Open your browser, find and click the button with three dots in the upper right corner.

Clear cache, history and cookies on Samsung Freely

Over time, when you use the browser to search the Internet on your Samsung phone and tablet, temporary data accumulates and takes up large space in Samsung memory.

This temporary data, including cache, history and cookies, is automatically stored on your device. They will slow down your Samsung from time to time. A problem arises. how to clear cache, history or cookies on Samsung ?

Step # 2

A menu will appear. Scroll down to find and tap the Settings tab.

Step # 9

Here you can fine tune what exactly you want to remove. The menu is almost identical to that of the standard Samsung browser, but there is also the option to adjust the length of time to run. Choose what works for you, tap Browsing history and Cached images and files, then tap the CLEAR DATA button at the bottom.

How to clear History for Android Phones

Method 2: Clear cache in Samsung Galaxy browser manually (phone and tablet)

The browser you use on your Samsung device can create cache files, privacy records, and cookies that take up memory space and slow down your device. If your phone is low on memory, you can manually clear the cache in the Samsung Galaxy browser. Just follow the simple steps.

Press Internet MORE (menu icon) If you cannot find such a button, you can touch an empty space on the screen and it will appear.

Click on Settings in the menu select Privacy or Privacy & Security click on Clear Private Data / Clear Cache and Clear History. Then you can mark Browser History. Cache. Cookies and site data. to remove them all.

You can stop Suggest Search from the Privacy menu. by moving the slider to the “Off” position And it will not offer a dropdown menu when you enter text to search.

Click the Chrome menu icon (three dots). If you cannot find such a button, you can touch an empty space on the screen and it will appear.

Click on History to selectively delete history items over, you can click Clear Browser Data at the bottom of the screen to check the Browsing History checkbox. Cookies and site data. Cached images and files click Clear Data. to remove them.

You can choose which types of data are cached using the menu icon (three dots) Setting Privacy mark the files you want.

Note. In the same way, you can clear history on a Samsung tablet.

You can quickly manage and easily delete junk files on your Samsung phone with Samsung Cleaner App. Coolmuster Android Assistant (Android version). With this app you can speed up your Samsung phone. If you want to free up more space on your Samsung, you can use Android Assistant for PC to manage more data like call logs, contacts and text messages.

Also, it is important for you to clear browser data on your Samsung phone and tablet daily.

Android Manager for File Management on Windows / Mac

Delete junk files from Android phones in one click

How to backup and restore Android phone / tablet on computer? (4 ways)

How to clear search history on Android phone

How to Delete Browsing History on Samsung Phone (Clear Browser Cache)

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So you’ve bought yourself one of the bright new Samsung Galaxy smartphones, huh? You will be happy to know that the iris and fingerprint scanners on your high-tech gadget will perfectly protect your privacy from prying eyes. How to clear history on Samsung Galaxy S8? Read on to find out about this. However, from time to time, you may have to give your beautiful phone to a friend, loved one, or acquaintance. If this thought gives you a faint feeling, then it would be a good idea to know how to delete your browsing history. Samsung‘s Android smartphones come with the company’s own web browser, but that’s not a cause for concern as the whole process is pretty straightforward. So how to delete browser history and clear cache on Galaxy S8 and S8? It’s simple, you just need to follow a few steps outlined in the guide right below, the first guide is for Samsung’s default browser, and below we have prepared another guide for Google Chrome.

How to clear browser cache

This is an intermediate buffer that stores information that can be requested by the user when re-viewing the web pages, thereby speeding up their loading. Unclaimed data sometimes takes up a significant portion of memory. Therefore, it is recommended that you periodically clear your browser cache. How to do it

Mozilla Firefox

Open the menu “Tools”. “Erase Recent History”.

Specify the period, mark the necessary items and click “Clear now”.

How to clear browser history on Android

Browser Andriod. Click on the button with 3 dots, select “Personal data”, and then. “Clear history”.

