Connection of a laptop or computer to TV

To connect a laptop or computer to the TV, you must decide on the method of connecting it. Depending on the model of the device, the method may differ. In order not to spoil the planned viewing of the film, use one of our advice.

  • one. Connection options
  • one.1 via hdmi cable
  • one.2 DVI cable
  • one.3 through VGA
  • one.4 miracast (widi)
  • one.5 RCA and S-Video
  • one.6 Wi-Fi connection (or Ethernet)
  • one.7 using a wireless monitor
  • one.8 scart
  • 2. Connection of Apple MacBook Pro and Air to TV
  • 2.1 wireless connection
  • 2.2 connection via cable
  • 3. Problems when connecting to a TV by HDMI and VGA
  • 3.1 no signal from a laptop/computer to TV
  • 3.2 No sound, but there is an image

Connection options

There are many connection options. Everyone has their own pros and cons of. To choose the best option for yourself, read the detailed list presented below.

Through HDMI cable

This is the easiest way to connect. But HDMI cable does not go in standard configuration, so you have to purchase it. It is universal and suitable for all TVs, computers and laptops.

He can also convey the permission of the picture to Full HD (1920×1080). Therefore, the bulk of users opens their choice on it.

HDMI cable

After connecting the HDMI cable to the laptop/computer, you need to find a similar connector on the TV. If it is absent, you will need to buy an adapter, or use another connection method.

In the HDMI computer, the cable is connected to the video card, and not to the motherboard.

When two devices are connected to each other, it is necessary to configure the image transmission format using the Winp (or FNF4) key combination. The menu will open with the choice of output of the picture:

  • Only a computer screen. The image is displayed only on a computer monitor.
  • Repeating. The picture is duplicated on the TV.
  • Expand. The space of the desktop increases. It will be possible to use the second monitor in the same way as the main one: work on it, play games, watch movies and so on.
  • Only the second screen. The image is displayed only on TV.

The TV itself is easier to set up. To do this, open the menu and select the desired signal source.

Watch a video instruction on connecting a laptop to a TV on HDMI:

  • The laptop does not see the TV (shows that there is no signal). Solution: first turn on the TV, and then the laptop. Not vice versa!
  • On the TV, the image goes beyond. Solution: you need to change the screen resolution on a laptop (reduce it).
  • Connection problems, no image. Solution: try another HDMI connector on the TV if there are several. Or on the TV you need to choose a PC mode.
  • The picture disappears and after a second appears again. Solution: change the HDMI cable to a new. This one can be interrupted.

DVI cable

A more outdated model, but TVs with this connector continue to produce. Capable of transmitting an image to Full HD quality, but the sound will have to be connected separately for this.

DVI cable

Also, the problem may occur laptop users. not all models have a DVI connector, as well as televisions. But this situation can be avoided if the adapter is used.

The adapter can worsen the quality of the transmitted image, especially using the old generation cables as DVI.

Connection and synchronization itself is similar to HDMI cable.

Through VGA

It is found on most laptops, but on a TV or computers with a new generation video card it is already difficult to find. The cable transfers only the image, so that the sound will have to be connected separately through the wire.

Vga cable

To connect two devices to each other, you need to insert a VGA cable into the corresponding connectors on PC and TV. Next, on the TV control panel, click on the “Sources” button and in the menu that appears, select “PC”.

How to connect a laptop to a VGA TV and make a screen settings, see the next

Miracast (widi)

The technology does not require the connection of additional wires, but only an adapter. Also, a computer or laptop should be equipped with an Intel processor at least a fourth generation. In many new laptops and TVs, this technology has already been introduced, so buying a Miracast adapter is not always required.

Computer/laptop and TV should support Widi function. If everything is ready-go to the next step, no-insert a Wi-Fi adapter that supports Miracast.

In the TV menu on the TV, select Screen Share and start it.

Use the Winp combination. In the menu that appears, click on the “connection to the wireless display”, after a few seconds the TV will display. connect to it.

