How to connect laptop to TV using Bluetooth

  • Turn on TV and laptop.
  • In the bluetooth settings of both devices, enable discoverable mode.
  • Search your computer for a nearby Bluetooth device.
  • Select your TV from the list of detected devices.
  • If necessary, you need to allow the computer connection on the TV (a window will appear).
  • Go to the Bluetooth menu, click “ok”.
  • We switch to “on”, the technique will start the connection.
  • Install PIN-CODE. We find our device in the list of detected ones and connect it.
  • Enter the same pin code on the computer.

ATTENTION! Turn on bluetooth on your devices in advance so that the TV can immediately see them and connect.

Why do I need a Bluetooth connection feature on a TV

The main reason is usability. Now, to connect a laptop, you do not need to pull kilometers of wires. Also, connecting Bluetooth headphones helps you watch movies on the big screen without disturbing anyone in the household. Such a function is a more reliable and durable way to comfortably operate a TV receiver than using wires that can break, disconnect or simply stop working.

How to turn on Bluetooth on TV

  • Press the “setting” or “menu” key on the remote control.
  • A window will appear on the screen, in it click on the “sound” button (speaker image).
  • In the next section, click on the “audio output” icon.
  • We see the section “external acoustics” and go to it.
  • Click “ok”, after which the search for available headsets begins. Select the required gadget from the list.
  • If you require a pin code, then you should look for it in the documents of the connected equipment.

IMPORTANT! Remember to turn on Bluetooth on the headset you want to connect!

How to turn on Bluetooth on TV

We are all familiar with the Bluetooth function on the phone and we know what it is for. Not so long ago, she appeared on televisions. In this article we will analyze why it is needed, and how to connect various devices to the TV.

How to connect Bluetooth headphones

When connecting the headphones, a lot of nuances were revealed, so we will write about each manufacturer separately.

ATTENTION! If you have an LG or Samsung technique, then there may be problems when connecting bluetooth headphones. There may also be problems when connecting a non-original headset.

  • Open the menu, then select “Wired and Wireless Networks”.
  • Next, turn on “Bluetooth”, mark “device search”.
  • TV will notify you to turn on the device.
  • Then we set up the headphones. We press the button “search”.
  • Make sure the headset is in pairing mode, i.e. blue is blinking. If the indicator is dark, then hold down the bluetooth / power button.
  • If the TV saw your device, choose a suitable name on the screen and click “connect”.
  • When the “Device Type” window is displayed, check “Headphones”.
  • Open the “Bluetooth menu”.
  • We mark “bluetooth headset”. Click “ok”.
  • Then press the green search key.
  • We are looking for the desired device, then click “ok”.
  • If necessary, enter the pin-code that is indicated in the documents from the headset.

IMPORTANT! Only ORIGINAL headsets can be connected to TVs of this brand!

Alternatively, you can use the LG TV PLUS phone app and try to connect headphones using it. The only thing that this app is only for LG on webOS:

  • Download the application to your phone and open.
  • Then we set up the connection to the device.
  • We are looking for application settings and click “Bluetooth Agent”.
  • We use it to connect headphones.
  • Open TV settings. Find the section “sound”.
  • Click on “Speaker Settings”.
  • We select the necessary headphones, first placing them nearby. We put in connection mode.
  • Selecting “List of Bluetooth headphones”.
  • As soon as TV finds the headset, you need to mark your device.

The above recommendations should help in solving bluetooth connection problems. If not, we advise you to contact the service center.

Connecting to a TV via Wi-Fi Direct

This feature works well on modern TVs from the 5th generation, where manufacturers have already implemented unified wireless direct drivers. This is the so-called. connecting a second wireless monitor, where the TV acts as an external display device for everything that happens on the screen of your mobile device, such as a laptop or smartphone.

connect, computer, samsung

In the first case, you need to have Windows 7, 8 or 10. A home network is not required with this connection, and authentication and connection is carried out through a connection request on the TV screen itself.

