Phone setup

Before you start uploading images, you should make sure that the corresponding setting is activated in your phone. This requires:

  • Open mobile device options.
  • Select “iCloud”.
  • Check if iCloud Drive & Photos sync is enabled.
  • If synchronization has not been configured before, then you should wait a while until the photos are uploaded to the cloud storage. You will need a Wi-Fi connection or permission to transfer data via mobile Internet.

    Uploading to your computer’s hard drive can be applied through the official website using the built-in Mac tools or using a special program. We will analyze each method in detail.

    Upload to Windows

    Now let’s figure out how to upload photos from iCloud to a computer running the Windows operating system. Moving pictures will require the installation of a special program. Its functionality will provide data exchange between PC and all Apple devices using one account. Both uploading photos from the cloud and the reverse process will be available. saving files to iCloud.

    • Download the installer by following the link:
    • Run the installation file.
    • Agree to the terms of use.
    • Select the installation folder and wait for the process to complete.

    After installation, you can proceed with the settings. This requires:

      Open iCloud program and enter credentials.

    After a successful login, a window will appear where you are prompted to select synchronization objects.

    Put a tick in front of “Photos” and click the “Options” button, which is located in the same line. Additionally, you can select other items: iCloud Drive (files and documents), Browser bookmarks, Mail, Contacts, etc.

  • In the window that opens, select the “Upload to My Photo Stream” item. You can also specify the path in File Explorer where to upload new photos added from iPhone to iCloud. Feedback is also configured: uploading images from a specific folder to the cloud storage. Additionally, a directory is defined to be shared with other people. They will be able to add media files and leave Комментарии и мнения владельцев.
  • Press the “Finish” button, and after exiting to the previous screen. “Apply”. Synchronization will start automatically if connected to the network.
  • The location of photos in the Start menu depends on the OS version, but in the left column of Explorer it is always easy to find “iCloud Photos”. The folder contains two or three directories, depending on the program settings: Downloads (synchronized images), Uploads (photos that need to be moved to a remote storage) and Shared (available to other users). If iCloud Drive is activated, then in the left block there will be an additional item.

    Uploading photos

    To be able to view images without a network connection, they must be downloaded directly to the PC hard drive:

    • Launch iCloud program.
    • Click the “Synchronize” button.
    • In the window that appears, select the years for which you want to copy the photo.

    Download time depends on the connection speed and the number of files.

    Function setting in smartphone

    To automatically display all your photos and videos on your computer, you must activate the My Photo Stream function. It allows you to move pictures from the gallery to the cloud without user intervention and display them in Windows Explorer. To enable the function you should:

    • Open smartphone options.
    • Select the “iCloud” section, then the “Photos” subsection.
    • In the new window opposite “Upload to My Photo Stream” move the slider to the right.

    By activating the option, the pictures are synchronized in the same way between the smartphone and the Apple tablet. To view images on another device, just open the iCloud app and go to the “Photo Stream” folder.

    Self-uploading files to cloud storage is performed after:

    • closing the standard “Camera” application;
    • Wi-Fi connections;
    • uploading a file manually via the file manager.

    ICloud web

    The method involves the use of the iCloud website, which has the necessary functionality. Moving pictures takes place without additional software. The procedure is performed as follows:

    • Open any browser on a PC, enter in the address bar:
    • Specify Apple ID and password, press “Enter”.

    Read and accept the terms and conditions of use of the service.

    On the main page of the resource, select the item “iCloud Drive”.

    Select a photo and click the “Upload” button, which has the shape of a cloud with an arrow. The adjacent button with a reverse arrow allows you to add files from the PC to the device.

  • Specify a location on your hard drive to save.
  • The only drawback of this method is the inability to download the entire folder. You will have to separately select the files and save them. The advantages include connection speed, unloading on any computer without installing software. However, this does not imply automatic exchange of fresh photos. If you want to get new pictures, you will need to re-login and upload.

    The methods described below will allow you to set up automatic syncing between iPhone and computer via iCloud.

