How to connect LG TV to the Internet via cable (LAN)?

In this article we will connect the LG TV to the Internet. Our site already has an instruction on connecting the TV to the Internet by Wi-Fi network. But if you do not have the ability to connect over a wireless network, there is no Wi-Fi receiver on your TV, or you trust the cable connection more, then without any problems, you can connect the TV on a network cable (LAN).

On all LG TVs that support the SMART TV function, there is a network LAN connector (for which it is needed, you can read here), in which we just need to connect the cable from the router, perform some settings, and the Internet immediately earn. You can also connect the TV to the Internet and without a router directly from the provider. But, there are our nuances, about which we will talk below.

This manual is suitable for all LG TV models with Smart TV. over, it does not matter what your SMART TV system is: old, Webos, or WebOS 2.0. After connecting the cable through the router, you can not only watch the video on YouTube, online movies, or view sites in the browser. You can easily configure the DLNA server for your TV, and watch movies that are on the hard disk of the computer. And if when viewing big films on Wi-Fi, problems are usually observed, then everything works fine by the cable.

How to start using Smart TV?

  • First connect the TV to the Internet connection;
  • Open the menu by pressing the same button on the remote control;
  • Go to the menu sections in this order: Settings. Network. Name Your Connection. Update;

After that, perform several consecutive operations with the control panel, namely:

In order not to make unnecessary errors while setting up and connecting, consider each of the above steps more detailed.

LG TV, how to configure Smart TV?


Configuring Internet Connection

The wireless connection implies the availability of an access point, usually the router will be in this role, the Wi-Fi router, which actually transmits the signal to the smart TV, ensuring it, the most connection to the Internet.

In addition, a great replacement of the router will be a laptop or laptop, similar to the electronics usually equipped with a built-in adapter, that is, it can serve as an access point.


After connecting to the Internet will be set, you need to pass the simplest registration that only takes you time. Enter your existing data, this is especially true of the email address, as a letter from the service confirmation comes to it. In the process of registration, do not forget to accept the terms of the User Agreement, this is a mandatory point.

As soon as you follow the link in the letter you will be available all the features of Smart TV, and more precisely, the installation of existing applications and widgets, which will give you, much more opportunities in terms of functionality of the technique.

Setting up IPTV on Smart LG TV

SMART LG application allows you to use additional features. They include:

  • There will be the ability to play content received via the Internet.
  • Running programs, games, Internet viewing through a browser will be available.
  • Smart LG allows you to use additional features.
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Internet access is needed for connecting, as well as an account on the manufacturer’s website. Conduct registration as follows:

  • Using the remote control, enter the main menu and choose the button to enter account.
  • Need to click on the registration button.
  • Indicate the address of your email. When registering, the test link will be sent to it, for which you need to go. After that, the account will be activated.
  • To open a personal page, log in to your account in your account by entering the login and password. To go automatically, at the entrance, mark the checkbox “Stay in the system”.

After registration, the user will receive access to free TV channels, will be able to install and configure various smart applications.

The availability of the LG account allows you to do the following:

  • After logging in to the account of the account, access to applications that are available to the user in this country will open. Among them there are both paid and free. You need to choose the appropriate.
  • Having determined which application is necessary, click the “Install” button. If it is paid, it is necessary to make an appropriate amount.
  • Usually for applications in the usual installation site is the home page directory. Usually when installing in manual adjustment there is no need.

In order to fully take the features of Smart LG, install the SS IPTV application. After starting it, the icons of different channels will appear on the screen. Click on them, you can access to view.

In this case, access to the TV channels will be carried out via the Internet without the need to use additionally satellite broadcasting or reception of essential channels. You can connect using a cable or via Wi-Fi. In the latter case, a module must be used to work with wireless networks.

Cable connection is made as follows:

  • To do this, use the router. The cable for which the Internet comes from the provider is connected to the WAN jack.
  • The connecting network cable on one side is connected to the router to one of the LAN nods (usually there are 4). On the other. to the appropriate connector on the TV or console.
  • Open the main menu of the TV. You can access it by pressing the appropriate remote control key.
  • Dial the settings and go to the network connected section.
  • Select “Configure Connection”, Go to the list of available networks and click on the “Wired Network” line.
  • Click “Update”.
  • Wait a few tens of seconds until the connection is established. After that, you can get out of the settings.

When using Wi-Fi, the connection is made in the same way:

  • Turn on TV and router.
  • Using the remote control, open the main menu on the screen and select the settings.
  • Go to the installation of network parameters and select “Network Connection”.
  • In the list of available options, select the “Wireless Network” string.
  • A list of all available wireless networks in this place will be displayed. Need to choose a home network created by a router.
  • Enter password. After a few seconds the connection icon will appear. Press the “Finish” button.

Now the connection is established. To test it, you need to start the browser on the TV and open some site.

The user may be useful to configure the LG TV

In conclusion

Configure LG Smart TV Any user. The procedure is quite simple, consists of several stages that need to do. If the recommendations presented strictly followed above, then in a few minutes you fully adjust such an interesting functionality that opens access to a huge number of additional features.

Hello! My name is Peter Grare and I am the editor-in-chief of this portal. On this site, our team is trying to publish the most relevant and important information about the various technologies in the world of digital television. I am glad that we looked at us, welcome!

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If SMART TV does not work

Smart TV really may not work. This happens rarely, but also possible. In order to fix it, you must first find the reason that may be hiding in:

  • The absence of the Smart TV category;
  • Lack of internet;
  • Incorrect rules of work;
  • Routher malfunction;
  • Need to update.

