How to clean the iPad from unnecessary files

Five years ago almost for all iPad users with 32 GB memory. Now things are different. Applications and games began to “weigh” significantly more, photos and videos also “absorb” a tangible part of memory. And one fine moment of memory does not actually remain and one acute question appears, which users are asked: “How to clean the iPad from unnecessary files?”. There are a large number of ways to clean the memory, some of them I will write, but to use them or not, decide themselves.

From time to time, delete applications that you do not use. It happens that we set a lot of applications that are rarely using. Simply check the check and release the place on the iPad.

Move photos and videos to cloud storage. The quality of the camera in the iPad is constantly improving and pictures begin to occupy more and more. I recommend moving a photo and video to the clock services, I use Yandex.Disk. In this application, in the settings you can set the automatic movement of photos and videos will be in an apple storage. You can also use the profile.Mail, Dropbox or Google Drive.

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The PhoneClean application will also help clean the iPad from garbage. It is very good to get rid of unnecessary and residual files that appear while using iPad. Download it for Windows and Mac Os can be here, there is and minus this application is paid, however hope that someone share the keys for him in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев.

I want to note another application, perhaps this is the best of existing garbage to clean it is ICleaner Pro. And again minus it is only on the iPad with a jailbreak. I think this app is best due to the fact that it is at your disposal access to the entire IOS file system.

If you do not have a jelbreak then you must first make it. iCleaner Pro subtly clean the iPad and increase the memory, it deletes cache applications that cannot be deleted manually. After the first cleaning, the memory increases by an average of 35%. Free download Iceaner Pro 7.4.2 You can in the repository http: //

Another way to clean the cache application on the iPad using the iFunbox or ITools file manager. Detailed video instructions How to do it can see here.

Do not bring your iPad before it will tell you about a shortage of memory. Continuous implementation of preventive cleaning, will help to eliminate the situation with a shortage of memory.

At the beginning of use, it may seem at first glance that there is a lot of free space. However, over time in practice, memory has a feature to end. And then the need to find out how to clear the memory on the iPad.

If you have questions or have your iPad cleaning methods from unnecessary files Write in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев!

Why need to be released on the iPad

When you spend too much time behind your iPad, it will definitely cause problems with your device, which will lead to reduction and unwanted performance. Each action performed on the iPad takes a lot of space, especially when you run heavy applications with large files. This pre-employed space in your iPad storage can be in the form of cache applications, cookies of websites and other unnecessary files. It is important to know how to get rid of these problems before they cause serious damage to your iPad.

To give you a hint why you need to make a place on your iPad, here is important information to which you can pay attention to better user interaction:

  • When your iPad is fully loaded, problems and functions that your iPad may not perform. You will not be able to use all of its functions, such as photography, synchronization of multimedia files, installing new applications and operating system updates, as well as performing something else that requires storage space. That’s why you need to free your iPad so that it worked in full force, otherwise it will be just a meaningless device, as you will not be able to use most of its impressive functions.
  • The release of the iPad will help optimize the amount of iPad memory, which will make it more efficient and fast. The larger in your device free space, the more functionality.
  • Finally, because on your iPad a lot of free space, you can maximize it. You can store how many files on your iPad, without worrying about what it will affect its overall performance.

How to clean the cache on the iPad competently and without loss of the desired information?

The analysis process takes several minutes, and after it, the utility displays the exact value of the “weight” of unnecessary files in the application window. There is also a Clean Up button, with which they are removed. This cleaning does not take much time, and the result can be very surprised. None of the paths is a panacea from a shortage of memory resource. The owners of Apple devices until recently satisfied with 8 or 16 GB of “internal memory”.

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In this regard, the question arises on how to clean the memory on the iPad, without losing the valuable data and with the minimum impact on the device. Another way to clean the cache application on the iPad using the iFunbox or ITools file manager. The PhoneClean application will also help clean the iPad from garbage.

The best ways to free up the iPhone memory!

One of the most frequent problems of iPhone and iPad users. lack of place. The owners of mobile devices with memory 8, 16 and 32 GB are especially affected, many of which have to constantly monitor memory state, delete allegedly unnecessary applications and put up with the fact that photos and video must be moved to a computer. If the problem with the lack of space on the iPhone and iPad is familiar and you, then this material will be able to truly help you. In it we collected 45 different ways of freeing memory on Apple mobile devices.

