How to connect a dualchok to android

As a rule, for users of smartphones, touch control in applications designed specifically for mobile devices is not always convenient. Some explain this to the small dimensions of the device, others. the poor implementation of the integration. Therefore, in order not to experience torment during the game, both choose a more traditional control option. the PlayStation 4 console gamepad from the console. A wireless controller can be easily connected to a smartphone and enjoy the gameplay.

Despite the wide popularity of smartphones running OS Android, you can connect a minimum number of gamepads to them. This is due to the fact that such remarks are oriented mainly on conjugation with game consoles or with a computer. It is easy to and quickly synchronize the DualShock 4 wireless controller with a smartphone, the tablet has the opportunity to own Sony game consoles. through Bluetooth technology or using a USB cable.

In the “shocker”, as the avid gamers call the emulator, a sensory panel is, capable of supporting several presses at the same time. This allows you to expand the capabilities of the player. And the displacement sensor in space provides the most accurate management of the gameplay.

How to connect a dualchok 4 to Android: Using Bluetooth to connect a joystick from PlayStation 4

The most important process begins. connecting the controller. The standard method involves the connection of two devices using Bluetooth technology. This is the main method of wireless connection of the joystick to the prefix, which is the most convenient.

First of all, you need to make sure that the gamepad is completely charged, and the console using it is turned off. If it is not disconnected, the device will remain paired with the Play Station and cannot be identified by other clients. This can be avoided if you untrued the device from the prefix in its settings.

If everything is fine with this, they go to the phone. To turn on the bluetooth, you need to go to “Settings”, find the point “Bluetooth” and activate it. The joystick itself should be included and converted into a mating mode. After that, they search for devices, find the desired item on the list and connected to it.

Important! For a successful search, the controller is transferred to synchronization. To do this, clamp and hold the Share key and at the same time the Play Station button. As soon as the controller appeared on the list of devices, you can immediately create a couple.

Connection Dualshock 4 to Android via wireless Bluetooth connection

Frequent problems and ways to solve them

Even knowing how to connect the joystick to the console of Android TV, users often face difficulties in this matter. It is important to take into account that some devices require installation of additional software, without which they do not work. For example, Wii device needs a WIIMOTE CONTROLLER program. Additional setting of the application will also be required.

When using a wireless gamepad, you need to buy a receiver, because without it it is unlikely that you can use the device. If there is no Bluetooth on the console, you can use Wi-Fi. Also do not forget that for almost all Gamepad you need a driver.

Consider the common connection problems:

  • Android prefix does not see a gamepad. With a wireless connection, make sure you turned on Bluetooth in the settings. If you use a wired connection, turn off and turn on the wire or try to connect via another connector.
  • Not all buttons work. There are situations when you managed to connect devices to each other, but not all buttons work. In such cases, check the operability of the gamepad on another device. Perhaps the cause of the failures is the usual mechanical malfunction. If everything is fine, install the drivers that are included.
  • Devices are not connected to each other. Most often, users are not able to interconnect the gamepad or Android console. Make sure you clamp the right buttons and hold their right time. A detailed algorithm of actions, as a rule, can be read in the instructions.

If nothing is able to do anything, try contacting manufacturers or ask a question on interest forums.

There are two ways at the disposal of gamers on how to connect the joystick to the console Android TV. wired and wireless. But do not rush to buy such a device. First check it for compatibility, and after moving to the next step. If difficulties arise when connecting, make sure that Bluetooth is turned on or the USB-shatter is working. Most often, the problem lies in them.

Connect the wireless device

Gamepad connection to a smartphone in this way is performed by means of Bluetooth, but is associated with some difficulties, therefore it requires a clear implementation of the recommendations. Users usually use joysticks from game consoles for these purposes. The algorithm consists of several stages and is performed in the next sequence.

First of all, it is necessary to install a special application on the mobile device called Sixaxis Compatibility Checker

It allows you to check the compatibility of the smartphone and the manipulator. To download the utility, you should go to the Play Market application store or visit specialized sites. If after checking the result was positive, you can proceed to the next stage.

