Smart Touch Control. Sensung SMART TV Touch Remote Control Panel

SMART Touch Control touch remote control is designed to control Samsung Smart TV TV, 2013 and later models. The device allows you to control the connected consoles and Blu-ray players, perform certain voice commands. Console Connection Nuances depend on the TV model.

SMART Touch Control Touch Remote Control

What is a universal remote

If you have become a happy user of digital television, then a new device with a remote control appeared in your apartment. Receiver. And so as not to add another remote control to everyday life, let’s figure out how to use the universal remote control.

Despite all breakthroughs in technology, the instruments of the remote control did not change at all. They may have a different form, but the design of any console still consists of a housing, an electronic circuit, buttons, LEDs, as well as an autonomous power supply.

The universal console has an identical internal device, only you can configure it to control several devices at once. For example, having bought such a device, you can remove the television, seating and multimedia console into the closet, and all of their functions will register in the universal remote control.

Can any remote control be universal? Not. Although they look similar, but the internal electronic circuit is different. Only intended for this instruments can be configured to control multiple devices.

The difference between the original and universal remote control

If a prefix is ​​used in the house, for example, the TV Tric or House RU, then the remote control from these equipment itself is useless without the appropriate pair. from the TV.

The principle of action of any remote control is three main actions:

  • When the user clicks on a specific key, the desired chip is activated, and the electrical pulse goes to the TV.
  • The transmission of the Sigala is carried out thanks to the LED, which receives a specific command and sends a pulse to the TV with which it is conjugate.
  • Phototransistor is installed in each TV. It takes an infrared signal from PU and transforms it into an electrical pulse that goes to the control unit. As a result, the TV reacts to the perfect team.

To control the TV from the remote control, a special communication method is used, which received the name of PCM. Also, this principle is called a pulsed chassis modulator.

The feature of the equipment is that for each command from the remote control, the three-digit code is assigned, for example:

  • 000. deactivate the TV;
  • 001. switch to the next channel;
  • 010. return to the previous channel;
  • 011. add volume. 100. reduce the volume;
  • 111. activate TV equipment.

From this we can conclude that when you press the remote control key, the installed electronic circuit inside the PU activates the infrared diode, which will work on a specific template: “111”. On, On, ON.

Signal length will be interrupted by a standard step in several milliseconds. When adjusting the volume, the code “011”. This means that the diode will make three such actions at once, but with a certain delay: deactivated, turn off, and after once again it turns on.

In stores you can find several varieties of remote control:

Neoriginal and original PU are designed to manage certain models of TVs. Their difference is that the original version goes on sale along with a specific TV, and not the original buy to replace spoiled or lost model.

Universal PU, you can program in the instructions to program for a particular TV, it is suitable for different options. The equipment is recommended to connect to TV if the original PU will be lost or break.

Upda differ in shape, color, size and design. The user will receive the choice depending on its preferences. Inside the equipment there is a special program consisting of several codes that are suitable for the signal of each TV device. To properly configure, you will need to know this code in advance.

Customized Code Custom

For this operation you will need to find out the code of your TV to adjust the remote control. It can be found in the technical passport of your model or view the special table below:

0009 0040 0046 0085 0037 0061 0014 0039 0035

0067 0045 0015 0082 0068 0002 0003 0029 0056

0071 0072 0063 0033 0042 0022 0011 0010 0043

0070 0059 0086 0120 0122 0123 0136 0144 0152

0006 0009 0040 0001 0036 0047 0018 0046 0005

0051 0061 0014 0039 0016 0062 0066 0045 0015

0053 0002 0064 0069 0003 0042 0022 0034 0010

0070 0079 0080 0089 0104 0112 0126 0131 0133

0030 0026 0046 0027 0014 0029 0038 0033 0042

0041 0070 0032 0059 0096 0110 0143 0145 0156

0008 0018 0046 0044 0014 0016 0065 0045 0073

0015 0052 0024 0025 0013 0003 0028 0023 0077

0007 0022 0078 0011 0041 0004 0019 0081 0100

0101 0125 0129 0135 0146 0147 0158 0062 0144

Sharp 0026 0027 0055 0003 0054 0095 0109 0116 0154

0006 0005 0050 0084 0049 0083 0048 0019 0031

0020 0021 0092 0097 0098 0102 0105 0107 0130

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0044 0003 0063 0042 0070 0091 0093 0094 0113