After connecting, go to the “screen parameters” using the right click on the desktop, where it will be displayed in the menu that opened. Choose a suitable quality.

RCA and S-Video

Very outdated type of image transmission. Suitable only to output pictures to outdated TV models from a computer. Laptops with this technology have not been released for a long time. you have to use an adapter.

RCA and S-Video

connect, computer, correctly, standard, ethernet

The only plus of such a cable is the ability to broadcast the image on old TVs, but the quality of the picture will be bad. So you don’t have to count on good permission.

How to Connect LAPTOP TO TV (HDMI & Wireless)

Wi-Fi connection (or Ethernet)

Another of the most convenient ways where a big plus is the complete absence of wires and the ability to connect at any point in the house where the Wi-Fi signal reaches. To do this, you need to configure access on a laptop or computer to certain folders.

Also, this technology allows you to listen to music on Hi-fi-acoustics in convenient mode.

Conjugation of both devices occurs through a router. It is enough to connect them to one Wi-Fi network and on the TV you will be able to watch videos, photos and listen to music from a laptop or computer.

Wireless connection

A wireless connection can be organized using a home router or by direct connection of devices to each other. If one or both devices cannot work directly with wireless connection, appropriate adapters buy for them. Connection can be applied via Wi-Fi or via Bluetooth.

Wi-Fi-DLNA server

To connect the TV to the computer using this technology, you will need the availability of appropriate software. For example, for this purpose “home media server” is suitable. For configuration, the application is launched and performed:

  • Go to the “Device” tab to see available options.
  • A program, if there is a wireless communication unit or an adapter connected, will find a TV. This may take a few seconds.
  • Choose a TV from the resulting list.
  • Indicate the folders that will be available. They place video files for showing. The program will scan and make a list of media files.
  • They go from the TV into the folder open for work and start the desired file for viewing.


This technology allows you to display from the computer to the TV video files and can show a broadcast open on the browser page.

The disadvantage of using this method is that it requires a lot of processor resources. Therefore, it is used on computers of the latest models.

You can connect devices using a router. If you install the Wireless Display program on the computer, then the image and sound can be transmitted directly between the devices. But both nodes should have work with wireless communications or connecting the appropriate adapters.

Adapters and converters

Various connectors can be used to transmit video and audio signals. To ensure data transmission through them, sometimes it is enough to use the adapter. In this case, a cable is used, which has suitable plugs. In this case, the contacts in them are connected in such a way that the signals are transmitted to the necessary contacts. This is possible provided that the corresponding pins are available in both connectors.

In some cases, the situation is fundamentally different. For example, on a video payment in a computer system unit there is a DVI-D, and on the TV-the port of VGA.

If you look at the description of the contacts of DVI-D, you can notice that there is no part of the contacts responsible for the analog component of the sound and which are needed for the operation of the VGA slot. It is not enough to simply connect the contacts in the correct order here. And it is necessary to ensure a complex transformation of signals. For work, it will not be necessary for the adapter, but the converter.

Using S-Video

To connect the TV to the computer, you can use a cable with connectors for S-Video. This method is not the highest quality, but such connectors are very common. they are on almost every device. This connection is especially relevant when the TV has no ability to integrated Smart TV.

An important feature of this method is the simplicity of connecting. Before proceeding to the procedure, the equipment must be turned off. The cable is inserted into the corresponding connectors on the TV and the computer. First include TV, then a computer.

Usually the screen begins to blink. this suggests that the TV discovered a new signal source. Now you need to correctly configure Windows:

  • To do this, click on the desktop with the right mouse key, select “Properties”, “Parameters” in the context menu, then move to the “Additionally” item.
  • It is necessary for the graphic processor to indicate the option “Clone”.
  • For the display, we mark our TV.

Now, using the remote control, they enter the TV settings and select S-Video as a signal source. The connection process is completed on this. It may be necessary to set the image taking into account the features of the TV screen.

