As a TV connect to the Internet?

Not so long ago, I connected a 16-bit game console to my TV (instead of an ordinary antenna). I did not know that in general such an Internet, and I could not even think that after 10 years it will need to connect the Internet to the TV itself. In addition, it is not necessary on the cable, because now most of the TVs already have built-in Wi-Fi. Yes, technology develops very quickly. Now the TV with Smart TV can even to some degree replace the computer.

I noticed that many users after buying a modern TV immediately ask the Internet connection issue. True, not all this turns out. Why, tell in this article. Consider the main ways with which you can connect the Internet to the TV. I will give an answer to a very popular question: “What to do if there is no Smart TV in the TV”. But you want it to be able to watch YouTube, video via the Internet, set some applications, use the browser and T. D. And also we will try to find out what features the Smart TV function is provided after the TV gets access to the Internet.

If I’m not mistaken, then the first TV with SMART TV and, accordingly, with the possibility of connecting to the worldwide network, I appeared in 2013. It was LG, still with the old system. Now LG has its own OS on all TVs, it is called Webos. A few years ago I bought a Philips TV. It has already installed Android TV, there is a built-in Wi-Fi and LAN-input. On Samsung TVs, some SMART TV system. I did not have such a TV. I am not a strong SMART Specialist TVs, but it seems like LG TVs with your Webos are now best on the market. In terms of convenience, speed, functionality, etc. D. But this is not exactly and today is not about it.

How to find out whether TV is supported by Wi-Fi

The device with SMART TV is enough to connect to the home network or connect the cable, and from there you can access all the necessary applications, browser and T. D.

But not all models are currently SMART TV televisions (although most of the new things are such). However, it is not an obstacle to connecting to Wi-Fi on the device, because there are some tricks and opportunities. People often are interested in how to make Wi-Fi on a TV if it is not and is it possible. That will be told next.

The first thing you need to know is the TV to work with Wi-Fi, does he have a Wi-Fi adapter in design or not.

Most models currently presented on the market already have a built-in connection feature of this type, but several years ago, the models were only “ready for Wi-Fi”, but did not have the necessary equipment for direct connection. over, there are many models that do not have built-in Wi-Fi and are not ready for it, but they still can be done by “smart“.

When the model is too old, it may not be a Wi-Fi adapter physically. There are even new devices in which the device is missing and no SMART TV.

The best way to know is whether Wi-Fi is to read the specifications of a particular model. You just need to see the corresponding section in the user manual, on the box or, if not, find a model on the Internet.

If it is indicated “with Wi-Fi”, then the device has it. All you need to do is go to the settings and connect the device to the Internet.

Another way to find out is. go to settings and find the item “Network or Connections”. There you can see if there is an opportunity to connect to the Internet via LAN or Wi-Fi.

configure, wi-fi, there, smart, support

When there is no such item in the settings, most likely it is because Wi-Faya has no.

How to connect lg tv to wi-fi

Modern models of “smart” TVs LG Smart TV have a wide range of features, thanks to which owners can not only watch digital, cable or satellite television programs, but also to fully use all multimedia Internet capabilities: enjoy movies and TV shows on Russian and foreign cutting services. Search for videos on YouTube, listen to music on the Internet, play games, communicate in social networks and search for the necessary information.

All this is possible thanks to Smart TV technology, which is integrated into LG TVs from the very moment of its appearance in 2010. SMART TV technology is a computer system integrated into LG TV.

In order to enjoy all the features of Smart TV, it is necessary immediately after the first switching on the TV to configure Internet access by connecting the LG TV to the home network with a wireless way (via Wi-Fi) or cable.

Both ways have their advantages, however, the Last time owners of LG TVs are increasingly selecting a wireless connection method, since modern Wi-Fi capabilities allow you to transfer information without loss of quality and speed. In addition, this method is preferable, since the space of the room in which the TV, superflines is located.

Connect the LG TV to Wi-Fi is very simple, absolutely anyone will cope with it, not even possess special technical knowledge, man. All you need is followed by instructions.

