How to clean the cache on the iPhone: if the memory is filled

Apple technology exceeds competitors on a variety of positions. During the existence of the American Corporation, the world user was fully assured as the quality and reliability of its devices. Comfortable and high-speed iPhone enters the top five most popular planet smartphones. But even such an advanced gadget is not able to avoid problems with a shortage of memory. When the iPhone memory is filled, although there is a place, you have to sacrifice photos, games, favorite applications. But why sophisticated, if enough just to clean the cache on the iPhone?

What is cache and why it is clean

Modern smartphones are characterized by high performance, work quickly and efficiently. But over time, the processing rate of information is reduced due to device memory litigation. Cache is a temporary data storage that will be used by applications and a system to download already familiar to the user of pages, catalogs, pictures, audio and t.D. It turns out that each open page is saved on the device in cache. And when the user comes to her again, the loading occurs much faster.

What is bad in order to open up the person interested? For example, profile in or Instagram. There is nothing wrong with that, however, the more such data is saved in the cache, the slower the smartphone functions. In consequence, the bulk of the copies of this monotonous information is not used by applications and simply lies with the “dead” megabytes in the gadget cache. To clear the iPhone memory from such a garbage, it is enough to produce several simple manipulations. As a result, it will be possible to save 1-2 GB of memory and not lose important data.

How to clean the browser cache on the iPhone

Clean the iPhone memory from time to time is necessary. to improve it and free. Remove unnecessary follows before selling the phone. How fast RIA Novosti, 07.12.2021