    Sign in to

    The easiest way, which does not require the installation of any additional programs on a computer (except for a browser) and works not only on PCs and laptops with Windows, but also in Linux, MacOS, and on other operating systems, in fact, in this way you can enter iCloud not only from a computer, but also from a modern TV.

    Just go to the official website, enter your Apple ID information and you will be logged into iCloud with the ability to access all your data stored in your account, including access to iCloud mail in the web interface.

    You will have access to photos, iCloud Drive content, notes, calendar and reminders, as well as to the Apple ID settings and the ability to find your iPhone (iPad and Mac are searched for in the same paragraph) using the corresponding function. You can even work with your Pages, Numbers and KeyNote documents stored in iCloud online.

    As you can see, logging into iCloud is not difficult and is possible from almost any device with a modern browser.

    However, in some cases (for example, if you want to automatically download photos from iCloud to your computer, have easy access to iCloud Drive), the following method may also come in handy. the official Apple utility for using iCloud in Windows.

    How to sign in to iCloud from a computer

    What is it for? For example, in order to copy photos from iCloud to a Windows computer, be able to add notes, reminders and calendar events from the computer, and in some cases, in order to find a lost or stolen iPhone. If you need to set up iCloud mail on a computer, there is a separate article about this: iCloud Mail on Android and computer. Also May Help: Backup iPhone to iCloud.

    ICloud App for Windows

    On the official Apple website, you can download the iCloud program for Windows for free, and if you are using Windows 10, you can use the iCloud application from the Microsoft Store, which allows you to use iCloud on a computer or laptop in Windows 10, 8 and Windows 7.

    After installing the program, the links to which are further in the instructions (and then restarting the computer), log in with your Apple ID and perform the initial settings, if necessary. If two-factor authentication is enabled for your account, your iPhone, iPad or Mac will display a code that will need to be entered into the window after entering the password.

    After applying the settings, and after spending some time waiting (the data is synchronized), you can download your photos and see the contents of iCloud Drive in the explorer, as well as add photos and other files to iCloud from your computer and save them from there to yourself. If you have Microsoft Outlook on your computer, it can also be synced with iCloud to use mail, tasks, contacts and calendars.

    In fact, these are almost all the functions that iCloud provides for a computer, except for the ability to get information about the space in the storage and detailed statistics about what exactly it is used for. The iCloud Drive folder integrates into Windows Explorer like any other cloud storage:

    And you can find the folder with iCloud photos in the system Pictures folder. over, with the default settings, all newly created photos will be automatically downloaded to the computer in the appropriate folder. Old photos can be downloaded manually:

    Some basic actions (such as uploading a photo from the previous point) iCloud are available in the menu that opens when you click on the corresponding icon in the notification area:

    Additionally, on the Apple website you can read about how to use mail and calendars from iCloud in Outlook, or save all data from iCloud to your computer:

    • If iCloud does not install and displays a message about Media Feature Pack, the solution is here: How to fix the error Your computer does not support some multimedia features when installing iCloud.
    • If you sign out of iCloud on Windows, this will automatically delete all previously downloaded data from storage.
    • When writing this article, I drew attention to the fact that despite the installed iCloud for Windows, where I was logged in, the computer with Windows was not displayed among the connected devices in the iCloud settings in the web interface.

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    no iPhone, it’s broken, how can I log into iCloud from a PC without the ID it requires

    Those. without Apple ID? No way. You can try to restore (below the login fields there is a link. forgot Apple ID or password).

    iCloud Windows 10, error. “iCloud an error occurred during authentication”, the file host is empty, no antiviruses, no protections, no proxy connection. Everything is ok from the browser, it does not work from the application.

    Is there no tricky characters or Cyrillic characters in the password? This may be the case. Well, just check that you are entering correctly.