Google Chrome. In the menu, select “History” and click on the button below “Clear history”, since you can clear the browser history on Android not only in the “native” browser.

Opera (for Andriod). Press the “O” icon, then. “History”, then. “Remove all”.

Opera Classic. Press the “O” icon, go to “Settings” and clear the history.

Mozilla Firefox. Open the “Parameters”, in them. the “Privacy” tab and click “Delete data”. We mark the inscriptions “Journal”: by deleting it, we delete the history.

Dolphin browser. At the bottom there is an image of a dolphin, when you click on it, a button with three stripes will appear, click on them, then. “Settings”, and in them select “Privacy”.

Boat. Pull out the settings panel (from right to left). Press the button with three dots and three horizontal lines. In the panel that appears, click “Settings”, then. “Personal data” and complete the cleaning (“Clear data”).

UC. In “Settings” we find “Clear records” and click there.

YouTube. Open “Settings” in the application, select “Search” in the list and click “Clear history”.

Skype and QIP. To delete Skype history, you need to delete the data of the entire application. Go to Andriod settings, click on “Applications”, select “Skype” (“QIP”) and in it click “Erase Data”.

The hint on how to clean Android completely (not in just one messenger or browser) is relevant for those users who like to quickly get rid of unnecessary “garbage” in the phone. To do this, you need to download a special application, for example, “Android System Cleaner” or “Clean Master”. Launch the application, click “Clear” (you can choose what you want to leave).

How to clear cache in Mozilla Firefox

To clear the cache in the Mozilla browser, click on the menu button in the toolbar and go to the settings. In the list of settings, select the “Advanced” panel and go to the “Network” tab and click on the “Clear now” button in the “Cached Web Content” section.

Also, the latest versions of this browser support automatic cache deletion. If you put down the necessary settings, you will no longer need to worry about how to clear the browser cache.

To set up automatic cache clearing in your Mozilla browser, go to your browser settings, but this time select the Privacy panel and open the History section. Check the box next to “Clear history when Firefox is closed.” Now the cache will be cleared automatically when you exit the browser.

Why clear history on Samsung phone

clear, history, samsung

There are many different reasons for clearing history on Samsung Galaxy duos a3, S8, a5, j3, j2 and so on. Below are the two most common reasons.

Memory. If you surf the internet a lot on your Samsung mobile and then clear your history, you can clear some places that may be filled with other data.

Confidentiality. If you are looking to sell your cell phone and want to make sure that you still have personal data, knowing how to clear Samsung’s history will ensure that no one can view your history.

These are just some of the most common reasons for clearing browsing history on Samsung.

How to Delete Browsing and Browsing History on Samsung Smartphone

At some point, using a browser on a Samsung phone or tablet, you may notice a rather significant drop in application performance.

Some people mistakenly believe that slower browser performance is the result of internet problems.

For this reason, like so many others, it’s time to clear all your search and pageview history, cookies and cache.

Most modern browsers are equipped with mechanisms that allow you to browse the Internet in the so-called “private mode”.

Once enabled, the browser does not save any search history, cookies, temporary files or page browsing history on the Samsung phone.

After clearing all browser-generated elements when visiting subsequent pages, you can expect both positive and negative effects. slightly longer loading times, but only when visiting for the first time

Delete Phone Call History on Samsung Phone

Deleting call history on Samsung is not difficult. Launch “Phone” and move to the last tab.

This location displays a chronologically ordered history of links. Select “Three dots” and click delete.

If you want to delete one call, highlight the contact, then select the “Connection Details” option and click the trash can icon or at the top right “Delete” (depends on Samsung and android version).

In this way, you can delete individual lines. If you want to remove all this. select the icon first from the top.

After selecting the history of all calls, click “Delete”. this way you can clear the call history. As a result of this operation, your Samsung will be cleared.

How to clear your browser’s search and browsing history

Unfortunately, this method only works correctly if you are using the Chrome or Yandex app (Yandex uses chrome technology), so if you are using the default app to browse sites, and on Samsung this is the “internet” browser you will not be able to use this way.

