Weak sound in dynamics or why the iPhone has become quiet?

Good! Just the other day, some incomprehensible nonsense began to occur with my iPhone. It was that the sound of speakers. ordinary and spoken, suddenly became quiet. And if with the main one it is unimportant to work as a working speaker (no one canceled the vibro), then the fact that the interlocutor is very poorly audible during the call is completely a problem. And I really was going to the service, but before that I decided to tinker myself As a result, the author tried a lot of ways and one of them still helped. Victory!:)

For joy, it was decided to help everyone who encounters a quiet sound of the speakers on the iPhone and collect all the tips to eliminate this trouble in this article.

As they say. we will always have time in the service, first try to fix it on our own. Go!

At first I wanted to share the tips for each of the speakers specifically, and then I realized that they were practically identical. Therefore, do not blame me. all possible decisions will be presented in the form of a common list.

  • Let’s start with the simplest, but you never know check if the volume level is at the maximum? Buttons on the side of the apparatus will help you change the volume.
  • Reload the phone.
  • There is another very strange, but at the same time often an encountered situation. IPhone immediately after buying, people sometimes complain of a quiet sound during a conversation. The whole problem in the transport film, which is glued to the phone straight at the factory. Since the iPhone is an expensive device, some do not remove the film. thus trying to maintain its appearance longer. Naturally, because of this, the speaker is overlapped and the sound does not completely reach your ear.
  • We continue about accessories and the following in line. covers. If worn. it is recommended to remove and check without them. Some part of the case or bumper can easily overlap the lower speaker and thereby jerk the sound.
  • It is possible that the net that closes the dynamics membrane is clogged. In this case, you can try to clean it (alcohol, toothbrush, cotton wool and any non-resistant item will help you) or blow it, just do not forget about accuracy and caution during all this process. True, another problem can hide here, you can clean it outside, but the dirt accumulates from the inside. You may have to disassemble the phone.
  • Try to insert and pull out the headphones. Judging by the reports on the forums, this is precisely such an uncomplicated action to some users.
  • When moisture and corrosion formation gets, the sound can also be muffled or even absent at all. How to be? We read about water and iPhone here, about complete silence. here.

It must be remembered that the lower speaker is only one. it is on the right.

However, let’s return to what helped the author of this blog. And in the end, my situation decided very simply.

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Everything was to blame for some kind of software failure, which I personally connect using BETA flashing.

It was enough to make a restoration and that’s it. the sound again became loud. Yes, it took a little time, but it is better than walking with a quiet iPhone 🙂

sound, talking, iphone

I hope one of the following methods will still help you and you will not have to go to the service center.

However, it may happen that this cannot be avoided.

Fortunately, there is good news (of course, if in this case they can be good at all). such a repair will cost relatively inexpensively. And they will make it quickly. Replacement of speakers. the operation is simple.

P.S. Stays or questions appeared? I would like to share personal experience and talk about what helped you? Feel free and decisively write in Комментарии и мнения владельцев. I will listen with pleasure and, if possible, I will try to help!

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Calls the call to the iPhone. why and how to fix?!

For many newly.minted owners of the iPhone X, XS, XR and iPhone 11, it became very unexpected that the call is silent on the phone. At first he plays with normal volume, and then sharply becomes much quieter. At the same time, the volume in the settings is set to the maximum and no additional options are turned on. One of my friends even ran to the service with this. In fact, everything turned out to be much simpler and more interesting. It turns out that the call is subsided only on iPhones with support for Face ID. What is the connection between this?! It turns out that the most direct!

By itself, Face ID technology involves recognizing the face of the owner of a smartphone. But besides its main function, it still has a number of interesting features. One of them is the recognition of the look. It turns out that if the iPhone “sees” that the owner is looking at him, then he noticed an incoming call and automatically reduces his volume. That is, the call becomes quieter.

Yes, this is certainly interesting, unusual, but not all such behavior of a smartphone suits. For many, with habit, this causes a panic, as it seems that the device has broken down. Someone just doesn’t like it. This is already a matter of taste! So, if you are not happy that the call is quiet on the iPhone on your own, you can easily turn it off. And here’s how:

We go into iOS settings and open the Face ID and Code-Parol section. We scroll the contents down to the parameter recognition of attention. that’s what it is necessary to turn it off by shifting the slider to the right. After that, the ringtone will play with one volume until you answer or drop a call!

How to disable the “do not disturb” mode

Another function that allows the iPhone owner not to be distracted by calls and notifications. the “Do not disturb” mode. It works on a similar principle with soundless, but has some differences, and also turns off in other ways.

The principle of its functioning is that the user will not receive messages and information about the challenges exactly until he deactivates the regime. A calling person will hear short beeps that signal the employment of the subscriber. At the same time, the alarm works in a regular order.

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You can activate and deactivate the regime in two ways:

In the first case, the owner of the mobile device needs to open the line of the state. The “Do not Breat” mode is presented in the form of a crescent icon. If it is highlighted, the calls will not be accepted. To turn off, you need to slip 1 time on the icon, after which the sound will return to the usual state.

