How to connect a Chinese fitness bracelet to the phone. Connecting smart watches Xiaomi, Honor, Huawei, Lefun and others

The application provides certain sections responsible for the functions of Honor Band 5. This means that they can be turned on and off through the settings. We highlight the main functionality of fitness hours that is available to users:

  • Bluetooth. The option is provided for synchronization from the bracelet and transmitting information to a smartphone. To work, it is necessary to connect the bluetooth.
  • Notification. Honor Band 5 comes information about the alarm clock, calls, messages, reminders, missed challenges and a weak battery charge.
  • Pulse monitoring. If you enable such an option, you can control the well.being and change in the frequency of heart beats.
  • Sleep control. A healthy sleep is important for any person. It is impossible to determine this factor independently, but Honor Band 5 has high sensitivity sensors. They collect information about the life of the body day and night.
  • Training mode. Honor Band 5 Bracelet has a function that allows you to control the intensity of the training process.
  • Messages. The bracelet shows not only textual information, but also informs about the sender. Medium information is not received.
  • Pedometer. The function is active in constant mode. With its help, you can measure the number of steps, the distance and the number of burned calories.
  • Oxygen in the blood. This is a unique function characteristic of the Honor Band 5 model.
  • Detection of dizziness, lethargy and fatigue. These data are fixed due to special sensors.

To enable these options, as a rule, nothing needs to be done. All functions are available by default. In addition, a fitness bracelet supports different types of training, namely running on the street and a treadmill, walking, cycling, exercises on an exercise bike, etc. D.

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Separately, we note the large capacity of the power source (100 mAh). which is enough for two weeks of work. Real trials showed that with the maximum load of the device there is enough for six days. At the same time, the battery charging time is no more than 75 minutes.

Mating with the phone. Instruction

Before connecting Honor Band 4 to the phone, you need to download and run the Huawei Health application. The program is used to configure Smart hours and interacts with them. The application is available for work on devices with iOS and Android. The user’s task is to find the product indicated above on the Play Market or AP Store, download and turn it on on a mobile apparatus. The program itself is completely free.

Many owners do not know how to “conjure” the Honor Band 4 with the phone, which is why they contact specialists and spend money on additional services. That is unnecessary. To connect a fitness bracelet to a smartphone, you need to go a few steps:

  • Enter the Huawei Health program;
  • click on the button add the device (has the form of a plus at the top of the screen);
  • Select a smart bracelet in the menu;
  • In the list that opens, click on the model (in our case, you need to turn on the Honor Band 4 bracelet);
  • Touch an orange rectangle at the bottom of the display signed as to mating;
  • click on the button I take. to synchronize devices;
  • Agree with the identification of the application;
  • Select the device from the list in the screenshot;
  • In the tracker, click on the confirmation button;
  • Mark the item is completed and prepare for updating the software and installation of the Honor Band 4 SMART hour configuration.

Watch in more detail how to do this in the video!

As can be seen from the instructions, turn on the fitness bracelet Honor Band Running 4 is easy. Additionally, a system of gestures is provided, which allows you to control the fitness bracelet. After turning on the device, lower the hand down to turn off the display. To turn on the device, raise your hand again. over, you can turn on the Smart brace without reloading. To do this, go into the settings, and then highlight the item again, and below find the reloading section.

connect, fitness, honor, bracelet, phone

It is important to take into account that the manufacturer did not provide an option that allows you to change the interval between touching the display and its darkening. The response time in this situation is only 2-3 seconds.

How to configure Honor Band 5

An important stage that cannot be missed is the Honor Band 5 setting, which takes place in several stages-filling out a personal profile indicating the necessary data, setting goals and choosing a fitness bracelet, taking into account available possibilities. Depending on the situation, you can choose one of the settings:

  • Turn on the device and configure it for individual characteristics and certain plans on the issue of sports achievements.
  • Obtaining the maximum capabilities of the device without taking into account the degree of load in relation to the level of charge.

To connect Honor Band 5, you need a Huawei Health program, which was mentioned above. This is a special extension that allows you to develop a training schedule based on the body indicators. At the first inclusion, you must enter the program settings. It provides for three categories. the main, exercises and I. The main data is entered in the last section. There you can prescribe your sports plans, set personal profile parameters, set synchronization, set a notification and solve other problems.

In the video you can watch the installation process in more detail:

Let us consider in more detail how to configure Honor Band 5. At the first start, study the user agreement, as well as pay attention to the following moments:

Huawei Band 6 Full Review नेपालीमा

  • Language. After connecting Honor gang 5 to the phone, smart watches automatically determine the language, so this data is not necessary separately. Please note that the system be open to calls and geolocation.
  • Time and date. Data is tuned mainly by the menu. Using touch buttons, set the necessary parameters.
  • Notifications. To enable the receipt of notification, it is necessary to use the application. Open it, enter the settings section and select notifications. See the proposed messages and set the item near them turn on or off depending on the current need.
  • Clock face. If desired, you can turn on one of the four types of clock display, including the classic arrow option. When choosing a digital version, the time and day of the week, date, number of steps, burned calories and other data are displayed. If you turn on the switch display, the Honor Band 5 fitness bracelet shows the time, day of the week and the number. Here we note that the device has an amproof-display with a high degree of protection.
  • Weather. To set up the weather conditions display, a touch button in the Huawei Health app is provided. The main thing at this stage is to include access for Honor Band 5 to Geodana. In addition, the program should not be included in the list of applications that go into sleep mode to reduce energy costs.
  • Camera. If desired, you can configure the control of the camera with remote access. Such an option is provided only for Huawei smartphones (some models).
  • Change of pulse. Honor Band 5 makes heart rate measurements online. For this, a special Truseen program has been developed that controls the work of the heart.
  • The temperature of the application. Fitness hours can be turned on and not removed even in the most extreme places, for example, in a bathhouse, pool, etc. D. High degree of protection guarantees the safety of internal mechanisms.