Using the VGA cable

This is another way to connect a TV to a computer without HDMI. This connection option is quite ancient, but at the same time very common. He loses to other methods of connection due to a relatively low data transfer speed.

On the other hand, the procedure for using this option is very simple. In order to connect in this way, you need to take the following actions:

  • It is necessary to insert cable plugs into the corresponding connectors on both devices. This must be done at a time when the equipment is turned off.
  • Now TV and PC need to turn on.
  • When setting up a TV, VGA must be marked as the main integration of the resulting signal.
  • You need to set up a computer. To do this, click on the desktop with the right mouse key. Then select the “screen resolution”.

Now the connection procedure is completed. If problems are felt during broadcasting. This means that it is required to adjust the characteristics of the transmitted image.

Display settings

As soon as you managed to connect two devices by HDMI, then you can configure the supported resolution. It is done simply:

  • Sweet a little down and select the necessary options (screen resolution, scalability). If TV is far from the eye, choose an increase of 200 or 300 percent to see small icons on the display.

How can I connect a computer to a TV

There are not so many widely used methods of connection:

To determine which of them you can use, you need to study the connectors on the computer and TV. On PC you can find only the first three types of ports: HDMI, VGA, DVI. You can find the same ports on the TV housing.

These ports can be distinguished from each other outwardly

On laptops you can find the so.called microhdmi. He practically does not differ from his “older brother” and was invented to save a place on the corps of compact laptops. The quality of image and sound transmission is stored the same as the usual HDMI. But for the connection, you will need an asymmetric HDMI-MicroHDMI cable or a special adapter.

Such a connector is especially common on super.toned laptops and netbooks

Red-white RCA ports are almost not found on modern TVs, but very common on old models. If you have the past of the past generation, then “tulips” is the only way to connect PC. On the computer you will not see such ports. “Tulips” are connected only using asymmetric cables (for example, RCA-HDMI) or adapters.

These ports are on almost every “belly” TV

In fact, the modern market of components allows you to combine two ports of any type of ports: VGA and HDMI, HDMI and DVI, RCA and VGA However, the cheapest thing is to opt for the same pairs of connectors. Symmetric cable costs less than the desired adapter.

If you still decide to connect two different ports, then you will have to buy a special adapter. When buying an adapter, pay attention to Input and output formats. Input you will connect to the computer, so the name of the port that is on your PC should be indicated there. Output is a conclusion on TV, so its name should correspond to the name of the port of the TV.

Visually: there is a computer with VGA support and a TV with HDMI. To connect them, we need an Input adapter in VGA and Output format in HDMI format.

You should not buy cheaper ones, they greatly reduce the quality of the image and sound.

Connection of a computer to a TV using HDMI

HDMI is the best choice for connecting a computer to TV. Firstly, this format provides the highest quality transmission of the picture in modern conditions. Secondly, this is the only port that is capable of transmitting immediately and sound. If you have a HDMI separation on TV, this connection method becomes a priority, even if it does not have a PC.

How to connect a computer without an HDMI port? If you have only VGA or DVI on your computer, then you can buy an appropriate adapter. Together with the adapter, there will also be a special cord 3.5–3.5 for the output of the sound. We need it when connecting.

The main minus of the connection via HDMI is the low prevalence of the port on relatively old devices. Otherwise, this format is the highest quality and perfect of all presented in the modern market.

connect, computer, correctly, standard, ethernet

What should be the cable

Cables for HDMI connections are different. STANDART and HIGH SPEED are most common. The difference between them is the quality and format of the transmitted image. So, Standart can transmit from PC to TV an image in 1080i or 720p. It is relatively cheap and is able to give out a perfectly acceptable picture.

High Speed ​​is better for fans of excellent graphics. Such a cable supports 1080r formats and higher (up to 4K). It is necessary if you plan to watch a video in 3D or Deep Color format.