  • On PC upload the SixaxispArtool utility by synchronizing the gamepad with a computer through a USB cable. If all actions were performed correctly, the program will launch the driver, after which a MAC address will appear on the screen in the form of a combination of 12 digits.
  • Next, you need to download the Sixaxis Controller utility, but already on a smartphone. After the installation is completed, start the program, allowing it to receive a Root-right.
  • Wait for an ID Bluetooth channel to appear on the display, and enter it on the computer in the Change Master field, confirming the Update key with pressing the Update key.
  • Disconnect the joystick from the USB-shnourum, and activate its work by pressing the PS or X key.
  • If all the manipulations were done clearly and competently, one eye will flare up on the joystick.
  • Then in the application on the phone you will need to slip on the “Change Input Method” key and set the right device.
  • It remains only to call the menu from the main screen, go to the Joyic Settings, and with the help of a checkmark to activate the “Turn on the Joystick” option.

Setting is considered completely completed. The user will only have to close the application, choose and start your favorite game, and enjoy the process.

Very often, users purchase joysticks specially adapted to the smartphone for playing their gadget, that is, those who do not have wires. They need to be connected via Bluetooth. Some of them for ease of use are equipped with a special stand-up holder for a tablet or smartphone. The procedure for configuring such devices is performed according to the following scenario.

How to Connect Bluetooth Game Controller To Android Phone | Android Wireless Game Controller

  • In the mobile device menu, enter the “Settings” section and activate Bluetooth (translate the slider to the right). This can be done if you lower the curtain of quick settings, running a finger from the very top of the screen down, and slipping along the corresponding icon.
  • Turn on the nutrition on the joystick and, if necessary, enter the key combination that activates the wireless connection (usually these nuances are registered in the operating instructions).
  • On the phone, start the search for devices with Bluetooth, and then select the detected gamepad and perform the interfacing.

How to Connect PS4 Controller to Android Phone using BLUETOOTH (Easy Method)

To configure the control buttons, you will need to download a special utility from the application store. Which one, you need to look for in the instructions, since it is there that the manufacturer indicates a specific program compatible with its product.

How to connect Xbox gamepad to iPhone

The process of conjugation of the flashed iPhone and Xbox One Controller is identical to the situations with PlayStation gamepads:

  • Install Controllers for All from Cydia.
  • Run sixpair.
  • Connect the iPhone and the joystick to PC via USB.
  • We bind the Xbox One Controller and the smartphone via Sixpair.
  • If the user does everything through the Mac, he needs to press the Pair button on the gamepad. If the actions are performed through Windows, you need to specify the Bluetooth IPhone. It can be found like this: the settings. the main ones. about this device. Bluetooth.
  • Disconnect the controller.

As you can see, the process is no different from the method with the sony gamepad.

connect, joystick, phone, bluetooth

What to do if the joystick does not connect to the phone

If the manipulator has not earned, there may be the following problems:

In such situations, as a rule, there is no way to connect the device. It is impossible to install Root on some phones at all. This is relevant for modern expensive smartphones and outdated models. If there is a ROOT, but the gamepad does not work, it remains only to try another model. Therefore, before buying it is better to immediately make sure that the manipulator is compatible with a specific phone model.

How to play Android with a gamepad

After connecting two devices, you can figure out the following question. how to set up a gamepad on the phone and play games. Several basic buttons are available for control. a cross, keys a, b, x, y, as well as trigger and sticks. Depending on the controller model, its functionality may vary.

connect, joystick, phone, bluetooth

Before playing on the gamepad on the phone with Android, check the work of the controller on another prefix, computer or TV. In this case, you can understand which buttons work and which ones do not. When choosing a model, pay attention to the size and ease of use.

What to do if the joystick does not connect to the phone

Sometimes, even if all the rules are observed, there is no way to connect the joystick to the Android system. This may be due to the following problems:

  • On a smartphone or tablet there are no pre-obtained Root-right.
  • Mobile gadget and controller are simply incompatible.
  • Errors in the appendix.
connect, joystick, phone, bluetooth

If the first attempt to connect was unsuccessful, it is recommended to repeat the procedure several times, since there is always a risk of random error from the user.

Often users can face the inoperability of the created game system, which is associated with the malfunction of the gamepad itself. And identifying this problem without some special manipulations is unlikely to work out.

First of all, we must make sure that the battery of a wireless controller is charged. Modern devices are equipped with special indicators.

It is also worth making sure the joystick is in good condition by connecting it to any other equipment. It can be a computer or game console. It is necessary to check the performance of all buttons, as well as motion sensors.

When connecting a wired joystick, the problem can lie in the operating system of a mobile device itself. It is recommended after connecting to reload, which will help to re.start all the necessary services.