How to connect via wire?

A portable speaker, even if it has the ability to receive data via the Bluetooth system, can be made to work with a wire. both in the case of a stationary computer and a modern laptop. However, to do this, the speaker itself must have an audio input marked with AUDIO IN or INPUT. Usually a 3.5 mm jack cable is used, although the speaker input can be 2.5 mm. Such a wire is often included with a portable speaker. In this case, the connection becomes even easier: one end of the cable is inserted into the corresponding connector of the speaker, and the rest is connected to the audio output of a laptop, PC or other portable device.

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Sound will be transmitted through the portable device until it is turned off, or until the operating system settings are changed. It should also be mentioned that the cable used can be initially soldered to the speaker at one end, and therefore simply unwound if absolutely necessary. In the event that the user cannot find the audio output of the computer, he should focus on the green or light green socket located on the back of the main unit.

For Windows 10

Connecting a wireless Bluetooth gadget begins with the start menu on the computer and the “Settings” section is selected. Next, you need to move to “Devices” and click on the plus, located next to the inscription “Add Bluetooth or other device”. At the next stage, the gadget itself is activated and must be put into connection mode.

It is necessary to make sure that the indicator of the device starts flashing actively. this signals that other devices can detect the speaker and connect to it. As a rule, for this, either the button with the Bluetooth icon or the power button is pressed for a few seconds, although the exact action is determined depending on the model used.

When the speaker light starts flashing, you can go back to your computer and set it to detect Bluetooth-enabled devices. This is done by selecting the type of device to add. In the formed list, you need to click on the model of the existing speaker and wait for a window to appear, notifying that the wireless speaker system is successfully connected. If you click on the “Done” button, then, most likely, the sound will immediately start playing.

If you turn off the speaker, the sound will continue through the built-in speakers or speakers connected by cable.

If you have problems with sound, you can try to select a wireless speaker yourself in the settings. To do this, click on the speaker icon located on the taskbar, and then activate the “Open sound settings” item. In the window that appears, the Bluetooth device is selected in the window above which is marked “Select an output device”.

It should be mentioned that one of the latest updates to the Windows 10 operating system made it possible to output sound to different devices, depending on the running program. For example, while watching a movie, the built-in speakers are used, and listening to music is carried out on the speaker. The implementation of this feature is carried out in the section “Device settings and application volume”, within which each program is set its own version of audio playback.

For Windows 7

To connect a Bluetooth speaker to a Windows 7-equipped device, start by turning on the speaker directly. After activating the device, it is necessary to put it into the connection mode. that is, the ability to “connect” to other equipment with Bluetooth transmission. Usually, for this, within a couple of seconds, a key with the inscription Bluetooth or the power button is pressed through. If the indicator on the column blinks frequently, then the procedure was carried out correctly. Next, on the computer, right on the taskbar, the Bluetooth button is activated by the right button.

When you click the mouse, a window opens in which you need to select the “Add device” item. If everything is done correctly, then a window will appear on the screen, which will indicate all the devices that can be connected. Having selected your wireless speaker from the list, you must click on it, and then click the “Next” button. At the next stage, the system will configure the gadget itself, after which it will notify that the speaker is connected and can be used for listening. In this case, the music should immediately play through the wireless speaker.

In the event that playback has not started, you can right-click on the speaker image located on the taskbar, and then select the “Playback devices” section.

By clicking again with the right mouse button on the used Bluetooth device, you must activate the item “Use as default”.

How to connect a Bluetooth speaker to a computer?

Portable Bluetooth speakers are gaining more and more popularity among PC users every year. Easy-to-connect devices do not take up much space, but always get great sound.

Connection process

You can connect a Bluetooth speaker to a computer equipped with any operating system, but most often two of them are chosen. Windows 7 and Windows 10. The process of “making contact” in both versions is slightly different. According to experts, it is easier to set up a column in Windows 10.

Features of the

Portable devices such as laptops, smartphones, and tablets often come with rather weak built-in speakers that can neither achieve sufficient volume nor handle low frequencies. In this situation, it is much wiser to additionally purchase a portable Bluetooth speaker, which can then be connected to a stationary computer, laptop or similar devices.

