CCleaner program

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This is a third-party software for PC and phones that helps to clear cache on Huawei and Honor phones. As of 2019, it is widely used to clean up memory, since the interface is simple, the cleaning system itself is free, and over the years of operation it has established itself as efficient and reliable.

To use this option, go to the Play Market, enter the name CCleaner in the search bar, download and install. After starting, select the desired cleaning option.

What is cache?

When you download any application to your smartphone, a corresponding folder is created in the device’s memory. This folder contains components that are responsible for the functioning of this software. These can be reports on work, compressed images of documents, etc. This base is used in practice for faster loading of the application. Let’s consider a specific example. Viber. If someone sends you a photo to view it, you only need to upload the message once. Further, it has already been preserved in the free space of the carrier, and does not require Internet access to view it.

Cache types

We distinguish three types of cache files that are found on Honor and Huawei mobile devices:

  • user application cache;
  • Dalvik-cache.
  • system cache of system programs.

The first appears on the device in parallel with the work of the software. It is better to delete it if you have not started the file source for a long time. It makes no sense to delete the second type, because the return occurs instantly. You should not go into system software and their components either, as this leads to malfunctions in the operation of the device.

Cache is an important component of applications for faster loading after launch. But periodically, it will need to be cleaned to free up memory on the Huawei P9 smartphone and other devices from the Chinese giant.

The English word “cash” has entered Russian speech and arouses genuine interest in many, because it means “cash” (from the English. cash. cash). But we will talk about “cache”, which means “memory section” (from the English cache. cache, cache, buffer).

The speed of a smartphone depends, firstly on the performance of the Central Processing Unit (CPU), and secondly on the performance and the size of free memory (RAM and ROM).

Over time, many smartphone owners begin to notice that their new smartphone, which previously worked quickly and responded to commands instantly, began to slow down and no longer show the same agility. And actually, what could happen to him if the performance of the processor and memory remained the same. It turns out that the speed of a smartphone is affected by the size of its free memory, especially RAM (Random Access Memory), and the more there is, the higher the performance of the mobile device.

Then, a simple solution suggests itself. in order for the performance of your “flagship” to be the most advanced, you need to load as few programs as possible into the smartphone’s memory. But this does not correspond to the modern rhythms of life.!

Smartphone is “smart” (from the English. Smartphone. smart, intelligent phone), that he was endowed with “intelligence” and he can now cope with the task of simultaneously controlling a variety of applications, while maintaining high performance and instant response.

One of the techniques that can improve system performance is the use of cache. The essence of this technique is that, when exchanging data between the processor and the storage of basic information, which the processor must constantly access, a section of cache memory is created in the system part of the memory, where the data most frequently requested by the processor is placed. As a result, it is possible to reduce the processing time for the processor to access unprepared data in the main memory (ROM) and minimize the load on the RAM, which leads to an increase in the performance of the smartphone. In other words, the cache is a temporary storage where frequently used data can be stored for quick access to them.

For example, when you first open the Yandex.Maps application, the program downloads maps from the Internet, which takes a certain amount of time. And the next time you turn to the same map of the area, you will notice that the map will open instantly, because it has already been “cached” and does not need to be downloaded again.

The downside of caching is that the phone constantly creates additional data that “eats up” memory. In some cases, the amount of data cache, especially for social networking applications such as Instagram, Telegram, and other messengers, can take up hundreds of megabytes.

How to clear the cache of an individual application?

The reason to clear the data of a separate program on smartphones of the Huawei Nova line or others may be a violation of their stable operation: the site icons in the browser are displayed incorrectly, the game refuses to download updates, the social network client does not display the correspondence. To clean and restore the program to work:

  • Go to the “Settings” menu.
  • Click on Apps & Notifications.
  • Select “Application”.
  • Find the software you need and tap on it once.
  • Go to the “Memory” tab.
  • Pay attention to the highlighted button “Clear cache” and click on it.

Important! Do not tap on “Reset”, otherwise the system data for launching applications downloaded from the Internet will be deleted from the phone. For example, if you reset the files for the game, you will have to download them again, saving progress may be lost.

By the way, all of the above examples are compatible with devices based on Android versions 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9. There are only minor differences in the arrangement of items in the menu, dictated by different user interfaces (the Huawei brand uses the EMUI shell).