Such a connection is convenient because you can see on the big screen everything that is done on the screen of your PC or laptop, including working in the browser, viewing photos or videos, as well as the process of playing. The only drawback here is a slight delay in displaying content on TV and slightly fewer colors than on a PC display.

How to connect a laptop to a TV via WI-FI? Making a Wi-Fi Direct connection is pretty straightforward. To do this, turn on your TV and laptop. Wi-Fi adapters must be activated on both devices.

connect, computer, samsung

Now on your Windows 10 laptop go to Start | Parameters | System | Display ”and on the right side under“ Multiple displays ”click on“ Connect to a wireless display ”. A vertical shutter with the “connect” menu and a list of detected devices will appear on the right side. In our case, this is Samsung 6 series (49). Click on the selected model, then on the TV itself, agree to the connection request. It should be noted that the connection may not occur on the first or even on the second attempt, since the computer needs time to transmit the TV signal encryption keys. But after the TV is connected to the laptop via WI-FI, you can broadcast the video even from another room.

connect, computer, samsung

In order to disable the transmission of the wireless video signal to the TV, click on “Connect to wireless display” again and in the right curtain of the menu click on the “Disconnect” button.

Connecting to a TV via DLNA

This type of connection consists in the fact that on a computer or laptop that is part of the home network, access is organized to certain folders where you place multimedia files. photos and videos. Only your TV can play them with its built-in player. A prerequisite for this is the TV’s support for DLNA technology. a set of standards that allow devices connected to a home network to transmit and receive over various media content.

connect, computer, samsung

This can be done both from an Android smartphone and tablet, as well as from a TV (playback functions only). The question also arises of how to synchronize a laptop with a TV via WI-FI. In general, everything happens automatically.

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connect, computer, samsung

The main task is to organize a shared folder on a laptop. To do this, you need to make it available to other devices on your home network, and also assign permanent IP addresses in the router for gadgets connected to the network. This is necessary so that the TV does not have to scan the network every time in search of this folder.

To do this, on the laptop’s hard drive, create a shared folder named in English, for example, MediaTV. Go to the “Access” tab in its properties. Then click “Advanced settings”, put a check mark next to the phrase “Open public access” and confirm the action by clicking “OK”.

connect, computer, samsung

If your TV with an old Smart TV model and its system does not allow you to connect to devices on Windows OS, namely, the TV simply does not see the shared folder with files, there is another option to organize the broadcast of media content on its screen. But first you need to make sure that your TV is visible on your home network.

connect, computer, samsung

To do this, click on the “Network” icon in the Explorer on the left. After that, the devices available on the network will be displayed in the right pane. Now select a video file in MP4 format in any folder, right-click on it and select “Transfer to device” in the context menu, in our case to Samsung.

connect, computer, samsung

This will launch the Windows media server, displaying a list of files being transferred to the TV. Don’t miss the request on the TV itself to play a file from an external source.

How to connect a laptop to a TV via Wi-Fi

connect, computer, samsung

Connecting a laptop to a TV via Wi-Fi wirelessly is a cherished dream of all online movie theater lovers and gamers. We will tell you how to do it quickly and without complicated settings.

Oddly enough, but not many people know that you can connect a laptop to a TV without wires in just a couple of mouse clicks. This will allow you to sit on the couch and broadcast your vacation photos or video to the big screen. You can also play your favorite games using not a small laptop display, but display the picture on a device with a huge diagonal. However, in the latter case, it is worth considering that the picture will be broadcast to the TV with a slight delay. When watching movies and photos, you will not notice this. Below we will give step-by-step instructions on how to connect a laptop to a TV via WI-FI.

What you need to connect a laptop to TV via Wi-Fi

Many people ask the question: how to connect a laptop to a TV via WI-FI? The main condition for the possibility of such a connection is the presence in the TV itself of Smart TV technology and a Wi-Fi module with support for Wi-Fi Direct and DLNA functions. The first allows you to connect a laptop to a TV directly, without using a home network and a router. However, not all TVs (especially older models) can be connected to laptops in this way. The second technology. DLNA, makes it possible to go from the TV itself to the network storage (for example, a folder on the hard drive of a PC connected to a home network) and start playing multimedia content from it. viewing a photo or video. You can also launch a media server from the laptop itself with broadcast to the TV.

