Go to the cloud on iPhone

Cloud storage is hugely popular for its convenience and affordability. Many applications offer their users storage space for important files at affordable prices. Nevertheless, a branded iCloud cloud is available for iPhone owners, this article will help you to enter it.

iCloud Drive

The iCloud service allows you to store various user data in the cloud storage, and you can access them both from the iPhone and from other devices from Apple, including a Mac computer. In the latter case, the user can create a special folder on the computer, all files from which will be automatically uploaded to the cloud, and which can be viewed on the iCloud.com website.

To use the cloud on the iPhone and go into it, you must activate the corresponding feature in the device settings.

Scroll down and find the line “iCloud Drive”. Slide the switch to the right to activate data sync with cloud storage.

The iCloud Drive app will now appear on your desktop. Opening it, the user will be taken to the storage with free 5 gigabytes of disk space. We recommend reading our article on how to use iCloud on iPhone at the link below.

Go to the cloud on iPhone

IPhones have a built-in function of syncing with Apple’s iCloud cloud, but the user has the right to decide whether to enable it or use the services of third-party applications, for example, Dropbox or Yandex.Disk. The advantage of iCloud is ease of use on iOS devices.

Problems signing in to iCloud

At the end of the article, we will look at the most common problems and their solutions that arise when logging into iCloud, whether it is an application or a web version.

    Make sure Caps Lock is off and the Apple ID and password are correct. Please note that in some countries it is possible to use your phone number as your Apple ID. Forgot your username or password? Use our tips to regain access to your account.

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  • If your account has two-step verification enabled, check that the verification code you entered is correct;
  • If after logging in, not all sections are available to the user (for example, there are no Contacts or Notes), then you should go to “Settings”. “Your Apple ID”. “iCloud” and enable the necessary functions using the switches;
  • User may encounter various errors when logging into their Apple ID to activate iCloud. We described how to deal with them in the following articles.
  • Read more: “Apple ID blocked for security reasons”: returning access to the account Correcting the error connecting to the Apple ID server Correcting the error “Verification failed, failed to sign in”

  • Make sure “iCloud Drive” is enabled in iPhone settings. How to do this is described at the beginning of this article;
  • Update your device to the latest iOS version. This helps in case of incorrect application work due to incompatibility;
  • Files not syncing with other devices? Check if everyone is signed in with the same Apple ID.
  • The user can choose what kind of cloud storage he uses: standard Ikloud or third-party services. In the first case, you need to activate a special function in the settings.

    ICloud features

    The cloud syncs a lot of data

    Let’s see, what can iCloud sync? Standard transfer objects include:

    • Multimedia content (books, films, and so on). Your entire library will not be lost when you move to a new version of the iPhone, or when it breaks.
    • Photo and video. Not a single shot you take will be lost, which means that valuable memories will remain in your memory and phone account forever.
    • Settings. You don’t have to find the desired sound level or design again. iCloud will pull everything up by itself.
    • Messages and ringtones.
    • Application data (game progress, accounts, etc.)

    I especially want to dwell on the synchronization of application data: some games allow using synchronization to pause the level on the iPad and continue from the same place on the iPhone (and vice versa), which is very convenient, for example, in the case of a dead battery.

    How to sign in to iCloud from iPhone

    clear, cloud, iphone

    Owners of several Apple devices must know how to log into iCloud from an iPhone or iPad if necessary, because sometimes you need to get data from another device right now.

    For those who have never used iCloud: this is a cloud storage that not only makes it possible to store and synchronize your media files, contacts and other data. But it also backs up all devices, which will make it easy to transfer everything you need to a new model.

    How to sign in to the iPhone cloud

    It will not be possible to get into the storage through the standard Safari browser: you will be asked to log in to the iPhone and go into it, but in the meantime, it may be necessary to visit the full version, and not the mobile.