Typically, the column works either with a built-in battery or conventional batteries.

It will be possible to connect it to a PC regardless of the operating system installed on it. Windows 7, Windows 10, Windows 8 or even Vista. Most often, two devices “connect” due to the presence of a built-in Bluetooth transmitter in a modern laptop, but it is also possible to connect to more “older” devices using a wire or adapter. If we consider the gadget itself, absolutely any model is suitable for listening to music: Logitech, JBL, Beats, Xiaomi and others.

Possible problems

When connecting a Bluetooth gadget, users often have the same problems. For example, despite the “contact” between the PC and the audio device, there may simply not be music. In this case, you must first determine if the problem lies in the speaker or in the computer itself. In order to check the audio device, it must be connected via Bluetooth to another device, for example, a smartphone. If the music is playing, then the source of the problem is the computer itself.

To check, again, you should try to connect a playing device via Bluetooth to it, for example, another speaker. If the music plays in both cases, the problem is with the connection itself, you can simply use the cable to eliminate it. If the other speaker does not transmit audio, then the Bluetooth driver is probably outdated. To correct the situation, it can be updated.

In many cases, the computer does not see the speaker or does not connect to it, because Bluetooth itself is disabled on one of the two devices. The operation of the module is checked through the task manager. Sometimes the PC simply cannot find the column in the list of available devices, and therefore connect to it. The problem is solved by clicking on the “Update hardware configuration” icon located on the top bar of the Task Manager. If the Bluetooth module does not turn on even after rebooting, you will have to purchase a new connection adapter.

If there is no sound, the problem may lie in the speaker itself. for example, if the speakers are broken or the board burns out.

It is important to check the charging volume of the audio device, and also to ensure that there is no electromagnetic interference. We must not forget that a Bluetooth connection usually has a password, and the pin code set on the speaker must be obtained from the manufacturer.

JBL Bluetooth speakers have the ability to install a special application to connect to a computer, smartphone or laptop. By downloading it, the user will be able to connect the two devices step by step, as well as set the necessary passwords for the connection and update the driver firmware. Again, in the application, you can find out why the main device does not see the audio device. Sometimes, by the way, the problem may be that the computer either finds the wrong column, or does not display anything at all. At the same time, other devices are quickly discovered via Bluetooth and are immediately ready to connect.

Sony High Power Bluetooth Home Audio System.GTKXB7- Review

To correct this situation, you just need to restart the Bluetooth on the audio device. If this does not help, then you can first rename the column by connecting it via a smartphone or tablet, and then reboot the connection again. By restarting the search for connected devices on the computer, you can already “connect” with the required gadget. In the event that the user is not sure of the exact name of the column, he will either have to contact the manufacturer or look for the required information in the instructions.

Separately, it is necessary to clarify the phased driver update, since it can be the “key” to solving the problem. In order to do this, you must simultaneously press the Windows and S keys, and then drive in the “Device Manager” window that appears. Having entered this section, you need to select the Bluetooth menu, which usually turns out to be the first in the list.

How to connect a Bluetooth speaker to a laptop, see below.

How to connect speakers to your home computer

To watch a movie with sound or listen to your favorite music on a computer, you need to connect speakers or headphones to it. Let’s figure out how to connect speakers to your computer. The connection method depends on the type of audio playback devices. wired or wireless.

Sound settings

After successfully connecting the acoustics, you just have to adjust the sound parameters. How to set up speakers on a computer in Windows: right-click on the volume icon in the tray, go to “Sounds”. On the “Playback” tab, check that the correct device for audio transmission is selected. your speakers. To ensure that music is always transmitted to the speakers, click on “Default” at the bottom.

In the same window, additional tools are available to help with problems. Right click on your speakers, select Test from the submenu to test your devices. Also from here you can turn off the equipment.

Music Center

If you have a music center at home, you can easily output sound from your computer to it without spending money on buying additional speakers. How to connect the music center itself to the computer:

  • you will need a special wire, on one end of which there is a minijack 3.5 connector, on the other. a white and red tulip;
  • insert tulips into the jacks of the music center of the corresponding color;
  • place the other end into the PC audio output marked in green;
  • turn on the center, select the AUX mode. play from an external source.