    Hello. For example, my iCloud photo library is broken / nothing helps in fixing and updating. and the former version. it’s too late to roll back. in the future, on subsequent views, an endless wait for the iCloud drive 64 objects hangs, the photo only reaches the choice of photo years, then the process is 5.10 seconds and in the cut. the event log, then there is no replacement for ntdll, except for windowPE and will it turn off the name of the faulty application: iCloudPhotos.exe Name of the faulty module: ntdll.dll Exception code: 0xc0000374 Error offset: 0x000e0e23

    Hello. I looked on the topic (I did not come across it myself). For some, as they say, it works to create a separate password for the application on the management site. and then. entering this password in the program on the computer.

    I enter the ID, password and get into the account. There is no first window as in the first photo in the article with folders. The account has a list of devices. I press iPhone 6 (my device), and it says “Request is currently unavailable. Please try again later »I can’t get my data

    iCloud is blocked. I can’t enter. What to do?

    Hello everyone. Tell me why every half hour (approximately) iCloud on a Windows computer throws up a window with the inscription: “To continue working with iCloud, enter the password.” And even if I enter the password, then after a while he will again show me the same window, with the same request. At the same time, you are signed in to iCloud. Maybe someone came across?

    1) after installing iCloud on Windows 10, the program several times could not download photos and synchronize them with the PC: as a result of which, after that, I created many iCloud photo folders in the quick access panel of the explorer, tried to delete them, but I deleted the application, the folders were still preserved, but already Without links to photos and photos themselves, I repeated the installation of the folder again in the same place, what should I do now? tell me

    2) when syncing PC files with iCloud, iCloud asks for compatibility with Google Chrome (I am a user of this browser), asks to install the extension, but the extension is not installed, indicating that I may not have the latest version of Windows 10 (my licensed home version is 18363.836)

    And a simple right click on such a folder and “unpin from the quick access panel” does not work? If not, then, in theory, in the registry key

    A subkey named or is responsible for these folders (you can delete these subkeys and restart your computer). 2. And here it is not clear to me. In theory, he should not forcibly install any extensions

    Thank you for your prompt reply)) I did not expect that so quickly))) Found this subsection :. but unfortunately, no results after the reboot, as there were 8 extra folders, remained (Does a simple right-click on such a folder and “unpin from the quick access panel” do not work? Answer: There is a Pin folder item, but clicking no result. The folders themselves are located no For three days already I have been tormenting everything, leafing through the Internet, I do not know what to do, there is already a desire to throw off Windows and reinstall (

    Then I give up maybe, digging into the computer on the spot and would have found something, but like this remotely I do not know what to offer. There are no restore points by accident? Check if they could be automatically created and then you can use them.

    Hello Unfortunately, my iPhone broke yesterday. Those photos are those contacts that I need in the iPhone. You can’t enter iCloud from your computer without a password

    Don’t know your iCloud password? Then I’m afraid there is no way to help. Well, except to try to recover the password there on the site.

    Hello! Please tell me how to remove iCloud drive and iCloud Photos from the left pane of the explorer?

    In Registry Editor, navigate to

    Maybe I didn’t send a message and I’m sitting there waiting for an answer, knocking there everywhere), then I apologize, maybe some bug I wrote that I don’t have such a section (screenshot) and I found a subsection by searching, but it’s in a completely different place (screenshot). and I didn’t dare to delete it How to be ?

    Do not delete. But do it a little differently. Do you see (in your second screen) the IsPinnedToNameSpaceTree parameter on the right? Click on it twice and set the value to 0. Also: don’t be lazy and go through all of these subsections in this section with names that look like code. You can quickly do it like this: select the top one, then scroll down with the keyboard. And with each transition, pay attention to the “default” option on the right. For most it will mean “not assigned”, but for some it will mean names. And, if you come across something with the name “iCloud something” and there will also be the IsPinnedToNameSpaceTree parameter. also change it to 0. Close the registry editor, reboot. There is no need to be afraid, nothing will happen. But you can, just in case, pre-create a restore point.

    How to free up iCloud storage space on iPhone

    To understand how to clear iCloud storage, it is enough to carefully read this material. Here you can find information on how to delete unnecessary data, clear memory and do it not only on a mobile device, but also on a computer.

