How to set up Yandex mail on the iPhone

“Mail”. the famous Apple tool that allows you to interact with electronic boxes in a compact client where smart sorting of letters is available, the inteeis is visible, and new accounts are allowed to enter at least to infinity. important messages will come. So, at least, things are with Google and Yahoo, but what if you needed domestic services? All simple! So how to set up mail on the iPhone.

  • General algorithm
  • Settings for
  • Settings for Yandex.Ru
  • Settings for G
  • Mail Outlook
  • Mail Rambler
  • Mail Settings for Other Services
  • Removing letters from server
  • Postal applications on iPhone

Preliminary mail service

Before switching to direct configuration and subsequent use of mail Rambler on the iPhone, you must provide third-party programs that in this case are postal clients, access to work with the service. This is done as follows:

configure, rambler, mail, iphone, connecting

  • After switching to the above link, open the “Settings” of the mail service by clicking the left mouse button (LKM) on the appropriate button on the toolbar.

Next, go to the “Programs” tab by pressing the LKM.

Under the field “Access to the mailbox using postal clients”, click on the button “On.”,

Enter code from the picture in the pop-up window and click “Send”.

Ready, Preliminary Setup Rambler Mail completed. At this stage, do not rush to close the mail service page (directly section “Settings”. “Programs”) or just remember, and better write down the data presented in the following blocks:

Now let’s go directly to the setting of the Rambler Mail on the iPhone

Standard mail application

First of all, consider how to ensure the correct operation of the mail Rambler in the standard mail client, accessible on each iPhone, regardless of the iOS version.

    Open the “Settings” of your mobile device, taping on the appropriate icon on the main screen. Scroll through the list of available options slightly down and go to the “Passwords and Accounts” section if you have 11 and higher iOS installed, or if the system version is below the specified, select “Mail”.

Click “Add Account” (on iOS 10 and below. “Accounts” and only then “Add Account”).

In the list of available Rambler / mail services, there is no mail, so here you need to tap “Other”.

Select “New Account” (or “Add Account” in case of using the device with iOS below 11 version).

When specifying the necessary information, go “Next”. Instead of the default IMAP protocol, which for incomprehensible reasons is no longer supported by the postal service under consideration, it is necessary to switch to POP, tapping on the tab of the same name on the page that opens.

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Fill in both fields, click the “Save” button, located in the upper right corner, which will be active,

Run the standard mail application on your iPhone.

Select the desired mailbox, focusing on the name given to it in the instructions above.

Make sure that there are letters, the possibilities of sending and receiving, as well as in the performance of other features for the mail client.

Setting up the Rambler Mail on the iPhone. the task is not the simplest, but with the right approach, also armed with our instructions, it can be solved literally in a few minutes. And yet it is much easier and more convenient to interact with this service and all its functions through the branded application, the installation of which we will also tell.

Rambler / Mail App Store

If you do not want to play with the settings of your iPhone, to normally use Rambler mail on it, you can install a proprietary client application created by the developers of the service under consideration. This is done as follows:

Note: Pre-configure the postal service described in the first part of this article, you still need. Without the appropriate permissions, the application will not work.

    Follow the link above and install the application to your phone. To do this, click “Download” and wait for the procedure to be completed, the progress of which can be monitored from the filling circular indicator.

From this small article you learned how to configure Rambler / Mail on the iPhone using the standard mobile device capabilities or a customer-based appliance application, developed directly by postal service. Which of the options to choose, solve only to you, we hope that this material was useful for you.

In addition to this article, the site has another 11955 instructions. Add Lumpies site.RU in bookmarks (Ctrld) and we exactly still use you.

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How to create a profile ?

To access the mail Rambler on the iPhone. primarily. Need to create a profile.

configure, rambler, mail, iphone, connecting

  • Go to the basic gadget settings and go to the “Mail. Addresses. calendars “
  • In the Accounts section, create a new
  • The display will light available services for mailing. among which the rambler you will not find. Therefore, you are the road to the “Other” section
  • You will open the menu. where you need to click on creating an account
  • You will transfer to a new page. where you need to specify your data. any name. Drawer address. Password from him. Explanations
  • When everything is entered. Continue operation

Mail Outlook

If you use such mail services like ICloud, Google or Yahoo, the mail program can automatically configure the account after entering the email and password addresses. To do this, you must perform the following actions.

