How to synchronize a copy of Airpods?

On the iPhone device, go to the “home” screen. Open the case in which AirPods is located and put it next to the iPhone. The iPhone device will display the animated setting program settings. Click “Connect” and select “Ready”.

  • We place headphones in the case.
  • Close the lid and wait 30 seconds.
  • Open the lid (we don’t pull out the headphones!).
  • Click and hold (!) button on the back of the case.
  • We are waiting for at least 15 seconds (until the indicator on the case begins to flash orange).

How to synchronize Chinese wireless headphones?

On Airpods, this is done quite simply: place wireless headphones in the case for charging. Click and not release the button on the back of the case, 15-20 seconds. The indicator must be damaged with a yellow LED and then light up with white.

A new firmware came out. What to do if AirPods no longer connect to each other?

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A new firmware has recently been released on Airpods Pro at 3E751 number. Updates of headphones are completely unobvious. At some point, the firmware on the iPhone is downloaded, and any convenient moment iPhone updates AirPods firmware.

In most cases, the firmware rolls successfully and no problems arise. But there is a small chance to break everything. For example, how it happened to me.

A new firmware came out. When I came to work, put them on charging (the firmware is updated at the moment when they are charged and connected to the iPhone).

I took out alone to talk about the zoom with a colleague with poppy. Mac offered to connect to him, and I agreed with this proposal. There was a sound of connection to the device. After that, I took out the second headphone and again the sound of the connection was heard (I already feel something wrong).

During the call, I heard the sound of only one Airpod. The second connected to the iPhone. I still wanted to connect the second headphone. I put both back into the case, took it out, and again one connects to the poppy, and the second to the iPhone. I decided that it was necessary to untie them from the iPhone and refresh, and at that moment I noticed that when both headphones are in the case, the bulb constantly flickers red.

If you take out one, then constant green lights up. With the second the same. Pressing the synchronization button does not lead to anything.

combine, copy, airpods, themselves

It turned out that one headphone was updated for a new firmware, but the second is not, and now they cannot work in pairs.

Or another situation, you have a one headphone broke down and you decided to buy or exchange for a new. The headphone who broke was on the new firmware, and the replacement was still on the old. The situation may arise in the same way that headphones cannot synchronize with the iPhone.

At first I tried to find a solution to this problem on the Internet, but in Runet there is not a single adequate instruction. Apple’s call in support was also unsuccessful. As a result, on the Reddite forum, I found instructions that allows you to cure this problem.

combine, copy, airpods, themselves

Instructions on how to make Airpods recognize each other again

Extract one Airpod and put it aside.

Close the case for 10 seconds and open it again. The bulb should burn green or white. With one headphone in the case, hold the synchronization button until the light is flickering white.

The iPhone will be displayed with an AirPods connection. It is necessary to synchronize and insert it into the ear. The second headphone lies nearby all this time.

Why Ticks Are So Hard To Kill

Turn on music or podcast for 10-20 minutes.

Set aside the paired Airpod (not on the case) and repeat the step 1 with the second headphone. After synchronization, you will see two connected headphones in the settings.

Repeat the listening of music with the second headphone. (10-20 minutes)

combine, copy, airpods, themselves

After that, both headphones must be put in the case. The light bulb will again blink red. Leave the case open and connected to charging for several hours (about 2 hours).

Close the case and leave it on charging. So they need to be left for another 2 hours.

Open the case, the light should light up green.

In the Blutuz settings, two created headphones must be removed.

Open the case (will burn red). Press and hold the synchronization button for 10-15 seconds while the red light flashes. Holding the button pressed for 15 seconds completely drops the settings of the headphones.

After that, you can synchronize them, as before.

I am amazed at how Apple allows such situations, it would probably be fewer problems if updates were installed more clearly.

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P.S. Be sure to read the instructions, it will help.

A new firmware has recently been released on Airpods Pro at 3E751 number. Updates of headphones are completely unobvious. At some point, the firmware on the iPhone is downloaded, and any convenient moment iPhone updates AirPods firmware. In most cases, the firmware rolls successfully and no problems arise. But there is a small chance to break everything. For example, how it happened to me. A new firmware came out.

How to set up a new Airpods headphone with an old headphone or case?

Lost one headphone Airpods or even Case itself? Bought a new one and now you don’t know how to connect it to the kit? Today we will give useful instructions for synchronization of the left/right headphone with the old set.

So, when using the new headphone or charger Airpods, it is necessary to synchronize them. Do not worry, the headphones are easily tuned, even if they were not bought in one set. But keep in mind, wireless headphones of different generations (1st and 2nd) will not work together, so carefully choose the appropriate model of Apple headphones.

How to set up a new Airpods wireless headphone with a second headphone and an old case?

First, place both headphones in the case; 2. Then open the case cover and follow the light indicator of the condition, it must flash orange; 3. After that, close the lid and connect your case to the charger for 40 minutes; four. After that, open the lid, on the back of the case there is a setting button. Click on it and hold it until the status indicator begins to flash white; 5. Bring the case with the headphones to your iPhone (the phone should be unlocked at this moment); 6. The iPhone should appear a welcome screensaver of the AirPods configuration program; 7. Click “Connect” and select “Ready”; eight. Your headphones are synchronized and ready to work.