0027 0085 0014 0016 0015 0038 0012 0057 0058

0017 0076 0019 0074 0075 0060 0087 0088 0090

0106 0121 0124 0128 0137 0140 0148 0151 0015

0138 0165 0166 0167 0172 0173 0174 0175 0179

0188 0196 0197 0198 0217 0222 0236 0241 0261

0273 0274 0275 0301 0302 0304 0305 0306 0317

BBK 0103 0111 0114 0115 0119 0162 0042 0046 0061

0176 0177 0194 0197 0199 0206 0207 0208 0212

0213 0217 0235 0251 0256 0277 0284 0285 0287

0181 0193 0195 0197 0212 0213 0219 0236 0286

0177 0206 0207 0213 0211 02119 0231 0233 0237 0238 0269 0264 0267 0269 0287 0305 0321 0336 0339

0184 0197 0205 0207 0212 0219 0246 0254 0283

0166 0169 0170 0171 0177 0181 0183 0185 0195 0197 0212 0213 0214 0216 0219 0214 0221 0239 0240 0287 0262 0263 0287 0305 0312 0315 0333 0340

0175 0176 0186 0202 0217 0237 0257 0250 0251 0257 0290 0300 0314 0323 0325

0166 01770 0171 0173 0174 0180 0182 0192 0190 0191 0192 0194 0212 0213 0216 0218 0223 0224 0228 0232 0235 0259 0260 0265 0268 0271 0284 0289 0292 0293 0297 0292 0293 0297 029 0302 0313 0303 0311 0326 0327 0303 0311 0326 0327 0303 0344

0164 0177 0178 0185 0186 0203 0212 0213 0225 0227 0229 02309 0255 0258

0189 0197 0199 0211 0265 0267 0309 0305 0309

0164 0176 0177 0186 0212 0282 0329 0330

0164 0168 0176 0184 0192 0197 0206 0216 0257 0282 0293 0295 0305 0307 0316

0168 0184 0206 0213 0215 0218 0226 0234 0278 odeon 0177 0205 0207 0212

0168 0177 0181 0197 0199 0212 0213 0215 0219

0174 0203 0213 0268 0244 0267 0268 0305 0326 0213 0207 0212 0213 0215 0219 0235 0305 0342

0164 0184 0192 0195 0208 0212 0235 0266 0253 0284 0285 0289 0291 0293 0294 0296 0295 0298 0300 0311 0324

0171 0197 0212 0213 0235 0267 0279 0280 0305 0311 0318 0319 0333 0337

Please note that each manufacturer has several encodings. If you specified the code from the table, and it did not come up, use the following. If you do not want to engage in busting, it is better to find a native instruction for the TV in which the only code of your model will be specified.

Rostelecom manual binding to the TV starts the same as automatic setting. First we need to go to the programming mode of the console. To do this, on the remote control at the same time press two buttons:

Hold them within 2-3 seconds and wait until the indicator on the “TV” button is blown twice.

The following action is the introduction of code that matches the model of your TV. You need to type a four-digit number on the digital panel of the remote control from Rostelecom.

If the actions are carried out correctly, the PD indicator twice will blink. Check the synchronization with each other volume changing. If the TV reacts, it means that the adaptation has passed successfully, if not, then this is the wrong code. Enter the following code from the table and repeat the check.

To save the successful setting, click “OK”.

But with DEXP TVs, according to user reviews, there is a problem: in automatic mode, adapt the remote control does not exit, and there is no program code from the manufacturer in the technical instruction of the television model. Therefore, to program the Rostelecom console, many simply fails and have to use 2 consoles for different devices.

Do not be afraid to configure the remote. If you make some error or confuse in the sequence of actions, the new settings can easily reset and return to the factory settings.

How to use Samsung‘s intelligent remote control

Many users asked in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев on how to use the Samsung intelligent remote control. Not all users can easily switch from the traditional push button on the intelligent remote. In this video, I will tell you how to use this intelligent remote control from Samsung.

You can manage this remote control both buttons and voice commands. First consider the control of the buttons. Each button can work differently, depending on which mode is the TV. And depending on how to press it, there are different options for pressing the same buttons. I will tell you in detail about each button, and what it does. And so, let’s start below.

