Cleaning split-systems with your own hands: Preventive inspection and care for machinery

Regularly and correctly performed cleaning Split systems will ensure an increase in the period of their reliable operation and will retain the functionality in all modes of operation. But not only it. Clean air conditioning is successfully fighting with harmful pollution that are present in the air of residential premises.

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We will tell about how the climatic equipment is cleaned, accessible to independent execution. In the article submitted by us, the process of disassembling the system for removing contaminants and the processing options for functional components is described. With our advice, you will dismiss the unit without difficulty.

Step-by-step instructions for cleaning the external block split system

In order for the prevention to be done correctly, you need to have an idea of ​​what the outer module consists of:

  • most of the indoor space occupies a fan that serves the heat exchanger;
  • Near the cooler, the condenser is installed along the inner wall, it consists of copper tubes, according to which refrigerant is transported;
  • The fitting room combines copper tubes into a single system;
  • The circulation of freon over the system provides a compressor, a spiral or piston type aggregates are commonly used; On the inner surface of the case there is a control board;
  • In the air conditioners of a reversible type in the design there is a 4-chassing valve; filter for refrigerant cleaning;
  • Protective cover, closing access to terminals, fitting unit and electrical cables.

Events for cleaning the external block of split systems are performed sequentially:

  • Mechanical cleaning. First, the climate technique is de-energized, only after that you can start preventing. First remove pollution from the outside. The case is then dismantled and removed from the inside.
  • Flushing. A dust with a fan blades and a capacitor is removed with a dust with a dust of the fan blades, so that the moisture does not fall on the electrical parts of the device. If a cooler needs a large amount of water, the electrical block should be closed with a film.
  • Cleaning hard-to-reach places. Dust of their hard-to-reach places is cleaned by manual vacuum cleaner or brushes of various widths.
  • Cleaning radiator. It can be cleaned with special brushes-combs, rinse water pressure or with a steam cleaner.

Electrician of the outdoor unit of the split system can serve, clean and repair only specialists. Independent prevention is prohibited.

After completing the work, the case must be installed in place and wait for the complete drying of all elements. Only after that the climate technique can be included in the network and use. First cleaning better entrust to service specialists.

If the owner of the household climate system further intends to perform prophylaxis, should closely monitor the work of the masters in order to subsequently use their experience.

If the split system is installed on high floors of an apartment building and access to the outer module is difficult, self-cleaning is life-threatening. In this case, special equipment or industrial climbers services are needed.

In the process of prophylaxis, you can use special detergents, they are easy to find on sale: sprays, concentrates and other compositions. It is important that the instructions for them indicate: “For an external block”.

Cleaning an external unit of air conditioner

Unlike the inner module, the outer wash is not more often once at 8-10 months. Provided that the device is not clogged with a large amount of dust, leaves, dirt. If it is mounted at high altitude, without experts can not do.

  • turn off the power;
  • remove the front panel;
  • Clean the large garbage. it is easy to make hands;
  • brushes and vacuum cleaner eliminate small blockages;
  • If necessary, the blades of the fan are wiping with a wet rapid so that the water does not hit the wires;
  • The capacitor is cleaned with a cloth, wet in soapy water and well pressed;
  • The front panel is soaked in the solution of soap and water, clean the brush, wipe dry and put in place.
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Device of external heat exchanger

The module is a set of details of various purposes:

  • Fan. It takes a significant area.
  • Capacitor. These are copper tubes, placed along the walls of the case.
  • Compressor. May be piston or spiral. The first view is inferior to the second reliability, but it is cheaper.
  • Control board. There are only in inverter instruments.
  • Valve four-way. Install in the aggregates of a reversing view that operate on cooling and heated air.
  • Compounds fitting.
  • Filter.
  • Lid. The protective panel that is removed before cleaning.

How to disassemble an external air conditioner block?

The complete dismantling of the module is performed only if it is necessary to move it to another place.

In all other cases, a partial analysis will have:

  • unscrew the pressure gauge hose for the refrigerant supply, set the cap;
  • turn away the nuts of the fastening of copper tubes to the fitters, flex in the side of the ears and close the holes with adhesive tape;
  • disconnect the cable by removing the protective cover over freon valves;
  • Under the case there are terminals, before the removal of the wires, tapes with a signed location are glued onto them;
  • Remove four nuts from the bracket, remove all the necessary parts for careful cleaning.

clean, conditioning, yourself, external, conditioner

Cleaning the drainage system

If the drainage tube of the air conditioner has been driving garbage, it will lead to the flow of water outward. Only surface prevention is performed by their own hands, for deep flushing, the unit gives professionals.