    Turn off iCloud Drive and Restore files to Mac Desktop

    Freeing up memory through your computer

    To remove unnecessary data from the cloud via a computer, you need to follow a series of steps. They look like this:

    • To get started, download the iCloud for Windows program using our link.
    • Log in to your personal account.
    • Activate the iCloud Drive function.
    • Go to the folder with the appropriate name.
    • Highlight the files to be deleted.
    • Use the “Delete” button.

    Everything is very clear and will not take much time. Try not to make mistakes during the implementation of the recommendations and everything will work out.

    Learn how to log in storage on iPhone by clicking on the link, iCloud login

    Deleting Data Using a MAC Computer

    Many users use high-tech MAC computers. So it’s no surprise that they wonder what to do when iCloud storage is full. There is nothing difficult in this, so we recommend that you use the following instruction:

    • First you need to activate the functionality of iCloud Drive:
    • Go to the Apple menu.
    • Use the section “System settings”.
    • Activate iCloud.
  • Launch Finder.
  • Open the iCloud Drive folder.
  • Drag and drop files to the Trash.
  • Emptying the basket.
  • Press the right mouse button after selecting the files and use the item “Delete immediately”.
  • There are not many steps required, but they will only help if you are using a MAC. And to solve the problem on another computer, you need to use another instruction, which we will talk about further.

    iCloud for Windows 10! [EVERYTHING EXPLAINED]. 2020

    Cleaning up iCloud storage via phone and computer

    It is important to understand that the operations below will optimize your device by destroying unnecessary system and personal files.

    With more memory space, the operating system has enhanced capabilities for adequate functioning

    How to Delete All Photos from iCloud on PC/Computer/iPhone/iPad?

    Deleting data via a mobile device

    Regardless of whether you are using an iPhone 5S, iPhone 6, iPhone 7, iPhone 6S or iPhone SE, the procedure will be almost identical, the main thing is to pay attention to the version of the operating system. After all, to figure out how to clean iCloud on iOS 11 or older, you need to do the following:

    • First you need to open the “Files” program.
    • Then click on the “Review” item.
    • Go to the “Locations” section and select “iCloud Drive”.
    • Highlight the files you plan to delete.
    • Once everything is highlighted, click on the trash can icon.
    • Go to the “Recently Deleted” section.
    • Mark the files you want.
    • Use the “Delete” button.

    Important! If you follow only the first part of the instruction, then the files will still be stored in your memory for 30 days. And to speed up the process of cleaning up memory, don’t forget to manually empty the (Recently Deleted) folder

    But this instruction does not reflect all actions. For example, to figure out how to free up space in iCloud storage on operating system 10.3 and earlier, it will be enough to follow these recommendations:

    • Launch the iCloud Drive program.
    • Use the item “Select”.
    • Select all the necessary files.
    • Click “Delete”.
    • Use the additional item “Remove from iCloud Drive”.

    Now you know how to clear iCloud storage and delete all unnecessary files from the cloud and free up storage using your mobile device. Next, we will analyze how to perform a similar procedure on a MAC

    Types of memory on Android devices

    There are three types of memory in Android smartphones:

    • Operational (RAM). it contains already running applications and operating system modules. The more RAM, the more concurrently running applications (and less “brakes”);
    • Custom (ROM). this stores photos, videos, installed games and programs, as well as the Android operating system;
    • Memory card. used to store any user data. On some smartphones installed applications are transferred here.

    If the RAM is full, the phone slows down. It tries to dump some of the unused data into user memory, but it takes time. The user gets nervous, tries to run the application again and again, which makes the situation worse. To speed up the phone, you need to free it from the garbage in the RAM. To speed up, you need to clear the phone’s RAM. Unused pieces of data will be sent to junk, the performance of the tube will improve.

    The classic signs of running out of user memory are:

    • The phone issued a corresponding notification;
    • Unable to install software from the Play Store;
    • The camera cannot save photos or videos.

    The user urgently needs to clear the internal memory. delete unnecessary photos or send them to the cloud, delete unused applications, clear the cache.