Volume adjustment is made by rejecting this button forward from yourself and back on yourself. Accordingly, the deviation forward from ourselves we increase the sound, and by pressing back on yourself, reduce the sound. With this, I think there are no questions. If we press the volume button once from above, as a normal button, we work the Mute (Mut) sound mode, the disconnection icon will appear on the screen. To return the volume back, just press this button once from above. We see, the volume turned on again. If you press and hold the audio button, we have the “Accessibility Links” menu. You often ask a question how to disable a voice assistant that Комментарии и мнения владельцев on all actions, it is in this menu it needs to be disabled if you have an active circle near the voice instruction item, it must be turned off, and voice accompaniment will become not active. And if you have an ordinary push-button console, I will leave a link under the video, where it is described in detail how to turn it off using a push-button panel.

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Near the volume button there is a channel switch button. Channels work in the same way. From myself, we increase the channel number to one, we reduce yourself on one. If you press the channels of the channels in the middle once, TELEGID (interactive program of current and future broadcasts on the TV channel) opens. If the channels can be pressed in the center and hold, the entire list of available channels will open. On this functions of the button “Channels” ended.

The button with the house is a SMART HUB Call. Pressing the button, we open SMART HUB. SMART HUB is a menu in which you can select different applications, install new applications, select the TV settings and much more. When you click the second time, Smart Hub closes. Other interesting features, no longer on this button.

The next return button, like it looks, it also works in different ways. For example, if we went to Smart Hub and press it once, it goes backwards (return one action back), it turns out, we went to Smart Hub, and return one action, this is a way out of Smart Hub. If we look at the channel, the return button works as a transition to the previous channel. That is, switching between the last two channels. I look, for example, 2 channels, and turn to 3 channels. Then when you click the return button, I will return to the previous channel, in my case it is 2 channels. It is convenient if you watched 100 channels, and then turn on 5. Between them can be quickly switched, and not flipping the entire list. If we, for example, are in the settings menu, and went to some level in the menu, by pressing the return button once, we return turn backwards, as we came in. And if we want to simply close all this menu, we need to press and hold the return button and exit from the menu, on what level you are not. On the old panel it did the EXIT button. Also when clamping the return button, it closes completely any application. For example, go to YouTube applications, click and hold the return button, we see the YouTube application completely closed without any warnings about the output. When you press and hold, it works like an EXIT button, on previous models. Once again, if you press the button once, there will be a return to one level if you press and hold will be output from the application (an analogue of the EXIT button on previous models). And if we are nowhere anywhere in any menu, but simply view the channels, it works as a switch between two channels. I hope this is understandable.

PLAY | PAUSE button, when you click while viewing, knocks on a pause or play a movie or transfer. Only two functions in this button. With her everything just.

Button in the center, this is input button. If we are in some menu, it works as a choice button, some point (that is, confirms actions). We go through, for example, in the settings and select the item sound, pressing the input button go to the section. Then we go to the “Advanced Settings” item and use the input button to the “Advanced Settings” section. With this understandable. If we are in the channel viewing mode by pressing the input button, we call information, first appears on the current transmission. And if we click and press it, the full description of this film or transmission opens (unless of course it is, in my case the full description is not available).

The button with numbers 123, work as entering the channel number, by the generation method. Press the 123 button, select the number 5 using arrows (this means that we have chosen 5 channels) and press the input (central button, we talked about it), we see the channel switched to 5. If we want to enter, for example, 100 channels, press quickly 1 and two 00 using the input button on each digit. Seen on the left is written channel number, which we entered (in my case 100). And move on 100 channels. If we are in the channel view mode, click and will hold this button, we will have a teletext, if it, of course, on this channel (I did not find such a channel). If you have a teletext, you appear to remove it, clamp and keep the button with numbers 123. It turns out the button 123 in addition to the channel input function, still has a teletext call function. Also in the previous roller, using this button, we entered the development mode and removed standard applications. I will leave the link under this video in the description.