If necessary, you can reset all the results and return the bracelet to the original settings. To do this, it must be reloaded.

That’s all. Now you know how to enable Honor Bang 5 after the first unpacking and make the necessary settings. To do this, just charge the device and put it on the wrist. If the product does not turn on automatically, this may indicate a marriage. In this case, it is necessary to attribute Honor Band 5 or to the Service Center. If necessary, the bracelet can be turned on without charging. To do this, just touch the display or enter it from the application.

No less interest is the question of how to turn off Honor Band 5 if there is such a need. The algorithm of action has the following type:

connect, fitness, honor, bracelet, phone

In conclusion, confirm the action. To turn on the product again, you need to connect it to the power source.

Is it possible to answer a call from a bracelet?

Unfortunately, there is no opportunity to answer a mobile call in this gadget. He can only display information about the name of the caller if he is saved in contacts. And also shows the number and button to deviate calls.

What to do if notifications with WhatsApp do not come?

It is worth mentioning that the fitness bracelet does not notify the calls from messengers. This applies not only to Whatsup, but also by Viber and others. And, if notifications about test messages have stopped, you should check whether a wireless connection on the smartphone is currently on, whether it is at an acceptable distance from the tracker and whether the certificate of notification in the application is included.

In general, setting notifications on Honor Band 6 is not difficult and will take a little time. If desired, users will be able to indicate from which programs to send messages to the fitness tracker, and from which it is not necessary. Well, the main thing is to remember the constant work of Bluetooth for transmitting data between devices.

Alexander Rogulin

A devoted fan of Huawei products, since the price always corresponds to the quality. Higher technical education. Honor 10 owner and other gadgets. I am sharing useful information about working with products of this brand.

The conjugation with the phone does not stop

At the time of synchronization, you should look at the bracelet. He will ask to confirm the conjugation, after which the conjugation should be completed.

It is not possible to install the connection

In this situation, you should check whether Bluetooth is turned on. The rebooting of the phone and bracelet can also help. And also, some users advise doing this when Honor Band 6 is completely charged or is on charging.

Now you know how to connect to smartphones working on Android and iOS, as well as configure the Honor Band 6 bracelet.

Alexander Rogulin

A devoted fan of Huawei products, since the price always corresponds to the quality. Higher technical education. Honor 10 owner and other gadgets. I am sharing useful information about working with products of this brand.

connect, fitness, honor, bracelet, phone

Step 5

After performing step 4 (installation of permits). you need to open the “Health” application again and start the interfacing again (if there are questions. Repeat steps 1-3 again).

If everything went correctly. you will see a notification that the conjugation is completed successfully.

All, from this moment, your basic “body movements” will be transferred to the phone and fix automatically (steps, calories, distance, pulse, etc.): Information can be found in the application “Health”.

Honor Band 5 Settings

After successful conjugation, you can proceed to setting the gadget for your needs. The instruction is suitable for both Android and iOS, and we will pay attention to different places separately.

    The main capabilities of the bracelet are tuned through the control page in Huawei Health. To switch to it, open the application and go to the “device” section. Next, select your band 5 in the list of conjugated settings.

Important! When the coward is turned on, the notification show stops!

Next, activate the head switch (indicated by the number 1) and select applications, messages from which you want to receive using the tolerance nearby.

Review and reviews about fitness bracelet Honor Band 6

With each new release, wearable devices like bracelets and Smart hours are becoming “smarter” and allow the user to receive more and more information about the state of the body and training. over, the line between the devices is erased so that for example, to call Huawei Honor Band 6 “smart bracelet” is no longer turning the tongue, according to the functional filling, these are the same “smart watches”, the developers included so many functions in this model.

Huawei Honor Band 6 is supplied in a small cardboard box, inside of which there is a bracelet itself, a small instruction, warranty card and a charging cord from a USB port. There is no charger, it is assumed that the owner will solve this issue independently. However, competitors also do not put charger in a box with their fitness scraps.

  • The screen diagonal is 1.47 inches, resolution. 368×194 points, 282 ppi, screen type. Amoled.
  • Autonomous work time. up to 14 days when using the device as hours, up to 10 days with training.
  • The degree of protection. immersion in water up to 5 atmospheres (up to 50 m)
  • Wireless communication. Bluetooth 5.0.
  • 10 types of training, sleep control, stress, saturation, pulse, female cycle, breathing exercises.
  • Additionally. weather forecast, receiving messages and notifications, an alarm clock, timer, stopwatch, remote photo and control of a music player.

How to use Band 5 Fitness Modes?

Fitness Bracelet Huawei Honor Band 6. small in size and weight. Its overall dimensions are 41x24x10 mm. The gadget is fixed on the silicone strap: convenient, pleasant to the touch and sitting well on the arm. The strap can be black (“black meteorite”), pink (“coral pink”) or gray (“sand gray”). At the same time, the color of the Honor Band 6 itself will always be black, like Ford T.

The weight of the device with the strap is only 30 grams. For comparison, the wristwatch, a relatively simple casio chronograph, weigh 64 grams.

The case is plastic, the screen occupies the entire upper panel of the device according to subjective sensations. Such an effect is achieved due to the slightly curved glass that makes Huawei Honor Band 6 even more similar to the clock. On the right side on the housing is a button responsible for calling the menu, turning on/disconnecting and other control functions.

On the left side. Honor logo. From below. two LEDs and a photocate with which the bracelet collects information about the state of heart rhythms, dreams and so on. There are also two contacts from below, through which the bracelet is charged. Charging cable. with a magnet, when you bring it to these contacts, it will firmly join them.