Step. open the Google Chrome app.

Step. tap on the three dots icon located in the upper right corner of the app.

Step. a menu will appear, and in this menu click on “Settings”.

Step. After that, you will be able to see all the settings of the Google Chrome app. Click on the “Personal Data” option.

Step. Scroll down and tap on the “Clear History” option.

Step. A small notification window will appear on the screen allowing you to select the data you want to clear from the browser.

Step. Make sure all the checkboxes are checked in the fields “Browsing history”, “Cache” and “Cookies and site data”, as well as any others that you want to delete.

Tap “Delete data” and then click “Clear“.

As I said above, the big disadvantage of this method is that if you are using a standard pageview application, you will not be able to use this method.

If you want to remove traces of visiting some sites on your Samsung phone without deleting all information from the device, then you should only clear browsing data.

Perfectly Delete All History on Samsung Phone

Let’s start by completely wiping your Samsung phone of data. To do this, you need to restore your smartphone to factory settings. Then he will be in the state in which we were after removing it from the box.

It is good to make a copy of the most important data in advance and remove the memory card. To restore the original settings of the smartphone, enter the settings menu, and then find the tabs “Backup” and “Reset”.

Then look in the submenu for “factory settings” or “reset”. We approve the team if we are convinced of the need to delete all data from our device.

After a while, our phone should restart and after a few seconds you will see a welcome message and a request to reconfigure your Google account.

Please note that the path to a specific menu may vary depending on the manufacturer, but in all cases, the procedure for restoring factory settings is the same.

What is cache?

Cache. these are temporary files that speed up your smartphone. They are stored in memory for later use by the operating system and applications. As you might have guessed, there are two types of cache: system cache and application cache. While its purpose is to make your Galaxy smartphone faster, it can also cause various software problems. Therefore, it is necessary to regularly clean.

How to clear cache on Samsung Galaxy smartphone

If you are completely unfamiliar with how to clear the cache on a Samsung Galaxy, then today we will go through the basic principles: what is the cache, what it is and how to clear the data cache on an Android device.

Galaxy S9/S9: How to Delete Browsing History (Remove All Evidence)

How to Clear System Cache on Samsung Galaxy

If it is the Android operating system that is behaving strangely and not one or two apps, you might want to try clearing the system cache. We recommend doing this every time you update your smartphone to a newer OS version. This helps prevent all sorts of software problems.

    Turn off your phone via the power menu. Press and hold the “Volume Up”, “Home” and “Power” buttons at the same time.

  • After that, you should see a blue screen, and then automatically go to recovery.
  • Use the volume control buttons to move up and down. So select “Wipe Cache Partition” and then press the “Power” button to confirm.
  • Upon completion of the process, a yellow inscription “Cache wipe complete” will appear at the bottom of the screen.

    You can now reboot your Samsung Galaxy by selecting “Reboot system now” from the menu. Then press the “Power” button to confirm.

  • The reboot may take a while, so please be patient.
  • Now you know how to clear the cache on your smartphone. If you have any questions. write to us!

    How to Disable Yandex Pop-up Tips on Your Phone?

    Not all users like the prompts that pop up while typing a query, sometimes the search engine’s suggestions interfere with web surfing, and some users are frankly annoyed by this option. For correct operation, the tool actively uses the previous requests of the gadget owner. Disable hints as follows:

    • Log in to your Yandex account.
    • Go to the start page
    • Select “Settings” / “Portal Settings” / “Search Settings”.
    • Uncheck all the boxes and click “Save”.

    If you need the browser to show suggestions only of previously visited pages, ignoring other prompts, do not uncheck the box “Show sites you visit often”.

    How to Clear Yandex History on Samsung Using Apps?

