Removing applications

Apps are also unnecessary. How many of you have downloaded your daily workout software but never opened it? Every third. And there are a lot of examples of applications that “will definitely be needed sometime”. Free your phone or tablet from unnecessary stress by dragging and dropping unnecessary components into the trash.

We clear the internal memory of the phone through a computer

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Another way to clear space of unnecessary files is to format the internal memory. The most convenient way to do this is via a PC:

  • connect your smartphone to a laptop or computer via a cord;
  • open the section “My Computer”;
  • select a phone;
  • click twice;
  • go to the internal storage;
  • right-click;
  • select the “Format” item in the context menu;
  • confirm action.

SD Maid

Another option for cleaning up your system is SD Maid. It is also downloaded from Google Play. The uniqueness is that SD Maid not only cleans the internal space of a smartphone or tablet, but also checks the memory card for unnecessary components. After checking, the program displays data on how long ago the components on the phone were used / opened. Smart system will advise what is best to remove to optimize device performance.

Clean master

An application that is suitable for different devices and operating systems. Its official Android version can be found on Google Play. Download, install, go through a short authorization. In the panel on the main screen, select the type of cleaning. shallow or deep. The first time it is recommended to conduct a deep scan, as the software will help identify viruses and malware. The advantage of the program is that it is possible to set the automatic run time in the settings.

How to clear smartphone memory using programs

If manual removal is not the way to go, automated utilities will do the trick for you. There are dozens of them in the Play Store today. According to the algorithm of work, they are similar to each other. they scan all storages, identify clone files, unnecessary elements and viruses. Next comes the process of deletion and optimization.

Removing garbage in the browser

The first place that accumulates the most unnecessary components is the mobile browser. Without even knowing, you litter the cache by visiting different sites. For example, entering a bright multimedisource with a bunch of videos and gifs for the first time, the site will load for a long time, since the phone does not yet know it. On subsequent visits, the device “remembered” the view of the page, saved images to itself in the cache. Therefore the download will be faster. From the practical side, this function is convenient, as it significantly saves traffic and waiting time. From the side of memory clogging, this is a direct loss, because the cache is an insidious place. It is not visible, but it takes up a record amount of free space.

If you have any questions or complaints. let us know

  • go to the settings;
  • go to applications;
  • find a browser;
  • choose it;
  • click on the inscription “Clear cache”;
  • reboot.

Delete messages

  • select unnecessary conversational threads;
  • click on the trash can icon;
  • confirm action.

How to find statistics on memory usage

Occupancy statistics. an indicator that helps to determine how much the device is clogged with digital “garbage”. The phone has an operational space and storage. The operative space is responsible for the processes, the storage is for the safety of the components. If the first space is clogged, then the mobile device starts to slow down and dull. If there is no free storage space, some features are disabled. To keep abreast of the state of the phone and check the workload, use the algorithm:

  • open the settings option;
  • find the “Play Console” item;
  • select the application you want to run through the check;
  • click “” or “”;
  • check out the statistics.

In addition, Google Cloud uploads a comprehensive report on memory usage.

How to avoid SD-card overflow.

During the operation of the cell phone Samsung Galaxy s plus, Galaxy la fleur, c3520, and other models, the operating system is clogged with file junk and a month later another Android starts to slow down and freeze. This problem is especially evident in phones until about 2015 release. Only a complete reinstallation of the system helps here.

The easiest way is to reinstall Android, then reinstall your favorite programs. This method is not the most convenient, since it takes time and you will need to re-enter passwords from mail accounts, messengers, banking programs and others.

You can start the system reinstallation process through Settings in Samsung.

Go to the section. Recovery and reset and start the recovery process.

Note: Different phones have different.

A warning appears stating that everything will be deleted from Samsung phone.

Note 1.You will need to enter a PIN code to lock the screen, if it is installed.