Moscow, 22 Nov. RIA Novosti. Clean the iPhone memory from time to time is necessary. to improve it and free. Remove unnecessary follows before selling the phone. How to quickly get rid of garbage on the iPhone. in the material RIA Novosti.Why need to clean the iPhone and more data is stored on the phone, the less its performance. For example, he can start to work more slowly and hang. Cleaning will also extend the service life of the iPhone.According to the analytical researcher of digital products of the Digital Expertise Center “Roskatkov” Elvin Gilfanova, the more wider by the application functionality, the more it weighs. So, programs like Yandex.Go, where you can call a taxi, and order delivery. the most “heavy”, the expert notes. The place in the memory of the smartphone occupy, as a rule, messengers, music services and various file libraries.To increase memory, browse browser and applications, media files, “Other” and T.D.Unlike Android phones, the iPhone has no additional memory card slot, so only the built-in. Old models have 16 or 32 GB, on the new volume begins from 256 GB.How to Clear Kesne by any phone should regularly clean the kesh. the scope of key data that applications, sites and online services are saved on the device for quick access upon subsequent launches.”Please note that even if you seem to be cleaned, it does not mean that the files are not survived somewhere else. For example, not every iphone owner knows that remote files his phone stores in the recently deleted folder, so they continue to take place “. Says a Gem4Me Mesenger Testing Specialist Anastasia Ilyicheva.Casse Clear Cleaning Apps You need to perform the following steps: The device is better cleaning with the built-in options, Elvira Gilfanova believes. The iPhone has a program “Download application”, its data will not disappear from the smartphone.”Reinstalling applications will return all data provided that the application is still available in the App Store. Also, many applications that have the property to score smartphone, there are built-in cleaning tools, for example, clean the cache and media files can be messengers and browsers, “the expert concludes.Keshe browser-first task. remove trash that has accumulated during the daily use of the phone. Start with browser data. When visiting Safari websites, saves a large amount of information on the device, such as cookies, images and program history data. Some are used regularly, for example, bookmarks. To clean the cache you need to find in the Safari settings, open it, then scroll down and click “Clean the history and web site data”. The same should be done with other browsers (Yandex.Browser, Google Chrome and PR.) Clearing memory via the phone phone can almost not be left and if you do not use it actively and do not store a large photo gallery, do not download games or movies. The fact is that on a mobile device purchased in the store, already have system files. They keep their permanent memory. Besides her there is still the RAM, which is needed to work applications.According to her, you need to periodically follow the cashem and clean “recently deleted”.The easiest way to improve productivity and increase the amount of memory through the phone itself. There are several ways for this. For example, installing special applications, removal of media files and t.D.Checking the memory. View data about the device memory used, you need to go to the “Settings” menu “Basic” “Storage [Device]”. In this section, it is shown how much memory on the phone is occupied by applications, gallery and other. Each category is highlighted in a separate color.Clear “Other” Other “in iPhone contains files and data created by applications that cannot be attributed to another category. As a rule, on the new phone they occupy several hundred MB, but over time the number grows and can fill out almost all memory. To delete data and files from this section, you should clear the cache browser and applications, delete additional Siri voices, restart the iPhone.Video, photo and music movement free space on the phone, you can also delete old photos and videos. It is important not to forget that the files when deleted fall into the “recently remote” and are stored there for 30 days, so you need to go there and finally delete photos and video.If songs were downloaded for offline listening songs, it is better to remove them and listen to music in streaming mode, because one song on average weighs 5-8 MB. You can clean the playlist in the settings in the “Storage” section. You should also turn off the automatic loading of media files in the phone settings.Removing music in the “Settings” menu on the iPhone: In order not to delete photos, you can use the liboud library. This is a cloudy photo storage and video that allows you to significantly save memory without losing data. Enable iCloud in the “Settings” menu. To do this, you will need to specify Apple ID.Unused applications on the phone have applications that are not used, it is reasonable to remove them, because they can work in the background, take an excess place on the device. So that the smartphone worked faster, you should turn off push notifications from those programs, the need to be rarely.Messages and post inspection on the phone accumulates a large number of messages that occupy a lot of space, especially if there were images or other attachments.How to Delete Messages: Temporary File Time Files. This is just data from the “Other” section, that is, cache, software updates, iOS data, not downloaded files, etc. Automatically this category is cleared only when the phone is critical not enough memory, so it is necessary to periodically hold it manually.Cleaning through iTuneSeese from the phone “Other” can be through iTunes. media player for organizing and playing music and movies. Action algorithm: After that, several gigabytes of memory can be released, especially if the phone has not been cleaned.Special App Store applications are quite a lot of so-called clinry applications that offer cleaning iPhone and iPad from garbage and cache files. They can be found by such requests: Clean, Cleaner, Storage, Cleaning, Cleaning, Memory, Kesh, Wedge, Cleener and T.D. Minus these programs are that they are often paid and at the same time cannot completely clean the cache, even if it is declared in the description.We save the memory before selling the phone to the sale of the phone it needs to be reset to factory settings, that is, delete all downloaded applications, photos, video and other personal information. To do this, it is necessary: ​​cleaning after losing the phone lost, then delete data from it can be remotely to avoid leakage of personal information. This uses iCloud. To clear the memory, you need: it can be done from another IPNone or iPad or via iCloud on your computer.

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How to Clean the cache on the iPhone through iTunes without data loss

The easiest way to clean the iPhone from cached data (the information that browsers and many applications save on the phone to speed). use the iTunes program. To do this, you must have a gadget itself, a computer on Windows or MacOS and a special wire for connecting the device LIGHTENING

  • In the “Settings” menu in the section “Device name. ICloud. find iPhone” turn off this feature.
  • Connect the device to the computer, turn on iTunes.
  • In the “Overview” section, create a backup of your device, or rather, its contents. Only the main application files are saved in this copy, and the entire accompanying trash will disappear.
  • In the same section, select the “Restore from the backup” function
  • You can estimate the volume of the liberated space on the smartphone. See how much space you left, you can in the “Settings. Basic. Storage” section.
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Why choose FoneEreser for iOS?

The aforementioned methods cannot be 100% guaranteed that the data cannot be restored. There are some third-party recovery tools that can easily restore data from your remote iOS device (including iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch), such as photos, contacts, video, messages, etc. D. Better delete data from iphone or ipad. Constantly and carefully with a professional iPhone data eraser that prevents the recovery of broken data after that.