All modern LG models released after 2012 are equipped with a built-in Wi-Fi module. For some models of TVs released earlier, it may be needed to additional purchase of a special receiver.

  • Make sure the settings of your home network Wi-Fi allow you to connect new devices. You can do it in the settings of your Wi-Fi router.
  • Turn on your LG TV and go to the “Basic Settings” section.
  • You will need the “Extended Settings” section. Find in it the item “Network”, and then select “Connect to Wi-Fi”.
  • A list of networks available for connecting will appear on the TV screen. Select the name of your home network among them and confirm the selection with the remote control.
  • Most likely you need to enter a password. It should be a password from your home wireless network.
  • Confirm the password key OK. After that, your LG TV will connect to Wi-Fi and will connect automatically each time when you turn on.

Some old LG TV models, released until 2012, are not equipped with a built-in Wi-Fi module. Therefore, to connect them to the wireless network, you will need to purchase a special receiver (it is important that it can come to your LG TV model!)

  • Connect the adapter to the LG TV, connecting it to the rear panel. To do this, you will need to insert it into any free USB connector.
  • A pop-up notification of connection will appear on the screen of your TV.
  • After that, go to the TV settings and follow the steps described above.

There are alternative methods for connecting a TV to a wireless network. For example, this can be done using a smartphone and technology Wi-Fi Direct. (How to connect the LG TV to Wi-Fi Direct, read more here. For permanent use, this method is not optimal and it is recommended to resort to it only in cases where to connect the LG TV to Wi-Fi through the router does not work.

If you want to connect the TV to the Internet with a wired way, how to connect your LG TV to the Internet using the LAN cable, read here.

Internet via TV console on TV

On TV it is very convenient to communicate in messengers and video tracks, if you have a webcam. To implement this method, you must acquire a special console with Smart TV. To connect to the global network, you can use both wired and wireless ways. If you plan to enter the Internet on the TV by Wi-Fi, you will have to get a router. You can use wired connection. To do this, purchase a fasciated cable with an HDMI plug (you can use an adapter). One end of the cable insert into the appropriate output on the console, and the other in the HDMI connector on the TV. After that, SMART applications and video view will be available on the TV.

What if the TV without Smart TV?

TV without SMART TV to the Internet do not connect. This does not need any meaning. SMART TV function ensures Internet access and all these programs on TV. If there is no SMART TV. no Internet access. Connection to the Internet is just not needed.

If you know for sure that you have a TV without smart. good. If you doubt. check. Here is a detailed instruction: the Smart TV function on the TV: there is or not, how to check?

If there is no SMART TV, then there is no Wi-Fi and LAN?

Not always like this. Explain. If a TV without smart functions, then it definitely does not have built-in Wi-Fi (such TVs, wherever he was, I did not see). I wrote already on this topic, you can read if I wonder if there is Wi-Fi in the TV? How to find out where to see?

But on such a TV can be a LAN-port. Why he need it? It is needed to connect to the local network (not to the Internet!). On the local network there is a DLNA technology, and this TV most likely supports it (see characteristics). I wrote about this in more detail in the article why Lan connector on TV.

Briefly about DLNA: technology that allows you to broadcast on TV video, photo and music from other devices that are connected to one local network. For example: PC and TV are connected to one router. You can withdraw a movie on the TV (not online, and start viewing a file). For example: DLNA server in Windows 10. Configure, with TV.

It happens that the TV with SMART TV, but without Wi-Fi. This means that it can be connected to the Internet only on the cable (or through an external Wi-Fi adapter if it supports them). Or use the way from this article: as a TV without Wi-Fi, connect to the Internet via Wi-Fi.

How to connect the TV to the Internet

To access the Internet, you need to decide what you have a TV model, and whether there is a built-in Wi-Fi module. There are several ways to connect the TV to the Internet:

configure, wi-fi, there, smart, support

  • on Wi-Fi network;
  • via network cable;
  • through a router;
  • with the help of a media plan;
  • with PC or laptop;
  • Using the WPS system;
  • Using PLC adapter.