Cable length also matters. For most situations, it is best to choose a cord about 5 m. With this length, he does not need a repiter to transmit videos and audio without loss, and thanks to this it costs relatively cheap. But if you need a longer cable, then pay attention to its technical characteristics. It must have a repiter to enhance the signal. If you doubt that the device is equipped with them, it is better to refuse to buy. the picture will be transmitted with artifacts, and the sound may be interrupted.

If you have a laptop with MicroHDMI port, then you will need either a ready-made cable (HDMI-MicroHDMI) or an adapter.

Connection instructions

The connection instructions are as follows:

    Before connecting the cable, turn off both the computer and TV. If you have HDMI ports on both devices, just connect them with the corresponding cable. If you use an adapter, then in the Output adapter nest, insert the HDMI cord from the TV, and in the Input nest. the corresponding cable from the computer.

Such a cable is usually sold with the TV with the corresponding port

No sound in HDMI

If there is no sound when connecting via HDMI, then the problem is most likely lies in the PC settings. Do not pull out the cable. Let’s go to the sound settings and correct this problem. The method works for all current versions of Windows:

  • Click the right mouse button to the column icon in the lower right corner.
  • From the context menu, select “Play Warpiches” or “Open the Sound Parameters”.
  • You will have a window with a list of available devices. Among them you need to find a TV. it will be called the brand of its manufacturer (for example, Philips).
  • Click on it with the right button and select “Use this device by default”.


The easiest and fastest way is to connect via HDMI cable. Just insert one end into the video card of the computer, and the second in a similar exit on the case. After that, you need to turn on the TV, click on the button that displays all the outputs. This is usually the “Input” button. After that, select HDMI output.

You should not have problems with this connection, but when using others, there may be no sound. Whereas I already wrote earlier it will be necessary to pull 1-2 allishes separately for the sound. When connecting via VGA and DVI, you need to clearly understand that the computer will send a digital signal. If a television is like a way out of an analogue, then in this case they will not be able to see each other.

Of course, special digital converters can help. but this is such a crutch that I will not talk about him. It’s easier to buy a normal modern TV and not clutter up your apartment with such boxes. But here everyone decides for himself, perhaps this method will suit you more.

HELP! If you still have questions or have some difficulties in connecting, then write boldly about it in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев and I will be happy to help you. Be sure to indicate the full name “Telika”

Which TV can be connected to a computer without wires

First you should understand that not every TV can connect a user without wires. You can connect the device with the computer using the Internet, and the TV itself should be equipped with Smart TV technology. They are designed to connect to the network simply and easy. Such TVs are attached to a special instruction in which all the main steps are prescribed to use the device with maximum comfort.

If the user does not have a TV with smart technology, but at the same time the need for connection is not disappeared, then the user needs to purchase a special prefix, or use an adapter that works in the same industry as the prefix. There are a lot of options for getting out of this situation, the user can choose the right.

There are a number of reasons why the user most often wants to connect the device to the TV: 1. There is simply a need to work on a large screen; 2. The user does not have a working monitor, and there is no means for the purchase of new means; 3. The computer is in an uncomfortable place for the user, which is why it is easier to connect the TV; four. The need to understand the capabilities of the Smart TV TV.

No, it does not matter at all, since it all depends only on the TV. The computer can be absolutely anything. It can be both a simple computer and a laptop.

Everything is quite simple, the user can also control the laptop as usual, because all the settings are preserved. In this case, an additional extension appears in the form of a screen. Otherwise, everything is the same.

How to connect TV to PC

In order to connect the PC to the TV, the user does not need so much. First you should understand if there is a Smart TV technology on the device. If it is, then you also need to connect to PC:

The user can connect any method, both wireless and wired, in this case, it is worth considering a wireless connection. To do this, follow the instructions that are on TV.