Note 2. If the graphic code, PIN-code or password for your Google account is forgotten and it is not possible to recover it. Erase everything, reset the system to zero, to its original state with factory settings and everything can be preset like this.

Turn off your Samsung phone. Hold down the volume key until a special, technical menu appears. Here you need to select the item: reset or hard reset and press the power button of the Samsung i8160, c6712, 5610, Galaxy tab 10.1 phone.

But keep in mind if you have forgotten the login and password from the google account on which the system was originally installed. Then when reinstalling the Android OS, contacts and photos from the phone’s camera will be lost. Therefore, it is better to remember or restore your google account in advance and enter its username and password when preinstalling the system.

Another instruction on how to clear device memory on Samsung.

How to clear the internal memory of Samsung gear fit, mz, s5 mini, 2160, and indeed any Android phone.

Internal Storage running out On Huawei 2018 How to solve

This topic is not new, there are many descriptions on the Internet about this problem.

In short, they can be reduced to the following methods: moving files from internal to external storage, transferring applications to a flash memory card, cleaning the Android OS from garbage, using cloud storage of files, and there are a number of other tricks.

details about these methods of cleaning the internal memory of Android, in particular for Samsung i9500, 4100, s5230, wave 525 and other models, will be written below.

Clearing the application cache

It’s not a secret for anyone that almost every application uses cached information for its work. in the browser these are temporarily loaded pages, in the navigator. maps, in games. graphics objects, etc.

When you uninstall these applications, the cache can persist and accumulate in the internal memory. Thus, hammering it in full. In order to clear unnecessary cache, use either the standard item in the “Settings” menu. called “Application Management”. where it is enough to click on the application used and click on the “Clear cache” item, or use third-party applications.

A typical example of this is a small program called App 2SD, and in addition, this program allows you to move any applications (installed directly by you) from the internal memory to the memory card of your mobile device. Still have questions about how to clear Android internal memory?. ask them in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев and we will promptly answer them. Until next time!

Solving the problem through flashing to the dx nominal core

I have a Samsung smartphone and only 400 meters of internal memory and it was hard to fight.

After six months of use, the message “not enough memory in the phone” constantly came out and in addition the phone slowed down.

I got ROOT rights, unlocked the bootloader, installed the titanium and App 2 CD and started transferring everything to the card and deleting it through the titanium, what I don’t need, well, like Google talk and other nonsense.

As a result, there were 100 meters of internal memory, I was pleased. But not for long, after a couple of months the same trouble, because having received ROOT, new opportunities appeared, and special programs are installed only on the internal memory. But this time there was nothing to delete and transfer.!

I installed the SD maid program, but I didn’t see much of it, I cleared it somewhere a couple of meters, and then. the bookmarks in the reader disappeared and some pictures were removed, in general the program did not help me, 35 meters remained in memory and the same good old inscription was corns eyes. I decided not to pay attention to her.

Conclusion: flashing Samsung a5, j120f, 3400, HD and other models to a different or newer version can eliminate the defect of insufficient ROM memory.

Clearing memory through Disk Usage without using root rights

Disk Usage is a universal file manager, through which it is convenient to search for problem folders on Samsung and delete them. Disk Usage can be downloaded from the Play Market, do it and analyze the sections of your smartphone. You need to understand where exactly there is insufficient memory.

If the “system data” section is completely clogged and the transfer of programs to the flash drive is already working, then, as an option, you can clear the memory dump. To do this, dial # on your phone. after the menu appears, write the command “Delete dumpstate / logcat”.

You also need to find and look at the “trash directories”, which can be found through Disk Usage.

First, look at the DCIM / thumbnails path. There are previews, mini versions of images taken on the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 7.0 Lite SM-T111 8Gb, Galaxy Tab 4 7.0 SM-T231, Galaxy S5 SM-G900F 16Gb, Galaxy Grand Prime VE SM-G531F.

Also, look at the folder called log (with files like logcat_cp_boot_radio). These are the system logs, you can safely delete them.

