How to set up digital channels on LG TV

Modern LG TVs already have a built-in receiver for digital television and install an additional console in need. In order to make sure whether your TV has such a module in its design, you can specify this in the appropriate section of the characteristics. If you found a DVB encoding position. then your TV contains the required tuner.

Self-configuration is not a difficult procedure that can be performed in automatic mode, as well as select the parameters in the manual.

We propose to use to start a simpler automatic setup operation.

Setting cable channels

Now that you managed to go out in the menu, you can start directly to setting the cable channels. Consider this process also on the example of a regular TV and SMART TV. In the menu of the usual TV, go to the “Channels” tab and select “Cable TV” here, after that “Auto-tune” and remove a tick with a “quick search”, replacing the mode to “Advanced”. Here in principle, and everything, for three, five minutes of the TV channels will be configured and you can sort them at your discretion.

In the case of “smart” technician, you will need the first thing to connect to the Internet, you can do it any of the ways available to you. After the connection is set to go to the menu and select the country, it is necessary to set the time zone of your region, reveal to this item carefully, indicate only reliable data.

Now, connect the antenna to the TV and select the “Cable” tab. The intees of digital channel settings will open in front of you, where you need to specify the frequency in which the TV will search. Enter the value of the initial frequency 746000, leave the default. Next, you will be asked to start automatic search, and you can also put a tick on the “Digital only” item, after which it is necessary to confirm the operation. After the search program finds a hundred channels, the procedure must be suspended, since all subsequent programs will be dubs.

You can ask a question to masters from our service center by calling or writing your question about the feedback form.

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Setting the channels with manual parameters

To save your time, you can contact the LG TV repair workshop, where competent experts will quickly solve your problem. For manual feeding channels yourself yourself, you need to go to the LG TV menu through the remote control to the settings item and select manual configuration.

Next, set the digital cable TV in the parameters and set the frequency (kHz) 170,000, the speed must stand 6900, and modulation 1280 AM and click Start or update.

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After the TV will find the channels at this frequency, this menu tab will be a message with information, how many found. Next, set the frequency in 178000 without changing the speed and modulation and also search. Then looking at the frequencies of 186,000, 194,000 kHz and so on, with increments of 8, t.E. 202000, 210000 kHz, adding new and new programs. When you finish, then simply leave the menu mode and all, manual setting is made!

Setting up IPTV on Smart LG TV

If the TV has a SMART function, you can receive fiber or wireless connections on it. IPTV allows TV to access a large number of TV channels via the Internet. The IPTV setting includes the following steps:

  • Pre-connection of the device to the Internet cable or Wi-Fi. To do this, go to tv settings. Select the section “Network”. Click on the “Wire Connection” subsection or “Wi-Fi Connection”. To connect to the home network, you will need to enter a password.
  • After connecting to the Internet, you should create an LG account. Next, you need to go to the application menu and select the utility that will allow you to view IPTV. It is best for this suitable SS IPTV.
  • Login to SS IPTV.
  • Download the playlist from the official site.

After loading the playlist, you can easily view any channel without using a cable connection. Due to TV with SMART function, you can also find various IPTV playlists through a browser. It is worth noting that to obtain the maximum number of TV channels in high quality, you must use paying services. It is possible to acquire subscriptions. Using the installed software, it is possible to familiarize yourself with the functionality of the product.


SMART TV Tricolor application allows subscribers to get full access to the full functionality of digital television. It is worth highlighting several positive moments that are waiting for the subscriber:

  • Ability to view transfers, movies that broadcast a few days ago. For each channel, the archive is saved by a period of seven days.
  • During the viewing of the TV, it is possible to put a broadcast on a pause if the need arose to leave somewhere.
  • Rewind viewing at the time that was missed.
  • All available channels are quite realistic to split the thematic groups, which is very convenient and allows you to quickly navigate to view.
  • Convenient and understandable inteeis application.
  • If desired, the subscriber can use the TV program without difficulty, it is for each channel.
  • Each broadcast movie has a full description.

SMART TV application guarantees high-quality satellite television broadcast.

What to do if TV shows bad, stuttering

If, when accepting analog broadcasting, the image has deteriorated with a worsening of the signal “slightly” (horizontal strips appeared), then with digital broadcasting. worse.

If the quality of the signal is to decrease. most likely, no channel will be able to see: “Stuttering” sound, hissing will be observed, the image and T.P.