Also deactivation of the mode occurs through the standard “Settings” application. Having opened it, the user needs to select the “Do not disturb” item in the program and move the slider opposite the point of the same name in an inactive position.

How to disable the “plane” mode

Another option that blocks the sound of incoming calls and messages is “on the plane”. It is very different from the two previously considered modes. In this case, not a sound is turned off, but a common network signal. That is, a person who makes a call to your number will hear a notification that you are outside the network of the network.

Aircraft mode is activated and deactivated by a click on the icon in the form of aircraft from the control point. If the button burns orange, then the mode is turned on, and incoming calls will not enter the phone.

If you use the iPhone in combination with Smart hours of Apple Watch, then you can adjust the work and deactivation of modes from the screen of a wearable accessory.

How to fix sound problems

Below are a number of banal options for solving the problem. In many cases, inattention is the reason for the appearance of malfunctions, just from such points that can be solved in a couple of seconds, this list consists of:

  • Check the volume level by increasing/reducing the volume buttons, since the sound can be accustomed by accident by holding the button in your. or by touching your finger when talking on the phone;
  • Check again whether the speakers, headphones or the same joystick from the phone via Bluetooth are disabled. the iPhone will automatically display the sound to the conjugated devices, and not on the spoken speaker;
  • Check the serviceability of the headphone connector, whether there are dirt or extra particles there. The phone can switch to headphones, even if they are not included in the device. The reason for this is pollution or malfunction, so if the neat cleaning of the connector did not help, it is worth contacting a repair specialist;
  • The most classic and banal option is to reboot the phone and check the sound quality again. Malfunctions of the operating system often block sound or simply reduce the volume. Also, if this does not save, you need to try or update the iPhone to the firmware version above, or roll back to the previous one.

����PUBG SOUND SETTING IN IOS | How to increase footsteps | HIGH SOUND IN IPHONE #pubgsoundsetting

How to increase the volume on iPhone built.in means

Noticing a decrease in sound quality, many iPhone owners are trying to make up for a wireless column by buying it. However, it is possible to solve the problem with built.in means.

To improve audibility, you need to click on the upper part of the silver button located on the end part of the case.

On the touch screen, slip along the “Settings” icon and go to the “Sounds” section (“Sounds”). On a special panel of blue, move the runner to the right to the limit (max).

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If the above methods do not bring the desired success, you can work with system files. To do this, you need to perform the following actions:

Among its contents is the document “Systemsoundmaximumvolume”. It contains information regarding all levels of sound, including maximum. Here you need to change only one parameter: instead of 0.7 (set by default), set 0.99, and then restart the smartphone.

iPhone Call Volume Low,No sound Issues Fix

To circumvent the restrictions and increase the sound volume, you can use the following method.

  • Open “Settings” → “Music”.
  • Select the category of “volume restriction”, make sure that the function is disabled, and then move the slider to the right until it stops.
sound, talking, iphone

Now you can check the sound level, starting the reproduction of any melody. Volume should increase by 5-10%.

By installing additional programs

Often, factory volume does not suit an ordinary user, so he has to use unofficial applications to adjust it.

Jailbreak. This is the name of the method that helps to make iPhone louder. It is as follows:

  • All actions should be carried out on the computer, in the file of all the data of the mobile phone.
  • It is necessary to install an application called Phone Disk.
  • Click on the Library tab.
  • Go to the “preferences ” menu.
  • Open the document COM.Apple.Celestial.PLIST.
  • Put the “Audio/Video” number 1.
  • Open the PLIST file.
  • Opposite the same point, set the value 1.
  • Save all changes.
  • Download the result to the mobile phone.
  • Reload the device.

This method, which allows you to increase the volume on the iPhone, can only work using the XCode program. In new versions of mobile phones, settings are dumped automatically for several weeks, so this procedure will have to be carried out regularly.

Check the volume and connection level

It is initially necessary to check the basic settings. First, make sure that the volume level during the conversation is not set for the minimum value. During the call, adjust the volume using control buttons. the volume indicator and its current state should be displayed on the screen.

Secondly, make sure that the headset is not connected to the iPhone, since the sound in the smartphone receiver will be absent. Check that nothing is connected to the headphones or docking, and also not “stuck” whether the iPhone is in the headset mode. In addition, go to the “Settings” menu → Bluetooth and turn off Bluetooth.

The hardware malfunction of the phone

Unfortunately, iPhones also break, which means the speaker can fail. How can this be checked? Simple enough. Here are two ways.

First. use the headphones. In this case, through them there will be excellent audibility, and the IPhone speaker will still be deaf.

The second is to write a voice note and lose it through a spoken speaker. Thus, you also exclude problems with the operator’s network. Yes, they are rare, they also happen.

If it turns out that the iPhone has become quieter because the speaker has broken, then the only way to solve is to carry it to the service.