Cloning an app on Xiaomi using MIUI

Now let’s proceed to the most important thing. directly to the procedure of creating a dual application. There are two ways to do this:

The first option is preferable, because it does not take up additional space on the internal memory and the risk of disruption to the program is minimized.

Check whether there is such a function on the device. Let’s take the example of Xiaomi Redmi 4A phone model on MIUI 10.2.

  • Go to “Settings”. “Applications”, now “Dual applications.
  • Click on this item and a list of applications ready to be cloned appears.
  • Choose the one you need and move the slider “On.”
  • The cloning process begins. Done. You can distinguish a clone from the original by a special icon.

Clone apps is an option that allows you to use in one app for 2 accounts in Telegram, Whats’App, Viber, Instagram and other services for communication.

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  • Open Settings and find the Clone apps/Double apps line in the Applications/Settings block and click on it. A new screen will display a list of programs that support cloning.
  • Move the slider next to the application of interest to the right.

To delete a clone, you need to move the slider to the left. Correspondence history, saved audio, video and photo files will also be deleted.

Xiaomi Redmi Note 10 (Pro): How to clone an app? (AppTwin) 2 WhatsApp / 2 & more

How to create

To create a clone of an application in MIUI 11 run the settings, find the line “Applications”. Now select the “Clone apps” line. For the example, I’ll choose “Burger King”, activate the switch next to it. MIUI 11 will ask you to create a copy of Google services, agree. Go back to the desktop, on it you will find a second shortcut for the program, which is indicated by a yellow icon in the lower left corner, indicating that it is a clone and not the original.

How to clone apps in MIUI 12 on Xiaomi (Redmi)

Cloning programs in MIUI on Xiaomi (Redmi) appeared a long time ago, its task is to create an absolute copy of the installed application, which will work with another account, or perform other tasks.

Most often, a clone of an app in MIUI 12 is created to work with a second account at the same time, which cannot be done in the vast majority of Android apps. But not because this feature is not available in the operating system, but because app developers don’t want it.

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In particular, because very often the account is automatically linked to the phone number, or to the Google account, under which you are authorized on the smartphone, and for most people this is enough, they do not need to understand all the intricacies of the technical part of authorization.

But sometimes, if you want to communicate simultaneously from two accounts in a messenger, or in a social network, the only way out is to clone software in MIUI 12.

The cloning is done automatically, you just need to select the program and wait until the process is completed. Below I’ll give you a step-by-step guide to the whole process of creating a twin app.

Open the Xiaomi settings, go to “Apps”. Now select “Clone apps”. For the example I use the program “Speedtest”, in your case it can be any other application. Opposite it is necessary to turn on the toggle switch. A dialog window will appear asking you to confirm your intentions, click “Create”.

Remember: when you create a clone of the application, a clone of Google services will be created, and when you create a second version of the game, a clone of the Google game services will be created. You should know that in rare cases, after deleting a clone remains in memory services clones, which in unfortunate circumstances can cause failures in other programs. For example, in my case it happened that the program Google Pay, which is responsible for contactless payments, after each payment I forgot my bank card and had to tie it again and again, until I figured out that it was the fault of Google services clones.

When the creation is complete, there will be a message about the successful creation of the clone, and the switch will be blue next to that application. Automatically a shortcut will be created on the desktop with a special yellow symbol, saying that this is a clone app. To delete a clone, you just need to turn off the rocker switch in the same menu and confirm the deletion in a pop-up window.

How to clone Viber, WhatsApp, Instagram apps on Xiaomi. Classmates,. Telegram and others

Clone Xiaomi applications, this feature allows you to run two identical applications on the same phone. For example, you can clone WhatsApp, Viber,. Instagram,. Odnoklassniki, Skype, Telegram, MailAgent and other applications installed on your smartphone.

Will be able to log in to the same application on your phone under different accounts. Not all applications support this feature, depending on your smartphone model and application version. It became possible to create a clone of the application on the phone after the release of Xiaomi MIUI 8. But at the moment for those who have a smartphone on a pure version of Android without the MIUI shell this is not possible, although in the future Google will add such a useful feature for many users. Also now you can not create clones of applications from Google, such as: YouTube, Gmail, maps and the like except WhatsApp, Viber and others, it is possible in the future to revise their policy. If there are any problems or you do not understand, see below reviews, perhaps someone has already added useful information that you were looking for.

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Let’s see how to clone WhatsApp or another application on Xiaomi Open “Settings”, then “Applications”, then “Dual applications” (or “Settings” and immediately the item “Clone applications”) Then choose the application for cloning in front of which we click on “On” or move the slider. Done! a copy can be viewed on the desktop or in the list of applications. The cloned app differs from the original with a special sign on the label.

If your Xiaomi does not support cloning, but you want to clone Viber, WhatsApp, Instagram app. Odnoklassniki,. Telegram or other programs, then you can download a free application that allows you to create clones. Open the Xiaomi Play Market or Google Play and download the best one after reading the reviews of those who have already downloaded and used the cloning application. You can delete the copy in the same way as you created it by toggling the switch or by pressing “Off”.

I hope that information about how to make two identical applications on one phone was useful. Do not forget to leave a review and specify the model of the device and the way you were able to copy this or that application that others left useful information from you. If the cloning is done differently on your smartphone or tablet, please share the method below in reviews. Perhaps the information left by you will be the most helpful. Thanks for the feedback and mutual help!

Cloning Xiaomi apps how to do it?

Cloning apps on Android. creating fully working copies of programs or games. This allows, for example, to use 2 different accounts simultaneously on one smartphone in a messenger (Whats App, Telegram) or a game. This article will teach you how to use this feature, built-in phones Xiaomi, Samsung, LG, Huawei, Honor, and tell you what to do if it is missing.

Cloning an app on Xiaomi (MIUI): how to clone?

Most Android smartphone firmware is capable of cloning applications so that a user can use the same application but from different accounts. Of course, not all applications can be cloned with the system ones will not be able to do so. In this article we will tell you how you can clone apps on Xiaomi and MIUI firmware.

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Here you need to click on the line Clone apps.

The list of applications for which cloning is available is in front of you. To clone an app, simply click on the radio button next to it (you will be able to select all the apps in this section at once).

The app icon has been added to your desktop, as indicated by the message.

The application clone usually appears on the last desktop, in addition, it has a special symbol:

To uninstall a clone app, in the same section of the Clone App section, click the radio button next to the desired app so that it is in the Off position.

The whole point is in the name: the user can create a copy of a messenger, game or service installed on the phone and use it in parallel with the original, having logged in under a different account. This is convenient when:

  • The app does not have a quick switch between accounts.
  • You need to create an account in the messenger to the number of the second SIM-card installed in the smartphone.
  • Need to speed up development in the online game (send gifts, participate in the referral program).

Another advantage of such a feature from Xiaomi. the clone icon is marked with a marker and placed on the new screen.

How you can clone Android-applications?

Before starting the cloning of mobile applications you should check the used version of the Android operating system for availability of such function on the mobile device. For example, Xiaomi phones have a special option that allows you to duplicate applications. called “Dual Applications”.

In order to create a copy of a mobile application, you need to find the application icon in the list of supported for cloning, and turn on the corresponding function using the switch next to the application name.

After that the Android operating system will create a duplicate copy of the application, move it to the main menu, and mark the copy with the appropriate marker. In this case, the original version of the application will remain unchanged, while the cloned version will allow you, for example, to access the social network under a different account.

Please note! If the operating system of your smartphone does not support such an option, you will have to use a third-party application.