You can output sound to a 5.1 speaker system in the same way, observing the colors of the plugs. But a discrete sound card with an increased number of connectors must be installed on the computer. In addition to the usual outputs for the microphone and front speakers, it has inputs for additional speakers and a subwoofer, digital S / PDIF.


Wireless speakers are connected via Bluetooth. On laptops, the Bluetooth interface is usually built-in by the manufacturer, but for a computer, you will most likely need an adapter. a small device in the form of a USB flash drive, inserted into a USB port. Here’s how to connect Bluetooth speakers to your computer:

  • activate the speakers;
  • on the column, hold down the button for connecting to the network;
  • on a laptop, to turn on Bluetooth, press the FnF4 or Fn key combination with another function button marked with a wireless icon;
  • in Windows 10, click on the networks icon in the tray, turn on Bluetooth in the menu;
  • in Windows 7, find and activate the pluggable speaker in the Devices and Printers section of the Start menu.

Also, in any version of Windows, you can launch the “Device Manager” and click on the Bluetooth section. Select “Enable” in the module properties. A wireless connection icon will appear in the tray, click on it and go to the “Add device” mode. The computer will find the source of the audio signal and offer to connect to the equipment.

If no sound is heard after connecting, check the drivers for Bluetooth. You can update them through the “Device Manager”. Some manufacturers protect the speaker connection with a password. you must enter it when connecting to a PC. The required combination is given in the documents for the device, if you lost it, try simple sequences like 0000.

Solution of problems

If there is no sound on the PC after connecting, it means one of the following problems:

  • The sound is turned off in the settings. click on the speaker icon in the tray and look at the volume level. If set to 0 or muted, just turn up the volume.
  • If the speakers themselves have a physical shutdown button, press it to activate the device.
  • Check the correct connection of the wires by checking the colors on the sockets and plugs.
  • In the “Device Manager” check the drivers for the sound card, if there are problems. reinstall them.

How to connect speakers to laptop and computer using a wire

  • Turn on your speakers.
  • Press the Bluetooth button (above the power button). NOTE
  • Open the control panel.
  • Select Hardware and Sound.
  • Select Devices and Printers.
  • Select Bluetooth Devices.
  • Click Add Device.
  • Select Logitech Z600 in the device list and click Next.

Such a connection is possible if the PC or laptop has an audio output for the mini-jack plug.

Audio output is indicated by green color or headphone symbol.

How to connect speakers

  • A cable with a mini-jack plug at one end and plugs that fit the connectors on one of the speakers is required. Usually these are “tulips” (RCA jack). The cable can be included with the speaker system.
  • Insert the ends of the cable into the corresponding connectors on the computer and speakers.
  • Connect them with a dedicated cable (must be included in the kit).
  • Connect the power wire.

How to connect a Bluetooth speaker to a laptop

It remains to select the speakers as the default audio playback device: Control Panel → Hardware and Sound → Manage audio devices (in the Sound section). Select Speakers Bluetooth Hands-free Audio, click Default, then OK.

What to do if your Sony speaker won’t connect to your phone?

Turn off Bluetooth on your smartphone or laptop, wait 3 seconds and turn it on again. this will reboot their “stuck” Bluetooth module. Wait about another 5-7 seconds and try to connect.

How to connect a Sony speaker to a TV?

Make sure the TV and receiver are connected with an HDMI cable. Connect the cable to the HDMI port marked with ARC or to the port for which ARC is indicated in the instructions. Turn on the Control for HDMI setting on the TV and receiver or home theater system.

How to connect a large speaker to your phone?

Turn on the speaker and activate Bluetooth. On the phone, go to the “Settings / Options” menu, open the Bluetooth section, activate the wireless connection and start searching for available devices. Select a column from the list of devices offered. A connection should be made in a few seconds.

How to reset a Sony speaker?

