup. To do this, go to the sound settings menu. There are several ways to do this.

Realtek HD Audio Codec in Windows 7/10

Depending on the driver, when a microphone is connected (by default, a pink socket), the realtek dispatcher will ask which device was connected to it:

We select “Microphone input”, now it is available for use. You can access the microphone settings through the Windows Volume Mixer or through the Realtek HD Sound Manager.

Watch the video or read the article:

To open the volume mixer, click on the sound icon with the right mouse button and select “Recorders”, and to launch the Realtek manager, click on its icon in the system tray (near the clock):

Sometimes the Realtek Manager icon is not in the taskbar, then it can be opened from the Start menu. Control Panel. Hardware and sound. Realtek HD Manager “

Let’s configure the microphone through the Windows 7/10 mixer:

First, we need to find the microphone input. Depending on the socket (rear or front panel of the system unit), into which the microphone is connected, and on the settings of the Realtek HD manager (whether to combine input jacks or not), it is called slightly differently. This is usually “Mic in at jack name (color)” or other names with the word “Mic” or “Microphone”. The current input is marked with a green checkmark.

If the microphone is not connected to any jack, the input will not be displayed in this window. To display all inputs, including disabled ones, right-click on any free space in the window and check the boxes “Show disabled devices” and “Show disconnected devices”.

So, the microphone is connected, go into it and go to the “Levels” tab

Here we can set the input level from 0 to 100 and the microphone gain level from 0 to 20-30 dB. This is the main reason why the microphone works quietly. it’s insufficient gain level. For most microphones, setting the level to 20 dB is sufficient. Increasing the volume up to 30 dB will increase the volume even more, but this will also increase the noise. To combat noise, go to the “Improvements” tab.

To suppress unnecessary noise, the checkbox “Disable all sound effects” must be unchecked, and “Noise reduction”. on. If there is an echo effect, then you can set the “Echo cancellation”. When you turn on noise suppression, the voice will noticeably change, it can take on a metallic hue. this is a fee for a cheap microphone or a built-in audio codec. By the way, it’s not a fact that when you install any external sound card, the situation will greatly improve.

On the last tab “Communication” there is a useful setting with which the volume of system sounds and music will be reduced when talking on Skype.

Via miniJack

There are also front panel outputs for connecting devices via miniJack.

This is for convenience if the headset is built into gaming headphones and the cable is too long to plug into the back panel.

How to connect a microphone

There are a variety of models and support a wide variety of connectors and formats.

Connecting a karaoke microphone

IMPORTANT! In order to connect a microphone for karaoke, you need to find out which connector it has.

Often such devices have a 6.3 mm output. There may not be such a port on the PC panel, then a 6.3-3.6 mm adapter can come to the aid of the user.

If there is no adapter, you should try to find a microphone cable that has a different port. They usually come in two types XLR. 6.3 or XLR. 3.5.

REFERENCE. XLR is a connector format that plugs directly into a microphone.

What microphones are there

All microphones for computers are divided into three types:

Among microphones “on a stick” with a 3.5 ″ minijack, you can find more or less sensitive models that are suitable for most of the built-in microphone inputs. Analog microphones are connected to a special socket on the computer, it is on the rear and front panels, usually pink. For good audibility, you need a good microphone input in a sound card or in a laptop. Due to low sensitivity or high self-noise, the sound of the microphone will be quiet.

USB microphones have a built-in microphone amplifier, which is tailored to the microphone capsule and provides a comfortable sound level in most situations. Such microphones are also built into webcams, but only if the camera is without a wire with a minijack. For normal sound, I recommend choosing a USB microphone. But if you have a microphone with a minijack, you will need to configure it.

In the previous article, I described how to set up Skype on a computer. But unfortunately, many users complain that they are hard to hear. Sometimes you just have to yell right into the microphone so that you can be heard normally. But some people just don’t know that the microphone needs to be configured in the Windows mixer. This usually only applies to analog microphones. Let’s analyze the microphone settings using the example of the common Realtek HD and AC’97 compatible codecs. With any other codecs, everything is exactly the same, by analogy.

Microphone setup via Realtek HD codec

Usually, all microphones are configured in the Windows mixer, which is available on all Windows 7, 8, 10 platforms. Most often, the microphone can be configured using the Realtek HD codec:

First of all, you need to connect a microphone, after which the Realtek HD Manager will ask how to determine the device connected to it. Select the microphone input from the list.