Recovery menu

To get to the recovery menu, press the smartphone power key and volume control. Keep them active for at least 15 seconds. Then release, and the system will automatically start Recovery. Use the up and down keys to navigate through the items to the line “Wipe cache partition”. Select and confirm an action.

How to clear cache on Huawei smartphone?

Huawei and Honor phones have a pre-installed tool for cleaning temporary files. To find it, we do the following:

  • Exit to your desktop and tap on “Settings”.
  • Scroll down the window that opens and open the “Memory” tab.
  • Under the information about the amount of used space, select “Memory cleaning”.
  • Once in a new tab, click on the gear icon in the upper right corner.
  • Make sure that the “Auto Delete” function is enabled (the switch is moved to the right, highlighted in blue).
  • Select “Clear cache whitelist” and leave in them applications that will not save temporary files.
  • Click on the Nova 3 arrow on the top left.
  • If you do not want to manually select applications whose cache will be deleted, click “Clear”. Otherwise, go to “View free memory and caches” to select programs yourself, and at the end tap on “Clear”.

Note! Temporary files are generated constantly, they are created by games, social network clients, browser, songs downloaded from streaming services. To check how much they take up memory, go to “Memory” and pay attention to the line “Cache data”.

Whitelist cleaning the cache huawei what is it

On Android, like on any other OS, there are temporary files (aka cache) that take up the device’s internal memory to speed up the loading of applications or browser pages. The cache is constantly accumulating and, if ignored, it can take 1-3 GB of internal storage. Let’s figure out how to clear the cache and what is needed for this.

How to clear cache on Android?

  • Open “Settings” and select “Apps & notifications”.
  • In the list that appears, click on the entry “Applications”.
  • Choose an application that contains many cache files.
  • On the app info page, tap the Storage option, then Clear cache.

How to clear memory on Huawei y5 phone?

There is another way to free up memory in your Huawei smartphone. Deleting temporary files

  • Open settings.
  • Select the line “Applications”.
  • There go to the menu “Google Application”.
  • Open “Memory”.
  • Click on the “Seat Management” button.
  • After that click on “Delete everything”.

How to clear cache on ZTE phone?

To do this, in the Android Settings ZTE skate, grand era, r221, mimosa, find the Repositories item and click on it. Then you go down, there will be an item “Cache data” and the sum of the cache of all programs. If you click on this item, then automatically clear the cache of all applications at once.

Do I need to clear the cache on Android?

No need to clean cache and memory every day. Once again: clearing the cache will not ruin your smartphone, but the application will lose some of the saved data and settings optimized for you. For some time you will have to accumulate them again, but this way you can remove really unnecessary things. May 27, 2020.

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Application manager. allows you to delete downloaded or system applications. His duties also include: search

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How to clear cache on Android quickly

We will teach you how to clear the cache on your phone in just one minute, a simple instruction! To begin with, you should know that the cache on Android is the data that applications create during their execution. They are necessary for faster operation of these programs.

For example, image viewers create thumbnails of images so that they can be displayed immediately in the future, rather than burdening the processor every time in order to create miniature copies. In the case of browsers, the cache is needed so that to display a site that has already been opened in the application, it does not load data that usually does not change (for example, images).

How to manually clear the cache on Android

Now let’s go directly to the question of how to clear the cache on an Android phone. To delete the relevant data without using third-party software, you will need:

  • go to “Settings” (through the menu or shutter);
  • find the category “Device” and select the item “Memory”;
  • click on the item “Cache data”;
  • in the pop-up dialog box, click on “OK”.

After a few seconds (the exact time depends on the amount of accumulated files), the mentioned window will disappear, and the “Available” value will increase by a number equal to the number of megabytes / gigabytes that was previously indicated in the “Cache data”.

Why clearing the cache is dangerous

In general, clearing the cache in Android is completely safe, with only one exception. you can lose unsaved information in running applications. Therefore, before clearing the cache, you need to save all the important information for you in the applications already running.

Why do I need to clear the cache in Android

While the cache stores useful data that allows the applications that built it to run faster and consume less power, it can sometimes cause one significant inconvenience to the user — running out of storage space. This is understandable, because over time, a lot of the corresponding files may appear, and some of them will have an impressive size.

