Yes, you read that correctly. Sometimes it’s easier to start from scratch than to waste time looking for space eaters. After all, there is nothing wrong with completely erasing your data: apps can be installed quickly and contacts, calendars, notes, etc. will retrieve them from iCloud.

If you decide to take this step, go to “Settings” → “Main” → “Reset” and boldly click “Erase all content and settings”. Oh, I almost forgot: Never restore your device from a backup! Be sure to configure as new, or else the space-consuming garbage will migrate back.

How To Clear Cache Data On iPhone 6s Plus

Why clear memory??

Hanging and slow execution of commands is not necessarily a sign of technical problems, most often the cause is a banal overflow of cache. The longer the phone functions, the more unnecessary “garbage” is accumulated in the memory. If you do not clear it in time, the space will gradually fill up, the number of free gigabytes will decrease. You can easily clean the cache on your own.

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Naturally, it can not help but please the rapid loading pages, but the constant filling leads to a reduction in free space. Over time, the operating system can no longer handle the volume and can’t function as fast as before.

Many users of iPhones and other devices, including “Android”, try to completely clear the cache. In fact, experts do not advise doing this too often, because it can in some cases help significantly, allow you to quickly get to some pages of different sites, or even just cope with the tasks set by the user.

If the memory on your iPhone decreases at an alarming rate, for the reason that the smartphone has not been cleared of unnecessary things for a long time, you must immediately solve this problem, because otherwise you will not be able to save even some multimedia files on your phone.

The OS cache storage is filled with cache objects from different applications used on the iPhone. iOS immediately saves information about the processes occurring on the device, this includes downloads, updates, etc. So the more software you have installed, the more often you will use your iPhone, the higher the number of cache files stored in memory. Memory is loaded. speed is slower.

How to clear the RAM cache on your iPhone

In addition to the cache you can check on your iPhone, there’s the cache that’s not visible to your eye, and the system cache, the RAM cache there is.

Clearing the cache memory of your iPhone iPhone can free up space and speed up your device.

Hold down the “Sleep/Wake” button When the slideshow appears to shut down, release the “Sleep/Wake” button Hold down the “Home” button.

After a few seconds, your screen will flash blank and then return to the home screen, which means that you have cleared the cache memory of your iPhone.

Step 1 Select “Settings” “Basic” “Special Features” “Assistive Touch” and turn on “Assistive Touch”.

Step 2 Go to “Settings” “Basic” “Scroll down” to click “Turn off“.

Step 3 A screen will appear showing that you need to power off using the “Cancel” button at the bottom.

Step 4 Press the secondary touch button Press and hold the home screen button until your iPhone blinks and returns to the home screen.

How to clear iPhone cache (6 effective methods)

I really like apps on my iPhone, and I’ve downloaded many different apps on my iPhone 7. For example YouTube, WhatsApp, etc. Д. But they take up most of the space on my iPhone, which makes my phone run slowly. How to clear the cache on my iPhone? Is there an easy way to make room for my phone?

The app has become a must-have part of people’s lives, with more and more memory required by every iPhone user. They use their phones to listen to music, take photos, chat with friends, watch movies, and more. All of these apps take up a lot of space, and they will create a lot of cache data.

How to clear cache on iPhone

Over time iPhone begins to accumulate junk that will never be useful to the user, but takes up the lion’s share of the disk space on the device. Unlike Android gadgets, which, as a rule, are already equipped with a function of clearing the cache, on the iPhone such a tool is absent. However, there are methods that can reset the ballast and free up up to several gigabytes of space.

Reinstalling apps

If you pay attention, almost any application will gain weight over time. This is due to the fact that as you work, user information accumulates. You can delete it by reinstalling the application.

Please note that after reinstalling you may lose all user data. So, use this method only if you do not have important documents and files in the tool you are going to reinstall.

To compare the effectiveness of this method, let’s take Instagram as an example. The original size of the application in our case is 171.3 MB. However, if you look in the App Store, its size should be 94.2 MB. Thus we can conclude that about 77 MB is the cache.

    Find the icon of the application of interest on the desktop. Select it and keep holding it down until all the icons flutter. this is desktop editing mode.

Restoring iPhone

This way is much safer, since it will delete trash from the device, but it won’t affect user files. The disadvantage is that it will take some time (the duration depends on the amount of information installed on the iPhone).

    Before starting the procedure, go to settings, go to “Basic” and then to “iPhone storage”. Estimate the amount of free space before the procedure. In our case we have 14.7 GB of the 16 available.

If you are facing a lack of space on your iPhone or Apple’s slow performance, try emptying the cache using any of the methods mentioned here and you will be pleasantly surprised.

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How will deleting the Telegram cache help?

When clearing the cache on the iPhone of this messenger, the files will not be damaged. The thing is that only downloaded content is deleted, the rest remains and it is possible to download the necessary file again.

The situation related to Telegram is explained by the fact that the information downloaded or sent is also stored on the device. And the cache is necessary for the user to be able to view all the files again without downloading them again.

What an ICloud backup really gives you?

For a nominal monthly fee, you get not just a place in the cloud, but you also free up memory space in the iPhone storage. How it works? Photos and videos are uploaded to iCloud. where they are safe, 50% of the volume of each

The photos and videos are uploaded from the phone to the Apple server, ie when you need to view something, you click on it in the photo section and it opens in low resolution, then in a second it is uploaded from the server

The full data of this very photo and you are already viewing a high quality image. It frees up a huge amount of memory in the iPhone storage, because photos and videos take up the lion’s share of the space on a flash drive.

Cleaning the cache with your computer

You can also get rid of temporary files on your computer. Download the special program (for example, iPhone Eraser) to your PC and then connect your iPhone to the computer through the provided Lightning cable.

Next, it remains to follow a few steps from the simple instructions:

  • Open iPhone Eraser and make sure that the program detects the smartphone.
  • Select the low level of cleaning.
  • Press the “Start” button.
  • Wait for the process to complete.

Although it is easy and fast to clear the cache in the iPhone phone through the iPhone Eraser, many users make the mistake of selecting a high level of erasure. This results in a complete reset of the settings, not just the cache. Therefore, you should handle this program as carefully as possible, following each point of the instructions.

Some apps use the cache to speed up processes and prevent re-uploads of previously opened images and data, but Instagram’s cache can grow to a significant size, taking up a lot of space on the device. In the instructions below, we’ll tell you how to clear the Instagram cache and free up space on your iPhone. This problem is very relevant for owners of iPhones with small amount of internal storage.

clear, cache, iphone

Note for Android device users: the Android version of Instagram has a “Clear Cache” button under the “Settings” section, which users can click to clear the cache.

In most cases, the cache in Instagram on the iPhone is cleared automatically by the iOS tools when the system runs out of free space, but if that doesn’t happen, it can be done manually.

The problem with Instagram cache is especially noticeable when using earlier versions of Instagram and iPhones where the amount of internal memory is small. In some cases, the Instagram cache may take up several 2GB of space, but after uninstalling and reinstalling the app will “shrink” to 80-140MB.

Instagram cache is located in the “Documents and data” section of the app. Currently, the only method to reliably delete this section is to manually uninstall and reinstall the app, as neither iOS nor Instagram app has a built-in ability to delete “Documents and Data”. As you may have already guessed, that’s exactly what we’re going to do.