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What can be recommended in this case:

  • First check the condition of the cable, whether there is no twists, the plug is inserted tightly into the TV jack;
  • Try “play yourself” with an antenna location: it is possible to transfer it to that room, which is closer to the broadcaster (or in general, take out to the street);
  • If you have an ordinary room antenna without an amplifier. try replacing it on a model with an active amplifier;
  • Pay attention to the weather: with a strong shower with thunder, there may be no interference and it is not going anywhere.
  • Check on the HTTPS site: // RTRS.RU / What channels should be reworked in your region.

In addition, I recommend to get acquainted with one of my past note on this topic. Link below.

To help!

Interference and freezing when viewing digital TV (Sound stuttering, image of cubes and t.D.). What 20 channels should be shown on TV for free and in good quality. https: // Ocomp.INFO / POMEHI-PRI-PROSMOTRE-TSIFROVOGO-TV.HTML

We connect online

For full work SMART TV Requires Internet connection. And various USB modems from mobile operators will not fit. It is necessary for the houses to have a full-fledged Internet and preferably Wi-Fi Router.

At the moment, two Internet connection methods are available to LG TVs:

  • Cable. Used if there is no Wi-Fi Network or not desire to configure it, also some TV models do not have a built-in adapter for wireless connectivity.
  • Wireless. convenient option, provided that the Wi-Fi network is available.

What method to apply to configure your LG TV with SMART TV to solve you exclusively. Both options will ensure the stable operation of the application.

Use cable

Such a method involves connecting a network cable to the corresponding connector on the TV. You can find it on the rear panel of the TV. To ensure simultaneous work of the Internet on a computer and TV, a special splitter RJ45 will be required. With its connection problems will not arise.

It remains only to perform certain settings. We take a panel in your hands and follow the following manual:

  • Applying the Home button, open the main menu;
  • Go to the category “Settings”, and then “Network” and “Network Connection”;
  • In the section that opens, you need to “Configure Connection”;
  • Select a list of available networks and install a wired option.

After a few seconds of the expectation, the notification is displayed on the screen that the connection is successful. Now you can understand how to use the Smart TV functionality in the LG TV.

Via wi-fi

To organize a wireless connection, you need to manually perform the following settings:

  • As in the previous version we go to the main menu, whereby go to the “Network Connection” section;
  • In the connection settings, select the wireless network;
  • A list of available connections will appear, select your network;
  • We enter a password;
  • We are waiting for connections.

If everything is done correctly, a successful connection will appear on the screen.

Setting cable television

To configure cable channels, make sure your television receiver supports DVB-C format. This format is present in many even old models of LC LC TVs.

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First of all, you need to connect to the provider’s network, for this, enter into a service agreement. After that, your apartment will be connected to the cable operator line. When you first connect, the configuration in most cases is made by employees of the company. However, you can make the Eldji setting yourself. By learning broadcasting parameters.

configure, channels, select, location

On the old TV, it is necessary to choose the country of broadcasting Germany or Finland.

  • Connect the cable to the TV jack using the plug.
  • Enter the menu.
  • Reception mode Cable TV
  • Select automatic setup.
  • Next, select the customer service operator. Select only your operator if it is not in this list, be sure to click on the other.

Search type, three options will be offered.

  • Full, scanning all available frequencies.
  • Quick, it is necessary to maintain the initial frequency of broadcasting.
  • Network, Ride Network Parameters.
  • Initial and final frequency, modulation, speed, ID. Specify this information from your service provider.
  • Search options for only CTV, if you need an analog, then remove the checkbox.
  • All click on start and expect an end, the process take more than ten minutes.

How to set up satellite channels

Considering the question of how to configure LG TV to receive channels from the satellite, you need to know that satellite TV can be installed manual and automatic ways.

Manual search

Used if the satellite parameters have changed or the standard settings are not suitable for the connection type. The algorithm is as follows:

  • Select “Satellite Settings”.
  • We establish the necessary parameters (they can be found from the company-provider of television services).
  • Run search for new parameters.

Automatic search

To install free satellite TV on the LG console, you will need:

  • Connect the tuner to the screen via HDMI. If the receiver is built-in, the cord is connected to the corresponding panel connector.
  • Go to “Menu”.
  • We go into the “Channels” and select the type of signal. “Satellite”.
  • Click “Setting the satellite”, check the parameters and click “OK”.
  • Go to the “Autopoysk” and launch it.
  • We get the installed satellite TV.

note! To view paid channels, you will need to insert Ci or Ci card adapter

Listed methods help themselves cope with the setup setup LG 90% of users. If the installation failed, you need to check the correct connection of all items.

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