For example: if, say, 25 applications are installed on the device, which are regularly used, then after a month the cache will most likely grow to 7 gigabytes, and possibly more. If the device has only 32 gigabytes of storage, then having such a large amount of relevant data will be a problem. As a result, you will need to clear the Android cache.

Android apps to clear the cache

One of the most popular apps for clearing the cache on Android is Clean Master. This program can be downloaded for free from the Play Market. It’s easy to use:

  • first you need to download and install it;
  • running, you will need to click on the “JUNK FILES” (“Files in the basket”);
  • on the screen that appears, you must select the applications whose cache you want to clear;
  • click on “CLEAN JUNK”.

This application can be configured to clear the cache at a specified time.

There are also other programs for cleaning the cache, for example, App Cache Cleaner, Power Clean, CCleaner and others.

App Cache Cleaner is an application that, in addition to clearing the cache in manual and automatic mode (at a specified interval), can also transfer certain application data to a memory card. Suitable for those who have little space on the internal storage, but MicroSD is installed.

Power Clean is an application that has many features. With it, you can not only clear the cache, but also delete old files that have not been used for a long time, speed up the system, cool down the processor, etc.

How to Speed Up Honor 8x. Clean Up / Optimization / Boost EMUI

CCleaner is a mobile version of a well-known application for personal computers on Windows. Has similar functionality to Power Cleaner. However, unlike Power Cleaner, its interface is better translated into Russian.

How to clear the cache of only one application

Now about how to clear the cache on Android only for one specific application. To do this, you need to perform the following series of actions:

  • go to “Settings”;
  • select “Memory”;
  • tap on “Application data”;
  • go to the “All” tab;
  • find and select the application whose cache you want to clear;
  • on the displayed screen, click on “Erase data”;
  • confirm the action by clicking on “Ok”.

After a few seconds, the cache data of this application will be deleted.

After deleting application data, you may need to re-authorize (for example, in the case of social media clients). Therefore, before cleaning, make sure that you have the credentials of the account to which you are going to connect through the application.

Cache types

The cache in the Android operating system is divided into three types:

  • Dalvik-Cache;
  • system cache;
  • application cache.

Dalvik-Cache is data generated by the Dalvik virtual machine. It stores optimized application files that are needed for faster execution of programs. Those, in turn, are located on a special section that is invisible to the user who does not use special applications.

The system cache stores data from programs that are built into Android. In the process of work, the system creates files in which it records information that can be reused. Application cache is a storage of data that was created by third-party applications (for example, downloaded from the Play Market). It may contain: thumbnails of pictures, images loaded in the browser, game files, etc.

Recovery menu

The “Recovery” section is convenient because it can be used even in emergency situations. when the smartphone is so clogged that it does not turn on. To do this, in the off position, hold down the volume keys at the end of the device, and release them after 8-11 seconds. Then the internal menu starts. Using the same volume controls and the main Home button, navigate through the options and find the “Wipe cache partition” command. Clamping “Home”, you confirm the launch of the cache cleaning. This menu is responsible for all the memory of this format, which is in the device. The procedure usually takes from 2 to 15 minutes, depending on the state of the gadget.

How to clear cache on Android Honor and Huawei without deleting photos

In order to automatically or manually clear the cache on your Huawei and Honor phone, but save the photo, you will need to do some settings. Features:

  • you should remove all the “garbage” on the media manually, or setting the screening parameters on special programs;
  • it is important to remember that if you do not touch the photos and screenshots, you will not be able to delete everything unnecessary from the phone.

How to clear cache on Honor and Huawei: manually and automatically without deleting photos

If the device began to dull, then the first question that arises for a conscious user is how to clear the cache on Honor and Huawei phones? According to our surveys, it turned out that few people know that it is necessary to clean it periodically, so we are talking about the typology of this repository and the needs of its administration.

What is cache?

If we talk about the memory of a phone or tablet, then the cache is a buffer into which information about visited sites and open files gets. It is there in quick access. Information about one visited resource does not take up much space, but when this buffer is not cleaned for a long time, a pile-up is fixed.

CCleaner program

Sea-Cleaner is one of the most popular utilities for smartphones, tablets and PCs, which helps to administer the explorer and RAM. Its advantage is that Sea-Cleaner conducts screening even according to a preset schedule. That is, you do not have to worry about the timeliness of certain tasks.