If the speaker cannot be turned on, or it does not work even after turning it on, open the cap on the back and press the RESET button with a pointed object such as a safety pin. The speaker will be reset and turned off. After pressing the RESET button, turn on the speaker.

How to connect an iPhone to a Sony speaker?

Charge the speaker’s battery sufficiently or connect the speaker to a computer / AC outlet. To use the Speaker Add function, pair with the speaker whose (BLUETOOTH) indicator flashes in white. After initializing the iPhone / iPad / iPod speaker, it may not be possible to connect to the speaker.

How to connect the column “Alice”?

Today we will figure out what needs to be done to activate the speaker with the voice assistant “Alice”, how to connect it to Wi-Fi for the first time. Let’s consider how to connect the “Alice” column for all possible use cases:

Connecting the speaker Alice to the phone

Let’s figure out how to connect the “Alice” column to the phone. You can use the speaker with the virtual assistant “Alice” to listen to music from your smartphone. Use a simple life hack:

  • Ask the speaker to activate Bluetooth. For example, say: “Alice, turn on Bluetooth”.
  • Then turn on Bluetooth on your smartphone.
  • How to connect a smart speaker “Alice”? A list of devices available for pairing will appear on the screen. select the column with “Alice”.
  • As soon as the devices are paired, you can listen to music, podcasts, audiobooks and any other sound from your phone through the speaker.

Connecting “Alice” to the TV

Please note: you can only connect the big Yandex.Station to your TV, not Mini. With the help of such “Alice” you can watch movies and TV-channels on the big screen.

Thus, the big Yandex.Station will play the role of a set-top box, but without a remote control. all commands are performed only by voice. How to connect the station “Alice” (column)? It’s simple: connect the speaker to your TV using an HDMI cable. If the connection was successful, on the display you will see the familiar interface of “Alice” with a text representation of voice queries and search results for them.

How to connect the speaker “Alice” to the TV? You don’t need to do anything. the smart electronic assistant will do everything you need. To watch a movie or TV series, just tell the station: “Alice, turn on the movie (title).” The device will search for it in Amediatek, Kinopoisk, ivi and other supported services.

You know what the “Alice-mini” column is, how to connect this station to the phone. But there is also an unofficial way to output sound to Yandex.Station from a TV or computer via HDMI. However, remember that such actions can lead to disruption of the installed software:

  • Follow the link in your browser:
  • Launch DevTools.
  • In the same DevTools go down to the Network tab.
  • Then you will need to open the column page along the path: Device Management. Yandex.Station.
  • Try changing any of the values. For example, for the screensaver, select not a photo, but a video.
  • This will get you set_device_config request
  • Right-click on the line with it, click on “Copy”, and in the drop-down menu select Copy as fetch.
  • In DevTools open “Console”, paste the copied text.
  • Find the line body “:” \ “location_override \”: \ “home \”, \ “name \”: \ “Yandex Station \”, \ “screenSaverConfig \”: \ “type \”: \ “VIDEO \” “
  • Then insert the following: body “:” \ “hdmiAudio \”: \ “true \”, \ “location_override \”: \ “home \”, \ “name \”: \ “Yandex Station \”, \ “screenSaverConfig \” : \ “Type \”: \ “VIDEO \” “
  • After these actions, it remains to press the Enter button and on “Finish”.

If this method does not work, then you can try another one:

  • Go to any of the browsers at the link:
  • Press F12 to launch DevTools.
  • Go to the Console tab and enter the following text: = true
  • Press Enter.
  • Now it’s time to go to the page of your Yandex.Station. you will see on it a new switch “Sound transmission over HDMI”.

The result of these unofficial settings. you can output sound from the TV to the speaker, which will give it louder and more surround sound.

How to connect a Bluetooth speaker to your phone?

Most modern gadgets are compatible and easy to connect with each other. How to connect a Sony speaker to a Xiaomi phone? As easy as if the manufacturers swap places and you need to connect a Xiaomi speaker to Sony. Use the universal instruction:

  • Turn on the speaker (if necessary, activate Bluetooth or search mode manually)
  • Go to the “Settings” or “Options” menu, select the section with Bluetooth.
  • Turn on device search.
  • In the list of gadgets available for connection, find your audio device, connect.
  • When both devices are connected, try playing some music.