Button with dots. When you click on it, it calls the colored buttons in the right corner of the screen, when you press the input button in the center, we have an additional menu. In this menu, we can include an entry on a transfer flash drive or a movie, unless of course you have a flash drive. I have a flash drive inserted, respectively, the recording point appeared on the menu. If you want to write something, insert a USB flash drive to the TV, turn on the transfer and click Record. The second TimeShift button (TimeShift function, or a shift in time, as it is also called it, allows you to pause any of the television programs available to you.). I would say this analogue of the PLAY | PAUSE button, I do not use for example TimeShift. Movie or transfer. From my experience, I will say that only once enjoyed a record, and that for educational purposes. Nowadays, you can see everything on the Internet and makes no sense to record any. If you are interested in how to write a movie or transfer to a USB flash drive, write in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев under the video, it will take off the video separately on this topic.

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Connecting the remote control to the samsung TV. T, R, N, M, Q, LS, K-series

Turn on the TV using the POWER button on the remote control. The remote can be like me, or this sample. The principle is the same.

At the same time, press the “Back” and “Play / Stop” buttons for a few seconds.

The inscription will appear on the screen: “Device Search”, then “Connecting to the Samsung Intelligent Remote Control”. When the remote control connects, the inscription will appear: “Matching Completed”. Let’s release the buttons. The remote control is successfully connected, check its operation. Go to the menu. As you can see, everything works.


The remote control for Samsung televisions with the SMART TV function, among other things, has a hydrodacker. motion sensor. Thanks to him you can control the TV, moving the remote. In order to appear the cursor, it is enough to touch the touchpad. Then he will move in accordance with the movement of your hand.

You can switch between menu items using the joystick. Some models also have the ability to display a virtual remote (analogue of a virtual keyboard on a computer). With it, you will be able to quickly configure TV, activate certain functions and edit content.

To learn about the source of the signal, you must touch the tach. If you delay your finger on it, the list of available channels will appear before you. If you cling the touch panel while in the Smart Hub section, you will open a window with the parameters of the element that you selected. You can switch between its panels with your finger left and right.

When using this device, it is desirable that the distance between it and the TV was not more than 6 meters. Otherwise the signal may not get.

configure, remote, control, samsung, codes, devices

To date, such remote controls are included in the TVs of the H, K, J and F series, which has a Smart TV function. Depending on the series, the devices themselves will differ. And not only externally, but also configuration features.

What is a universal remote

When ordering a digital television broadcasting services, the subscriber will acquire a console-receiver to which the remote control is both a remote control, it can be both universal and adapted only for a specific hardware model. The design of the instruments includes several components, closed in plastic housing: chip, buttons, LEDs, as well as batteries for autonomous operation (batteries or batteries).

At the same time, only the universal version of the remote control can interact with different types of equipment. This is due to the possibilities and features of the internal structure of the device, namely the electronic circuit where you can program multiple devices at the same time.

The principle of operation consists in transmitting the infrared sensor on the relevant code with the equipment sensor. Thus, when the control device is programmed, the task is performed, for example, sound adjustment, channel switching and T. D. By using the universal console, it can be configured to work with devices for different tasks, thereby simplifying the management of the technique, because few people want to store home devices from the TV, DVD, consoles, if all of them can be replaced with one.

Common mistakes and questions about the work of UP

Often, users face the problem of unlocking universal consoles or the absence of a reaction to any of the connection methods. If you did not check the device for maximum functionality in the store, then you must do it at home if synchronization with household appliances failed.

If you do not have skills, do not blame the remote yourself, and even more the TV

Battery malfunction. the most popular problem

Due to the long stay in the battery store in the console, you could leak over time or spontaneously discharge. In this case, you will have to replace them with a full-fledged nutrition resource.

If you plan to replace the native remote with a mobile application, then download it only from official sources

Cause in the design features of the console

To determine whether the remote control is supplied to the TV receiver, it is necessary to evaluate the efficiency of IR radiation. For convenience, you can use a simple digital camera: hover the console at the moment when one of the buttons on it is shed. If the light is not reacting, then the replacement of the remote control is required. Universal Type Console You can manage a satellite console, but there may be your synchronization nuances here

Secondary factors

Influence the normal functionality of the universal console can and foreign objects that can be near TV. For example, placing microwaves, radio receivers, Wi-Fi-routers are unacceptable, since these devices make radio signals in the form of waves that can be perceived by the infrared emitter. Due to this, the signal from the remote will be lost and do not reach the receiver itself. Yandex.Stori. a large market in which you can choose an application with specific functions: for TV, air conditioning, console