I tell you how to connect a laptop on Windows 10 via HDMI to TV

You can configure HDMI in Windows 10 through the parameters, but the HDMI cable should already be connected to the TV or another monitor. To open Windows parameters click on two Wini keys at once. Go to the parameters. system. display. Setting HDMI Windows 10

On the right side of the window, find the orientation item and select one of the points from the pop.up list:

  • Duplicate these screens. in this case, the image will be shown on both screens.
  • Expand these screens. in this case, the image will be shown on both screens, but if the second screen is larger than the first, then the image will be stretched throughout the screen.
  • Show only 1. in this case, the image will be shown only on a computer monitor.
  • Show only 2. in this case, the image will be shown only on the screen of the second monitor

The same settings can be turned on using hot kenp keys.

General information

Connecting a laptop to a TV via HDMI cable allows you to transmit sound and image. In this case, no specific knowledge and complex settings are required. The only necessary condition is to support HDMI integrates on both devices.

In this example, we will connect an old 10.inch laptop ASUS to the Samsung brand TV with a diagonal of 81 cm.

Wending connection

The simplest thing is to combine the cable video of the laptop and on the video card of the main device. But this method will not work in all cases. Even if there is a connector at the laptop to “exit” the video signal, it may not work for “input”. And when connecting, you will not get any result. It is also possible that video ports will not approach each other, for example, VGA and HDMI.

REFERENCE! Only wired connection through video ports will allow the use of a laptop as a full.fledged monitor. Other methods will have their restrictions and disadvantages.

There is still a connection via USB. But when using this connection method, periodic freezing of the picture will be. And the image quality will be slightly reduced. In this case, it is better to use a wireless connection. The image quality will remain the same, but mobility will significantly increase.

What will be needed for connection

  • For wired connection, first of all, the cable itself will be needed.
  • On the laptop itself and on the map there should be the same videos of video shop.
  • The laptop should have a “video input” port, which is installed by ordinary monitors. But it is not present in every model of laptops. For example, Apple MacBook laptops do not have such a port.

How to connect a computer to a laptop

So, in your device there was a necessary port, its type coincided with the connector on the video card and even necessary the cable, you found. Such difficult connecting conditions pay off the quality of the image and ease of connection. To use a systematic and laptop, several actions have to be performed.

  • We connect the cable to the connectors on the laptop and to the PC system unit.
  • Then we start both devices.
  • After starting, click the right mouse button from scratch from the computer desktop.
  • We choose, depending on the operating system, the point of “properties” or “screen resolution”.
  • In the point “Several screens” we set the value “expand these screens”.
  • We use and save the settings. And we use additional work space freely.
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Possible problems

Unfortunately, sometimes users have the following problems:

there is no image on one of the devices;

Everything is fine with the picture, but there is no sound;

All folders disappear on the laptop’s desktop, and an empty desktop is displayed;

How To Connect Your Laptop To The TV Using HDMI Cable. 2021 Update | WINDOWS 10 | STEP BY STEP

problems are found in connecting adapters.

In the first case, for operating systems of recent versions. 8 and 10 you can try to solve the problem by typing a combination of OS and P kes on Latin and go to the “Expansion” section.

For Windows 7, a problem is eliminated through the choice of parameters by clicking PKM to the working integration.

In the absence of a sound signal, it is necessary to make sure that the default parameters are correctly configured.

Empty working integration indicates incorrect laptop settings.

The root of the problems with adapters lies in a poor.quality cable. The device must have various inputs and outputs. The adapter is obliged to convert signals from analogy to digital and vice versa.

How to enable HDMI on Windows 10 and connect it to the TV: connection and setup

Good day to all! And so, we have another interesting and fairly voluminous question how to connect Windows 10 to TV. A few thoughts come to my head. First of all, for convenience, probably, the most true way is DLNA. This technology allows you to play the video, view: photos, listen to music that is on a computer or laptop on a TV.

In this case, a computer or laptop, like the TV must be connected to one network. over, the connection can be both in the cable and by Wi-Fi. But I repeat once again, both devices must be connected to one router network.

The second method is not very convenient, but probably the easiest in technical terms and in tuning is the usual direct connection by HDMI cable. There is nothing complicated there, but in the article I will tell this way this method. At the same time, there is no difference: what kind of Windows: 7, 8 or 10 instructions are suitable for all OS.

HELP! As practice shows, everything does not always work out the first time, so if something we immediately write our questions in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев, and I will help you.

DLNA server in Windows when connecting via Wi-Fi and cable

Almost all modern TVs support DLNA technology, which allow you to watch movies from a computer on TV. The point is that the TV and the computer are connected to one network. Further on the PC is “shaken” or differently, a common folder is done-this is necessary so that other network devices see this folder. That is, so that the TV can lose and view the files that are in it. Further there are two ways.

The first way is to use standard Windows tools and setting the DLNA server yourself. The second way is to use special programs that go from the TV manufacturer. There really is no difference. I have already described both of these methods in a detailed article here. There, on an example and with pictures, I tell you in detail about the connection. Do not see that the name “wi-fi” is in fact in fact there is no difference how exactly you will be connected to the router: by cable or wireless.

