Connecting a Bluetooth column to a computer or laptop on Windows 7/10 through a Wireless USB Adapter

Talk about how to connect a Bluetooth column via a USB adapter to a computer or laptop. Using a similar adapter to PC, you can connect headphones, column, mouse, keyboard and other wireless devices. Nowadays, musical columns with a Bluetooth module became incredible popular. And if you have acquired yourself with such a device, then sooner or later there will be a question. how to connect a wireless Bluetooth column to a computer or laptop on Windows 7 or 10 to transmit sound to it? This article will tell about connecting any wireless acoustics to the desktop PC via USB Bluetooth Adapter.

There are several ways to connect the JBL portable column (in this article we will result in an example of a device of this brand) to a PC or laptop:

Wireless connection implies only the first item of three, the remaining two are carried out through the wire. Bluetooth connection has obvious advantages: no additional cable is needed, the speaker can be positioned on a much larger distance from the computer than the length of the cord allows.

However, when connecting the JBL column (say, Flip 4) in the USB-output of the laptop, it will not only perform its task, but at the same time charging. In such a situation, the external speaker will work much longer than in fully offline.

How to connect a Bluetooth JBL to a laptop

Despite the fact that every modern laptop is equipped with a set of speakers, not all of them are able to lose sound high quality and loud. The decision of this issue can be a portable column of JBL CAHRGE 4 (or any other acoustics from JBL), which will help significantly improve the sound transmitted from the computer. How to connect JBL to a laptop via Bluetooth in the Windows 10 operating system?

First, turn on the column and wait for the moment when the Bluetooth button starts flashing. If, instead of flashing, it just shines, then it is already connected to some other device. In this case, click on the Bluetooth button and wait for flashes.

Going to the settings of the laptop click on the “Start” button and select the “Parameters” item.

Among the list of sections, select “Devices”.

Activate if disabled, Bluetooth module.

Click on the “Adding Bluetooth or other device” button.

Select the “Bluetooth” item and wait when the required device is displayed on the screen (in our case it is JBL Charge 4).

Click on it and expect to complete the connection.

If, after connecting the column, it refuses to play (although the list of connected devices is present), while by clicking the volume adjustment button next to the clock it is not possible to select it among the list of available audio devices, then most likely the problem is associated with the incompatibility of Bluetooth versions on the column and laptop. In this case, connect the column via Bluetooth will not work.

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Possible problems when connecting a Bluetooth column to a computer

As a rule, the connection itself, subject to the guaranteed and enable Bluetooth adapter (remind, it can be accidentally turned off with a key combination or in the Windows 10 notification center. check) is very simple. However, the following problems are possible:

  • Bluetooth sound lags. In detail on this topic. what to do if the sound is lagging behind in Bluetooth headphones (for the speakers the same).
  • After connecting the Bluetooth column to the laptop, its connection (pairing) with your phone can be broken and the entire connection process will have to be re-done, that is, it will not automatically occur.

Connection via Bluetooth

The inclusion process when using Bluetooth is the most convenient and economical compared to other developments, so it was widely distributed in all areas of equipment production. Each person can perform actions, for convenience and understanding of the scheme, we offer you a phased instruction:

  • Charge the column and turn it on with the housing buttons.
  • Connect the TV or computer to the network, log in to the main menu.
  • Activate Bluetooth connection. To do this, go to the control panel, then to the device and select the appropriate item.
  • To turn on, click the icon and drag the pointer to the “Included” position.
  • After that you need to start searching for devices. If you have already connected to the system before, the column is synchronized automatically, otherwise you have to wait a few minutes before detection.
  • With the right to turn on Bluetooth, pairing and visibility on the screen will display a list of headsets.
  • Select the item you are interested in and connect to it by clicking on it with the mouse. For automatic connection when re-connected, remember the device in the system.
  • Now it remains to adjust the sound parameters, the range, frequency and volume of the transmitted signal. You can enjoy watching movies with excellent sound.

For the first connection, it is better to keep the technique at close range to speed up the process, because Bluetooth waves have its own limited coating radius.

IMPORTANT: Specify the presence of an adapter and the ability to connect the column to your technique. Some devices do not interact. If you wish, you can purchase special adapters.

How to match?

You can try a completely simple way to legiate columns. On the case of some models of acoustics JBL there is a button in the form of an angular eight.

When you manage to connect to one of them, the sound will go from the speakers of two devices at the same time.