    For some, it is possible with the help of Google Chrome, but soon Apple will cover this possibility. To be able to log into your cloud or friend’s account, simply click “Share” and select “Full Site”, and then follow the resulting link. Similarly, you can immediately find the button “Full version”.

    Where to download iCloud?

    You do not need to download anything, the cloud service is built into iOS starting from version 5. Fully all functions become available after a free update to iOS 8 and higher. It is also worth noting that registration is unnecessary: ​​login and password from Apple ID are used to enter.

    Do not transfer your data from iCloud to third parties under any circumstances! They will be able to study all your photos, correspondence and other materials.

    When you might need to sign in to the iPhone cloud

    The data required for synchronization is marked

    It may be necessary to get into the repository through the site version in the following cases:

    • Asking a friend to drop an important file from his cloud. In order not to suffer with account unlinking and other troubles, you can simply log into iCloud in the browser.
    • Broken iPhone. For important meetings, you can pull out a contact number from synchronized contacts.
    • Desire for more convenient navigation. Someone likes this version more.

    Remember: by synchronizing your data with the cloud and being able to enter it, you will never lose important information.

    Method to remove junk from apps on iPhone

    Some applications have a specialized function that allows you to clean everything at once in the settings. With its help, you can clear the memory of the gadget without uninstalling the program itself. You can activate the option like this:

    • open the “Settings” of a particular utility;
    • find “Clear cache”.

    In multimedia players there is an excellent opportunity to eliminate unnecessary information directly from the desktop interface.

    You use everything that is installed?

    I note right away that all basic data is located in the social media identifier. Considering that Instagram, Odnoklassniki and other similar resources are constantly increasing the number of their users, this fact is important. On such services, users do not just write, they listen to music, watch videos, photos, download some content.

    How to Free Up iCloud Storage (& Never Worry About It Again)

    So the storage accumulates a lot of information that sooner or later no powerful system will be able to process. So you should check which programs you are using and which ones you update without doing. If necessary, you should delete everything unnecessary in order to clutter up your iPhone.

    How to clean on iPhone 6S or other via software reinstallation?

    There are several steps in this procedure, they will be as follows:

    • find in the settings “Basic parameters”;
    • in the “Statistics” subsection, click on “Storage”;
    • in the window that appears, you should view the application catalog, near each there is data on the amount of physical memory it occupies.

    After selecting the program you are interested in, you can view the space that it took on the disk. If you want, you can delete some application, and then download it again. This way you can erase everything you don’t need in the app.

    We use specialized software

    Another option that will help you clear the cache on any iPhone is using utilities. They are specially designed for this purpose. Now you can find both free options on the network, and those for which you have to pay.

    To begin with, I would like to point out the Magic Phone Cleaner utility. it is easy and simple to use by installing it on your phone.

    And there is a more perfect version. PhoneClean Pro. Install on a PC (Windows or MacOS), pair the iPhone and computer, activate the program through the system scan window (“Scan”. Scan). The utility checks and finds unnecessary objects to be deleted.

    There is one more product worth talking about. Clean Doctor. The program is free to download and does an excellent job. After activating the utility, go to the tab that allows you to clear the cache.

    Make a confirmation, and all unnecessary objects will be eliminated in automatic mode. It should be noted that sometimes it deletes files containing information about updates in some applications, games, so gamers have to start all over again. When you don’t want to lose your gaming achievements, you need to approach the issue of cleansing individually, do not clear the cache in the appropriate software.

    This utility excels in that it helps to control memory usage, marks applications that have been loaded for a long time, as well as not used.

    How to clear the cache on iPhone, free up memory

    The speed of execution of various commands of ultra-modern devices will impress anyone. New gadgets are interesting and comfortable to use, so their popularity is constantly growing. But the work of any device can slow down over time, the “apple” devices are no exception. For this reason, I would like to talk with you today about how to clear the cache on the iPhone.