Interesting fact: If you are looking for an answer to the question of how to connect a JBL bluetooth speaker to your phone, then the process is slightly different. The device is turned on as follows: press the button and hold it until a characteristic signal is heard and the rim around the speaker starts flashing in two colors: red and blue. After that, follow all the steps from the instructions above.

How to connect a USB speaker to your phone?

The smartphone has only one mini-jack (3.5 mm jack), so you cannot connect a conventional stationary audio system to it: it requires two connectors of this kind. With portable speakers (for example, models designed to connect to a laptop), it’s easier. They connect to the smartphone as follows:

  • Through an adapter and a special AUX cable. It is a cable with two mini-jacks at the ends: one connector is inserted into the phone, the other into the speaker. When it comes to stationary speakers, which usually do not have their own power source, proceed as follows:
  • Buy a USB to mini or micro USB adapter;
  • Insert the corresponding connector into the phone and connect its other end to the speakers (now the smartphone will become a power source for the audio device instead of the mains);
  • Connect two devices with an AUX cable.
  • Via AUX cable. Speakers that can play music without an external power source use the same AUX cable without an adapter. If everything is in order, the message “Audio jack is connected” will appear on the smartphone screen.
  • Via USB cable. This method is also suitable for devices with their own battery or accumulator. You can even use a charging cord if it fits. Usually, a USB cable is included with the phone, in which on one side there is a regular USB connector connected to a charger, and on the other. a mini or micro USB. Disconnect the cable from the charging, insert the standard connector into the speaker, the second into Smart.

Limited mobility is the main drawback of wired connectivity, which is why more and more users are choosing wireless devices.

How to connect the speaker to the phone?

The smartphone has long ceased to be just a means of communication. They play games on it, watch movies and, of course, listen to music. The built-in speaker of the phone is not designed for loud sound reproduction, so many people think about connecting speakers to the phone. over, the market for portable audio devices is simply teeming with a variety of models.

Sony All in one Party Speaker with Bluetooth & CD Drive MHC V21 Detailed Unboxing and Best Demo

How to connect a mini speaker to your phone?

So, you have become the proud owner of a portable audio system. There are four most popular ways to connect a Bluetooth speaker to your phone. 3 of them are wired (via USB or AUX cable), the last one is wireless (via bluetooth). Wired are most often used at home, wireless. on the street, when you least want to think about where to put the wires.

What to do if the speakers won’t connect?

If none of the above methods helped, it is better to contact specialists who understand all the intricacies of modern gadgets.

Wired connection

There are two ways to connect a mobile phone to an audio system with a cable. AUX is the easiest and most convenient way. In order to make this connection, both devices must be equipped with an audio output. In a speaker system, it can be placed on the front panel and is represented by a 3.5 or 6.5 jack, but much more often it is located at the back in the form of 2 RCA outputs (“tulip” red and white). To connect, you need a jack. jack / 2 RCA / 6.5 cable.

If the music center supports playback of audio from flash drives, and it has a USB connector, then a mobile phone can act as an alternative. It is necessary to use a USB. microUSB cable and insert it with the corresponding ends into both devices.

Step by step algorithm

In order to use your mobile device as source of a stereo system signal, you need to correctly synchronize. Step by step instructions are given below.

Important! For this type of connection, an input labeled AUX or AUDIO IN is required. A similar headphone jack will not work.

  • We buy or use a USB cable. microUSB / type-C from the smartphone kit.
  • Insert the microUSB / Type-C plug into the phone.
  • Insert the cord into the audio system with the second side.
  • Selecting a signal source. USB.
  • On the smartphone, letting go of the shutter down, select the type of synchronization “data transfer”.
  • Select the desired song and start playback.

Connecting to speakers from a TV

You can increase the volume of music played from the phone through the TV speakers. If you know how to connect your smartphone to the music center, then this connection will not be difficult. The TV requires a jack-2RCA (“tulip”) cable. Connect the 3.5 end to the mobile phone (where the headphones are), the other to the TV, matching the color-to-color plugs with the existing connectors.