Material is designed for various iPhone and iPad users. Within the framework of one article, we collected both quite obvious and traditional ways to clean the memory of iOS devices and secret methods that many even experienced apple equipment owners do not know.

Restart the device regularly

The easiest way to release the place in the iPhone and iPad memory is the usual reboot. It not only provides performance gains, but also removes IOS cache, which grows daily almost after each of your action. Make sure the benefits of reboots can be in iTunes. The ill-fated section “Other”, which is the whole “garbage” stored on the device, in some cases it takes several gigabytes. Reboot, alas, completely cache does not clean, but, nevertheless, reduces it.

Perform a reboot of the iPhone or iPad recommended at least once a week. If you use the mobile device especially actively, constantly downloading applications and working with them, then to make a reboot preferably daily.

Perform a forced reboot

In the fight against the overcrowded memory, the iPhone and iPad also helps forced reboot. During its execution, all temporary files that can occupy a lot of space are deleted from the mobile device. Especially helping the “tough” reboot to users who have already been for a very long time (or never at all) did not do it. To make a forced reboot of the iPhone or iPad, it is necessary to simultaneously hold the power and home buttons (the volume button on the iPhone 7/7 Plus) and hold them until the Apple logo appears on the screen.

Delete unused applications and games

And one more very obvious way to free memory. On the iPhone and iPad many users quite often have many unnecessary applications and games that have not been used long ago. Come on the main screen pages, open the old folders and delete all unnecessary from the device. Despite his simplicity, this method is one of the most effective because users sometimes simply forget that on their device there is something or another application.

Delete files in applications

Make sure that there are no unnecessary files in applications, both full-time and third-party applications. We are talking about videos, movies, PDF files, documents, presentations and other types of files that have been moved to applications or created by them. You need to delete such files directly from those applications in which they were created. Pay attention to the fact that the place is released in memory after removal may not immediately. Sometimes applications move deleted files to special temporary folders, which are cleared a few days later.

Start updating iOS via iTunes

Update iPhone or iPad wireless. The process is extremely convenient. However, to maximize the memory release of the device, install firmware is recommended via iTunes. When downloading “air” updates on the device, a lot of temporary files is created and saved. Some of them remain in the iPhone or iPad memory even after the installation of iOS.

If you install update via iTunes, the firmware is unpackled on the computer. Temporary files thus do not reach the mobile device.

Delete downloaded iOS updates

Not always, users want to go to the current version of iOS. And the firmware, meanwhile, is loaded by default on the iPhone or iPad via Wi-Fi and stored in the device’s memory, waiting for installation. The latest IOS versions have a size of more than 2 GB that you can easily free on your device.

To delete downloaded iOS updates, you must go to the “Settings” → “Main” → “” menu and click “Management” in the “Storage” section. Next, you should find the firmware saved on the device, select it and delete it.

Disable Wireless Download IOS Updates

In order for in the future, new IOS versions are not loaded to the device and you did not have to watch them constantly, update by “air” can be disabled. To do this, go through this link (or this URL. Hikay.Github.IO / App / Noota.MobileConfig) with iPhone or iPad and install the offered TVOS 10 Beta Software Profile profile. After that restart the device.

How to remove cache in chrome

Chrome allows you to cleanse cache, history and t. D. In the settings of the application. Let’s follow the instructions below.

Step 1 Open the Chrome app on your iPad.

Step 2 Press the menu button from three points in the upper right corner of the screen and select Settings.

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Step 3 Scroll down and click Privacy Here you will find options Clear browser history, Clear cache, Clear Cookies or Site data, select any option according to your needs.

Textbook. Fast Clearing Casheys iPad from UKEYSoft FoneRaser

Installing and launching software Install and run UKEYSoft iOSERASER on your computer and connect iPad to a computer using a suitable USB cable. To clear the cache on the iPad and speed up the operation of the iPad, click “1-click Free Up Space”, and the program automatically analyzes the amount of your iPad memory.

Fast scanning your iPhone Click the “Fast Scanning” button, UKEYSOFT will start scanning your iPad, please do not use iPad and hold iPad unlocked.