    How to clear browser cache on iPhone

    Apple has installed the Safari browser on its equipment. So the cleanup procedure should start with this object, because we use browsers quite often. Cleaning it up is quite simple:

    • go to the smartphone settings;
    • find the software you want. Safari columnist;
    • after activation, scroll down to the menu with parameters;
    • choose cleaning;
    • confirm the action in the appropriate window.

    If you know exactly how to clear the cache, you can control this process at any time, if necessary. All active sections of the menu will change color to gray from blue, this indicates that the space in the device is freed up.

    How do I free up space on iCloud? [Instruction]

    Recently I was visiting friends and I, as an “Apple lover” (who said that?), Was once again asked to help with a problematic iPhone. The phone periodically popped up the message “Can’t create a backup for this iPhone because there is not enough free space in iCloud”, which was more annoying than causing any inconvenience.

    This problem, if you can call it that, is faced by many iPhone owners. But what to do with it, and why suddenly all the space in the iCloud storage turned out to be full, not many people know. Therefore, today I will tell you how to free up space in iCloud

    As you probably all know, when registering an Apple ID, Apple allocates 5GB of free space on its servers. These 5GB are intended for storing personal information (contacts, notes, etc.) and backups.

    At first it may seem that 5GB is a lot, but in fact it is “fucking so little”. Statistics are such that more than half of users do not pay enough attention to setting up their iOS devices.

    Therefore, quite often, many of them are faced with a situation where the iCloud storage is full and the above message starts to appear on the iPhone screen.

    To give you an idea of ​​what you are dealing with, below I will tell you why this message appears and what needs to be configured so that the storage is used optimally and does not overflow.

    • How to Copy Photos from iPhone to Computer. Instruction
    • How to Extract Data from Locked iPhone?. Instruction
    • What You Must Do Before Selling iPhone or iPad. Instructions
    • How to restore iPhone to factory settings. Instructions

    How to increase iCloud storage

    If you are one of those photographers who take their pictures exclusively on the iPhone 7 Plus and also store all these photos in iCloud, you definitely need to increase the amount of cloud storage. It is very simple to do this, and this pleasure is quite inexpensive. start at 0.99 for 50GB.

    You can expand your storage here: Settings. [Your Name]. iCloud. Manage Storage. Change storage plan.

    Disable iCloud Drive

    There is one more iCloud Drive function that is quite new for you and me, which quietly appeared in the next iOS update. So iCloud Drive allows you to store and sync through the cloud application data almost all that are installed on your iPhone.

    Thus, it turns out that all your Viber or WhatsApp correspondence with attachments, videos and porn pictures flies straight to the virtual storage. Again, the question is. do you need it? Disable!

    On your iOS device, go to Settings. Apple ID. iCloud, scroll down the page and disable either iCloud Drive completely, or select which applications should and which should not store their data in the cloud.

    Try it. it should help. Well, if it helped, like it (click one of the multi-colored buttons).

    Where did the free space go?

    So! Synchronization! You know the meaning of the term “sync to iCloud”? In short, this means that the information you have selected will also be stored in Apple’s “cloud” storage.

    In the future, this information can be synchronized with other devices that you use. Now take a look at the screenshot of iCloud settings below, and tell me which from the list will take up the most space.?

    Right! Of course, the photos that you take on your iPhone, as well as backups that also automatically go to the cloud.

    And now everyone who has activated the synchronization of the photo stream in iCloud honestly answer the question below, indicating your answer in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев to the article.

    How to get to photos that are synced to the iCloud cloud?

    Look at the statistics and think again. do you really need it so that all the photos are copied somewhere else? Personally, I have this feature disabled. I regularly manually copy photos that are important to me to my computer (link to instructions below).

    Go ahead. Did you know that in the iOS settings there is an option to set up an iCloud backup? What does this mean and how does it work? Every time your iPhone is connected to a charger and is in Wi-Fi range, it automatically backs up to the cloud. This is done regularly, and you usually don’t even know about it.