How to clear cache on Huawei tablet

The tablet of this brand is no different from a smartphone in terms of the operating system or interface, so any of the above methods will work.

Cache types

There are several types that differ in the nature of storage:

  • custom programs;
  • system programs;
  • Dalvik-cache.

How to clear cache on Android Honor and Huawei without deleting photos

To save your photos on the device, but clean the accumulated cache, you need to do not general, but spot cleaning. Next, we will talk about what methods of this process exist on Huawei and Honor phones in 2021.

CCleaner program

This is a third-party software for PC and phones that helps to clear cache on Huawei and Honor phones. As of 2021, it is widely used to clear memory, since the interface is simple, the system itself for cleaning is free, and over the years of operation it has established itself as efficient and reliable.

To use this option, go to the Play Market, enter the name CCleaner in the search bar, download and install. After starting, select the desired cleaning option.

Removal via settings

The easiest way is to use the standard settings. To do this, go to the appropriate section, select the item “All applications”. You open the ones you are using and clear the data one by one. To do this, each window has the necessary button.

What is cache?

When you download any application to your smartphone, a corresponding folder is created in the device’s memory. This folder contains components that are responsible for the functioning of this software. These can be reports on work, compressed images of documents, etc. This base is used in practice for faster loading of the application. Let’s consider a specific example. Viber. If someone sends you a photo to view it, you only need to upload the message once. Further, it has already been preserved in the free space of the carrier, and does not require Internet access to view it.

Cache types

We distinguish three types of cache files that are found on Honor and Huawei mobile devices:

  • user application cache;
  • Dalvik-cache.
  • system cache of system programs.

The first appears on the device in parallel with the work of the software. It is better to delete it if you have not started the file source for a long time. It makes no sense to delete the second type, because the return occurs instantly. You should not go into system software and their components either, as this leads to malfunctions in the operation of the device.

How to Clear Cache on Huawei and Honor Phone: Manually Without Deleting Photos

How to clear cache on Android Honor and Huawei? This question arises for users who are faced with a lack of free space on the device. In this article we will look at the answers to the most popular questions: what is cache? What types of such files are there? How is it possible to clear the memory? What cleaning programs exist?

How to catched data clear in honor 8c

Cleaning methods

System resources can be occupied by different files and programs. To free up memory, you need.

  • stop unnecessary background applications;
  • clear cache and browser history;
  • delete or transfer user files to SD card (or cloud);
  • demolish unnecessary programs;
  • clear operating system cache.

Before clearing the memory in the Honor 10 Lite phone, it is worth analyzing which data or applications use the maximum amount of resources, so as not to waste time on small files.

Optimizing memory

The optimization service allows you to close all running background programs and remove unnecessary system files. To start the process, you need to open the “Phone Manager” menu (which was built in by the manufacturer specifically to control memory) and click the “Optimize” button in the center of the screen.

The optimization menu can be activated by a long press on the “Phone Manager” icon (the function does not work on all firmware).

Using the function buttons

You can also delete unnecessary system information through the Recovery mode:

  • Turn off smartphone.
  • Simultaneously hold down the volume up and lock buttons and hold them for a few seconds.
  • After the menu with the inscription EMUI appears, select the middle line. “Wipe Cache Partition”.
  • When the system finishes clearing the cache, restart Honor using the line “Reboot System Now”.

Use the sound keys to move between the Recovery menu items, and use the power button to confirm the action.

Types of memory on mobile devices

All smartphones, including Honor, have three types of memory:

  • Read-only Memory. the space reserved for the operating system. Users cannot modify or delete ROM data.
  • Random Access Memory (RAM) is an operative section that stores and overwrites files required for applications to run. It is also called RAM (random access memory).
  • Internal memory. all user materials: programs, photos, videos and other information.

How do you know how much memory is in use? You can view the statistics of the workload of Honor or Huawei in the settings menu in the “Memory” section. A colored scale displays the volume occupied by each category, and the list below it gives a decryption of the data.

Zeroing the clipboard

The clipboard can store not only small texts entered from the keyboard, but also large amounts of information copied from the network. You can free up the occupied memory by rebooting the device. If there is no way to turn off your smartphone, the “Notes” application will help you to reset the buffer through it, you need:

  • Open the utility and long press on an empty area.
  • When the context menu appears, select the “Clipboard” item.
  • In the loaded window, click on the “Clear” button.

