Is it possible to connect a Bluetooth keyboard to iPad?

Make sure the keyboard is turned on and charged. On the iPad, open the “Bluetooth” settings, and then turn on Bluetooth. Select a device when it appears in the “Other Devices” list.

Open the “Settings” “Universal Access” “Keyboards”, tap “Full Keyboard Access”, then turn on the “Full Keyboard” parameter. iPad can be controlled using keyboard commands.

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How to use the keyboard on the iPad?

How to configure the iPad keyboard: add a built-in keyboard

  • Go to “Settings” “Basic” “Keyboard” and click on it to get the keyboard settings.
  • Press the “Keyboard” button again and select “Add a new keyboard”.
  • Swipe to get options.

3 Step

Click on the name of your keyboard, after that the window with a four-digit code will pop up. Enter it from the keyboard and press Enter. After that, the keyboard is ready to use. If you need to turn off the keyboard, simply turn off the Bluetooth, or disconnect the device. The next time you turn on the keyboard will be identified automatically, the code input will no longer need.


What do you need:

In principle, any wireless keyboard is suitable for the iPad tablet, but Apple keyboards are recommended for better functionality. Turn on the wireless keyboard by pressing the power key. Approximately five seconds the keyboard indicator should be filled. After that, the keyboard is ready for pairing with the tablet.

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Bluetooth version (to a computer with Windows)

These keyboards go without specials. adapter. As a rule, they are somewhat more expensive than radio frequency, but they can be connected to devices that do not even have a USB port (which is very convenient in some cases).

Perhaps the only problem with them is a more complex pairing of devices among themselves (in some cases it is necessary to tinker with this Bluetooth connection).


By the way, if you match the keyboard with a classic PC. You may need a Bluetooth adapter (the built-in version is far from all PC). about it here =

1) First you need to click on the Bluetooth icon in the tray (next to the clock) and select the “Add device” option.

To help! Bluetooth icon disappeared: how to add it to the tray near the clock [Instruction]. https: // Ocomp.Info / Propal-Znachok-Bluetooth.HTML

By the way, if you have Windows 10/11 OS. you can enter the parameters to the “Devices” section and start pairing from there (see. Two screenshots below).

2) Next, install the batteries in the keyboard and turn it on (transferring the switch mode to “ON”). After clicking on the “Connect” button (this is necessary for the keyboard to be found by the computer).

Turn on and press the keyboard connections button

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3) In the Windows pop-up window, select the type of device connected. “Mouse, Keyboard, Feathers and T.D.”.

Selecting a device type. Keyboard or mouse

4) If everything is in order with the keyboard. “Bluetooth keyboard” (or just a device model) should be displayed in the list of found devices. For pairing with her. Just click on it LKM.

5) Next, enter the PIN code on the keyboard and press ENTER. Figures need to be introduced those that are located above the letters (not from the digital block on the right).

We enter the following numbers on the keyboard and click Enter

6) If everything has passed successfully, Windows will report that the device is ready for use (example on screenshots below).

Your device is ready to use!

If you have an error “Repeat the device”

A similar error occurs, usually in the following cases:

  • You incorrectly entered the PIN code displayed in the Windows window (for example, made it from a digital block);
  • For too long entered PIN code (try to meet 10-s., after the appearance of the information window);
  • The keyboard is too far from the computer;
  • Batteries sat down and the device cannot work correctly;
  • Have problems with Bluetooth drivers.

If an error occurred. Repeat the connection of your device

To eliminate the error would recommend trying: Turn off the keyboard and restart the computer. Next, in the list of connected Bluetooth devices, delete everything unknown (and keyboards if they are there). Then start a re-conjugation procedure.

How to configure keyboard to iPad?

Open the “Settings” “Universal Access” “Keyboards”, tap “Full Keyboard Access”, then turn on the “Full Keyboard” parameter. iPad can be controlled using keyboard commands.

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Make sure the control key function is disabled. Select Apple Menu “System Settings”, click “Keyboard”, then click “Input Sources”. Check the “Show input line in the menu line” checkbox Open the input menu, then make sure the keyboard layout is correct.

connect, bluetooth, keyboard, ipad

How to use the keyboard on the iPad?

Open the “Settings” “Universal Access” “Keyboards”, tap “Full Keyboard Access”, then turn on the “Full Keyboard” parameter. iPad can be controlled using keyboard commands.

Mouse Connection or Bluetooth Trekpad to iPad

  • Turn on the Bluetooth accessory and bring it to the iPad.
  • Make sure the accessory is in the pairing mode or detection
  • Open the Settings application on the iPad.
  • Press Bluetooth.

How to connect the keyboard to aimaku?

Connect one end of the Lightning-USB cable or USB-C / LIGHTNING cable to the Lightning port on the device, and the other. to the MAC computer. Ensure that the power switch device is in the power position (when the device is turned on, the green label is visible under the switch).

How to activate and configure side keyboard

Open the “Main” settings “. Select the “Keyboard” keypad section “New Keyboards”. Select the installed keyboard from the list. Click on it and activate “Allow full access”.