    Management of backup in iCloud of any of your devices is carried out as follows: go to Settings. [Your Name], then scroll down the page and select the desired device. On the Device Information page, there is a radio button for “iCloud Backup”.

    What information is stored in the backup? I wrote about this in a separate article (here’s a link). But most importantly, the backup can also include all the same photos.

    It turns out that with an incorrectly configured iPhone, the entire photo stream is copied to iCloud twice. First time in its original form, second time as part of a backup.

    This is the most common reason for an overflowing iCloud storage. If you really need photos to be available in the cloud, set it up in one place. either a photo stream or in a backup (I would choose the former).

    How to free up space on iCloud

    As we just found out, the main problem with overflowing iCloud storage is photos being stored and possibly twice. To see what takes up the most space in YOUR iCloud storage, go to Settings. [Your Name]. iCloud. Manage Storage.

    And here in this place everything should become clear to you. Usually the first two sections (iCloud Media Library and BACKUP) “eat up” the entire space. Our task is to remove duplicate photos and thus free up space in iCloud.

    It is not so easy to cope with Mediatek, tk. you need to manually clean up photos from your devices and wait for the changes to be applied to the photos synced to the cloud. Therefore, I suggest excluding photos from the backups you create. To do this, we do this:

    STEP 1. Click on the Backups item, then on the name of your device.

    STEP 2. In the SELECTING DATA FOR CREATING A COPY section, turn off the “Media Library” item (as well as the data of all those programs that, in your opinion, are not required for backup).

    STEP 3. Scroll down the page and click on “Delete Copy”.

    Yes, we need to delete the backup that took up all available iCloud storage space. Don’t worry, we will manually create a new copy that will no longer include the photostream. To do this, we do this:

    STEP 1. Go to Settings. [Your Name]. iCloud. iCloud Backup

    STEP 2. Click “Create a backup” wait until the creation process is completed.

    As you already understood, we deleted the old backup and then created a new one. The new backup does not contain a photo stream, which means it takes up significantly less space in the cloud.

    It may also happen that your Media Library has grown to an indecent size (more than 5GB). In this case, you need to either increase your iCloud storage or transfer photos from iPhone to computer and then delete them from iPhone.

    How to turn off cloud storage on iPhone?

    • Go to Settings [your name] then click iCloud.
    • Click “Manage Storage” “Backups”.
    • Click the name of the device you want to delete the backup.
    • Click Delete Copy Turn Off and Delete.

    How to get into the cloud on iPhone?

    From the iPhone or iPad home screen, open the Settings app. Go to iCloud. iCloud Drive. Turn on the “Cloud Drive” option and then return to the home screen. On your iPhone or iPad home screen, you’ll see the new iCloud Drive app.

    How to disable unload unused?

    To disable automatic unloading of applications, go to Settings. iTunes Store and App Store and turn off the Unload unused switch. It is here that this option is located, and along the path Settings. General. iPhone Storage, the switch appears only when offloading is disabled. May 27, 2018.

    How to clear cloud on iPhone 5s?

    One way to free up Apple cloud space is to delete old or unneeded backups from iCloud.

    • Go to iOS device settings.
    • Go to iCloud. Storage & Copies. Storage.
    • Select the backup you want to delete.
    • Click “Delete Copy”.

    How to remove programs from the Appstore cloud?

    Go to Settings, then select General and click on Statistics. On the screen you will see a list of all applications on the device, you need to select the one that you want to remove. Click on the application icon, select Uninstall program and confirm. The third method is deletion via iTunes.

    How to free up storage space on iCloud?

    Select Settings [your name] iCloud Photos. Turn on iCloud Photos. Select “Optimize Storage” to free up extra space on your device.

    How to clear the cloud on Xiaomi?