All SMART TVs have built-in modules for a wired connection, so if you have such a TV, you do not have to buy additional devices or wires.

Using Wi-Fi Wireless Network

The use of a wireless network has two weighty advantages, due to which this method is optimal:

But there is both minus: the unstable quality of the high-resolution streaming in the presence of wireless access points around.

To connect the TV using a Wi-Fi network, you need to perform the following:

  • Enable TV panel and go to “Setting” settings.
  • Further log in to the “Network” tab and select “Network Connection”.
  • Next, the choice is provided with a cable connection or wireless way. Click “Configure Connection”.
  • In the list find your Wi-Fi, choose it and enter password.
  • Press “OK” and wait for the connection.
  • Upon completion, click “Finish” and you can use.

For some TV models, the configuration process will look different:

  • In the “Settings” click “Extended Settings”.
  • Further go to the “Network” point and click “Connecting to the Wi-Fi network”.
  • Select your Internet from the list and enter the password.

Of the minuses of the wireless solarium tv to the Internet, you can select the image instability when using cutting services, such as watching movies or IPTV television, as well as possible hangs when wireless channel.

Connecting through a network cable

To configure the Internet on the TV, you need to perform the following steps:

  • Stick to the LAN port on TV panels one end of the cable and the other in the router.
  • If, in addition to the TV panel, the computer will be connected to the Internet, then the splitter will be required.
  • Press the “Home” on the console, then “settings” and go to the item “Network”.
  • Select “Network Connection” and click “Connect to Wired Network”.
  • Connect through time.

Through the cable connected to the router

Router allows you to create a local network in the apartment to which you can connect phones, tablets, computer or laptop, as well as TV. To do this, you need to activate the DHCP server function in the settings of the mahruutizer, and then connect the TV panel automatically (all settings will be powered by default). To connect the TV through the router, you must use the network cable and do the following:

  • One end of the wire connect to the router in LAN port.
  • Free end of the cable from the router to stretch to the TV.
  • A window will open, which will report on the installation of the connection. Don’t do anything, it quickly closes.
  • On the TV Remote Control Select “Settings”.
  • In the Find Network menu and click “Ethernet Wire Connection”.

If you doubt whether you can connect the TV to the Internet via the modem on your own, then call the wizard.

Using a media recording

Modern media trading will allow you to connect the TV to the Internet quickly and without problems. Modern Android TV consoles have many advantages:

  • Comfortable inteeis;
  • compact form;
  • Many programs to choose from;
  • low cost;
  • Built-in popular custom programs.

The prefix can be connected to the Internet using a wire via LAN port. But as a rule, in modern android consoles there is a built-in Wi-Fi-module that will allow you to use the wireless connection type.

Using a PC or laptop

You can use the TV as a large monitor by connecting it to a computer or laptop via DLNA. Thanks to this method, play and use graphic programs will be much more convenient and more comfortable.

To configure the DLNA, you will need a SMART Share program that downloads for free on the relevant resource and put on a computer. When installing, use standard auto-tunches and agree. After installing, perform:

  • On the computer’s notifications panel, right-click on the program icon and select the “Program Setup” item.
  • Put the switch to the position turned on, click “Apply”.
  • Thereby, access to files on the computer, and they can be displayed on your LG.

Using WPS system

Smart TV can work via the Internet using WPS. The user will need to perform a few simple actions:

  • Go to “Menu” and select “Connection”, then “Connection via WPC”.
  • For 2 minutes quickly press the button on the “WPC” router.
  • A second later, you will have a connection.

Using PLC adapter

PLC adapter is created to expand the existing local network in the house, but it will not be able to connect to the provider directly. Adapter allows without using cables to connect all gadgets to the Internet. It works as follows: the adapter is connected by the wireless method to the Internet and receives a signal from it, and then transfers to devices.