Also, for the connection, it is worth providing such things:

  • Which connectors are necessary in general for connecting;
  • Which wire to use in each connection;
  • Check which connectors can be connected to the TV;
  • Go to the settings menu using the remote control, check if there are external devices;
  • Check the result of operations.

The connectors are necessary in the wired version with the cable. It is much simpler, but it is not as convenient as wireless, which is worth talking about in more detail. What methods of connection exist?

Wi-Fi connection

If the user has a regular TV, then it can be connected using Wi-Fi. To do this, you need to have a free wire HDMI, as well as additional equipment. The connection is that this equipment replaces the Smart TV user, which the user creates an intermediary for connecting. Such equipment can be:

  • Intel Computer Stick. Completer device, only mini-format. The user can connect it using a standard integration;
  • Mini PC. A device that takes up a little place is like HSMI. a flash drive to which you can run the operating room.

Devices are connected, and the user creates a connection between PC and TV. You can connect to television.

Wi-Fi-Direct and Miracast

This is an interesting way to connect a computer and TV, which can be called differently:

over, all this is said about the same method that consists in the fact that the user can synchronize devices by expanding folders or additional settings.

If the user is going to connect the picture using the Internet and Miracast, then he will need a separate computer with certain parameters for this:

Also, the user can use a discrete card or a specially purchased adapter from the company above.

Before connecting a computer and start setting up, the user must download the driver for a wireless connection. Make it just enough by visiting the site. On the official portal of the company from the adapter, you can download drivers. The main thing is that the drivers are supported by the TV itself. Old TVs do not have such support, so you need to buy an additional adapter. It is worth checking this moment in advance.

If everything came together, then the user must fulfill the following:

A multi.stage process, however, it is suitable for many users who have a similar method of connecting in the system.

Wireless HDMI adapter

Using a wireless HDMI adaptor is similar to the above actions. The user simply use the connection by the same principle as the Marakast, however, the device is simply different. It can be Mirascreen, which works according to a similar scheme. There are practically no differences in the connection.


Another interesting way is to use Chromecast. It is suitable for those users who do not have a special adapter, but there is an opportunity to use additional adapters and so on. The HDMI cable is needed to connect, it is needed for synchronization.

Chromecast is such a special type of player that joins devices for further use of information. The process is simple: the user needs to insert the device into the TV, thereby connect it, then activate Wi-Fi Direct in the system settings. We prescribe additional factors to see the device. In the future we connect in a simple way.

This method is convenient in the fact that the adapter does not need to be used. If the device already has a wireless connection, then you do not need to use additional connections.

Media center

The media center is called DLNA differently. Perfect for those who do not want to lay wires. First you should understand whether the TV supports this method of connecting. If so, there are practically no problems:

  • First you need to connect the computer and TV to the same Wi-Fi network;
  • After that, it is worth opening access to the media files using the control panel;
  • Download programs via the Internet, which will be the server adjustor;
  • We launch software, indicate the path;
  • In the program integer, we find the device models and click on the button that will be responsible for the launch;
  • We check the result, after that the picture should be displayed on the device.

The sound often does not enter the television receiver due to improper PC settings, so you need to correctly configure it.

This requires the following:

  • In the “Notifications” (time is displayed there, date, sound level regulator, charge indicator, etc.D.) Press with the right button mouse on the dynamics icon. Then a small list of settings will pop up in which you need to select the “playback device” tab.
  • Next, a small window will appear, in which all possible sound reproduction devices will be displayed (headphones built into the laptop of the dynamics or PC speakers, as well as other devices that were connected to PC). In this list, the connected TV icon should appear. If it is not, then the television receiver is incorrectly connected to the PC (the cable is not connected, there is no driver, etc.D.).
  • We click on the TV icon and in the list that opens, select the “use by default” tab.
  • Next, click “Apply”, and then “OK”. Then a sound appears on the television receiver.

If the TV icon is displayed, but it is not active (gray) or after choosing a TV as a device for the output of sound there is no sound on it, then you need to restart the PC. After the restart, everything should earn.