The loss of one headphone from the AirPods kit is a very common story, which is why you can buy AirPods left or right.wing headphone on the IREY!

If after 40 minutes the indicator continues to flash orange, connect the case to the power source and wait another 60 minutes. After that, open the lid again, press and hold the tincture button until the indicator begins to burn in white.

We work with Mon-Fri from 10:00 to 19:00, SB. from 10:00 to 18:00, Sun. day off.

Do I need to carry a case from AirPods with you?

And it needs to be carried with you, because it is in it that the headphones are charged and, very importantly, they are not lost. After all, they are not connected with anything wires, if you drag small and light liners into your s. they may be lost. Samsung iconx 2018 has become less than before, but carry it with you anyway.

The charging process takes place using a special case, in which contacts are located for charging headphones and a connector for connecting power from the network, pay attention. you can charge a case without headphones, but charging wireless headphones without a case will no longer be possible.

How can you charge wireless headphones?

Owners are often interested in whether it is possible to charge Bluetooth headphones from the phone. You should not do this. By supplying power directly through the wire of the phone charger, you can damage the headset. This is due to the fact that the current force of the battery of headphones and charging does not coincide.

How to connect some AirPods Pro to two iPhone, iPad, iPod at the same time?

New wireless Apple Hollymen are convenient, including the fact that when you want to listen to a cool track with a friend/girlfriend, you can connect to the iPhone as two AirPods Pro from different pairs and two pairs of AirPods Pro at once. over, if you want to listen to different tracks, you can connect some AirPods Pro to two iPhone at the same time.

Unlike most models such as True Wireless, which are capable of only one playback device in Bluetooth conjugation mode, and ordinary Eirds and AirPods Pro are able to maintain a Bluetooth connection simultaneously with two iOS devices.

That is, in some Airpods you can listen to different tracks from different devices. And so these headphones can work not only with the iPhone, but also with iPad and IPOD, moreover, in different combinations.

How to connect some AirPods Pro to two iPhone, iPad, iPod at the same time?

As we have already said, nothing complicated. For example, we take some AirPods Pro and two iPhone and do the following:

  • We put both Airpods Pro in their case and close the lid;
  • Open the case cover and connect Airpods Pro to the first iPhone (as usual);
  • After the successful completion of the procedure for connecting headphones to the first iPhone, we take out one Airpods Pro from the case (left or right. to choose from) and remove it for a while away from the case;
  • Now we close the case cover again (one headphone remained inside) and bring the second iPhone closer;
  • We take the case open the lid and clamp the case button for a few seconds until a request for connection AirPods appears on the second iPhone screen;
  • We allow the conjugation, after which the second iPhone will automatically pick up the headphone.

That’s all. Now two AirPods Pro from one pair will take audio signals with two different iPhone. Of course, instead of one of the iPhone, you can connect iPad or iPod. In the same way, you can connect two headphones to two iPad or to two iPod.

How to restart AirPods is not the original?

After turning off the headphones, touch both headphones and hold for 10 seconds. During this time, one of the headphones will light up in white, then both headphones will blink red and green alternately, then release the headphones. Such an indication means that the reset of the settings is completed successfully.

How to combine headphones among themselves?

Activate the bluetooth headphones mode. Press and hold the power button or ID set button. When the indicator starts to flash quickly, release the button. Bluetooth headphones are included in the mating mode.

The result (sad)

Similar headphones in no case should be taken. If you want a “past”, it is better to dig and buy original. Such experiments or savings in any hypostasis did not give up to you.

I found my mom’s old ipad!

There are no advantages in these headphones. Some disadvantages.

And this is a top, in general opinion, a copy It is scary to imagine what is with others, which are supposedly worse.

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I continue to experiment with Chinese fake headphones under an apple brand. This time I took a copy of AirPods Pro. Before ordering, I watched the overview of these models, and bought it from the same seller as in a review by one author on YouTube. One of the best copies was promised. with almost all the functions, like the original. I will run.

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AirPods Pro-generation review (2022). Is it really time to update?

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Well, this is just the cheapest and lousy copy of you. in the seats for silicone liners it is clear that these pits were worth a thousand. On expensive copies, the grid, not stickers, very good assembly quality is the transparency mode. Recently, a version with some active noise reduction has been released for a limited sale, but according to reviews it is still somewhere from Eplovsky work. Reddit has an AirReps section, there is the channel of the same name in the discord, they live lively there. As a scientific experiment, based on recommendations and reviews in AirReps, I ordered Airpods Pro 3.8, at that time the most advanced. There is transparency (so-so, but there is), there is no noise, no auditoring, there is no iCloud-connect to mocks. But to understand the landing in the ears. enough. In principle, not a drop of WF-1000xm3, although they sit in ears two orders of magnitude better. But still, even in comparison with fakes of half a year ago, the Chinese took a huge step forward. And now, different se villages are pre-upset about the integration of the Bluetooth chips with active noise reduction, so after two or three months, the working full-functional eir-pose of the missile defense systems that have not only been tied to the Apple Web services.