    How to delete a photo from Mi Cloud, but leave it on the phone

    After that, click on the “Gallery” shortcut on the desktop, enter the settings, select the “Cloud” item, mark all files with a checkbox and delete them. This procedure will allow you to remove photos only from the cloud service, everything on the phone will remain unchanged.

    How to Delete Data from Huawei Cloud?

    Log in to the official HUAWEI Cloud website (cloud.huawei.com) to delete your data, including contacts, photos, records and files on Huawei Drive. Delete Huawei account. This action will delete all of your personal data associated with your Huawei account, including personal data in the HUAWEI Cloud.

    How to free memory from photos and videos

    The user can clear iCloud on iPhone without any help. It is recommended to start the procedure from the library. In the cloud, not only backups can be saved, but also videos, photos and other files. If the client needs to free up some space, they can try compressing the files. The service has a special button for this. The customer can click Optimize Storage and some of the space will be reclaimed. Also, the photos will be stored for a month in the “Recently Deleted” section. You should go to the section and perform the following actions:

    • the transition to the album is made;
    • the “Select” button is pressed;
    • then the user selects the photo of interest;
    • the “Delete” button is pressed.

    As soon as the client selects the delete item, the files will be erased from the smartphone memory forever. It will not be possible to restore them.

    What is the purpose of cleaning “Clouds

    If the storage memory becomes full, it will lead to the fact that the user can no longer create backups. In the event of any failure in the system, the client will no longer be able to restore all data. This means that all parameters will be lost. Also, when there is not enough storage space, videos and photos will not be sent to the Cloud.

    Updating service services in automatic mode will become impossible. The owner will no longer be able to receive and forward text messages through Icloud mail. All these failures lead to the fact that the work of the smartphone becomes uncomfortable. Your data may be at risk as your smartphone is not working properly. For this reason, experts recommend clearing iCloud storage on iPhone so you don’t run into problems.

    How to clear iCloud storage on iPhone and free up space

    For users of gadgets working on the iOS system, free storage of 5 gigabytes is provided. For some customers, this amount is enough for the full use of the gadget. Others face the problem of lack of memory. It is worth considering the ways on how to clean iCloud on iPhone. Also, the owner will be interested to know why it is necessary to do the cleaning.

    How to disable saving original photos

    Some users prefer to take pictures in HDR format. When you create such a photo on your cell phone, the originals of the images will also be saved. It is possible to simply deactivate this option:

    • a transition is made to the section with the gadget settings;
    • then the client clicks on the “Camera” section;
    • a list will open on the screen, turn off the “Leave original” section.
    • note
    • In order not to waste the main memory of the smartphone, it is recommended to use cloud storage. Today, customers are offered iCloud and Dropbox services.

    How to determine how much free space is left in storage

    Before clearing the memory, the user should check how much memory is available to him in the “Cloud” on the iPhone. This can be done according to the following scheme:

    • the client enters the cell phone settings;
    • then the item “Basic” is selected from the list;
    • from the list, click on the “iPhone Storage” section;
    • a scale will appear on the screen, it shows the amount of free memory on the smartphone;
    • also here you can see how much space is occupied by programs, photos and videos;
    • it is possible to view the data for the section “Other”.
    • note
    • If the scale shows that the smartphone’s memory is more than half full, while most of it is occupied by “Other” data, you need to delete unnecessary parameters from the smartphone.

    How to delete the Recently Deleted folder

    The client can manage the storage location of all files independently. If your smartphone’s memory is full, you should check the folder with recently deleted files. There, photos and videos will be saved for 30 days after they are deleted from the gadget. This means that even if the user removes excess media, it will still take up space. If a customer wants to free up iCloud storage space on iPhone, they need to follow these instructions:

    • the “Photo” section opens on the smartphone;
    • then you need to find the item “Albums”;
    • after the transition, the client selects a section with recently deleted files;
    • to clear them, you need to click on the “Select” button;
    • then those photos and videos that need to be deleted are marked.
    • note
    • To complete the deletion quickly, you can simply click on the “Delete All” button.