Now, in order to configure the microphone, you need to go to the Realtek HD sound manager, which is launched through the tray icon. You can also adjust the microphone through the Windows volume mixer. To do this, right-click on the volume control icon and select “Open Volume Mixer” from the menu, and then select the “Record” tab.

When the Windows volume mixer is open, you need to find the microphone input. The name of the microphone input may change depending on the location of the jack (front or rear) and its color. Typically the name is “Mic in at socket name (color)”. When the connected microphone is found, in the list to configure it you need to click the “Properties” button.

In the new “Properties” tab, open the “Levels” tab. Here you can adjust the input signal level by setting it from 0 to 100. Also, the microphone gain level will set the parameter from 0 to 30 dB. It is in the last parameter that the problem of a quietly working microphone often lies. For some Windows, the minimum allowable frequency is 20 dB, but if the setting makes it possible to set 30 dB, then the noise is amplified. To eliminate them, you need to go to the “Improvements” tab.

In the new tab, you need to uncheck the box “Disable all sound effects” and put it in the “Noise reduction” column to eliminate noise. If there is an echo in the microphone during a conversation, then it can be removed by checking the box next to “Echo cancellation”.

You can also configure another parameter that will reduce the level of all sounds when talking on Skype. To do this, go to the “Communication” tab and select one of the items in the list.

Configuring the AC’97 microphone in Windows XP

We will configure the AC’97 compatible codec, in my case it is an Intel built-in audio device, but the principle of operation is the same for other codecs. Open the Windows XP sound mixer by double-clicking on the speaker icon in the system tray.

If there is no such icon there, then go to Start. Customization. Control Panel. Sounds and audio devices “and put a check mark” Show icon on the taskbar “

In the volume mixer window, go to the “Parameters” menu and be sure to check the “Additional parameters” checkbox, otherwise you will not be able to turn on the microphone gain.

Then we move on to setting up the recording mixer. Go to “Options. Properties ”and select“ Record ”. The list of displayed inputs must have a checkmark “Microphone” or “Microphone input”.

Click “OK” and in the recording mixer window we find our microphone input. Now we can adjust its input level and turn on the gain. It can be called by different names, for example “Microphone boost”, “20 dB boost” or “Microphone boost”, but all this means 20 dB boost.

In some Realtek drivers there is no “Settings” button under the microphone volume level, and you might think that microphone amplification is not provided. But this is not so, just Realtek engineers decided to screw people up and left this button only in the volume mixer. That is, in the volume mixer window, you do not need to go to the recording mixer, but find the “Settings” button under the microphone right there and turn on the gain.

How to connect a microphone to a security camera?

For connection, 3 standard wires are always used:

  • Black. earth.
  • Red. 12V.
  • Yellow. audio signal.

how to fix mic not working on pc,logitech webcam camera working recording not working,#Mic #Windows

The only thing that the manufacturers of equipment could not agree on was the type of connector. In most cases, an RCA jack is used, popularly called “tulip”. Therefore, many manufacturers do not install connectors, but put them in a set or they have to be bought separately. The connectors are inexpensive, and this is unlikely to be a problem, they are easily soldered.

Several types of connectors can be used for connection:

  • RCA jack with two contacts for coaxial cable.
  • Two- and three-pin 3.5 Jack.
  • Two- and three-pin 1.25 mini Jack.
  • The complexity of the connection lies in the fact that “ground” (black) and signal (yellow) are connected to the camera, the red power cable must go directly from the camera’s power supply if it is powered from 12V or from a separate one if the camera requires a different voltage for operation.

    You can transmit ground and power through ordinary wires with a cross section of 0.5 mm. But the signal cable must be shielded. The best option would be to use a coaxial cable for the signal conductor. It differs from conventional ones in that it has 3 levels of shielding coatings, which will make the signal transmission as clear as possible.

    There are combined wires of a coaxial cable and a two-core cable with a cross section of 0.5 mm. They are ideal for connecting a microphone to a CCTV camera.

    To make it easier to understand, below is a connection diagram for a camera with standard interfaces (power supply Internet).

    To summarize: there is a three-wire cable from the microphone to the camera. What kind of cable it will be. at your discretion, the recommendations are given above. If the camera is not connected via PoE, then the power to the camera and microphone is output in parallel or in series (as shown in the diagram). An audio signal is launched through the remaining conductor. It connects to the camera using the type of connection convenient for you.

