How to unlink your iPhone from the Apple ID before selling

Unfortunately, many users will not be able to completely remove the Apple ID on their own. Clearing can only be done by request to the service center. Such measures are due to security requirements.

To delete your Apple ID profile, you must submit a request:

  • Visit the official website of Apple.
  • Go to “Support” section and select the “Contact Support” line.
  • A little lower on the page is the “Apple Specialists” line, under which there is a “Get Help” button.
  • Choose “Apple Identity”. “Other ID problems”. “No subject.
  • In the window that opens, you need to write briefly about the problem. The text should be in English, so it is better to use the online translation service.
  • When sending, a pop-up window will appear where the client will be offered a time to contact the operator: “now” or “later.

A specialist will call you back at a specified time, clarify the information about the user and the account deletion, and then approve or reject the request. This method of getting rid of files is better, if you compare it to the way you format your iPhone.

Please note! Partition names may vary slightly, depending on the version of the iOS operating system and the type of phone. So, for example, for phones S, SE and 5,6,7 algorithms will be slightly different.

How to delete contacts on iPhone

Do not worry. Everyone has faced this situation. In fact iOS is an excellent mobile operating system, just here the menu items are not arranged in the same way as in Android, and initially it will be unusual, especially if you want to delete contacts from the iPhone or several at once. We have described all the options for you.

Deleting a single contact from your iPhone

Here, as a rule, there are definitely no problems, so the procedure is as follows:

  • On your device, go to the Contacts application;
  • In the list, find the caller whose number you want to delete and click on it;
    clear, contacts, iphone
  • In the upper right corner, tap “Edit” to go to the user’s edit menu;
  • Swipe down to the bottom, where there will be a “Delete Contact” tab. Click on it;
  • Confirm the deletion by tapping the appropriate tab again.

From this point on, the contact you selected and all of their data is deleted, including information with notes (if you left them for this user), email addresses, and other information.

Deleting multiple contacts via iCloud

The cloud service iCloud allows you to make various operations on your device, using the remote access of your Apple ID, and you can do the same trick with the numbers:

  • Go to and log in with your Apple ID, which is used in your iPhone;
  • On the main window in the service, after logging in, go to Contacts;
  • If the notification appears, Trust this browser, click Trust;
  • Select, holding CTRL on your keyboard, which contacts to delete from your device by marking them with one click;
  • In the bottom left corner after you’ve highlighted, click on the gear icon;
  • In the menu that appears, click on the “Delete” tab and confirm the operation.

From this point on, all the contact information you’ve highlighted will be deleted in iCloud, accordingly, on your device, too.

Delete all contacts on your iPhone using iTunes

You can delete all the necessary contacts on your iPhone using iTunes, which offers a huge range of options to all owners of Apple products. Yes, you will have to connect your smartphone to your computer, but in general the procedure is done in a few steps:

  • Connect your iPhone to your computer using a USB cable. If there are suddenly problems, we advise you to read: why the computer does not see the phone via USB;
  • Open the iTunes application on your computer and click on our phone icon;
  • In the main menu, go to the “Details” section;
  • Find the item “Synchronize contacts” and put a checkmark near it, as well as activate the checkmark near the item “All contacts. It is important to understand that in fact there is no data on our PC, so during synchronization on the phone all the records will be deleted;
  • Scroll down the menu to “Extras,” and there select the “Contacts” tab, also checking the box;
  • We start the syncing process now on our iTunes by clicking the “Apply” tab at the bottom and after a few minutes we can go to “Contacts” on our device and see that the records are gone.

In this unpretentious way you can completely clear contacts data in a few clicks through iTunes.

Attention! You can’t delete several contacts on your iPhone at once, so you can’t delete several records with the standard iOS tools on your device. In this case, you need to use either iCloud or delete one contact at a time. If the data is not particularly important on your smartphone, just do a full factory reset.

How to delete contacts from iPhone. all ways

Perhaps each of us has faced the need to remove contacts from the iPhone. In some cases a “total cleaning” is required, for example, if you bought a used iPhone and its previous owner did not clear the phone. Today we will look at all the existing ways to delete contacts on the iPhone.

There are several ways how to delete contacts from iPhone: it’s deleting each record individually, deleting all contacts from iPhone completely or some selective ones with the help of iCloud. For those who use a jailbreak, there are two more ways to do this, which we will discuss further.

Delete one contact

I think we should start with the standard ways.

I won’t describe all the details, I will give quite a brief instruction (plus I added screenshots just in case. they will absolutely help you to orientate yourself and do everything right).

So, you go to the standard application “Contacts” and select any name.

In the upper right corner, click on edit, and then scroll all the way down the screen and click delete.

That’s all! Agree, very simple. But if you have a lot of phone numbers in your address book and you want to get rid of all of them at once, then read on!

Delete all contacts at once on iPhone 5s and other models

Regardless of the model of iPhone contacts can be deleted one by one through the functionality of the device itself, or with the help of services that were specifically designed by Apple to facilitate work, file storage and synchronization. The latter help avoid complete loss of user-critical information in the case of theft or physical destruction of the phone or tablet.

One way to mass delete is to use the iTunes service, which is not only a huge media player and storage of user audio and video files, but also a synchronization service for other data. The second way involves using the cloud storage service iCloud.

Important! In addition to basic components like reminders, notes, calendars, photos, mail, and documents, the storage can contain user contact records with phone numbers and names.