    There are quite a few optimizer apps for Android with a memory cleaning function that removes browser search history. Ten popular cleaning programs:

    • SD Maid. deletes history, cache, other unnecessary files, by default it does not affect user data and components of installed applications, while manual configuration of the list of cleaned items is available, work on a schedule, exceptions;
    • CCleaner. cleans residual garbage, including browsers, optimizes RAM by unloading inactive programs, has a selective cleaning option, runs on a schedule, additionally has a built-in monitor for charge, battery temperature, CPU modes, and also detects utilities with high background activity;
    • Droid Optimizer. has the functions of selective and automatic deletion of unnecessary data, including the history of web search, can “freeze” background processes, automatically close programs at startup, plus it is a “cleaner” on a schedule with customizable cleaning parameters;
    • Power Clean. cleans cache, temporary files, empty folders, clipboard data, freezes background applications and processes, optimizes RAM;
    • Avast Cleanup is an effective junk cleaner with the option to unload non-running applications and processes, frees up RAM, finds bulk data, can delete, copy and move them to disk, performs cleaning on a schedule;
    • Clean Master. specialized software for erasing history, cache, ad garbage and other unnecessary files, supports unloading inactive processes to free up RAM, built-in hibernation allows the user to disable background applications, additionally there is an antivirus scanner with the function of setting passwords for selected programs;
    • Super Cleaner. can remove residual software elements, search history, ads, cache, obsolete APK files, optimize RAM by unloading inactive processes, additionally supports advanced cleaning with the search for large files, duplicate photos, residual components of deleted applications and cache, allows set passwords and scan the system for unsafe (virus) components, in the settings you can set the scanning interval for the operating system;
    • Clean Master Lite. is a light version of Clean Master with options to clean the system cache, residual files and folders, unused APK files, browser history, can freeze running programs, freeing up RAM, in addition to the “Lite” version, there is an antivirus and an installer passwords for user-selected applications;
    • Avira Optimizer. an automatic cleaner for history, cache, junk files, it is possible to unload programs from RAM, additionally there are functions for manual cleaning of running applications, batch uninstallation of programs, removal of large software components and personal user data;
    • DU Speed ​​Booster is an automatic optimizer-cleaner with options to control and delete cache, residual elements, unnecessary system data, unused files on the drive, plus there is a viewer for deleted data, duplicate photo search, batch uninstall function.

    If you do not clean the Yandex history in a timely manner, the accumulated files can greatly “litter” your mobile device. The gadget may freeze or run slowly. In addition, the user’s personal information may be affected. To prevent this, it is worth spending some time deleting the history.

    How to Selectively Delete Yandex Browser Stories on Samsung?

    The so-called selective deletion of data from Yandex history will be useful for quickly erasing certain pages that you have visited earlier. This can be done as follows:

    • On the main page of Yandex Browser (where the “Scoreboard” and the tape with “Zen” are located) click on the symbol with the clock.
    • On the left side of the screen, select the page to be deleted by pressing and holding your finger on it for a couple of seconds.
    • In the pop-up list, click “Delete”.
    • Repeat manipulation with other elements of the story.

    This method does not affect the main history of the web browser. Also here you can work with bookmarks and tabs that have ever been opened on gadgets synchronized with the device.

    Delete History of Yandex Browser Views on Samsung. 5 Ways

    This and the following instructions are applicable to the Yandex web browser, but they can be taken as a basis for other popular Internet browsers. Google Chrome, Opera, Mozilla Firefox. If you are working as an unauthorized user in Yandex and you need to clear your history, use the following instruction:

    • Click on the three-dot symbol at the top right of the browser interface.
    • In the drop-down list select “Settings”.
    • Go to the “Privacy” section and then “Clear data”.
    • Check the box “History” (“Web page data”, “Cache”, “Passwords”, “Warnings for sites”, “Downloads” and “Open tabs” can also be checked at your discretion, keeping in mind that all associated with these options will be permanently deleted).
    • Click “Clear data”, confirm the operation with “Yes”.

    Here you can also reset all browser settings permanently. Deletion will not affect settings and data saved in your account.

