Almost limitless memory: how to connect a hard drive to a TV

Smart TV is good for everyone except limited memory, but this problem is solved if you connect a hard drive to the TV. The basic reserve of the device is designed exclusively for loading the necessary applications. But the connection of external memory allows you to expand the functionality.

Of course, you can do with an ordinary flash drive, but often its volume is not enough for user purposes. In this case, you have to connect the drive of a more impressive capacity, which is the hard drive (hard drive). Additional gigabytes make it possible to record video broadcasting of your favorite television shows and view files from a computer or phone on a large screen with HDD (Hard Disk Drive or hard drive).

Advantages of connecting a hard drive to TV

Modern TVs are increasingly acting as multimedia centers, which is usually associated with the storage of large volumes of information. It can be not only films and programs, but also games and other media content. If you do not use an external drive for your TV, then 3 reasons are given below to purchase it.

LG TV | Hard Disk connection with Smart TV WebOS 6.0

  • No need to store a large number of boxes with DVDs. All digital information can be recorded and stored on an external drive. At any time, viewing it is available on the big screen of TV.
  • A hard drive for a TV is an indispensable thing when recording a video from air channels. The memory of TV is often not enough to maintain a large amount of information, and the size of the USB flash drive, which can also be connected to the TV, is not always enough. Modern HDD have great opportunities relative to the size of an affordable memory.
  • In some cases, an external hard drive is the only way to view media content on a large screen. Not all devices have a suitable connector for the HDMI cable, and it does not always have the presence, while the USB-Schuur is complete with a portable memorable device of this type.
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Any HDD can be connected to TV

To date, there are two types of such drives.

    External. This is an autonomous device that does not require additional power, it will receive energy in the process of working from TV. Their set already includes a USB cable, through which the disc is connected to the TV.
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Outdated by

Another common reason why the TV does not see a removable carrier is outdated software. The function of recognizing a carrier of such a large volume is usually inherent only to TVs of the latest models. If the capacity of TV is enough to work with external discs, make a firmware update.

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If TV connects to the Internet, then in the section “On the device” or “support” there is a “update” submenu. In it you need to start the search for fresh versions of the software and if you have them to install them. If TV without connection, then updates can be installed in the form of firmware with USB media (it is obvious that you need a flash drive for these purposes). How to perform such a firmware:

How to connect a hard drive to a TV

Many modern TVs are equipped with USB ports and other connectors for connecting hard drives, flash drives, game consoles and other devices. Thanks to this, the screen turns not just into a means of viewing evening television machines, but into a real media center.

How to connect a hard drive to a TV

The hard drive can be used to store media content and other important information. over, its capacity is much higher than that of other removable carriers. You can connect an external or stationary railway to the TV in several ways.

All modern TVs are equipped with HDMI or USB connectors. Therefore, it is easiest to connect a hard to be connected to the screen using a USB cable. The method is relevant only for external railway. Procedure:

Some TV models reproduce files of only a specific format. Therefore, even after connecting the hard drive to TV, some films and music tracks may not be displayed.

If you want to connect a hard drive with the SATA integen to the TV, use a special adapter. After that, HDD can be connected via a USB connector. Peculiarities:

Using the adapter can significantly worsen the quality of the signal. In addition, this can cause complications when playing sound. Then you need to additionally connect the speakers.

If you want to connect an external or hard drive to a more old TV model, then it is much easier to use auxiliary device for this. Consider all possible methods:

All external devices are connected by HDMI or via AV inputs. Therefore, the presence of a USB port on the TV is not necessary. Additionally, TV settings can be used to view digital and interactive television.

You can connect an external or optical hard drive to the TV. The easiest way to do this is according to a USB-interact, but if the screen is not equipped with ports, then use a special TV set for connecting. Additionally, make sure TV supports the format of media files loaded onto HDD.

DVD connection

For the correct conjugation of the TV with the DVD, you need to choose the right method. Having prepared the required cable and equipment, they perform work, adhering to the recommended scheme. If everything is done correctly, the process will not take much time.