In order to clear the Safari cache data, cookies and other unwanted files on the iPhone, FoneEreser for iOS provides three erase level options. Each level will overwrite all data on the device zero and unnecessary files to prevent personal information leakage. It is available for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch and supports iOS 10.2.1 and previous versions of the iOS system. It doesn’t matter what you want to manage the repository on the iPhone or erase all the data on your device so that it becomes new, FoneEreser for iOS will help you completely clean the iPhone search history, invisible cache, cookies and other useless files.

How to Clean DNS Cache on Mac

MacOS Cache DNS is cleaned using the Terminal commands, which differ for different versions of the system.

1) Open the TERMINAL program on its computer.

2) Enter the command that consists of your system version, and then press ENTER.

If the MacOS Sierra team and the newer did not work, use the following:

To fulfill these commands, you will need administrator rights.

BONUS: Mac cleaning program

If the way above seemed to you too complicated, you can use the special CleanMyMac program, which is much easier. In addition, it supports all versions of the operating system.

When installing the program, start it and on the left menu, locate the cache cleaning option (Flush DNS Cache). After that, just run the process. Everything is very simple.

How to clean safari cache on iPhone or iPad

When you clean the browser cache on your iPhone or iPad, it will be cleaned and on other your devices with the same icloud account. This restriction does not get around.

  • First, open the settings application on your iPhone or iPad.
  • Scroll down and select the Safari section.
  • Here, select Clear Story and Data.
  • Confirm your action to clean the cache Safari.
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All cache, search data, history and cookies will be deleted with iPhone and iPad, as well as from your other devices.

In older versions of iOS, it was possible to choose which items of the cache will be deleted. For example, you could only delete a cookie or only to clean the browser history. Now you can only delete everything immediately.

This article concerns the Safari browser, but you can delete cache and other browsers on your device. In some browsers, the cache is even removed automatically each time you close them.

In addition, you can delete cache and other applications through their settings. However, the option is not available in all applications. To certainly remove the cache of any application, you can delete it from the device, and then download again. This will delete all the data from the application.

Cleaning cache without data loss

This is the most time consuming, but the most effective way to get rid of unnecessary information and files in the phone. To clean up without loss, you need a computer, USB cable and iPhone:

  • Connect iPhone to computer
  • Run iTunes and click on the iPhone icon
  • Be sure to mark the checkbox item. encrypt the backup iPhone
  • Choose. Create a copy now
  • On the iPhone turn off the function. find the iPhone (Settings. Apple ID. ICloud. Find iPhone. Turn off)
  • Return to iTunes and click on the item. restore from the copy
  • Enter the Apple ID password after turning on the device
  • We are waiting for all applications.

The advantage of this method greatly exceeds all other options. Cleaning cache through iTunes:

What application clogs memory most?

You can view this you can enter the settings. the basic. iPhone storage. Choose, for example, the messenger, which takes up a large amount of memory, click on it, here you will see a valid “application size” and “Documents and data” that clog memory.

What applications will help get rid of unnecessary files

No matter how you have iPhone. 5, 5C, 5S, 6, 6S, SE, 7, 8, 10, 11, 11 Pro, or another version, and what volume of built-in memory in the device, periodic cleansing of garbage files does not prevent. For this purpose, third-party software can be useful.


Universal service to work with apple devices allows, including to clear the cache of the device. Through iTunes, clean the cache in iPhone X, XS, XR and other versions can be recovered from the backup, this is done as follows:

  • In the settings of the mobile device in the ICloud section, you first turn off the “Find iPhone” function.
  • We connect the iPhone by using a USB cord to a computer, open iTunes.
  • Select the device and in the “Overview” section Create a copy of the smartphone data by pressing the corresponding button. The copy will include only important application files, while the garbage files do not enter it.
  • Here, apply the “Restore from the backup” option by selecting the created copy.

There are other applications downloaded from the App Store or official sites of manufacturers, which will allow you to remove cache and get rid of other unnecessary garbage on the iPhone (photo duplicates, contacts, short-loading packages and T. D.). These are utilities like Smart Cleaner, PhoneClean, Clean Doctor, Duplicate Cleaner (for searching and deleting duplicate files).

There are also a more hard method for cleaning the memory of the device. reset to factory settings, but this option is used in extreme cases, for example, when operating problems or before selling iPhone.