    What are iPhone backups?

    IPhone, iPad, and iPod touch backups only contain data and settings that are stored on your device. They do not contain data already stored in iCloud, such as contacts, calendars, bookmarks, notes, voice memos3, iCloud messages, iCloud photos, and shared photos.

    How to go to iPhone backup?

    Find and manage backups in iCloud

    • On iOS 11 or later and iPadOS, go to Settings [your name] iCloud Manage Storage Backups.
    • On iOS 10.3 go to Settings [your name] iCloud.

    What happens if you delete a photo from iCloud?

    What happens if you delete a photo from iCloud (or from your phone)

    If you delete a photo from your phone while syncing with iCloud is enabled, it will disappear from the cloud too. If, in the same case, you delete a photo from the cloud, then it will also disappear from the phone.

    How to view old iCloud backups?

    • Select and view your iCloud account. If your iCloud account is added to iPhone Backup Extractor, it will display your iCloud accounts on the left side of the app under iCloud Accounts.
    • Select the iCloud data you want to recover.

    How to Delete Old iCloud Backups from iPhone?

    How to Delete Backups from iCloud Using iPhone or iPad

    • Go to your iPhone or iPad in “Settings”
    • Click on your Apple ID.
    • Select “iCloud”
    • Select “Manage storage”
    • Click on “Backup”
    • Select the device you want to delete the backup

    What happens if you delete a backup on iPhone?

    WARNING: If you delete an iOS device backup that is stored in iCloud, iCloud will not automatically back up your device information. Instead of creating backups to iCloud, you can use the iTunes backup feature.

    How to delete old backups?

    • On your Android device, open the Disk app.
    • On the left side of the screen, click on the Backups menu icon.
    • Click on the file you want.
    • Select the desired section: To delete only MMS files, such as photos and videos, click MMS Delete.

    Where photos are saved in Telegram on iOS?

    All photos from Telegram on iPhone and other iOS devices are stored in the cache. If I need to access them before the scheduled cleaning of the last one, I connect the phone to the computer and open the internal memory of the iPhone, where I find a folder with the name “Telegram”. this is where the necessary information is stored.

    How to clear chats in Telegram on iOS?

    First, you can clear your entire chat history. In this case, all messages from it will be deleted. the chat itself will remain, but it will be empty. When I needed to do this procedure, I:

    • went to the messenger;
    • opened a dialogue with a person;
    • selected any message and held it until the menu appeared;
    • in the latter I chose “”;
    • at the top of the screen appeared the inscription “Clear chat”, which I clicked.

    For more information, read the article “Clearing chats in Telegram”.

    The program asked me to choose between deleting messages for me or for everyone. I chose the latter, but you can limit yourself to clearing the history only on your device.

    In the same way, the administrator can clear the history of the group dialogue, although in this case there will be no choice. the data will disappear from everyone.

    Instead of clearing the entire history, you can limit yourself to deleting one or more messages. I use this function often. due to the large number of dialogs, I sometimes write in the wrong place or send an erroneous file. I select the unnecessary and an icon appears with the image of a basket, which I click on. If we are talking about a simple dialogue, then you can delete your own message and someone else’s for two interlocutors, but in a group chat this will not work. someone else is allowed to clear only for your device.

    If you choose to clear the chat for both yourself and the interlocutor, you will no longer be able to recover messages.

    And about how to delete all messages in VK, you can find out if you follow the link.

    How to record a video or audio message on iOS

    Lately, I’ve been recording voice messages or voices more often than I write. it saves a lot of time and is just easier. To do this on my iPhone, I simply click the microphone icon in the text input field and dictate what I want to say. As soon as I release it, the message is sent.

    Of course, sometimes the voices are not recorded properly. To cancel sending, simply swipe inside the message box. If the voice is long, I swipe the microphone up and it locks in until I finish speaking. And you can also answer immediately after listening to someone else’s audio, if you listen with the phone brought to your ear, after the signal.