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At the stage of connecting a DVD player and a TV receiver must be de-energized. After the procedure, the equipment must be enabled and checked.


Sometimes the in question is supplied with the player. It is difficult to confuse it with analogues, since the plugs have impressive dimensions. For the conjugation of the TV and DVD, additional devices will not be needed. You just need to find the appropriate nests and connect.

If there are several scart connectors on TV, choose a nest with a “in” tag.

The specified connector is characteristic of modern modifications of technology. For the correct connection of TVD to the DVD, they adhere to the following scheme:

  • A suitable nest is found on the rear panel of the TV. Often it is signed by In HDMI, on the player they choose a similar connector with the “Out HDMI” label.
  • Use a special cable to conjure devices. The wire is not provided, it is purchased separately.
  • In the TV menu, select signals from the HDMI port.
  • The equipment includes, check the correctness of the connection. If everything is done correctly, you can enjoy any films in excellent quality.


In this case, a special cable will be required. Only the picture will be presented through it. To display the sound you will need “tulips”. Red plug is responsible for the right column, white. for the left speaker. After connecting, additional setting is not needed. Include DVD and TV, while the quality of reproduced files is second only to HDMI system.

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With cables like “tulip” everything is elementary. You just need to connect three plugs, in accordance with the colors. First, the adapter is recorded on a DVD player, then on a television receiver. The indicated method has one drawback. the image quality leaves much to be desired.

For plasma and other modern modifications, one of the methods listed above is more relevant.

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Using component cable

“Advanced” models of DVD players are equipped with five standard RCA connectors. To conjure devices, the connection is carried out strictly along the shades. As a result, high image and sound quality is provided.

After connecting the wire between TV and DVD, the conjugation is checked. The appearance of a stable video and audio signal indicates the correctness of the work done.

Does not lose a movie or video

This is the most common problem and is found on almost all the newest, and expensive TVs. The problem is banal. your TV most likely cannot read this format. Therefore, the easiest way will be to download this film or video in another format from the Internet. You can also see what video formats support exactly your model. This can be found from a technical passport or from the Internet. I will show on the example of the TV LG 49UK6390.

  • You can immediately go to the official website and just in the search to drive this model;
  • Now I’ll tell you. what problem I faced. For some reason there was no given information on the official page. Therefore, it can be recognized in any online store, just drive the name of the model in any search engine. Next, go to each store and look into the characteristics.
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Another option why the TV cannot lose your video. because it is very large. For example, there are films of large formats and weigh from 30 or 40 gigabytes. Old TVs are simply not able to open such large files, so here you just need to find and download a movie with a smaller size on the Internet. It is better to use files from 4 to 10 gigabytes. no more.

Simple Way to connect Hard Drive to Led Tv

Built-in USB connector

Modern TV models never do without connectors for USB drives and provide a built-in mechanism for reading the desired information. To watch films or photos, just connect the flash drive and start the movie you have chosen.

The location of the connector is determined by the brand and model of the TV. For example, Samsung and LG USB port are located on the back of the case. Some manufacturers put such a connector on the side, less often on the front of the device.

There is a situation where TV does not see the contents of the flash drive. Very often this is due to the fact that the saved file formats are simply not reproduced by this TV. To view them, you will have to convert the contents of the drive into other formats.

In modern TV centers as a USB drive, you can use such technical means as:

As a rule, the connection of such devices is carried out by means of USB or HDMI cable. To do this, just connect two devices using a cable and use your TV as a means of viewing photos or videos from your tablet. There are other ways to connect to a tablet and laptop TV. Separately, it is worth mentioning Apple products: the iPhone connection with the TV has its own nuances, as well as the iPad connection.

New Smart TV models have the ability to wireless. Using Wi-Fi Direct and other similar technologies, you can install the connection of a tablet or smartphone to the TV without much difficulty. Thanks to the same technology, you have the opportunity to view Internet resources from a large screen.