Independent cleaning lies in the surface washing a brush with a soapome. Especially thoroughly washed with drain, garbage often accumulates. The pallet is cleaned under the jet of water, dryly rub and install in place. Knowing how to wash air conditioning at home, not everyone wants to spend time to prevent. In this case, it is convenient to purchase devices with automatic self-cleaning program. But even in this case, the filters are regularly treated so that dust and dirt do not accumulate.

Cleaning an external block

The external unit needs cleaning much less frequently than internal, but also to clean it. There will be no problems if you:

  • We live on the first floor;
  • live in a private house;
  • It is possible to work safely with the stepladder;
  • External air conditioner unit Bliking.

Residents of apartments in high floors are not lucky. independently carry out work at height can not be called by experts.

Cleaning the external block is carried out as follows:

  • Disable air conditioning from meals;
  • Remove the external panel of the block, after which it will be possible to approximately rate the front of the work;
  • Hands are cleaned by large garbage, like leaves, flowers, branches and t.D. It is better to work in gloves;
  • Brushes or vacuum cleaner removes garbage from more hard-to-reach places of the case;
  • Fan blades may need additional cleaning with a wet sponge. Act neat. If you need to use a large amount of water (watering from the hose), close the electrical block;
  • The surface of the capacitor is easily cleaned with a wet sponge;
  • The outer panel can also be thoroughly rinsed and dried before installation.

In which cases it is impossible to do without a service center

Buying air conditioning, prepare for the fact that without service maintenance in some cases you can not do. There are several reasons that make you refer to the specialists:

  • The air conditioner ceased to turn on;
  • Some functions stopped working;
  • The device is disabled independently;
  • Drips water from the indoor unit;

If water drips from the internal unit of the air conditioner, it is worth contacting the service center

Any of these reasons you will not be able to eliminate yourself, which means not to do without service.

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Now you already know how to serve the air conditioner, however, the cleaning process of different parts must be taken carefully, since it is possible to damage the technique or whip. What is already saying that a badly damaged element will have to change. Make sure that after cleaning, the parts of the air conditioner are well dried. Complex maintenance will help for a long time to use your air conditioning.

How to clean the internal unit of the air conditioner

What you need

  • Rubber gloves
  • Sponge for washing dishes or soft rag.
  • Microfiber napkin.
  • Soap: liquid or bacage.
  • Special tool. spray for cleaning air conditioners.

Find out what filters do you have

This is indicated in the instructions for your split system model. You can clean only reusable mesh filters, these are:

Mesh air conditioner filters.

Disposable filters can not be cleaned: they simply change when they are clogged with dust. What periodicity it must be done, also designated in the instructions.

Remove filters

Remove the plug of the air conditioner from the outlet. Lift the split system cover. the desired item is located right below it.

Washable mesh filters are deposited plates. They must be pulled out. As a rule, it can be done, slightly raising the filter, and then gently pulling on yourself and down.

So as not to be mistaken, follow the user instruction.

How to shoot disposable filters, indicated there. Fastening systems can be different, but in any case, pull the element from the air conditioner is very easy.

Clean the filters or prepare new

With disposable filters you can simply shake dust. Or immediately replace new if they look very dirty or ended their life.

Reusable must be flushed. It is done in a certain sequence.

Then rinse in cool running water, carefully removing the contamination with a sponge. Be especially attentive to the corners and edges.

If the filter still looks dirty, you can soak it at a soap solution for 20-30 minutes. To do this, connect a few drops of liquid soap or a teaspoon of soap chips with 5-6 liters of warm water. Note: Immerse the filter in the mixture is possible only if this allows the instruction.

After soaking again, rinse the part under running water. Wipe the absorbent napkin from the microfiber and leave dry. Dry filters can be only natural. Do not use the hairdryer and do not put the battery parts.

Clean the internal elements of the split system

Speaching open internal air conditioner unit.

Soft cloth Remove dirt residues from all available places.

