What is NFC on Android, and how to connect a function?

NFC is a non-contact transmission technology that allows you to carry out even payment operations based on the bank payment packages registered in the smartphone. To implement contactless payments using a smartphone, the user needs to activate the NFC function, as well as take care of the installation of a special application for payments. In the article, we describe in detail how to enable NFC on Android.

The first step to execute the user of the Android device is to check the availability of the contactless connection option on its phone, and then activate it. Check and inclusion will be performed according to the following algorithm:

The function of contactless communication is connected, but its inteeis is not enough to handle financial transactions.

Next step is required. install service for payment.

Enabling NFC on Android

To enable NFC on the Android smartphone, you need to open the settings and go to the section with optional wireless network settings. This section is usually called “more” and is immediately after the sections “Wi-Fi”, “Bluetooth”, as well as “Data Transfer”.

After opening the “” section, additional wireless network settings will appear before you. If your Android smartphone supports NFC technology, then there will be an appropriate switch that allows you to turn off and turn on NFC.

How to connect the map to the phone with NFC

To tie a map, you will need to do a number of uncomplicated manipulations.


  • Start the application and tap on the button “Start”.
  • On the next page with a notice of readiness for work Press “Next”.
  • Now you need to scan card, and then all the data will appear in the program automatically.
  • For reinsurance, you can choose another option and enter the manual information: CWW code, name, phone number, home address, index.
  • Take the terms of the agreement with the application and partner bank.
  • Finally, it remains to wait for the end of the authentication of the entered data, and then SMS with the identification code.

To save the confidentiality of information, it is recommended to block the screen, and set protection (password, graphic key, PIN). This requires a Google policy.

How to configure NFC on the phone

Before trying to configure the device, you need to understand whether the user has NFC technology on the phone. You can do this in several ways:

  • See if there is a special NFC sticker on the device, which is most often on the rear panel of the device. It can also be found next to the battery battery;
  • You can also read the instructions in which it is also indicated whether there is a module on the device or not.

It is worth studying what a gadget is capable of. For this, we enter the main menu of device settings, and after you make sure that this option is present.

  • Go to the main menu on the smartphone;
  • Tap and open settings;
  • Now you need to find a special section “Wireless Networks” or “Connected Devices”;
  • After different tabs of the “Wi-Fi” type and others, you can open “more” and find the desired section with NFC. To activate it is worth translating the slider to the right to activate.

Thus, the user only was able to activate this feature. You can also download a special NFC Retag Free program that binds different cards to the device. But first should be decided on the payment system.

How to set up payment via NFC on Android

First of all before making payments, you need to activate NFC. It is done in the settings of the smartphone. For example, on the Xiaomi phone for this you need to perform the following actions:

  • Open settings.
  • Go to the “Additional Functions” section.
  • We put a tick near the “NFC” item.
  • We also recommend entering the “Location of the Security” subcategory and set the value “HCE”. If this is not done, then there are problems with making payments.

If you use the phone from Honor or Huawei, it is enough to open the notification cortex and activate the desired parameter.

After that, you can go to add a map. In the case of using Google Pay, do the following:

  • Click on the “Configure” button located on the start screen.
  • Next, choose “Payment method”.
  • We bring the camera to the bank card and follow the recommendations of the application. You can also add a manual map by specifying its number, validity period and CVV code.
  • Carefully view the license agreement and click on the “Accept and Continue” button.
  • Now you need to establish a password protection or fingerprint. Without this procedure, contactless payments will not work.
  • Confirm the card data, putting a tick in the “Get SMS” item. The phone number tied to the application will receive a message with the secret code. Important numbers must be entered into the appropriate application field.

Now the bank card is tied, so you can use it as payment.

In the case of using the Samsung Pay application, the setup procedure is similar:

  • We carry out authorization in your Samsung’s own account.
  • Add a fingerprint to protect or create a PIN code.
  • Click on the icon of the bank card or the button “Add”.
  • We guide the camera on the card, carefully following the frames. It is necessary that the outline coincides with the virtual frame.
  • Click on the button “Next” and accept the license agreement.
  • Then the phone is attached to the account will receive an SMS message with the secret code. Remember it and enter the program in a special field.
  • Add a virtual signature.

Thus, set up payment through the NFC on the phone Android is not at all difficult. To make payments, you can use the Universal Google Pay application. Or establish a specific program for your smartphone.

Application or nfc does not work. what to do?

If the work of the NFC Android fails, or the application stopped responding to contactless payment, it is recommended to contact Support.

On the official website of Google Pay, there is a section “Help and Support”, where the standard questions are found:

  • NFC and payment what function?
  • How to embed the NFC module into the device?
  • How to activate the map in the application?
  • What denotes the error when paying?

In the “Describe the problem” field, enter the appropriate request and find an answer option. Or fill out the formation form on the site with a detailed description of the problem.

NFC on Android allows you to exchange data between devices and contactless payment. Many smartphones have a built-in NFC chip. You can install an external module on the gadget that will work on a par with a standard chip. To pay for purchases using a smartphone, it is enough to have an active NFC module and an application for contactless payment with a tied bank card.

How to find out if there is NFC

NFC is almost on any high-end phone, but not on all the phones of the middle and elementary level. One way to find out if there is an NFC in the phone. search the NFC sign, which is usually somewhere on the back of the smartphone. On some Samsung phones, you will see the “Near Field Communication” inscription, printed on the battery pack. However, this applies only to old phones, because on most new models the rear panel is not removed.

On some devices, especially on Sony Xperia phones, you can see the N-MARK on the rear panel, the official symbol indicating that the device supports NFC. N-Mark also shows the exact location of the NFC chip.

You can not mess around with the search for signs, but simply go to the phone settings and see:

  • On the phone-Android, click “Settings”.
  • Select “Connection and Sharing”.
  • Select “Wireless Networks”.
  • You must see the inscriptions “NFC”.

Depending on the model and the smartphone brand, the path may differ. If you can’t find it, open the settings menu, tap the search icon at the top and enter “NFC”. If it is in the phone, the NFC option will appear.

What is NFC module in the phone

In the phone, the NFC module. consists of two components, it is just another chip on the mainboard of the device that provides the processing of signals and an antenna under the back cover of the device that provides communication with other devices. In some cases, NFC, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and other wireless technology chips can be combined into one. In this case, the processing of signals from NFC performs this common chip.

As for the antenna, most often it is glued to the rear cover of the device. If the phone is collapsible, then you can see it, just removing the cover.

In some cases, the antenna of the NFC module can be integrated into the phone battery. In this case, the battery will be the inscription NFC or NEAR Field Communication.

In case the antenna is integrated into the battery, you need to be attentive when it is replaced. You need exactly the same model, with built-in antenna. If you purchase a battery without an antenna, then the NFC module will not work.

Advantages and Disadvantages of NFC

Consolidated table of advantages and disadvantages of NFC technology will be present in the form of a table.

Works on the basis of applications built into the firmware. In most cases, it does not require installation of additional software and applications.

Technology is not supported by all devices, you have to buy additional modules with limited functionality.

Additional remote modules have limitations in performance. Need a preliminary setting of parameters to access a bank account.