The difference between these two connection methods is quite significant and below we will tell you what is the difference and how to organize such connections and how to connect a laptop to a TV via WI-FI.

Connection using Wi-Fi adapters

connect, computer, samsung

If you failed to connect the laptop to the TV via Wi-Fi, but this method remains preferable for you, compared to the HDMI connection, you can try to connect the laptop to the TV using an intermediary. a TV set-top box on Android or a Wi-Fi dongle. for example Google Chromecast. In this case, you just need to connect to the Wi-Fi network organized by this adapter and broadcast the signal to it.

However, such an extravagant solution will be justified if cable connection is almost impossible, such as for a video projector suspended from the ceiling. It is much cheaper and more reliable to use an HDMI connection and connect the laptop to the TV through the appropriate cable.

connect, computer, samsung

How to connect a computer to a Samsung Smart TV?

A television can perform many more functions than broadcasting TV channels. One of the possible modes of operation is as a device for duplicating an image from a computer. This will allow you to quickly turn on any movie from the Internet, hard drive and simply display the picture from the monitor, improving the user’s gaming experience. There are many more situations for synchronizing TV with a PC, but our material is not devoted to researching the reasons, but how to connect a computer to a Samsung Smart TV.

What is All Samsung TV?

We have already mentioned the All Share application, but now we will only tell you more about its functionality. The main task of the program is to provide easy interaction between smartphones, tablets, computers and TV. With its help, we can play video on a large screen, as well as include music. File exchange between a number of devices is also available.

Smart TV control from a computer

The control method depends on how you connect your Samsung Smart TV to your computer. If we are talking about a wired connection, then all data from the PC monitor is automatically transmitted to the TV (if the playback mode is HDMI). In the case of a wireless connection, the algorithm is slightly different.

connect, computer, samsung

How to play a file on a TV from a computer:

  • We open the program in which the DNLA server was created.
  • Select the folder where movies or videos are stored.
    connect, computer, samsung
  • Click RMB on a file of a suitable format and select “Play on”.
  • We indicate the TV, which should have previously been synchronized with the PC.

How to connect PC to Samsung Smart TV via:

There are two main methods to connect a computer to a TV: wireless and wired. The advantage of the first is ease of use, since there is no need to buy a cable and conduct it. But in the wired version, the signal is more stable and reaches the TV faster. If response time is important, we recommend that you prefer this option.

All modern TVs from Samsung support DLNA, which makes it possible to set up PC synchronization with the TV. Of the necessary tools for the implementation of the idea: the All Share application (it is already preinstalled on the TV) and a high-quality Wi-Fi network.

How to connect Samsung Smart TV to computer via Wi-Fi:

  • Right-click (RMB) on the connection and go to the “Network Control Center”.
  • Select additional parameters from the left menu.
    connect, computer, samsung
  • We activate the sections “Enable Network Discovery” and “Enable Sharing”.
    connect, computer, samsung
  • Click on the button “Save changes”.
  • Installing the All Share application.
  • We launch it and register the device (button on the main screen).
  • Turn on the TV and press the “Smart Hub” remote control button.
    connect, computer, samsung
  • Launch the AllShare Play application (it should be available on the home screen).
  • Select a file from a computer or switch to wireless screen mode.

connect, computer, samsung

Important! All Share is currently not actively supported on PC, so it is appropriate to use alternative programs for creating DLNA servers. Here are some good options: Home Media Server, Plex. Serviio.

Another proprietary application has similar functions. Smart View. With its help, we can transfer the image from the work screen to the TV, as well as control TV from mobile devices.

This is a simpler in concept, but difficult to implement method, how to connect Samsung Smart TV to a computer. All there is to it. connect TV to PC via HDMI cable.

