How to see, cleanse and restore the history of Yandex.Browser on the phone with Android

The story of Yandex Brauzer on the phone contains information about all pages on the Internet that you opened through this observer. It can be viewed, used for navigation on previously visited sites, as well as cleaned from records so that no one can track your network activity.

All web pages ever opened in Yandex.Browser, persist in his history. History is available for viewing on a separate application tab and is presented in the form of a magazine.

Saved entries “Stories” are divided by days. You can go to any date and see which sites you visited on this day. Near each entry, the time of its creation is indicated.

Unfortunately, there is no functions of searching records in history in the mobile version of the browser. There is such an opportunity only on a computer. To find a previously visited site on a smartphone or tablet, you have to flip out and view the entire magazine.

In the history log, all the addresses of the sites that you opened in the browser since its installation are saved. The only exception is pages viewed in incognito mode. Information about them is not preserved at all, as if you had never entered them.

Incognito mode. a convenient tool for providing confidentiality. To open a website without saving a record in history, do the following:

After visiting the page, you can open a story and make sure that it has not been preserved information about your network activity.

How to clear the history of the browser in Google Chrome

According to official figures, Google Chrome is the most popular mobile browser on Android devices. With its help, about 85% of all users enters the Internet. Fortunately, the process of removing the history of your stay on the network in this browser is quite simple. First, open Chrome and go to the main settings menu. Then choose the point “History”. By the way, you can dial in the browser line “Chrome: // History” (without quotes) or even save this path in bookmarks in order to quickly move to it.

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Removing data on the history of visits on Google Chrome. Everything is simple and clear

Next, you need to choose what kind of time you want to delete data on the history of visits (for the last day, 7 days, a month, and so on), as well as related data. cookies or files saved in the cache. Now click “Clear“.

Clean the history of views on Samsung Internet

The Samsung Internet browser does not have a special option or setting to clean only the search history or search queries in the browser settings field. Instead, we need to clear the site data and the history of views.

Here are the steps to clear the search history on the Internet Samsung:

This will clear the story of the search and viewing in the Internet browser Samsung. Any search queries that were saved in the Samsung browser will also be removed.

How to clean the history of Samsung A12

At the first stage, you need to enter the settings and then move to the “Privacy” section.

There, find the point “Tracking actions”. Somewhere he will be in the center when scrolling. Go there.

clear, search, history, samsung

There, find “Management and a web post”. Found? Then enter it.

Galaxy S21/Ultra/Plus: How to Delete All Your Samsung Internet Browsing History

The next step parameter “Delete”. There you can easily find this button.

Now choose a period of time, although I’m almost sure that you will want to choose “for all the time”.

At this stage, determine what you want to clean. Maybe there is a site that you want to leave. then remove the bird. After the definition, press below “Next”

Now the last step is to click “Delete”. “OK” and the story on your Samsung A12 will be cleansed.

Now you can take for cleaning in web observers. Only in the browser chrome already does not need to do anything, only in others.

Delete the story of phone calls on the Samsung phone

Removing the history of calls on Samsung is not complicated. Run the “phone” and move to the tab of the last.

In this place, there is a chronologically ordered story of relations. Select “Three Points” and click delete.

If you want to delete one call, select the contact, then select the “Connection Information” option and click the basket icon or the top “Delete” on the right (depends on Samsung and the version of the Android).

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In this way, you can remove separate lines. If you want to remove all this, select the first icon on top.

Having chosen the story of all calls, click “Delete”. this is how you can clear the history of calls. As a result of this operation, your Samsung will be cleaned.

Clean the history of the Yandex Browser on the Samsung A50 / A51 J4 / A5 / J2 / A10 / J3 / A30 / A6 / A5 / A51 / A30S

To do this, you need to start directly the browser itself and click on vertical trootiness.

Next, select the settings (I have a black background in my picture, you may have white, but you can also make it dark).

Third step. Find the parameter “Clean data” (just twist the screen down until you see).

Now, opposite the required lines, put the birds (note what you want to clean and what to leave empty).

Last step “Clear data”. This all your Yandex browser will be clean and ready for new views and search for the necessary content.

Keep in mind that Yandex Browser is a program that collects data from users of the Russian.speaking Internet.

The more terms you enter in the search bar, the more facts the search system remembers you about you.

Recognizes behavior (for example, visited social networks), habits and purchase processes implemented on the phone.

And it’s not a secret. Internet giant is open for storing various user data. Creating an account, you automatically agree to collect your personal data, information about the created content (for example, e.mail, documents) or actions (including video viewed on YouTube).

How to Clear or Delete Keyboard History on Samsung Phones

You share the history of the search, even when you have not entered the system. Fortunately, you can forbid Yandex to view our activities, but this is the topic of another entry. Success.

Cleaning the entire story on the Honor phone

Removing the entire story from the “My actions” panel is irreversible, so you should think twice before we make a decision.

Refusal of saved actions takes place in a few steps. In the upper panel on the right is a symbol of three points in which we must press. Then go to the category to delete activity by.

In a pop.up window, you can delete data or service. We clean your search history by choosing the entire period and search service.

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In a situation where we want to abandon all actions, including information about advertising and video on YouTube, we just choose. All services in the opening menu.

How to delete history in Yandex.Browser

To clear the story in Yandex, you will need to do the following manipulations:

Try to figure out where to press, without signatures

  • On the main page to the right of the address line, click on three horizontal strips;
  • In the window that opens, click on the watch icon (this is the history of search queries);

You can delete one tab, and all at once

If necessary, in the drop-down window, you can choose not only the removal of the entire history, but also a specific tab, getting rid of the signs that you have ever visited it. This is very convenient, for example, if you need to hide the fact of visiting a web resource from someone. This can be relevant if several people use one device at once, or if you are afraid that your child who takes the device plays, will go where he should not go, in general, should not be.

How to disable Chrome synchronization

Keep in mind that if earlier you entered your Google account on a smartphone and other devices, then their data is synchronized with each other. In this case, the removal of the history of the browser, cookies, passwords and other information will be removed from all devices at once. If you want the data to delete on only one device, turn off the synchronization in the settings.

Chrome synchronizes all data with all your devices

  • Disconnect the “Chrome” synchronization parameter if you want to disable the synchronization of all the data;
  • Or open the “Synchronization Settings” tab and select data that you do not want to synchronize ”.

Synchronization is a very convenient thing, given that we can often start working on one device, and then switch to another. The only thing this tool does not apply to is the cache files. The fact is that the cache is the local data that the browser receives on a specific apparatus. On the smartphone they will be alone, on the tablet others, and on the computer. the third.