If you need to get rid of only one fragment, you should click on it and select the “Remove from clipboard” option in the context menu.

How to clear cache on Android Honor and Huawei without deleting photos

Better to use system utilities. This way you can avoid various damages in the OS and safely clean your phone from debris. But, in some situations, it is necessary to use third-party software. Below we will consider the existing methods.

What is cache?

Any phone has a folder with temporary files. This can be a variety of settings information, reports and other data about applications.

Why? Because copies of all images of the site will appear in the temporary folder, so that loading at the next login is carried out at an accelerated pace. It also saves traffic. But, if the user decided to delete the application from the phone, then the previously saved files in the cache folder will definitely remain in the memory. Where it leads? The more the user downloads applications and then uninstalls, the more space will be occupied by temporary files. How to solve this problem? It is enough to clear the cache.

There are three cache options on Honor:

  • Client applications. Requires regular cleaning.
  • Dalvik is a system one, which is created automatically after deletion. Therefore, it makes no sense to constantly clear such a cache.
  • The cache accumulated from the system software. It is built into the internal memory of the device in the “cache” folders. When uninstalling, critical errors occur in the operation of the operating system.

Considering these points, we come to a logical conclusion: only files from ordinary user applications can be deleted. It is located on the internal and external memory of the device.

CCleaner program

The second way is to use the CCleaner app. A step-by-step action plan is provided:

  • Run the installed utility to clean up unnecessary files. We provide permissions to access the device location.
  • After starting, immediately press the button “Analyze”.
  • Next, a list of accumulated trash will appear.
  • Go to the section “Removal is safe”.
  • Open the “Visible Cache” list.
  • Click “Finish cleaning”.

Recovery menu

If you cannot use the presented methods, or they did not bring the desired result, then resort to using the Recovery menu:

  • Turn off your phone.
  • Hold down the volume up or down button with the power key.
  • The system menu will start.
  • Using the volume buttons, select the “Wipe cache partition”.
  • Confirm the action and wait for the system to reboot.

Removal via settings

  • Open “Settings”.
  • Next “Memory”.
  • Get detailed statistics of the occupied space.
  • Click on the “Clear” button.
  • A window will open again showing the exact amount of memory. The system will scan files for deletion.
  • Click on the button “Delete all unnecessary files”.

How to clear cache on Huawei and Honor smartphones: manually, without deleting photos

Before dealing with the question. how to clear the cache on Android Honor and Huawei, it is worth understanding the definition of “cache”. The program loads all data into the “temporary memory” while it is running. This is necessary to speed up workflows. Applications can be resource intensive. When the program starts to crash, it may close in an incorrect way. But, after closing it, the space in the cache will not be freed, and the free memory will become less.

Today’s smartphones are equipped with a large amount of memory. But there are still situations when the user receives a warning about the lack of space. The smartphone starts to work much slower over time. And the launch of some applications may be delayed. Let’s look at how to clear cache on Huawei and Honor phones.

What is Mobile Cloud?

Huawei and Honor’s Mobile Cloud is a simple and reliable data backup and sync service. Using it, you no longer need to worry about the safety of your information, backups and archived multimedia.

Everything will be at hand on the virtual platform. If you suddenly lose your phone or it is stolen from you, remotely from another device you can block the account page there so that intruders and unauthorized people do not get access to your personal files. It is also possible to log in from a new device to the same account, then old photos, videos, audio and documents will be pulled up and synchronized on the new device. It is convenient, because you do not need to carry a bunch of flash drives, use old-fashioned memory cards. External drives are gradually fading into the background. It is more functional and practical to use a free service that is always at hand.

Cloud backup

Cloud backup helps you preserve your data and protect yourself from accidental deletion. There are such unpleasant situations as the loss or theft of the phone, breakdown, etc. Then all the necessary components that are inside the gadget are lost. To prevent this from happening, make a regular backup to Mobile Cloud. This will allow you to restore information from the point of the last backup at the right time.

Cloud service Mobile Cloud Huawei and Honor: where it is located and how to use

Mobile Cloud Huawei and Honor is a modern branded virtual storage from a Chinese company. It is analogous to MiCloud in Xiaomi or iCloud in iPhone. The main task of the proprietary utility is to help phone owners switch from internal drives and flash drives to a reliable digital platform. However, due to the fact that the platform was presented in Russia only in April 2021, not everyone knows about its existence and functional features.