If the user was able to detect at least one reason, it is necessary to take the following actions:

configure, smart

  • First you need to try to restart the Internet on the TV or connect the wired option;
  • After that it is worth considering the documents. SMART technology can not be provided at all;
  • After that, it is necessary to update the system. If it is not, then you need to update;
  • If nothing helped, you need to contact a specialist.

SMART TV connection is not so complicated if you connect correctly, as well as clearly follow the instructions. Then you can view any series, as well as download absolutely different utilities directly to the TV.

For several years he worked in a cellular salons of two major operators. I understand the tariffs well and see all the pitfalls. I love gadgets, especially on Android.

There are narrow specialists who work with certain problems, including directed with LG, Samsung, and so on.

Connect LG TV to Wi-Fi

Turn on the TV, and immediately go to the settings by clicking on the Settings button.

In the settings, open the Network tab, then select Network Connection.

We see the screen on which we are reported that SMART TV often uses Internet connection and suggests connecting via cable, or wirelessly. Click on the Configure Connection button.

Further in the list We are looking for your Wi-Fi network (if there are many of them). and choose it.

Use the on-screen keyboard Wr write a password from your Wi-Fi network and click OK. Password must be minimum 8 characters. Enter the password does not rush carefully.

Press OK again, and wait until our TV connects to the Internet via Wi-Fi network.

You must see the message that the network is successfully connected.

Click the Finish button, and you can start using the Internet. You can, for example, to read Help-Wi-Fi through the browser.COM 🙂

How to set up digital TV on “Smart TV

For owners of “smart technology” is available free viewing of many channels that are broadcast by cable television. Did not know about such a bonus? We tell how to configure the channels to “Smart TV” using the software module for IP TV.

To watch channels that are broadcast on cable television without payment, the following conditions are needed:

If you know how to use the app store, you can safely start setting up. You need to perform the following sequence of operations:

  • Enter the online store and install a free SS IPTV program.
  • Enter the settings by clicking on the corresponding icon.
  • Add Play List.
  • Select the desired channel to view.

When you first connect Play sheets you need to fill out. You should either manually prescribe addresses in the TV receiver settings, or connect the computer, and already use it to fill the playlists. The second way is undoubtedly more convenient.

Play sheets can be found on the SS IPTV website or on the resources of other providers. The number of external playlists is not limited. Inner play list only in a single copy.

To download an external playback list, you need to enter the “Content” tab, find the “external” category and click on “Add”. You should specify the name of the list and its URL.

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To add an internal play list, you need to go to the “General” directory and click the “Getting” item. The list is valid during the day or to generate the next coding combination. Symbols should be entered into the Play-sheet editor on SS IPTV website.

There are other programs for working with IP TV: Peerstv, Vintera.TV or ForkPlayer.

For smart “SAMSUNG TVs 5 or 6 series issued later than 2010, a convenient way to connect to digital broadcasting is available. How to configure channels to “Smart TV” “samsung” in this case? Follow simple instructions:

  • Download the NStreamLMod program.
  • Activate the SMART HUB function.
  • Press the A. button.
  • Log in to the “Create Account” tab. Enter the username (default is Develop) and password (default costs 123456).
  • Click on the “Create Account” icon.
  • Re-enter login and password.
  • Click the Tools button on the console and select the “Settings” directory.
  • In the list of commands, select “Develop”.
  • Specify the IP address of the server in the “Setup Address” field. Now IPTV service is installed on your TV.
  • Log in to the “Application Synchronization” tab and press ENTER.
  • Find and run the NStreamLMod program.
  • In the PlayList URL box 1, enter the desired address.

After performing this simple algorithm to “Samsung” with the “SMART” function, digital TV will be configured.

On the SMART TV you can view and public channels. How to set up a TV through “Smart TV”? Nothing difficult. Enough to perform simple actions:

  • Open Settings.
  • Select the category “Channels”.
  • Log in to the “Automatic Search” subcategory.
  • Specify an antenna or cable as a signal source.
  • In the “Supplier” tab, select “Other”.
  • Denote border frequency.
  • Activate “Search for digital and analog channels”.
  • Wait until the system has completed the search.

This feature will be needed to be a few users, but in the regions, local television is sometimes broadcast only in analog format.

How to set up satellite channels

Considering the question of how to configure LG TV to receive channels from the satellite, you need to know that satellite TV can be installed manual and automatic ways.

Manual search

Used if the satellite parameters have changed or the standard settings are not suitable for the connection type. The algorithm is as follows:

  • Select “Satellite Settings”.
  • We establish the necessary parameters (they can be found from the company-provider of television services).
  • Run search for new parameters.

Automatic search

To install free satellite TV on the LG console, you will need:

  • Connect the tuner to the screen via HDMI. If the receiver is built-in, the cord is connected to the corresponding panel connector.
  • Go to “Menu”.
  • We go into the “Channels” and select the type of signal. “Satellite”.
  • Click “Setting the satellite”, check the parameters and click “OK”.
  • Go to the “Autopoysk” and launch it.
  • We get the installed satellite TV.

note! To view paid channels, you will need to insert Ci or Ci card adapter

Listed methods help themselves cope with the setup setup LG 90% of users. If the installation failed, you need to check the correct connection of all items.

Hello! My name is Peter Grare and I am the editor-in-chief of this portal. On this site, our team is trying to publish the most relevant and important information about the various technologies in the world of digital television. I am glad that we looked at us, welcome!