Wi-Fi Router Adapter for Smart TV TV without built-in Wi-Fi Module

Everything is very simple. Almost all modern routers can operate in different modes: amplifier (repeater). Access point, adapter, wireless bridge. In more detail about this, I wrote in the article: Router as a receiver (adapter) Wi-Fi. This scheme works as follows:

  • We buy router. Perhaps you have some kind of old. You can even an inexpensive model. Good and budget options have Totolink and Netis. Other manufacturers are suitable.
  • Nutators in the adapter mode. If this mode is there, the router will receive the Internet from your main Wi-Fi network and transmit it to a TV on a network cable. The same bridge mode is suitable, or network amplifier. True, in this case, the router will still enhance your wireless network.
  • We connect your Smart TV TV with a router via a network cable.
  • Internet on TV works on Wi-Fi.

As an adapter, you can also use a regular repeater on which there is at least one LAN-port. And it is almost on all models.

What is the result: router, or the repeater can be bought in almost every store. Compared to branded Wi-Fi receivers for LG, SAMSUNG and T TV. D. Yes, and it will get cheaper (though, depending on which router you select). Since the price of original adapters is very high.

I wrote about the setting of different operating modes on different routers in the article: which router can take and distribute the Wi-Fi signal (work by repeater). If you have a model of some other manufacturer, then you can search for instructions for setting up through a search on our website. Or ask in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев.

Here is a solution for Smart TV TVs without built-in Wi-Fi. Without a doubt. The best solution is the original receiver. But since they are practically no on sale and for them are very high, you can also use such a scheme. What do you think about this? Write in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев!

Connecting the TV to the Internet via Wi-Fi Step

The primary connection of the television receiver with the router requires the execution of special adjustment, offline or manual mode. In the first case, it is necessary to observe the prompts of the built-in master, in the rest. to enter information received from specialists of technical support from the service provider.

To perform automatic step by step debugging, follows:

  • Enable the receiver and find the “network” block in the menu.
  • Press the subsection “Network adjustment”.
  • Go to “Select Line type”: Wireless or Cable.
  • The display will arise a list of available compounds.
  • Of these, the current version is selected, login with password is prescribed.

With manual adjustment, the algorithm is performed:

  • In the menu, go to “Network” and “Settings”;
  • The appropriate type of communication is selected;
  • The required dryer for the trimmer is selected;
  • An identifier is entered;
  • If the TV could not independently determine the parameters, then a request will be prompted to make information about the subnet mask, gateway, DNS server, IP address;
  • After entering data, the television receiver must join the virtual line.

In different models of receivers and competing manufacturers, the names of items may vary, but connect the equipment is necessary on the above schemes.

How to update “Smart TV

TV software is called firmware. Periodically, it needs to be updated to optimize the work of the device and get additional features. This procedure should be performed once a year, but sometimes flashing may be required before.

Experts advise to update the firmware by downloading the new version through the “USB flash drive”. It is safer.

Before you start flashing, you should make sure that the update is required. Make sure the program you plan to download is compatible with your television apparatus. If you install an inappropriate update, the equipment will work incorrectly, maybe even fail.

For each model, developers create separate programs. Be sure to download firmware from the manufacturer’s official website. Specify the model of your smart TV. This information can be clarified in the device passport.

Check which software version is already installed on your Smart TV. In Samsung TVs, for example, for this you need to go to the menu, select the “Support” category and click on the “Update of By” tab.

Now compare firmware indexes. If the number on the site is higher than that of the program installed on the instrument, it means that you need to update. If the numbers match, the software does not need update.

Before installing, you should carefully read the description of the proposed firmware. If the language and installation method coincide, you can safely download the update to the computer. Downloaded file Download on a flash card, after formatting this drive.

Software is packaged in the archive. To unpack it, click on the “Extract” button (EXTRACT). On the TV you can only install the update already extracted from the archive. After unpacking the file, remove the USB flash drive and connect to the corresponding television receiver connector.

How to configureSmart TV” to run the update? Quite simple. For example, in SAMSUNG TVs, this is done through standard menu services:

Operation of flashing on TV Technique of other manufacturers is performed according to a similar algorithm. Small differences are possible in the names of the menu items, but the general procedure for action is the same.