    Recording video messages in Telegram is very similar to sending audio, only you need to hold down the icon with the camera, which will appear after a short press on the microphone, in its place.

    How to clear the cache?

    I have a lot of active correspondence in Telegram and, moreover, I am subscribed to a bunch of channels, the device’s memory is quickly clogged with all sorts of garbage. The question of how to properly clean Telegram on iPhone turns into a truly urgent one. Thanks to the developers, they simplified the task, allowing them to automate the task as much as possible.

    How To Delete iCloud Storage / Free Up iCloud Space on iPhone

    • I go to the settings;
    • select the “Data and Disk” section;
    • hereinafter. “Using the storage”.

    After selecting the last item, you get to the cache management menu. When the application calculates the total amount of used memory, it becomes possible to clear the cache of all chats at once, or each one separately. You can delete as all the same and only a specific type of cached files. photo, video, audio, files or others.

    To automate the procedure, the user was allowed to choose the time after which the cache is cleared by the program. I chose 3 days, and you can either follow my example, or set your own terms. a week, a month, or disable automatic cleaning.

    After cleaning the cached files, you only delete them from the device. they are forever saved in the Telegram cloud. Or until you decide to remove them from there on purpose.

    We clear everything that is possible in Telegram

    I use Telegram very actively, so the question of how to remove the existing restriction in Telegram on the iPhone and get free access is extremely relevant for me. To unblock I use the built-in proxy. The latter is enabled in the “Data and Disk” section of the application settings. You can find suitable addresses on the Internet.

    How to remove Telegram on iOS?

    Users are interested not only in how to download and install Telegram on the iPhone, but also how to remove the program from it. If we are talking about deleting an application, without destroying the account, then do the same as with any other program. hold down its icon, and when a cross appears, press it, confirming your action.

    When you want to leave the messenger completely, you can choose one of the options:

    • enter your phone number on the official website and request account deletion;
    • configure self-destruct after a certain period of inactivity in the settings.

    Clearing Telegram for a regular user is a simple task. It is enough to select the desired frequency in the settings and the cache will be deleted automatically. But to delete messages, you always need to do it manually, unless the chat is secret.

    Self-deleting messages and a cleared secret chat: how to do this and much more in Telegram?

    We remove all unnecessary from the Telegram on the phone

    Step-by-step guide to delete your Telegram account on PC

    We send a video message, image, etc. to Telegram

    Why do you need a cloud on your phone?

    As mentioned above, the cloud is cloud storage, which means that it is necessary in order to store data. But why, you ask, if you can store them on the phone itself? There are reasons. One of them is too large a volume of data that simply does not fit into the phone’s memory, but can easily be uploaded to the cloud storage.

    There are other advantages to cloud storage, here are some of them:

    • Access to the storage from any device that has Internet access.
    • The ability to organize collaboration with data.
    • Minimal risk of data loss even in the event of failures.
    • Some companies offer to use cloud storage for free (as a rule, a relatively small amount of memory is provided, you have to pay extra for exceeding).
    • All processes for backing up and maintaining data integrity fall on the shoulders of the cloud storage provider.

    What is the cloud on an Android phone and how to use it?

    Some users may have already heard about the cloud on the phone. The question immediately arises. what kind of clouds can be in a mobile device? In fact, this question surprises only those people who are not very knowledgeable about the latest technologies.

    You may be surprised, but you cannot find any cloud on your phone, since the so-called cloud storage is called a cloud. Cloud data storage is an online storage that stores user data. The data itself is located on numerous servers. Interestingly, the user usually thinks that his data is stored on one server, although in fact they can be located on many servers at the same time, located in different parts of the planet.

    How to use the cloud?

    You just download the application of the cloud storage that you use, and then configure what data will be uploaded to the cloud. Or download them yourself if necessary. There is nothing complicated about it.

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