  • Go to the “Settings” menu “Passwords and Accounts”.
  • Click “Add Account” and select an email service provider.
  • Enter email address and password.
  • Press the “Next” button and wait until the account is completed to check the mail program.
  • Select information in your email account, such as Contacts or Calendars.
  • Click “Save”.
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If the desired email service provider is missing in the list, click “Other” to add a manual account.


Used app

In this case, the email setting is usually much easier, t.E. Generally automatically. The thing is that the Android and Gmail operating system has a common developer. Usually, without connecting to its account, the user can not even access the main services and capabilities of their device.

If it did not happen, you will have to enter the settings manually, for which you will need the same application on the phone or tablet.

Process setting

Below are the parameters that you want to enter when the account has not connected and is not synchronized independently:

  • Server. imap.Gmail.COM;
  • port. 993;
  • Protection type. SSL (always);
  • Outgoing Mail Server. SMTP.Gmail.COM;
  • port. 465;
  • Type. the same.

Initially, you can not even create a new account, but simply check the settings of the already added.

Methods for solving problems with Mail setup on the iPhone

If nothing happened with the mail setting on the “apple” gadget, follow these steps that you must help 100%:

  • Go to the mail settings of your device.
  • Further go to the settings of the newly created drawer.
  • In the Outgoing Letters Servers section, click SMTP.
  • If your boxes are already present in the mailer, which are configured, click on SMTP. In the primary server section. If there are no such. by “not configured”, and in the node names section, you should specify SMTP., then save the action and click on SMTP
  • To see if the “Use SSL” switch is activated, as well as how correct is the data about the port of the server (465 must be written). But it happens that everything works fine and with port 587.
  • Sequentially click on the Finish and Back buttons, and then stop your selection on the tab with the optional parameters.
  • Re-send the settings of the incoming, in T.C. Switch position. But the server port must be 993.

After you accurately do everything that is described above, the mail will earn. In addition, other mailers you can configure in the same way. And they will all be in a single standard program. It is important that the switching process between the drawers of different companies is very light and comfortable.

How to find out mail settings via Apple site?

You can get data about servers to clients through the service on the official website of Apple. The service is called “Search Settings Mail” and is located on the HTTPS: // WWW link.Apple.COM / E / SUPPORT / MAIL-SETTINGS-LOOKUP /.

All that is required by the user is to “knock down” an email address in the field (only) and click the blue button with the arrow.

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Pay attention to the note printed in small font below. According to this note, Apple can use the data that users provide it to improve the quality of service. In fact, this means that the email address you enter will be saved in the company’s database.

After a second expectation, the service will give all the data on the client.

Which data will find?

  • In the incoming mail server unit, in the “Node Name” field, you need to transfer the name of the server’s host (IMAP.). In the “Username” field, you should specify the email address. again. Password needs to register anew. this is an important point.
  • In the “Outgoing Mail Server” block, you can fill in only one field. “node name”. This should copy the server host name (SMTP.). The rest of the fields do not need to fill.

When you set the server settings, click “Next”. At the final stage you need to switch to the docks to synchronize notes and mail and click on “Save”.

The described method will give the result if the mailbox is configured. but with Rambler is more difficult. The service “Search Mail Settings” on the Apple website will not show information about Rambler-Mail servers.

When setting up mail, Rambler must act like this:

  • In the “Incoming Mail Server” block in the “Node Node” field, POP should be made.Rambler.RU, in the “Username” and “Password” fields. respectively, the email address and password from it.
  • In the “Outgoing Mail Server” block in the Node Name field you need to register SMTP.Rambler.Ru. Other fields of this block can be left empty.

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“Mail”. the famous Apple tool that allows you to interact with electronic boxes in a compact client where smart sorting of letters is available, the inteeis is visible, and new accounts are allowed to enter at least to infinity. important messages will come. So, at least, things are with Google and Yahoo, but what if you needed domestic services? All simple! So how to set up mail on the iPhone.