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connect, computer, samsung

Tips on how to connect your computer to Smart TV:

  • The computer must have a free HDMI slot. Not all PCs have an additional port, if there is only one and you also need to connect a monitor, you will have to constantly rearrange the cables, which is very inconvenient.
  • Make sure the computer can handle image processing. The disadvantage of this method is that work with a picture is performed on a PC, and a ready signal comes to the TV. Thus, the TV hardware is practically not used, and the computer works under greater load.
  • A cable connection is inconvenient for a TV set in another room. Better to use the wireless option.
  • It is better not to buy a cable longer than 5-10 m, as the signal may be lost.

The TV does not see the computer, what to do?

The question is how to connect Smart TV to a computer. there are pitfalls that can interfere with synchronization.

  • If a wired connection is established, we check the health of the cable and connector on the computer.
  • Switch the TV to HDMI playback mode. In the “Source” section, set “HDMI”, the option can also be moved to the main screen or available using the button on the remote control “Source”.
  • Updating drivers for your computer.
  • Install another DNLA server. Replacing a program often helps.

Unfortunately, sometimes the program for transferring the picture gets update curves that prevent communication between the PC and TV. For example, the crooked update of March 3, 2020 on Samsung Smart View broke many functions, including the detection of external devices.

Connecting a TV to a computer is not a difficult task, but you also need to figure it out, otherwise it is easy to make a mistake. We have shown the main methods for transferring images that really work and do not require unnecessary adjustment manipulations. The reader only needs to choose a wired or wireless connection option.

How to connect a computer to a Samsung TV

So what do we have? Touchscreen phone Samsung Galaxy Y with support for 2 SIM-cards, Wi-Fi, bluetooth, 3 MPixel camera, with Samsung’s proprietary TouchWiz, etc. The problem is to connect to the Samsung Galaxy computer for file sharing: to transfer photos, music and video files via the supplied USB cable.

If you just take and “stupidly” connect your Samsung Galaxy to your computer, you will see an inscription notifying you that no drivers were found. It is clear that this situation does not suit us. So to synchronize Samsung Galaxy with your computer, we will do the following:

We connect the USB cable to the computer to the phone. On the top / left of the screen we see the USB icon. Further. us to the hidden top menu.

Another way to connect. Via the “Settings” menu. “crap”, but the output is the same:

How to connect to PC Samsung S6 read on.

The very first time it is connected to a PC, the S6 may be mistakenly recognized by the operating system as a USB device. We don’t need this, so we do the following:

First of all, uncheck the “USB debugging” checkbox in the settings. 2. Connect your Galaxy S6 to your computer (via the factory cable). 3. We allow “Use as a data warehouse”.

After the performed actions, the computer will see the phone as an ordinary USB flash drive. Now you can freely exchange information with your PC in both directions. Check out an example from Xiaomi on Android 6.0.1. How to connect it to a PC. Despite the growth of technology, the development of the intellectual abilities of devices, the principle always remains approximately the same. Logically, you can always come to the correct sequential decision.

other methods

There are various adapters (converters) that allow you to transfer images using different outputs, for example, VGA-HDMI. Unfortunately, the price of such devices will not suit many users.

We connect via DVI

To connect via DVI, you can also use a VGA-DVI adapter if any device does not have a DVI connector. It should be noted that DVI does not transmit an audio signal; other connectors must be used to transmit audio. In other parameters, the connection setting is identical to the HDMI connection setting.

How to connect computer and TV

To connect the cable to the TV, you need to plug the cable into one of the connectors located on the back or side. Connect the cable to the PC in the connector located not on the motherboard, but on the video card.

Analog or digital input?

For image transmission it is recommended to use digital connectors: HDMI and DVI. Due to the fact that PC, laptop and LCD TV are digital devices, it is logical to connect them using digital connectors.

These connectors assume that the signal is not encoded into analog. As a rule, they connect via a digital connector if there are digital connectors and cables, and analog if there is no HDMI or dvi.

TV over LAN

To connect a computer to a TV using a local area network, you need a crimped cable on both sides.