    STELBERRY M-30 is one of the best professional microphones for video surveillance. It has an automatic sensitivity adjustment function. You can also manually adjust the gain, which will allow you to capture sound at any distance from the device. The model has a windscreen made of acoustic foam, which will allow it to be used in places where it is windy. It will work at voltage from 7.5 to 16 V, you do not have to select the required power supply separately for the microphone and takes care of the voltage drop with increasing cable length.

    How to Connect a Microphone to PoE Surveillance?

    If the camera is connected and powered by PoE, then the circuit changes slightly, since there is no way to connect a separate power line for the microphone. Typically, such models provide RCA outputs for a signal and a standard 2.5 mm Jack for power. Connectors vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. But the principle remains the same. If the camera is powered by PoE, then there will be outputs for power to the microphone and a separate audio channel. All this is shown in the diagram below.

    How to connect a microphone to an IP camera

    odnoklassniki social button pressed RU ‘

    It is not always possible to connect a microphone to an IP surveillance camera. This function must be provided by the design. That is, if your camera does not have a microphone output, then you cannot add it there. For example, Nobelic NBLC-2431F-ASD supports external microphone connection.

    There are cameras with a built-in microphone, such as the Nobelic NBLC-1210F-WMSD, but this is an indoor camera.

    General guidelines for wiring and soldering wires

    The choice of plug is not as important an issue as it might seem. Installation of a stationary video surveillance system does not necessarily have to provide for a quick shutdown of all modules. It’s okay to cut and re-solder the wires.

    The second important point concerns the contacts, it is advisable to solder them, and not twist them.

    For insulation, you can use both ordinary electrical tape and heat shrink tubing. They taper when slightly heated and wrap tightly around the junction.

    Insulation is required at all joints. The 12V voltage is not dangerous for humans, but a short circuit can damage the device. If you do not insulate the signal wire, then it can begin to “catch” interference.

    For all questions related to the choice of a camera with microphone support, please contact your manager at Ivideon or email.

    Wireless microphone

    Recently, wireless microphones have become widespread. Such devices are equipped with a special Bluetooth module, and the connection to the laptop is carried out precisely through this interface.

    Turn on the wireless microphone and make sure the battery is charged. After that, activate the search for Bluetooth devices on the laptop. When the computer finds the microphone, connect to it. The driver for the device should be installed automatically. But if this did not happen, then look for the required software module on the manufacturer’s official website. After installing the firewood, the wireless microphone will begin to function, and you can use it to record sounds and conversations.

    Important! The wireless microphone can also be connected to a desktop computer. However, for this, the PC must have a Bluetooth module, which is not included in the standard package. That is, you will have to buy a hardware component to support Bluetooth yourself.

    Microphone setup

    Before turning on the microphone on your laptop or computer, you need to configure the device. The procedure for setting up configurations is simple and does not take much time. So how do you set up a microphone on your computer? First of all, you need to make sure that the audio driver is installed on the PC. As a rule, the lack of firewood is the main reason why the microphone does not work. To check the drivers, go to the device manager. This can be done using the “Run” system utility. Click the Win R hotkey, then activate the devmgmt.msc command. A window with the device manager has opened. Now we do the following:

    • Open the “Sound, video and game controllers” tab. This is where our microphone should be located.
    • If your device is not in the list of devices, then you need to look at the “Other devices” tab. If there is an undetected device (icon with a yellow icon), then most likely this is our microphone.
    • For the computer to start recognizing the device, you must reinstall the driver. You can find a utility that works with your microphone on the manufacturer’s website.

    Now let’s go directly to how to set up a microphone on Windows. In the control panel (command control in the system utility “Run”), select the section called “Hardware and Sound”. Then we follow the instructions:

    • In the window that appears, select the item called “Sound”. A new dialog will open, in which you need to go to the “Recording” tab.
    • There we select the device that needs to be configured. Having done this, click on the “Properties” button.
    • Now connect your headphones to your computer. Then, in the “Listen” tab, check the box that allows you to listen from this device. Then click on “Apply”.
    • A sound will appear in the headphones and you can determine the sensitivity with which the microphone transmits the voice. If you are not satisfied with the sound, go to “Levels” and change the “Microphone Gain” parameter until you achieve the desired result.

    Important! After adjusting the sound, do not forget to uncheck the listening point.

    Connecting a microphone

    The first step is to determine where to insert the microphone plug. Usually the device has a 3.5 jack (like regular headphones). However, there are already 3 suitable slots on the PC case. What to do? The microphone must be connected to the pink connector. Also, the desired socket can be identified by a small picture of the microphone, which is located next to.