Select AV1 or AV2 on your TV and play music on your phone. You can adjust the sound volume on both devices.

Wireless connection

Modern audio technology widely uses wireless modules to synchronize with other devices. NFC is a more convenient option, but less common. It provides a long range of connection, a high-quality signal, and besides, the connection itself does not require a lot of actions. For high-quality data transmission via Bluetooth, you need support for the AptX and LDAC codecs (lossless audio transmission). Also, the range of action is limited here. about 15 meters.

  • The audio device must be turned on in the search mode for Bluetooth devices. for this, there are corresponding buttons on the front panel.
  • In the phone, you should lower the shutter, find the Bluetooth button and open advanced settings to see a list of equipment available for synchronization.
  • After displaying the list of devices, select the desired one and confirm the connection.
  • It remains to turn on your favorite music, and you can enjoy high-quality and loud playback.
  • To make such a connection, both devices must be equipped with the appropriate module.
  • Both devices are included in NFC synchronization mode. The center has a special button for this (sometimes the mode needs to be looked for in signal sources), on the mobile phone you should lower the shutter and find the NFC symbol.
  • After activating both devices, it is enough to put the smartphone to the center. it has a platform with the NFC symbol. Automatic connection will occur.
  • Launch your favorite tracks in the player.

How to setup

Settings menu using Windows 10 as an example

Setting up speaker switching in Windows

In the case of wired devices, no settings need to be made. everything happens without human intervention. And when connecting the speakers via USB, it is enough to download the necessary drivers. then the system will recognize them and will switch from the internal audio system to the external one.

On Windows 7

You need to go to the “Start” menu by clicking on the window icon in the far left corner and select “Control Center”.

Important: This is also done through the “Run” menu by calling this program with a combination of WinR and then entering the command “control system” (without quotes). After executing this command, the settings window opens automatically.

How to connect a wireless speaker to a laptop

Wireless speakers connect to a laptop via Bluetooth and NFC.

Connecting wired speakers

On PC, the speaker and microphone connectors are colored differently. Notebooks tend to favor decal and intuitive graphics that show what the connector is for. Some laptops are equipped with a combo audio jack for audio playback and recording.

In this case, you should definitely re-read the instructions for it. In some laptops, the microphone cannot be connected, otherwise the audio jack may be damaged. For such devices, it is desirable for the user to purchase an additional external sound card.

In total, there are 2 types of wired speaker connection: via Mini-Jack and USB. To connect gadgets, you just need to connect the speakers to the PC and plug them into the network. In the case of the Mini-Jack, the speakers will work immediately. For USB speakers such as Genius SP-HF160, you will have to download drivers from the manufacturer’s website.

On Windows 10

  • Go to the Start menu (window image in the far left corner).
  • Click on it and select the sign where the gear is depicted. this is the icon for quick access to the settings.
  • In the “This PC” window, select “Open Options”.
  • Click on “Start” with the right mouse button (RMB), selecting the sub-item “Options”.

Important: The i key combination will immediately bring up the settings menu.

What to do if your laptop doesn’t have Bluetooth

If your laptop does not have Bluetooth, as is the case with very old models, you should purchase a Bluetooth adapter (in some speakers it is already included). The adapter will pair with the computer via the USB connector. At the same time, the adapter will connect to the speakers via Bluetooth. Thanks to such adapters, laptops do not even need Bluetooth, since the adapter takes on this role.

Step-by-step instruction

Let’s consider how the speaker systems are connected correctly:

Speakers of analog type 2.0 and 2.1 must be placed correctly: the speakers are best placed on the sides of the monitor, and the subwoofer. arbitrarily, but for maximum effect.

Each column at the back is labeled with L (left) and R (right). There has been a lot of debate about the location of the subwoofer, so it should be installed where the bass sound will be most optimal for the user.

The first step is to turn off your computer. Many users disregard this recommendation, but this is a safety precaution and it is better to follow it once again to avoid electric shock or voltage surges. Since the power is constantly “walking” around the motherboard, supplying electricity to various devices, a sharp increase in power will lead to breakdown (especially if the speaker system is digital and resource-demanding).