After connecting the TV and PC via lan, you need to perform the following operations:

  • download Home Media Server;
  • run the program;
  • drag movies to the list;
  • press “Start”;
  • after these operations in the source selection menu, a folder with downloaded movies will appear on the TV.

This way you can connect your TV to your computer via a network cable to watch movies.

How to connect a computer to a TV

Watching movies or videos, playing games, working with documents on a large screen is much easier, especially considering the fact that LCD TVs have been gaining popularity lately. Connection does not require special knowledge or skills, all you need is to check the availability of outputs that your computer and TV have and choose the most suitable option.

Connection Actions

All operations during connection consist in choosing a cable, connecting a cable to the connectors and setting up devices. The most important point is setting up a PC or laptop.

How to connect laptop to TV via HDMI

How to connect laptop to TV via HDMI? I have an inexpensive Samsung LCD TV with two HDMI inputs, and I also have a laptop that has an HDMI output. Will I be able without much knowledge connect laptop to TV via HDMI cable (which came with the TV) and use your TV as a monitor. The fact is that I have an anniversary soon, relatives and friends will come. All my family photos and home videos are on the laptop. I would like to show all this to the guests on the TV, and not huddle around a laptop, we have it small, 15 inches diagonal. And a lot of guests will come, what you will see there, on a laptop. Yes, and my daughter watches cartoons on a laptop, although it is more convenient to watch them on TV.

connect, computer, samsung

How to connect laptop to TV via HDMI

Friends, I assure you, nothing is easier. Almost all of us have TVs and laptops, which we do not use 100 percent of. Every modern laptop and every modern video card has an HDMI output, which was invented in order to transmit high-definition digital video data and multichannel audio without losing quality. Transfer to where? For example, on a modern TV that supports the HDMI standard! This means that using an HDMI interface cable, we can connect a TV and a laptop. The image on the laptop will also be displayed on the TV. The picture on the TV will be as clear and beautiful as on the laptop, and the sound will be multichannel and rich. That is, there will be no distortion of video data and sound.

At some point during the celebration, all the guests decided to look at a huge collection of photos and videos of my friend on their laptop. It used to be that we looked at all the photos in dusty albums, but now we are making progress, we use a computer for these purposes. So, at some point, I realized that twenty people around the laptop just, well, they just can’t fit, and everyone wanted to see the photo collection. And then I examined the TV in the big room. The TV set was not particularly new, Samsung 4 series (type LED), it had two HDMI inputs, which is what you need, and on the laptop, as it should be, there was one HDMI output. You could connect the laptop to the TV via an HDMI cable, which I found in the box from the TV, my friend did not take this box to the trash just because the TV did not run out of warranty. three years.

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connect, computer, samsung

connect, computer, samsung

and connect it, for example, to the HDMI 2 connector,

connect, computer, samsung

connect the other end of the cable to the laptop’s HDMI connector.

We turn on the laptop and the TV, the operating system starts, but nothing on the TV. Only the message “Weak signal or no signal”,

the guests are waiting tensely and think: “Well, they didn’t let the laptop see the pictures and it won’t work on the TV.” On Samsung TVs, to display a list of all available video sources, press the Source button on the remote.

connect, computer, samsung

A menu appears on the TV screen, in which we, again using the remote control, select our HDMI 2 connector

connect, computer, samsung

and press the Confirm selection button on the remote control.

How to connect computer to samsung smart tv. samsung tv hdmi cable not working

The laptop’s desktop appears on the TV. At that moment, all the guests exhaled with relief and. I am with them.

connect, computer, samsung

Now everything that you do on a laptop will be displayed on the TV screen. You can watch videos or photos, play games and so on.

connect, computer, samsung

How to connect your PC to Samsung Smart TV through Screen Mirroring

If the image does not appear on the TV or you are not satisfied with the screen resolution, right-click on the laptop desktop and select “Screen Resolution”,

Next, select the “Multiple monitors” item in the “Screen” parameters. In most cases, the resolution will be set automatically. In the option “Multiple screens”, select the item “Duplicate desktop on the first and second”. That’s all.

connect, computer, samsung

Friends, if your sound will come from the speakers of the computer, and not the TV, then go to “Playback Devices”,

and select the name of your TV there, right-click on it and select Enable.

