Improving the camera for Android

How to connect a WEB camera to an Android device

Usually, few people are interested in connecting a camera to Android, because Android devices already have a built-in one, or even two. But there are situations when it breaks down (breaks or becomes very dirty with dust so that the device does not see anything). If suddenly you become the owner of a broken camera, I will explain how to solve this problem.

You can download Stick Mount from the following links

Now, with the help of a USB webcam, you can shoot videos and take pictures. If the tablet does not want to play the files made by the camera, then you need to change the shooting format in the settings, you need to specify MPEG4 or AAC.

So, let’s start connecting

  • Connect USB WEB-camera to your device via USB-cable. You need to make sure the phone detects the new device. The phone detects the device as a storage device.
  • If suddenly there is a switch on the webcam, make sure that the webcam is turned on.
  • If the webcam is found, restart the gadget. And everything is ready, we can use it. As for me, it is easy and very fast!

It turns out that thanks to this program, you can connect up to several devices at the same time, which for some users will be very useful.

How to connect Wi-Fi camcorder to Android

If you are the lucky owner of a camcorder that can connect wirelessly Wi-Fi, then I will explain how you can connect using the DSC-QX100 as an example, as for me, this is the best camcorder for Android with wireless pairing, since the bundle is via Wi-Fi this is her direct purpose.

How to Use Iphone as Spy Camera

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to connect a Wi-Fi camera to Android:

  • To connect, you must first turn on the power of the camera.
  • Enter the password, which is written on the same sticker as the SSID code.
  • then you need to touch the NFC tag of the smartphone to the NFC tag of the camera. Power On: Touch the devices and hold them for 1-2 seconds until the “Play Memories Mobile” application starts up. Power off: you need to touch the smartphone camera, and do not remove it until the lens extends.

By connecting such an external lens, you can shoot gorgeous video and take great photos that the built-in camera cannot take.

Find Play Memories Mobile and install it on your device by clicking on the link.
Connecting Android to TV via Wi-Fi. link
Connecting Android to Computer via Wi-Fi. link

How to get ROOT rights

USB camera connection

What you need so is the presence of a USB connector or support for OTG connection on your phone or tablet. Connection is not difficult, using the USB protocol and the presence of drivers for installation.

If you do not have the necessary drivers, then the solution to this problem is to download software from official sources. But, you may not need the drivers, since the Android system can perform the settings without third-party help.

Camera does not work on Android

Samsung tablet camcorder with installation program.
He sees the camera, but shows a black screen. What to do?

Thank you, I connected the camera to Android using Stick Mount. I can also recommend the CameraFI program.

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Connecting to someone else’s phone using special programs

As mentioned above, there are a huge number of applications that can provide you with access to the desired phone. They usually differ from each other only in the set of available functions for intercepting information and the price of the subscription. about the most popular.

How to access a phone camera remotely?

If you asked yourself such a question, then we want to warn you right away. Just like that over the air, without any programs, or with the help of networks. it will not be possible to connect to the phone’s camera remotely. All the world’s giants in the production of mobile phones are also scrupulous about the protection of personal data of their consumers.

But it is possible to bypass such protections using programs that need to be installed in the desired mobile phone. For example, TrackWiew, IP WebCam, Alfred Camera and others. The essence of their work is that you can make a hidden camera from any Android smartphone. But there is one thing, none of these programs can work in hidden mode, that is, when you turn on the recording from the camera, the controlled person will see on his phone that at this moment the shooting is taking place.

Top ways to connect to someone else’s phone

VkurSe program. we connect to someone else’s phone unnoticed

Now how to remotely connect to an Android phone invisibly with the VkurSe program. I would like to tell you more about the capabilities of the program. Since we can confidently say that this is the most popular software for remote control of someone else’s phone. than 800,000 active clients, a 24/7 online consultant and regular program updates speak for themselves. The only program capable of recording calls and voice on 10 Android.


After installing the VkurSe program in the phone that you want to control, you can receive:

  • recording and detailing telephone conversations;
  • environment records;
  • all SMS messages;
  • screenshots of the screen in standard mode and by application filter;
  • interception of the keyboard (keylogger);
  • it is possible to read correspondence in messengers;
  • interception of voice messages from instant messengers;
  • access the phone’s camera remotely;
  • access to viewing and copying information from the telephone system;
  • managing program and phone settings using hidden commands;
  • the location of the phone at a given moment in time at a given time interval;
  • and much more.

How do I connect to another phone? It’s simple:

  • Register your personal account on the main page of the site (all information from the phone will come to it)
  • Install the program on your Android phone using your account login and password (required to bind and establish communication with the phone)
  • Configure strictly according to the guide on the site.
  • Test the program for free, with no limitations in functions.
  • Pay for a convenient tariff.
  • Be amazed at the possibilities of the program.

The program works multifunctional and without granting Root rights. But if you provide access to the system, then you will receive multifaceted remote control of the phone.

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How can you connect to someone else’s phone with CocoSpy

Recently, the growing popularity of software. The network is presented as a tracker program and parental control. Requires installation in the desired phone, works on both Android and iOS. The functions of the program include: determining the fact of a call, location, viewing social networks and instant messengers, intercepting the keyboard and other features.

Slightly “cosmic” prices, but at the same time there is a discount for one type of subscription. It should be noted that the functionality pleases, but directly depends on the chosen tariff plan. As well as the number of devices that need to be monitored.

How to access your phone over Wi-Fi?

One of the original ways that you can get information from someone else’s phone. But the main condition is to connect to the same network.

To access someone else’s phone via the Internet, you first need to install the CX Explorer program, you can download it in the Play Market. Grant it all the requested permissions, for more correct work. The program uses a Russian interface, so there will be no problems with setting up.

You can access your phone via Wi-Fi either through a browser or through a network drive. If you entered the IP or port correctly, then when you open the browser view, all the system folders of the phone will be displayed on your screen. It is worth noting that connecting via a network drive is intended for more advanced users, but if you have time to sit a little with the settings, then access to another phone will be much more convenient.

Top ways to connect to someone else’s phone

It has long been no secret that there are many ways and programs that can provide information from almost any smartphone. If you do not know how you can organize a connection to someone else’s phone, then this article is for you.

How to connect to another person’s phone with Android Monitor

This is one of the applications of the so-called old-timers. A large number of available functions, ranging from archiving text data and ending with recordings of the environment, calls, and more. But due to frequent updates of Android versions in modern smartphones, the guys do not have time. So far under 10 Android there is no adequate application capable of working without interruptions.

By payment, it is divided into several tariffs, in which you can choose additional options, namely: the ability to bind an already remote device, activate administrator mode or connect additional devices to one account. Free trial period for 3 days, but with limitations in the program’s capabilities.