Also deleting contacts via third-party applications and features is available. First of all it is recommended to use the standard and officially available. This helps to save yourself from the problems associated with viruses and possible malfunctions that can occur when installing jeelbreaks and third-party software.

Below will be considered the standard methods, and in the next section. the use of third-party applications. It’s worth remembering that this works for most new iPhone models, including iPhone 4, 4S, 5, 5S and so on.

Log in to one of the accounts to quickly clear your address book

How to delete contacts in groups via iCloud

To delete several records or even all contacts from an Apple gadget at once it’s necessary to synchronize them with iCloud cloud storage. If this is not done, you will have to do the backup yourself.

It’s extremely easy to do. You need to go to “Settings” of the phone from the main menu and select the item “iCloud. In this window, simply activate the switch called “Contacts” (moves from the “Off” state to “On”). As soon as the gadget connects to a quality cellular network or Wi-Fi access point, the data selected by the user will be uploaded to the server and synchronized successfully. After that you can start deleting contacts or other copied information. In this case, the procedure is as follows:

  • Log in to iCloud service through the official website ( on your PC. It can be done from the phone, but the process will not be very comfortable.
  • Sign in with your iCloud login and password. This is common for all Apple ID accounts.
  • After entering, go to “Contacts” application. It integrates with the phone app after synchronization and contains the same records.
  • Press and hold Ctrl key. At the same time it is necessary to choose records of contacts which should be deleted.
  • Click on the “Delete” button (“Del”) and confirm your intentions. If user changes his mind, you can click “Cancel” button to prevent deletion of contacts.

After pressing the delete key, all entries from the contact application will be deleted. This action will also affect the application on your phone. You need to carefully check each contact before deleting. You may have the data you need.

How to delete all contacts from iPhone via iTunes

As it has become clear, there are several problems with the normal delete functionality. It can’t delete all phonebook entries at once. Perhaps this is done for security reasons and an attempt to save user data, or such features are hard to enter on iOS. In either case, there is a second way, based on using the iTunes application. The step-by-step instructions are as follows:

  • Start the program on your personal computer running Windows or Mac.
  • Connect the iPhone of any model to your computer via a normal original USB charging cable.
  • Wait until the gadget is detected and start setting up.
  • Go to “Device Info” to see all the data about the connected device.
  • Check the “Sync Contacts / Synchronize contacts” checkbox.
  • Check the same box next to “Delete” under “Advanced/Advanced” settings.
  • Click on the “Apply” button and confirm your intentions to delete some entries from the phone book.

Important! After a few seconds all data from the synchronized application will be irretrievably deleted. If you only need to erase a few entries from the phone book, this method is not suitable.

How To Delete All Contacts On iPhone!

You can clean your contacts through iTunes, too

How to delete a chat in WhatsApp on iPhone. correspondence management

Not so long ago, messengers came to replace regular communication, which allows you to correspond, communicate by voice and video, and store all the numbers in one app. Sometimes you have to delete not only this data, but also conversations with users: they become unnecessary or take up a lot of space. This article will tell you how to delete a chat in WhatsApp on iPhone, how to delete a contact from WhatsApp on iPhone and what are the ways to do it.

Cleaning iMessage

Correspondence in iMessage often includes, in addition to text messages, music, photos, videos, which after some time become irrelevant and continue to take up space. Here’s a way to free up iPhone memory without disrupting all your correspondence:

  • Open the dialog box with the media files you want to delete.
  • Activate the “Details” item, then bring up the content menu by holding your finger on some attachment, and press “”.
  • Mark the images to be deleted and click on trash.

How to delete contacts that were downloaded via iCloud?

iOS is a clever system that can import your friends’ contacts from various social networks, but sometimes it’s too overwhelming for your phonebook, creating duplicates and t. д. So how do you remove exactly those contacts that are automatically uploaded by the system from iCloud?

To do so, go to your phone’s settings section and select your personal data:

In the list, find the iCloud item and click on it. A new screen will open, where you’ll see statistics on how full the storage is, as well as a list of applications whose data are synchronized with the storage. In this list, find the “Contacts” item:

And turn off the slider, it should turn gray. After this the system will ask you what you want to do with those contacts that were synchronized before. remove or leave in the memory of the device. You must select delete. After this, all contacts that were transferred via iCloud will be completely deleted.

Before doing this, go to the phonebook and click “Groups” to check which services are synchronized, perhaps not only iCloud.

  • After that, go to your iPhone settings and select “iCloud”. You will see a page with all the data that are synchronized in iCloud.
  • Turn off the slider next to your contacts so that this data is no longer synced.

If you delete phone numbers, leaving iCloud enabled, then after, for example, the new owner of the smartphone will be able to re-enable the synchronization and erase the numbers. In that case they will be lost everywhere and you will lose them irretrievably. You can also learn how to get rid of duplicates in this blog article.

If you noticed that syncing wasn’t just to Apple’s cloud storage, then:

  • Select the service you want and also disable the cloud connection for your phone book. Phones will stop being copied to the cloud, and you can only erase them from your device.

If you do not use cloud storage then to quickly erase the phone book:

  • After that, download it and select the numbers you want to erase. Thanks to the app, you can check the box to delete all the numbers at once, and they will be erased from your smartphone. Cleaner Pro is good for this case, you can use it or find another one that you like better.

To remove multiple phones:

Thus you can manually erase names in phonebook one by one. For mass deletion, use the tips above.

That’s how in just two clicks you can clear your phonebook without fear that it will be cleared on other devices that are tethered to cloud storage as well.