    Computers have two audio jacks at once: on the front and rear panels. Which one should the microphone be connected to? It is best to insert the plug into the back panel, as the front may not be connected to the motherboard.

    Built-in microphone on laptop

    If you want to use the built-in micro on your laptop, you need to configure it as well. We pass to the already familiar control panel, the “Equipment” tab. Then we are guided by the following instruction:

    • Find the item called “Realtek HD Manager” and click on it. This will launch a specialized program for setting up the device.
    • If the integrated micro is disabled, you must visit the “Additional settings” section. In it we put a mark opposite the point that separates the input jacks as independent devices.
    • Go to the section that displays the built-in microphone. Here you can adjust the sound gain and volume.
    • After carrying out the above procedures, a new recording device will appear in the “Sound” window. This is your built-in microphone.

    How to connect a microphone to a computer

    The microphone is one of the most important peripherals in your computer. With its help, people can communicate via the Internet, while being thousands of kilometers from each other. Unfortunately, many users do not know how to connect a microphone to their computer. If you belong to this category of people, then read this manual.

    Microphone check

    You can make sure that the sound recording device is working in the same “Sound” window. How to check if the microphone works on a laptop or PC? Say something and take a look at the stripes to the right of your device. If the lines are green, then everything is in order and the microphone is recording sound. If the bars are gray, then this indicates that the microphone does not work on the laptop. In this case, you need to double-check the sound card drivers, make sure that the device is turned on both at the hardware and software levels.

    incorrect operation of drivers

    First of all, you should suspect that the driver for the webcam, which is also a microphone, is incorrectly installed on the computer or does not exist at all. As a rule, the drivers for this device are installed automatically, but this installation does not always work correctly.

    First of all, we need to get into the “Device Manager” window. To do this, open the menu “Control Panel”, for convenience, you can set the parameter “Small icons”, and then go to section “System”.

    In the left pane of the window, go to the item “Device Manager”.

    Having opened the window we need, we need to expand the items “Imaging devices” and “Sound, game and audio devices”. At these points, you will need to check if there are any drivers for your devices at all.

    If so, we will try to reinstall them anyway. To do this, right-click on each device driver and select “Delete”.

    Then close the Device Manager window, disconnect the webcam from the computer, and then reboot the system. When the computer starts, reconnect the webcam to the computer and wait for the automatic installation of the drivers.

    lack of food

    A webcam connected to a computer via a USB port will consume power from the computer for its operation. And if it comes to a device that combines both a webcam and a microphone, then more power may be required, but the USB port used cannot provide you with this.

    If you are a user of a stationary computer, try connecting the USB cable to the back of the system unit, and the connection should not be made to USB 3.0 (this connector is highlighted in blue).

    The same goes for laptops. If you are using a connection to the connector built into the keyboard, it is worth reconnecting. Naturally, the use of any USB hubs in this case is excluded. the connection must be made directly to your computer.

    the microphone is being used by another program

    If there are other programs running on your computer that can use the microphone, you will need to close them (for example, through the “Task Manager” window, which can be invoked by the CtrlShiftEsc keyboard shortcut).

    The microphone on the WEB-camera does not work

    Modern devices are notable for the fact that they allow you to perform several tasks at the same time. So, many modern webcams connected to a computer are additionally equipped with a built-in microphone, so that the user does not need to purchase additional audio equipment. Today we will consider the problem of incorrect operation of the webcam with a microphone. when the image works correctly, but there is no sound.

    The problem when the microphone does not work on the webcam can arise for several reasons. Below we will look at them in descending order, starting with the most common problem.

    microphone is not used by the program

    Go to the settings of the program in which you need to work with the microphone, and check if the right microphone is selected in it. For example, in Skype, you need to click on the button “Tools”, and then go to the section “Settings”. In the left pane of the window, go to the section “Sound settings”, and on the right, make sure that the correct device is selected in the program. Make adjustments and save changes if necessary.

    Why the microphone in the webcam does not work?

    inoperative microphone input

    Try plugging any other microphone into the microphone jack. If another microphone is not detected by the system, then this may indicate that the microphone input is inoperative. It is quite possible that the desired contact, for example, could move away from the motherboard. If possible, look under the case of the system unit. If there is no experience, it is better to entrust this task to specialists from the service center.

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