To disinfect the split system and create a protective film on its details, use the air conditioner cleaning agent. How to apply it, usually indicated on the package. In some cases, manufacturers are offered to spray the contents of the canister on the internal elements of the open air conditioner, wait 20-30 minutes and then turn on the split system by activating the ventilation mode, for 3-5 minutes.

According to other recommendations. it is necessary to put the recirculation mode, and the cleaning agent spray in front of the suction zone.

clean, conditioning, yourself, external, conditioner

Install filters

If you have mesh filters, make sure that they are completely dried. Before installing, they can be treated with the same spray for cleaning. again, if it is allowed in the instructions for the air conditioner.

After 10-15 minutes, return the elements into place and close the lid.

After that, turn on the split system by selecting the ventilation mode, another 5-7 minutes.

If you have disposable filters, immediately install them in the block.

Wash the housing outside

Covering with internal cleaning, turn off the air conditioner from the network again and wash it with the outside, using a wet napkin. Special attention is paid to the opening blinds at the bottom of the device.

Check the performance of conditioner

Run the washed and fully assembled device in cooling mode and evaluate its operation.

If you continue to hear the hum and feel an unpleasant smell, it means that the air conditioner requires professional care, including using special services and steam cleaners. Only specialists can safely apply such devices.

Air conditioner cleaning frequency

Specialists argue that removing pollution in the split system must be at least twice a year. Clean the air conditioner follows the spring, before using it, and in the fall, after the end of the hot season.

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In the case of a large dustiness of air, high humidity and other factors that increase the probability of contamination of the device, the general cleaning will have to be carried out more.

Following the recommendations given in the article, the owner of the Split system can easily cope with its cleaning independently, without resorting to the help of specialists.

Possible problems with self-disassembly

Before you begin to disassemble your air conditioner, you need to familiarize yourself with some information that will help to understand what may happen in case of an error:

    Refrigerant leakage. If he disappears into the atmosphere, then no ecological catastrophe occurs, so it is not necessary to be afraid. But without consequences, such an event will not pass: when assembling the equipment, it will be necessary to completely replace the departed refrigerant.

  • If dust or water falls in the inner circuit, then the compressor will be in disrepair. Water may seem quite harmless matter, but it should be borne in mind that in the evaporator it will sooner or later frozen and turn into a lot. And this will already be solid particles, the presence of which is completely incompatible with the compressor. To avoid moisture from entering the inner contour, it is necessary to avoid dismantling the equipment during rain or snowfall. And it is also worth extremely carefully clean the air conditioner with water.
  • Most serious damage will be caused by the depressurization of the contour. The crack can be completely imperceptible to the human eye, but this is enough enough to fail and the water or dirt fell inside. In order to avoid these troubles, it is necessary to be very neat and ensured that the tubes remain in preservation. It is advisable not to take the unit to the street in winter for cleaning, because the snow that fell inside the system will also provoke serious problems. Winter. Not the best time to clean the device on the street.

If there is a question about how to disassemble the air conditioner, then this suggests that the user never did it before. In this option, it is desirable to start cleaning extremely simple parts that do not require a thorough parsing of the entire system, and all the difficult work entrusts a professional.

Recommendations for rapid oil analysis

First, a small amount of oil is selected from the device. Then look at the external signs and compare with another composition, which is definitely clean. Next verify the presence of an acid. To obtain results, provide such requirements:

  • Turn off air conditioning. Waiting for up to ten minutes while oil stalks on the inner surfaces.
  • The ball valve “on one fourth” is connected to the service output.
  • The crane wear a rubber tube, the second end is lowered into a special container.
  • A small amount of oil is drained, give it to settle.
  • The collected composition is transfused into clean water, which systems are also cleaning.

Smell and shade. the main criteria for comparing with oil, which is exactly known that it is clean.

The compressor accurately overheated, if the liquid of the dark shade, with an unpleasant smell. Replacement is required because the composition is no longer in working condition. If you do not solve the question in time, the device will break. Greenish tint will tell me that there are “copper salts”. This is usually associated with liquid inside the device. It is required to carry out an acid test for accurate diagnostics.

The fluid is returned back under positive results. The main thing is to close all parts of the design that opens. The first time the air conditioner starts and is entered into cooling mode.