Then the power supply is connected to an outlet or surge protector. But here, too, you should be careful: the surge protector is an adapter. It is understood that if plugs from appliances that consume more than 220 volts in total (the maximum value of the socket) are inserted into it, then all the wiring in the house will be very hard: a fire may occur, and the wires will sparkle brightly.

Each of the plugs is colored in a specific color:

  • red and white: for the right and left columns, respectively;
  • green: for a socket in the computer motherboard;
  • blue: for additional devices, most often a subwoofer.

There is no need to stick the plugs into the pink connector. it is exclusively for the microphone. Otherwise, there will be no problems, since each socket is painted in the corresponding color, and various additional markings are indicated next to the green one (on the system unit). This is either the inscription “AudioIn” (audio input), or a drawn speaker that emits sound.

You can also learn about connectors and their colors from this video.

After directly connecting the speakers to the system unit and the network, you can turn on your computer. The system should automatically detect the device and install the correct drivers (Internet connection required). If this does not happen, then you will have to install the software yourself. If the kit contains an installation disc, you should use it.

Devices of this type differ in several essential details:

  • a discrete sound card is required, since the built-in one will not be able to reveal the potential of the speakers;
  • digital speakers have many more cables for which there are no connectors on the motherboard itself;
  • if the power supply in the system unit is weak, you will have to buy a new one. otherwise there will be not enough power and an emergency shutdown will occur.

The discrete sound card has slightly more colored sockets (black and orange), for each plug from the cables of digital speakers. It is enough just to connect the plug to the connector according to the color designations, and the rest of the connection procedure will be completely identical.

The highest quality and most expensive models use one specific instead of color plugs:

  • HDMI;
  • S / PDIF.

The presence of only one cable does not mean poor sound quality, but quite the opposite. These connectors are innovative and modern, allowing you to fully unleash the potential of even professional equipment.

This completes the connection, but there is a possibility of various errors that will have to be dealt with.

Step-by-step connection of speakers to a computer

The order of connecting the speakers directly depends on the type of speaker system. Let’s first consider what speakers are and then we will give instructions on how to connect them.

Key features

There are two main types of columns:

This is the sound of ordinary speakers that can be seamlessly connected to any computer or laptop. They have 1 port (if with a subwoofer, then 2) and give average quality sound, although a standard user is unlikely to understand the difference.

Speakers of this type produce stunningly clear sound of the highest quality, but they are much more difficult to connect. over, the built-in sound card will not be enough to reproduce such sound. The reason is not even a lack of power or characteristics, but in the number of ports (for digital sound, special connectors are required).

Any type of speaker can be connected by simply plugging the plugs into the appropriate jacks. Also, if the speakers are of high quality, you need to connect the power supply to an outlet or a surge protector. This is necessary because the power in the connectors of the computer will not be enough to operate a serious speaker system.

Possible difficulties

It happens that the user is overtaken not only by the usual, but also very significant problems during the connection:

If the plugs of the cables from the speakers do not fit into any jack on the computer, then it is permissible to use adapters. However, you should not use more than one: it will require more power from the computer, and it will simply burn out. Also, the speakers themselves may become faulty if the adapter is defective.

If you hear extraneous sounds from the speakers while listening, the reasons may be:

  • defective columns (manufacturing defects);
  • incorrect connection of connectors or one of them;
  • transmitted, damaged, twisted wires;
  • using low-quality adapters;
  • wrong drivers.

3. No sound.

It is important to understand here if the problem is in the computer or speakers:

  • if, after turning on the computer, a colored diode lights up on the speakers, it means that they are supplied with power and they work (in order to exclude a breakdown, you can send the speakers to the service center for diagnostics or it is corny to try to turn them on on a third-party computer);
  • if the speakers are working properly or no malfunctions are found, it is possible that the volume is turned off in the settings of audio devices, or the volume on the speakers themselves (on the regulator) is set to the minimum value;
  • damaged and loose connectors due to frequent use can also be a problem.