How to enable webcam on a laptop with windows 10 and what to do if it doesn’t work

Webcam on laptop

All laptops are equipped with a built-in webcam. Users can use it as a tool for video carriers in various messengers, such as Skype. In Windows 10 there is a special standard camera application, which allows you to quickly run it on a laptop as on the phone to make an instant photo or shoot video. Today we consider how to enable and configure the camera in the same application, as well as how to provide certain programs access to it. In addition, we list effective ways to troubleshoot problems with “webcam“.

Common use of webcam in Windows

We tell you all what we are going to talk about, because of the importance that this particular component acquired over time. There are many users who use a webcam constantly, anyway. Either conduct video conferences, play games, record your own video and t. D.; These are the elements that are used in the usual way. That is why their good configuration in most cases will not benefit users.

Therefore, it would sometimes be nice to access the configuration parameters of this device. This will allow us to adapt its internal functioning to what we really need in each case. In addition, this is what we can achieve in a simple way, as we will see further.


Installing the camera turns on its connection to the USB port and the placement of the desktop.


Cameras are with stands or clothespins. The first option involves the installation on the table or shelf. The second allows you to fix the device on the monitor if it is thin enough. When installing a webcam you need to do so that you can be clearly visible. To do this, it should be directed at you and stand at some distance.

Optimal placement if she has a stand:

If it is captured instead of a stand, then fix the camera on the monitor with a convenient side for you. Do not forget that the placement depends on the length of the USB wire. For this reason, place the device is very high or far away. If you wish, buy a USB extension cord and increase the distance from the computer to webcam.

Check if you can be seen in the frame, you can use the Skype program. Remember that from the angle under which the lens is sent to you, it depends on how your interlocutor sees you. If he looks at the bottom, then the chin seems to be more massive, if on top, then there seems to be massive.


If the installation is included in the installation instructions, then find out from it that you need to do first: connect the device or install drivers, the disc with which may not go bundled. It happens when they are installed automatically.

A webcam is connected using a USB cable to the rear port of the computer. Do not connect it to the port on the front of the housing, because it is used for devices that often have to turn off. The webcam is installed for a long time.

All wires that are departed from a webcam, you need to connect. This can be a microphone wire, a second USB or electric fork. The last two are used to power the device and without connecting it will not work.

Installing software

Some devices are supplied with the stand that convenient for shooting video Some models do not require downloading drivers or install them yourself after connecting the device to PC. If this does not happen, the software to the gadget can be downloaded and in the following ways:

  • Via the CD disc from the webcam packaging, if any;
  • Using the manufacturer’s official website, download on the Internet;
  • Using the Device Manager;
  • Downloaded through Driver Booster or a similar utility.

The easiest way to download and install the driver in the Device Manager section. Having found a webcam in the list, press the right mouse button and select “Update Drivers”. Then select “Automatically find updated drivers”.

Application CD disc

All necessary software Manufacturers pack together with the device If the system unit has a CD drive, and in the webcam packaging there was a disk, then install the software should be using the media. Insert the CD and tighten the chamber step by step by following the instructions on the screen.

Today, discs are rarely packed together with the gadget, as it requires a big packaging, and you can install software via the Internet. In any case, you will need to update the installed driver, so many immediately use the manufacturer’s website where you can download the latest version.

Download drivers from the manufacturer’s site

The latest version for webcam and all the necessary drivers can be downloaded on the official resource of the brand. The manufacturer’s website is usually indicated on the package, but you can find it through search engines. Find the desired software in the “Download” section, or using a resource search.

Setting up a webcam microphone

It is possible that the video from the webcam is transmitted, and there is no sound. In this case, you may need to configure the webcam microphone in the operating system.

Right-click on the clock area on the “Volume” icon and select the left button “Playback Device”.

Go to the “Record” tab and right-click on the Microphone icon by selecting “Properties”.

In the General tab in the “Controller” column, make sure that the necessary source of the audio (webcam) is worth. In the “Application Device” paragraph, you must also set the value to “use this device (on.) “.

Go to the “Levels” tab, where to make sure that the microphone is not turned off (crushed circle next to the speaker icon) and set the volume of microphones in Desktop Microphone at 95-100%. You can also adjust the Microphone Boost level. usually it is installed on 0 dB.

To adjust the microphone sound, having heard my voice in the computer columns, you need to go to the “Listen” tab, putting a tick on “listening from this device”. After all settings, click “Apply”, then “OK”.

For normal operation, the camcorder is also needed to monitor whether it is used at this moment by other programs in OS. In addition, when it is configured, you must familiarize yourself with the “Operation Manual” to find out the specific recommendations for working with the camera.

Webcam Characteristics

To evaluate the quality of the electronic device, you need to pay attention to its parameters:

  • Type of matrix. Often manufacturers supply CMOS cameras and CCD matrices. Users for private use are more popular with the first option due to its low price. If a professional video surveillance camera is selected, then a second variant matrix that has improved color reproduction and high quality pictures is used in such a device.
  • Focusing. Distinguish two of her species. Manual focus involves setting by rotating the lens ring. The automatic is as follows: when the removable object is released from the tracking zone, optics are automatically configured to the necessary sharpness.
  • Permission. For video conferencing, the optimal solution option will be 640×480. Photographing transmission mode involves the use of 1280×1024 resolution.
  • Frame frequency. Its range is 9-90 Hz. With a low frame rate, the image will be muddy and lubricated. If the Internet speed is low, and the frame rate, on the contrary, is very high, then the picture may not be. The optimal option will be a webcam with frame frequency from 40 to 70 Hz.
  • View angle. This parameter shows which size of the area can get into the frame. A higher viewing angle implies greater freedom of movement in front of the camera.
  • Inteeis Connections. Such a camera connects to a computer via a USB portal. IP and Wi-Fi-cameras having built-in network cards are connected directly to network equipment.
  • Optical zoom. If you have this parameter, you can change the scale of the shooting.
  • Length of cable. This parameter provides freedom when choosing a webcam installation site.


May be in the range from 0.3 to 3 megapixels. One of the most popular is the permission of VGA 0.3 mp and a frame size of 640×480 pixels sufficient for home, distance learning and solving other queries that do not require high quality images.

General classification for the resolution of webcams
Meaning Description
640×480 / 800×600 Quality enough for home use, webinars. To create a photo is not suitable.
HD resolution 1280×720 Removes good videos and mid-quality photos.
1 280×960 and above Video of excellent quality, up to FullHD. In comparison with cameras, the result of images is worse.

Purpose Accessory

Webcam. this device is not so much for shooting, how many for direct broadcasts. With its help you can do photos, and video, but their quality will be below average. Exception is expensive ultra-modern models. But they are usually used for professional online observation.

The task of the “home” “VEBKI”. adequately reproduce the image in the process of talking on Skype or in other messengers. The color rendition will be medium, functions are minimal, but if the speed is coincided with the sound. you can consider the camera adjusted.

Find USB (or Other) Web Camera Connection

Most webcams are connected via a USB cord or something like that. Make sure you find it on your computer. It is usually located on the front or back of the computer and looks like a tiny rectangle, “Ready to take your USB cord”.

Connect the webcam and watch the magic happens. Your computer with Windows must either automatically open the installed software when you connect the web chamber, or you can go to it through the “Start” menu when you are ready to use it.