And also synchronize the two JBL columns and connect them to the smartphone as follows:

  • Enable both columns and activate on each Bluetooth module;
  • If you need to combine 2 identical models, for a few seconds later, they are automatically synchronized with each other (if the models are different, the following will be described how to act in this case);
  • Enable Bluetooth on your smartphone and start searching for devices;
  • After the device detects the column, you need to connect to it, and the sound will be played on both devices at the same time.
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Connecting Acoustics JBL via Bluetooth

Similarly, you can connect from two or more columns TM JBL. But when it comes to different models, they act like this:

  • On the smartphone you need to install the JBL Connect program (download in the markete);
  • Connect one of the speakers to the smartphone;
  • Enable Bluetooth on all other speakers;
  • Select in the application “Party” mode and connect them together;
  • After that, they are all synchronized among themselves.

Connect JBL via Bluetooth

To properly connect the Bluetooth column to the phone, laptop or any other device, follow these steps:

Turn on JBL speaker pairing mode

If you have not previously connected on the Bluetooth column, then when it turns on, it will automatically start in the pairing mode. When you press the power button on your dynamics, the LED flashes.

But if in the past you have already connected your device, you will need to connect it manually. To do this, hold on the dynamics button Bluetooth about 3 seconds until the LED lights up. The button is next to the power button.

Measurement of decoding speed

For experiments on measuring decoding speed, two video were selected, one is encoded in H264, the other in HEVC (H265). Frame size. 3840×2160 (Ultra HD), speed. 30 k / s. Standard decoders were tested And the corresponding QSV decoders. standard decoders were configured in 4 versions: by default, two working streams, four working streams, hardware acceleration. In our experiments showed the best results than. Therefore, the latter did not participate in the measurements of the decoding speed. For tests, a program was written to remove packages from the file and decoded them with the highest possible speed, ignoring time tags and not performing rendering or other processing. There were two modes of this program: only decoding was performed in the first, in the second, the decoded frame was converted into a 32-bit format using the library. (At the output of the decoder, the frame typically has a 12-bit planar format or.) The time spent measured by the program was carried out and the relative time was recorded with respect to the nominal duration of the video stream (in percent). Thus, if the result is less than 100%, then we have a chance to handle video streams in a real time, if more, there are no such chances. Also with the help of the task manager, an approximate loading of the CPU and the graphics processor was recorded. 64-bit FFMPEG assembly used.

Table. Measurement of decoding speed

H264 HEVC Config # time CPU GPU Time CPU GPU
Default one 75 26 125 25
2 132 28 180 27
Threads = 2 one 47 42 74 42
2 79 48 104 46
Threads = 4 one 35 60 46 64
2 60 54 71 70
DXVA2 one 45 fourteen 72 34 28 70
2 107 28 35 99 thirty 36
xxxx_qsv one 25 34 80 25 34 72
2 70 39 54 70 40 fifty
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Big discussion results probably do not require

The only thing for what is worth paying attention is notable transformation costs in. And most importantly, these costs are strongly changed depending on the test configuration, although work in all cases was performed very close

Experiments were also conducted for 32-bit FFMPEG build. The results are pretty close, except for one case: a decoder in configurations without hardware acceleration showed a drop in performance by 2-3 times. Very unexpected result.

Described tests can be performed on the command line. You need to use the global option and set the zero output. Here are some examples:

The output will show the actual. and the parameter will show how many times it is higher than the nominal. If the key option is not specified or for the specified Special Mean. then the decoder uses the maximum possible number of streams, loading the CPU at the same time 100%.

Wired connection

But what to do if there is no wireless adapter on a laptop (or it does not work for some reason)? How to connect a JBL column to a laptop in this case? If it happened, you can try to connect the speaker system using USB port. But you need to consider that on “Windows 7” such a phint will hardly work. In addition, you need to stock the appropriate wire (USB-microUSB). Only then it will be possible to achieve a positive result. Suppose that all this you have. What is the algorithm of action. He is very simple.

  • Connect one end of the cable in the speaker charging socket.
  • The second end includes a USB port on a computer.
  • We still wait until the operating system determines the device, install the driver and configures it. It is better to provide an Internet connection, since the required driver may not be in the Windows database.
  • After installing the driver, turn on the player and select the playback device in its settings. In each player it will be displayed in its own way, so there is no universal instruction.
  • Turn on some track, check the sound and configure it.
  • We start using the column.

This is how you can connect a wireless column from JBL to a laptop without a wireless adapter. This option will be suitable for almost all. Similarly, you can “make friends” a column with a full-fledged PC, which has no Bluetooth adapter.