@Dave. what does half? With how it works for me, it will be easier to say that it will not be at all. I don’t understand at all in the reviews they say that the Summies are jamming everything very well (almost nothing is heard around). But I have a noise.deater only slightly muffles the external noise, which is enough to listen to podcasts or audiobooks in the subway. Of course, I can’t compare how the Schudodav works in other headphones (since I never wore such before the past), but when they talk about a good Schumododav in them, I do not understand this.

@Silmaril. It is very strange, the noise in them is really good, of course you can hear high anyway, but the bottom and the middle are perfectly jerking off. I turn on the shopping center or along the street and only music remains, without impurities of what other sounds. I am especially audible, after the transparency regime, it cuts off almost everything.

@Dave. but let’s all who write that I bought good ears will throw links on them where I bought

Autonomy, sound and microphone

The main criterion in all the wireless techno-post is autonomy, and in these copies, alas, this is not so good.

Original headphones keep up to 5 hours in the mode of listening to music and up to 3 hours in colloquial mode, plus the case recruits completely headphones 5 times, totaling from 15 to 25 hours, depending on use.

As for copies, in the musical mode, headphones keep up to 3 hours, and then, not always, there are 2 hours. What depends on. it is incomprehensible. In the conversation mode up to 2 hours stable. The case is able to completely charge the headphones 4 times. According to the estimates, it turns out from 8 to 12 hours, which is 2-3 times less compared to the original.

For some reason, the right headphone, considered the main one, is discharged faster than the left. For example, in the left after listening to music, about 60-65%remains, the right is 50-55%.

But it is enough to put the right headphone in the case for 10 minutes and the balance returns, but still with the full or partial charge of both headphones, the right will always be faster to discharge. For complete charging headphones, there are 45 minutes, for the case for 60 minutes, both through the wire and through the wireless station.

Sound does not give excellent quality, but blood does not pour blood from the ears. You can listen and hear music. In general, a weak middle peasant. The volume supply exceeds the supply of original by almost 2 times, however, grunting/hissing becomes disgusting and unbearable at the level just above 3/4.

The microphone is much better. They hear you well, both on the street and indoors. You can hear great too. Voices are not “chewed”, do not disappear and do not distort.

In all cases, the connection is excellent. There has never been a failure with the phone.

Management and chips

The sensors in the headphones are optical, and, I would say, a little tight. That is, you need to knock on them so decently for the correct work.

According to the musical part. a triple tap on the left headphone. the track back, triple there in the right. the track forward (in the original double taps). And here it is necessary to apply not only the effort on the tap of the headphone, but also to do it as quickly as possible.

You take out one headphone, left or right, music stops, put on it back, turns on. The phone on the phone is the same, with the exception of YouTube application. There the video stops, but when the headphone is returned to the ear does not turn on, only the slippers by phone.

Double slippers on the left ear. Siri is turned on, double slippers in the right. music or video stops. If they call, then a double slippers on the left ear. hift, on the right. to accept the call.

If you say the branded: “Hello, siri”, then Madame will start. It is impossible to change the methods of slippers in the settings. How the headphones are programmed, and use.

Everything works with both two headphones, and with one. With only one headphone sound signal, which sounds when putting headphones into the ears, turns on a couple of times, notifying that the connection is established. By the way, there are no Chinese melodies, greetings or farewells.

It’s funny that copies work both on iOS and Android, and if the original on Android needs crutches for normal work, then copies do not need anything.

Autonomy, sound and microphone

I will not walk around the bush. In musical mode, headphones keep up to 1 hour! In the conversation mode the same story. The case is able to completely charge the headphones 1 time. Well, it turns out up to 2 hours. I have not met such autonomy for a long time 🙂

The right headphone, considered the main one, is discharged faster than the left. This is a Chinese feature for all such headphones. How much is the full charge of headphones and the case. I don’t know. I already wrote above that how they do not charge them, all the same, the case will be with an incomplete charge, and the headphones in the charging imbalance (the right is always more discharged).

The sound of the bottom. Causes blood from the ears. It is impossible to listen to music only if you hear through the pain, as I did. How to describe this horror. I don’t know. Volume reserve. before the explosion of the auricle.

The microphone is also the bottom. They hear you badly, you hear badly. There is no one on the street at all.

The only plus is that the connection is kept stable (when two headphones).

Management and chips

Sensors in the headphones are optical, like simple AirPods. There are no clicks, only double tapping (and previously there were triples).

But there are no sensors for determining the location of the headphones. As soon as you connect them to the phone, music automatically turns on. And all. Further hands.

There are no other sensors, only stickers, well, or drawings in other similar copies.

With one headphone, work is possible permanently. It works, then cuts out. With any compounds and discharge of the battery, everything is accompanied by a female voice.