Scanned iPad result When the scan is completed, the program will show you how much space you can save, clearing unnecessary or temporary files.

Clean application caches and speed up iPad Click the “Clear” button to start emanating unnecessary files, temporary files, large files and useless applications to make place on the iPad.

Part 3, How to Clean Application Cache on iPad

In addition to Safari, other native applications and third-party applications are the largest sources of the cache data on the iPad. However, the methods for cleaning the application cache on the iPad differ depending on the design of the application.

Clear cache in the application

We use Chrome application as an example to show you the procedure.

Step 1, Open the Chrome application and tap the menu button with a three-point icon.

Step 2, Go to Confidentiality Settings and click Clear Data Views.

Clear application cache in settings

Step 1, Run the Settings application and click on your name.

Step 2, go to the general storage and use of iCloud and click Storage Management.

Step 3, all applications on your iPad will be listed depending on the place that takes each application. Choose a big application and look at documents and data.

If it takes over 500 MB, you better clear the cache application. Click Delete the application option and confirm it.

Step 5, then go to your App Store, find the remote application and reinstall it on the iPad.

Note: Deleting an application will delete all files and information stored in it, so before cleaning the application cache, you should create a backup of the application using iCloud or iTunes.

However, there are some applications for cleaning applications on the market to which you could seek help.

Android tablet cleaning. several ways to remove unnecessary files

On functionality and power, modern mobile devices, in many ways similar to home computers. As for mobile qualities and amenities, in many indicators you can compare with netbooks and laptops.

Leaders for the production of compact gadgets, such as Samsung, Xiaomi, Lenovo and PR., In their statistics, indicate that sales of tablets grow every year. Most of the models work on Android OS, which despite its active development, still has a number of shortcomings.

The daily use of the tablet leads to the fact that after a dozen downloaded and remote applications and files, unnecessary programs remain in the device’s memory. As a result, the device begins to hang, slow down, etc. In order not to become a victim of such problems, we will give several effective ways that will help clean the tablet from excess software and it will work again as a new.

Manual method cleaning device

This option is designed for experienced users who know where and how to remove an unnecessary file. To start the cleaning process, you must perform the following series of actions:

  • Select the “Settings” section;
  • We are looking for the “Applications;
  • In the list that opens, we are looking for an “excess program” and click on it;
  • On the page that appears, click the “Delete” button.

After removing an unnecessary application, it is recommended to carefully examine the list of installed applications and programs. Perhaps some of them were installed erroneously or you have not used them for a long time. It is recommended to get rid of such software in order not to “clog” memory.

After removing the application, you must perform the following steps:

These actions are required to execute. After all, the reason for all “glitches” and brakes is that all applications leave their salary and other files in RAM.

After you clean the tablet, restart the tablet.

Apply cleaning programs

This option of uninstalling applications of tablets from unnecessary files can be called universal. With the help of “application-cleaners” you can clear the tablet, high quality, quickly and safely. Consider several programs that enjoy special demand among users:

If we talk about CCleaner, then this “cleaner” is adapted to work on powerful devices. it’s all about the powerful functionality of a program that allows you to work with multiple tools.

The above programs are very easy to use and immediately after launch will start automatic checking your tablet. After checking, they will offer a list of files that are recommended to delete from your device.

Also, programs will clean your tablet from excess software garbage, which accumulates during operation. It turns out that speeding up the work of your tablet and clean it is easier than simple. just download the program with which you can delete unnecessary files.

Return to factory settings

This option for cleaning tablets. radical. It is used only if none of the above methods helps and the device continues to hurt terribly. After resetting all the data, the tablet will be like new. nothing, no contacts, nor conservation. This option is relevant in the event that you set the graphic type code on your device and forgot it.