Setting up the HDMI cable connection

Turn off the device before connecting. After that, the cable is inserted into the VGA connector on the computer and both devices are turned on. If the connection is correct, a Windows boot window will open on the TV screen. To transmit data on the TV, you must switch the signal reception from the antenna. TV-receiver is switched to AVI mode to receive a signal from a PC.

Image adjustment is performed by clicking the mouse on the blank PC screen. A window with options for the screen resolution will open. In the provided list, you need to select the required item. You can also change the screen mode by pressing the WinP keys. The combination is relevant for versions Windows 7, 8, 10.

Ways to Connect Samsung Smart TV to Computer

connect, computer, samsung

Pairing your TV with your computer gives you the ability to manage content stored on your PC on a large screen. In this case, the conversation will focus on connecting TVs with Smart TV technology to a computer. What are the connection options, how to set up a computer and a TV. this will be discussed below.

Setting up a Wi-Fi connection

After activating the DLNA server on your computer, you need to set up a TV receiver. To do this, in the Smart TV menu, select the section for viewing the files of the connected devices. The section name is different in different Smart models, but the procedure is the same. In the section you need to click the Home item and select the category “Movies”, “Pictures” or “Music” and view these media files from your computer.

The procedure for setting up Miracast over Wi-Fi looks like this:

  • open the settings menu and select the “Network” section;
  • in the window that opens, click on the Miracast widget;
  • activate function.

connect, computer, samsung

WIDI is in the same section as Miracast. Most often in Smart models this item is called “Miracast / Intels WIDI”. You just need to enable the option and confirm the connection on the computer.

It should be noted that in Smart TV models the Miracast option is enabled by default. It happens that there is no such function at all.

In this case, it will be enough to turn on the Wi-Fi module.

connect, computer, samsung


It is possible to connect a computer to a TV via an HDMI cable. This requires the TV and PC to be equipped with HDMI inputs. The cable is inserted into the corresponding connectors on both devices. Connect the cable only when both devices are turned off. This type of connection makes it possible to view images and videos in high quality.

Both options are considered optimal for connecting Samsung Smart TV models.

Setting up a Wi-Fi connection.

After the computer and TV have been connected to the same network, you need to set up file access on the PC (DLNA server). To configure the server, you need to open the “Network” section in the OS explorer and click on the message “Network discovery and file sharing are disabled.” This will open a window with instructions to follow. The algorithm of actions depends on the version of Windows OS. If there is no notification, then everything is already configured on the computer.

To display an image or video on a large screen, you need to select a file, right-click on it and select “Play on” TV model “.

To configure via Miracast on a PC, you need to open the Charms tab. Select “Device” and then “Projector”. After that, you need to click on the line “Add wireless display”. If the sections are not displayed, then most likely the computer does not support the technology.

To pair devices via the WIDI program, you need to install the Intel WIDI Remote utility on your computer. After installation, you need to launch the application and activate the search, which will take some time. Then, in the window that opens, select the TV model and click “Connect”. If the setting is successful, a notification will pop up on the TV screen with a password that must be entered on the computer.

After confirmation, the image from the PC will be duplicated on the big screen.

TV set-up instructions


The Wi-Fi interface acts as a wireless connection. This option is one of the most popular and simplest. In addition to the presence of a Wi-Fi module, it is necessary that the paired devices are connected to the same network. The connection is made through the TV settings menu in the same way as the connection with Wi-Fi of any other gadget.

Wi-Fi also allows you to connect devices through dedicated programs. The most optimal is Miracast technology. To pair devices, both devices must support this interface. Modern models of Smart TVs just have the ability to pair with other devices via Miracast.

For computers, data transfer in this way is possible for Windows 8.1 and higher.

WIDI is similar to Miracast technology. But before connecting, you need to make sure that the equipment meets the following requirements:

  • 3rd generation Intel processor;
  • 802.11n Wi-Fi module support.