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If you have a LG TV, then we ask for mercy to this article. There I talk about the original official SmartShare program, which easily and quickly tunes in.

There is another way. this is the use of Miracast Widi technology. My colleague wrote in this article on it. The technology does not work stably in some cases, but sometimes it can be much more convenient than those that I spoke above. The most important problem is in Miracast that not all laptops support it, and the connection takes place directly via Wi-Fi.

Connection and configuration via HDMI

  • We take the cable of the desired length and connect it to one of the inputs on our telly. The most important thing is to connect to the desired entrance. If you have the opportunity to find the entrance with the name “PC” or “in” and stand there.
  • If this does not happen, then at the PC simultaneously click on the “Win” keys (located between “Ctrl” and “Alt”) and the English “P”. Next, just select one of the options. The best options: “repeating” and “only the second screen”.
connect, laptop, computer, hdmi

If there are no images, then check that you connect correctly to the TV. Some models have separate entrance ports with the inscription “in”. You can also try all possible inputs both on the TV and on the laptop. If this does not help, then we are going to my article to solve this problem on this link.

No sound

  • The “Reproduction” tab should have all possible devices. There should be your TV with the name with the right button and then select “Use by default”. The connection may not have a TV name, but the HDMI port number.

If there is no sound or this connection is not, then most likely the problem with the drivers for the video card. On this occasion, I have already left the past link in the previous chapter there is a problem with the image and sounds, so it is better to go there. But you can also ask your questions in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев.

connect, laptop, computer, hdmi

How to connect?

It is recommended to adhere to the next algorithm (for example, Windows 7):

In Windows 10, go to the “Windows settings” in the “System” settings for access to the display settings. Or even easier: click the right button of the mouse an empty place on the desktop, the “Screenshot Settings” tab.

  • In the drop.down menu “Several Screens”, select “Expand your desktop” (or duplicate, create a new table. it all depends on the needs of the user).
  • Also on the laptop, go to the display settings and select “Show the Desktop 1” (or “PC Monitor”. the parameter can be called this, depending on the brand). After that, an image with PC will appear on the display.
  • In most modern laptops, switching between the operating modes of the built.in display can be made using combinations of hot keys. The most common combinations are FN F4 and FN F8. You can specify in technical documentation or on labels on the keyboard itself.

If in the display settings there is no item “Expand your desktop” or “duplicate the desktop”, then the graphic adapter or the driver does not support this function. Perhaps the cable is faulty and does not transmit any signals.

How to set up several displays in Windows, is explained in the following

Similar settings for image output can be installed through proprietary software to accelerate graphics (NVIDIA, AMD, Intel, SIS). In addition, in many cases there are several functions. For example, in the NVIDIA software, you can not only configure the image output to a third.party display, but also adjust its brightness, contrast or even activate the “portrait orientation” of the displayed image.

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After connecting the laptop to PC via HDMI, the sound is automatically transmitted with the video signal, and the built.in sound card in the PC is disabled. You can change this parameter in the “control panel” on the “Audio” tab (by choosing a built.in audio codes instead of HDMI). Otherwise, the sound will not be removed from the headphones or the dynamics of PC.

In the same way, you can use your PC monitor as an additional or external display for your laptop. But in this situation it will be easier to connect the monitor directly, bypassing the graphic accelerator of the personal computer.

How to connect a laptop to another laptop with HDMI

Connect a laptop to a laptop via HDMI is quite simple. To do this, you need to insert the cables into the nests, and and then nothing. The fact is that HDMI in laptops works only to exit. That is, he can transmit data, but is not capable of receiving them.

HDMI in laptops is designed to display the image and sound to the external output device, for example, the TV. Thus, it turns out that it is pointless to connect two laptops with a HDMI cable.

Sound output to TV

In order to display the sound through the HDMI cable, it is necessary that the sound card supports the output of HD-sound.

You can verify this by opening the window of the device manager.

Expand the list of “sound, game and video devices” and make sure that there is a device with High Definition Audio support.

Display/Connect Laptop to TV via HDMI (Windows 7) [Step by Step Guide][How to] 2020

You can verify the possibility of transmitting sound sound as follows: click on the mouse button along the speaker icon located in the system tray.

Select the “Volume mixer” item and open the list of devices in the “Dynamics” section.

The list should contain Realtek Digital Output (Realtek High Definition Audio).

Activate this item to be able to withdraw HD audio signal.

Some TVs may not take sound to a regular HDMI entrance.

If there is a port of HDMI 1, you can be calm. there will be no problems with it.

Otherwise, check out the TV settings and find out if it is possible to use the input of digital streaming sound, and not analogue.

Possible problems and their solution

Most often, the reasons for the lack of connection are associated with access settings. Hence the possible solution to the problem:

  • It is necessary to open the conductor, click on the folder with the right mouse button with access and select the “Expanded Settings” item on the properties tab.
  • Then you need to put a check in the line “Open common access to this folder” and click “Apply”.

It is worth saying that each of the described methods has its own pros and cons of. Cable network is a simple, reliable, but extremely limited option in terms of mobility. Wireless connection gives more opportunities to users, but more difficult to set up. You can use any of the solutions described in the article.