    How to Erase the Correspondence with Alice in Yandex Browser on Samsung?

    Alice is a proprietary tool from Yandex with a hint of artificial intelligence. When communicating with the voice assistant, the dialogs are saved and can be seen by other users. Deleting a conversation is not a difficult task:

    • Open a window with the dialog to be deleted.
    • Click on the symbol with three dots in the upper right corner.
    • In the drop-down menu, select “Clear history”.

    Other search activity associated with “Alice” is removed along with the usual history of “Yandex”, using the methods discussed earlier. For even more privacy, it is recommended to completely disable the voice assistant.

    How to Disable Yandex Network Activity Recording on Samsung?

    Fortunately, all modern browsers make it very easy to hide the user’s activity history and destroy all data carried out online. If you want Yandex Browser not to record network activity at all, we recommend that you do the following:

    • Go back to “Settings”, section “Privacy”.
    • Disable “AutoFill Forms” and “Save History”.
    • Click “Clear Data” and repeat the above procedure.

    You can optionally choose not to delete certain types of files, such as cookies and cache. They reduce page load times and improve website browsing.

    How to Delete History in Yandex on Samsung. Clear Searches and Visited Sites

    When surfing the Internet, privacy plays an important role. The information collected by the browser can be used both for the benefit and for the harm of the user, in addition, active options affect the performance of the device, as they create a certain load on it. Let’s consider how to clear the Yandex history on a phone running the Android operating system.

    How to Clear Yandex Global Search History on Samsung?

    Clearing Yandex’s global history means completely or partially deleting data from your account, but not from the browser itself. This can be done as follows:

    • Log in to the Yandex account whose history you want to clear.
    • Go to
    • Select “Settings” in the upper right.
    • In the drop-down list, click “Portal Settings”.
    • In the new window, select the “Search” tab.
    • Activate the button “Clear request history”.

    Your personal history will be deleted within a few minutes. If there is a need to make your stay in your account as invisible as possible, here in the Yandex settings:

    • Go to the “Location” tab, uncheck the box “Detect city automatically” and click “Save”.
    • Move to “My places” and erase all information here.
    • In the already familiar “Search” section, uncheck all the items and click “Clear query history”.
    • In “Advertising”, uncheck the blocks “Show”, “Consider my interests”, “Location”.
    • In “Notifications”, check the boxes of your choice if, for example, you want to see “Weather Alerts” or “Stickers”, but remember that using notifications will not have the best effect on privacy.

    Galaxy S10/S10/S10E: Clear/Remove/Delete Browsing History (Erase Evidence!)

    On the “Passport” tab, you can change, delete or add different data about the user, work with subscriptions, manage services. Also in “Yandex Settings” there is a search filtering option, set “Unlimited”, “Moderate” or “Family” at your discretion.

    How to delete history in Yandex on Samsung

    Open the Yandex browser on your smartphone. On the main page, in the search field on the right, click on the Menu button.

    On this page, at the bottom, click on the clock-shaped icon. Click here on any site address in history and hold without releasing.

    In the window that opens, click Clear history. All is ready.

    How to Delete History on Samsung Phone

    Hey! Today I will show you how to delete history on Samsung Galaxy phone. You can delete your search and browsing history on your Samsung Galaxy smartphone very simply and quickly. See the instructions below and write Комментарии и мнения владельцев if you have questions. Go!)

    How to Delete Google History on Samsung

    Open the Google Chrome browser on your smartphone. On the main page, at the top right, click on the Properties button.

    In the window that opens, click on the History tab.

    Next, click here on the Clear History tab.

    Select the time in which you want to clear history. Check the boxes next to the parameters you want to delete. Click on the button Delete data below.

    Note. There is an Advanced tab at the top. Here the Sites with saved passwords option will be checked by default. If you want to keep them, uncheck the box to the right of the option.

    All is ready. You have deleted all your search and browsing history.

    Still have questions? Write a comment! Good luck!

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