    The cache is an area of ​​ROM where temporary data is stored for the operating system to function. Simply put, this is a kind of transit point that requires regular cleaning (there is nothing important here). A full cache is another reason for the lack of space in the ROM.

    Transferring applications to a memory card will slow down their performance. Some applications (for example, banking) cannot be transferred.

    How to clean a phone via a computer via USB

    When considering devices that run on the Android operating system, the problem always pops up related to the constant filling of memory. At the same time, quite often the device does not have useful applications, media files and documents, and the internal memory is almost completely or half full.

    This is due to the clogging of the device’s memory with various information that is collected from various applications. Errors when creating a third-party application, the very features of the operating system and many other points force us to look for an answer to the question of how to clean Android through a computer. Consider several ways to delete information, as well as the features of its placement on internal memory.

    What programs to use?

    Through third-party software, you can automatically clean RAM and ROM from unnecessary data, thereby speeding up your phone. Use the following programs:

    • Clean Master;
    • SD Main;
    • App Cache Cleaner;
    • Mobile boost.
    clean, icloud, computer

    With their help, you can free up space, clear RAM and protect your phone from viruses. In addition, each of the utilities is suitable for different smartphones. from modern to devices running on older versions of Android. This will be understood further. All applications are installed in the same way as ES Explorer. you can find instructions above.

    How to clear manually?

    If you do not want to resort to the help of third-party programs, or you do not have free space for installation, then you can clean it manually. After all the procedures, the phone will work much faster:

    • cleaning browser and application cache;
    • deleting messages;
    • removal of old and unnecessary applications;
    • cleaning files stored on the phone (photos, videos, etc.).

    All steps will take longer than cleaning with the app, but the result will be much better.

    clean, icloud, computer

    Easiest Ways to Clear iCloud Storage from iPhone, iPad, and Computer

    iCloud is Apple’s proprietary cloud storage that allows you to synchronize data between different smartphones and tablets united by one Apple ID account, save music, photos, books and application information, create backups of files stored in the operating system, and at the same time use the Find iPhone “, which allows in a few seconds (with the correct settings!) to determine the location of lost or stolen equipment.

    Access to iCloud is issued for free immediately after purchasing an iPhone, iPad or iPod, but with an unpleasant limitation. 5 gigabytes of free space on the cloud storage. Therefore, it is so important to know how to clear iCloud storage.

    Download iCloud to PC

    The second option to look beyond the veil of cloud storage secrets is to download a special tool that exactly repeats all the settings from the iPhone, iPad or iPod menu. The utility is available at the link (suitable for both Windows and MacOS). Installation takes a few minutes, and for authorization you will again need a username and password.

    Of the minuses. it is impossible to work with photos, as on the site through a browser (accordingly, you cannot free up space). On the plus side, you can work with other applications, delete the accumulated cache, free up space by clearing all messengers and messages. In addition, it is here that additional space is bought if nothing happened from a smartphone or tablet.

    Work with data on the official website

    The developers of the service allow you to enter iCloud directly from the browser. just fill in two text fields for authorization (Apple ID login and password) and all the information added to the cloud storage will appear on the screen. From here, they are also allowed to work with the settings (but with some), look into documents and mail, and at the same time wash the bones with all contacts.

    If you want to immediately get down to business. freeing up free space, then you should immediately look into the “Photos” section. It is here that you can view all images, remove duplicate videos, find failed panoramas and other creative works that have not won fame. A few hours of sorting and iCloud will definitely become more free.

    Change tariff

    In the “iCloud Storage” section, Apple developers unobtrusively suggest increasing the size of free space.

    The are quite moderate (for example, for a 2 TB plan, you will have to pay 599 rubles a month, while competitors are not so rosy), and the purchased subscription can be shared with the family (valid when renting 200 GB of free space per month). If you don’t want to pay, and you need cloud storage to synchronize messages and browser bookmarks, then it’s better to go the other way.

    Cleaning from a computer

    If for some reason it is not very convenient to free up space in iCloud using a smartphone or tablet, then you can easily change the working tool, armed with a personal computer. The procedure in this case is as follows:

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