To understand how all settings and applications are reset, consider on the example of the Lenovo Tab 2 device all the procedure:

  • Turn on the device;
  • Simultaneously clamp the “Volume and.” and power buttons;
  • When the manufacturer’s logo appears, let go of the key;
  • It is necessary to wait for the appearance of the “Android” emblem, on which the door will be drawn upwards. After the appearance of the logo, once again press the “Power” key;
  • Applying the “” and “-” keys, click on the menu on the line with the inscription “WIPE DATA / FACTORY RESET”. By choosing a string, click “”;
  • Using for navigating “” and “-“, click on the “Yes. Delete All User Data” section by the “” key;
  • After the end of the manipulation, the yellow inscription “Data Wipe Complete” will appear and you will return to the initial list of sections. It remains to click on the string “Reboot System Now” and all. Reset all installations performed.
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After completing all manipulations, the tablet will independently make a reboot and you will see a gadget, fully refined from your files and programs. Now you can start everything first using the tablet at your discretion.

Top 5 iPhone Clean Master

FoneEreser for iOS

FoneEreser for iOS Convenient memory cleaner to remove unnecessary files and speed up your device. The phone and tablet perform several tasks, so they store cookies, cache data, unnecessary files, log files, and much more on the storage device. FoneRaser for iOS allows you to easily erase all data from your iPhone using simple clicks. You can choose one of three levels of erasing, which ensures that your data cannot be restored. Why not download and try now?

  • Delete text content, media files, applications, documents and settings on your device.
  • Supports iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.
  • There are three levels of erasure for options.
  • Its security standard ensures that your remote data cannot be restored.
  • Delete unnecessary files without data loss.
  • Clean the photos to save space on disk.
  • It is safe and easy to use.


PhoneClean cleans unnecessary files to optimize iOS performance, it supports up to 14 types of unnecessary files 30 and allows you to delete data from iPhone and iPad. With this powerful tool you can easily fix the problems with iOS. No matter how many log files, cache data, unnecessary files and other things on your device, PhoneClean will always support your device clean and work without failures.

IPhone Cisdom Cleaner for Mac

Cisdom iPhone Cleaner for Mac. This is a safe and easy tool for cleaning unwanted iPhone files for Mac and iOS devices. In order to clean up redundant files on various devices, its wide compatibility allows you to delete unnecessary files and other files from the simplest iPod, such as SHUFFLE. It will also create full backups to any cleaning effect.


iFreeUp easily removes unnecessary files, cache, log files and t. D. from device or applications after installation and connection. It completely destroys deleted files, so you do not need to worry about privacy leakage. It is also the transfer of files that allows you to import, export and delete photos, video, audio, applications, podcasts and much more from your device. This is a multifunctional choice of cache cleaner for cleaning unnecessary files on the iPhone.


imyfone. This is a third-party space cleaner that you can use to clean unnecessary files 30 with iPhone or iPad. For your valuable photos, it can squeeze them and free up to 75% of memory for your device. And it allows you to move unnecessary files, temporary files, large files, applications and more. over, you can view files before you erase them. This is a humane and useful tool for iPhone users.

clean, ipad, garbage, delete, update, files

Cleansing cache

The cleaning procedure can be carried out using special applications that are on the Internet a set. Among them, several utilities can be distinguished, which most quickly cope with the solution of this problem. You can, of course, delete unnecessary files yourself, but the process will take effectively if the device owner will use special programs for cleaning iPad cache.

Memory Cleaning Applications

We bring to your attention a few such applications: PhoneClean Pro, PhoneExpander and Cleanerphone

PHONECLEAN PRO. The utility is designed to cleanse cache and removing unnecessary programs from the device.

  • Destruction of cache installed on the device utilities.
  • Removing duplicate photos.
  • Erasing cookies files.
  • Deleting temporary files.

An option with deep purification is a plus to the above-mentioned actions:

If you do not know how to clean the cache on the iPad using this utility, then make it very simple:

PhoneExpander. The program can quickly remove the cache, unnecessary applications, photos from the gadget. It is distinguished by special conciseness that can not dislike the lovers of minimalism and users who do not like to manually optimize their “apple” tablet.

Cleanerphone. A very practical program to optimize the “apple” gadgets for users who still do not know how to clean the cache on the iPad. Among the advantages of the utility can be allocated as:

In addition to the aforementioned applications, you can use browser cleaning manually.

Manual browser cleaning

If there is no desire to install any special applications, you will be pleased with the advice, how to clean the cache on the iPad manually. To do this, you need to make several elementary actions:

After executing such a procedure, the whole browser history will be cleaned, and Safari will look like you for the first time discovered.