In some cases, it is necessary to update the audio driver as follows:

  • It is necessary to open a “control panel” (in Windows 7, for this you need to click “Start”.“Control Panel”) and using the View tab (located in the upper right corner), set the display of “small icons”.
  • Next, a large list of system tinctures will appear, where you need to select the “Device Manager”.
  • Next, the “Device Manager” menu will appear, in which we need an “audio and audio output” item. Here you need to choose the dynamics icon.
  • Click on it and select in the list that opens, select “Update the drivers”.
  • Next, you can start an automatic search for outdated drivers, after which the system, if necessary, load and install a new driver. Or manual mode to install an audio driver downloaded in advance. After installing a new driver, PC is necessary to restart.

Now you can broadcast the sound using HDMI shnur, as described above. If this instruction does not help, then check the PC for viruses and serviceability of HDMI ports on all devices.

How to configure the image

To configure the image mode on several devices (or on one, if the TV plays only the role of the monitor), press the right key on the desktop and find the “Resolution” menu. A window with settings will appear.

connect, computer, correctly, standard, ethernet

If the PC monitor and the TV screen are working, but it is not determined which of the devices corresponds to a certain number (1 or 2), click on the “determine” key, so this can be found out. It is also required to determine the resolution of the TV. Most often on new models, this is FullHD. 1920×1080 pixels. Accurate data are in the guide to a specific device.

  • By pressing the mouse button, find the icon that corresponds to TV, and put in the “resolution” column specified in the instructions for the equipment.
  • If several monitors or TV are connected, in the column “Several displays” indicate the required operating mode.

You can use such operating modes, but certain of them require more subtle setting:

  • expand these screens. in this case, the PC desktop will occupy two monitors at the same time. During the exit for the field, one cursor goes to the second. For a convenient organization of work, you can drag the icons of the displays in the settings parameters. For example, in the photo below the screen is a TV. While bringing the mouse to the right field, the transition to the monitor occurs If you need to change their location (since they are on the table in this order), then you can drag the screen to the right, so the monitor will be on the left;

How to Setup Ethernet Wired Internet Connection For TV (Easy)

  • duplicate these screens. the same picture will be shown on two screens. If their resolution differs, perhaps, distortion of the image on one of them;
  • display the desktop only 1 (2). one of the screens turns off, the picture is shown only on the selected.

The best option, according to many users, choose the function “expand”. At first, if you never had to use several screens, it does not seem very familiar, but then, most likely, you can evaluate the advantages of this connection option.

Common problems and ways to solve them

Problem Solution
There is no audio driver. Without installing High Definition Audio, the audio signal will not play. To find out if such a driver is located, you need to go to the “Device Manager”. Find the menu “Sound devices”. The new list needs to find equipment that supports High Definition Audio. If the device is absent, then setting up audio when connecting using an HDMI cord will definitely not work. For this, the driver needs to be installed on a computer. Downloading can be made from the manufacturer’s website. Indicate the sound card model in the search bar, then select the one that is suitable for installation from the proposed distributions. In certain cases, the OS itself can determine the drivers, which are not enough, then download and install them.
The connected TV does not play sound. It is required to define it as a default device reproducing audio. Click the right mouse key to the sound icon, find “playback devices”. TV and PC at this time should be connected to each other. The menu will appear where the equipment for playback will be located, and the shortcut of the TV is shown. For example, in the case of LG models, “LG ​​TV” is shown. Click on the equipment of the right mouse key. Indicate “use by default”. Further “OK”. Audio will appear on TV.
Blurred image. Go to the PC system settings and select the menu that is responsible for the monitor. Here you can set a resolution corresponding to the TV, and, if required, change the image of the video.

To connect the computer to the TV, nothing supernatural is required. It is only necessary to perform preparations, having determined the ports on the equipment, select the required wires and adapters to connect two devices, then configure PC and a TV for several clicks for work, as required.