Cloud Gallery

Photos are files that are on every camera phone. These are pictures of family, friends, work images, etc. No one would like to lose them, because it is a memory and an important archive. To keep your gallery content from being deleted, direct the save path to Cloud Gallery.

Then the snapshot will be saved both in the gallery and on the cloud. Even if the picture is deleted from the phone’s memory, it remains in the cloud service album.


Among the functional features of Mobile Cloud:

  • synchronization of multimedia files, contacts, documents, archives, etc.
  • creating a backup of correspondence, contacts, and other components (for later recovery);
  • bulk backup;
  • the ability to restore deleted components;
  • synchronization and transfer of information between devices;
  • storage of files;
  • protection in several levels;
  • secure access;
  • smart identification of the owner.

Piriform CCleaner

Initially, CCleaner was a program for cleaning the memory of computers, laptops. The developers have created a mobile version to work with the Android operating system. Cleaning up cached files is similar to Clean Master:

  • Download and run the app.
  • At the first start, click on the “Analyze” button; memory analysis of the device will start.
  • In the menu, select the items “Hidden cache” and “Visible cache”.
  • Click on the “Finish cleaning” button.
  • Wait for the program to erase the cache.

CCleaner has paid features (the cost of an annual subscription is 12.49), but a free one is also suitable for removing system junk. basic. version.

Clearing the cache in Android OS for the system and applications: instruction

When the application is running, temporary files are generated that are used to perform system operations. These files are stored in the cache and should speed up the performance of applications. If there are too many such files, the smartphone starts to work slower, slows down.

The number of temporary files stored in the cache without affecting the performance of the phone depends on the total amount of RAM. In order for the phone to perform operations quickly and work stably, you need to regularly clear the cache. There are several ways to clear the cache on Android, which we will discuss below.

Why clear the cache?

If you regularly use 1-2 applications, then there is no point in constantly clearing the cache on your phone. Cleaning is needed when there are many different applications in the device’s memory, some of them are deleted or are rarely used.

A typical smartphone with 4-8 GB of RAM gets clogged up pretty quickly. Cached files are permanently stored in the operating system memory. Without cleaning, this data can fill the entire memory of the device, as a result of which there will be no resources left for the functioning of Android.

The frequency of cleaning depends on the number of applications and the specifications of the phone. It is best to clear the cache when the device memory is almost full.

How to Wipe Cache Partition on Honor 8x. Remove Cache Files / Refresh EMUII

Cleaning too often will have the opposite effect: the phone will have a lot of free memory, but temporary application files will be erased, which will lead to malfunctions, instability, and slow command execution.

Before clearing the cache, it is recommended to estimate the amount of free memory, and only then delete the data. if necessary.

Android settings

You can clear the cache on Android using standard tools. For this you need:

  • Call up the settings menu;
  • Scroll through the list, find “Storage”, click on it;
  • Scroll down to the “Cache data” item;
  • Click on it, a window will appear prompting you to clear the cache;
  • Confirm the operation, wait for the system to delete all files.

In the storage, you can view information about how much memory is occupied and free. If there is enough free RAM, it is better not to clear the cache.

On Samsung Galaxy phones, you can clear the cache by going to Settings> Device Maintenance> Memory> and clicking the Optimize button.

Clean master

This is a special application for improving the performance of the phone, deleting old and unnecessary files, cleaning the cache. To clear the cache:

  • Download Clean Master from the link below, install it on your phone;
  • Run the application, go to the “Trash” section;
  • Clean Master will independently analyze and display all unnecessary things that interfere with the stable operation of the phone;
  • Check the box “System cache” and confirm the deletion.

Clean Master. free app, but there is additional paid and ad content. The application has additional functions, for example, putting inactive applications to sleep. This option allows you to free up some memory for the productive work of the smartphone.

What is cache?

Cache data is needed to speed up loading applications, photos, videos, audio files. For example, a user turns on music. Audio recordings are cached so that no delays occur during playback. The smartphone remembers the user’s actions and further performs them faster. If cached files are stored in the device memory for a specific operation, the commands will execute faster.

Let’s take a closer look at all the methods for clearing the cache.

Advice. Before deleting files, be sure to close all running applications, except for cleaning applications or phone settings.