And here are some more ways to clear phone memory:

Where to begin?

The easiest and most up-to-date way at the moment is to clean WhatsApp.

Now all Androids have WhatsApp. This is the most popular program among women, girls and girls (excluding YouTube). Everyone loves to receive and send pictures, photos and VIDEO FILES through it. Literally in a month. six months, the folder with VIDEO FILES in Votsap is clogged with Gigabytes of data.

The solution is very simple. clean this folder. It is located on the phone at: / WatsApp / Media / WatsApp Video

Open the Files program (or similar to it), it’s like Explorer, like on a computer. First go to the Main memory of the phone and follow the path WatsApp / Media / WatsAppVideo. There are all videos from Wotsap. Remove the largest ones first.

If it is a pity to delete the Videos, then you can first transfer them to the flash memory (a flash drive of a mobile phone, if you have it inserted into your phone). And then when you copy the video files to the USB flash drive, delete them from the main memory of the smartphone. These operations are done in the File Manager program (or similar to it).

Do this and you don’t have to read the article further.

Free up, clean internal storage, SD card on Android Samsung, why not enough, problem with device memory

For example, the ROM memory (Read Only Memory) is not working correctly, this is the built-in flash memory of a Samsung mobile device. Programs from the Play Store are installed into this memory and after a while problems appear, the system writes “Not enough memory” or “It is necessary to clear the memory.” You start to figure it out, it turns out that the Android operating system completely clogged the internal memory with its working files and folders. In this case, the manufacturer recommends inserting an additional flash card into the phone and ticking the box “Save to external memory by default”. An excellent solution, but Android is not clear why, does not want to save, install programs on the inserted USB flash drive. Let’s understand the causes of this problem.

The operating system Samsung s 8 s8 plus, 6 black, j3 gold and Samsung s 7 32 64 64gb, cover, np series vs must save and install programs, games, applications on any type of memory, but it does not. It seems that all the settings are correct, there are permissions, there are the necessary ticks. “Save and install software on a flash drive”, but no, the system stupidly asks to free the internal memory of the phone.

At such moments, you begin to regret that you bought this phone, this model and not a phone such as Samsung np series vs, a5, j120f, Samsung HD, gb, m2070 with a lot of memory, 16 gigabytes, and better 32 or 64.

But not everything is so bad, you can download and install programs on models with less memory. How to do this in more detail, below.

Delete cache

Browsers save not only browsing history, but also temporary page files to speed up their loading later, which are called cache. To clear it up, here’s an example from Google Chrome:

  • Go to your browser.
  • Go to “Settings”.
  • Select “Personal data”. “Clear history”.

Important! Delete only the cache and history, if you delete cookies or sites with passwords, the authorization data will have to be entered again.

Apps can also grow in size via the cache in the form of commercials. It can be removed on Huawei Y3 or Y5 using built-in memory management apps or using a third-party app like CClear.

Note! Music streaming services also store tracks as cache, which prevents them from being seen by music players. You should delete the accumulated songs through the application settings.

What is the memory of a smartphone

Phones use two types of memory:

  • RAM. volatile memory that is required to work with applications. Filled with active processes and running programs.
  • Persistent. that memory on Android where personal information, operating system and other files are stored.

If RAM is loaded, applications will not be able to use it for work, which will lead to minimizing or closing other programs. To free up RAM:

  • Open the list of running programs.
  • Click on the cross to close a specific application or tap on the trash can icon.

When there is still not enough memory, it means that some software is running in the background, for example, messengers, games with an online connection. They get rid of them as follows:

How to clean internal storage

  • Open “Settings”.
  • Go to “Apps & notifications”.
  • Search for Viber, WhatsApp or Instagram and open the tab.
  • Click Stop.

How to clear memory on Huawei phone

When the internal memory of your Huawei smartphone is full, it is not possible to install applications, take a photo or download music from cloud services, which is indicated by the corresponding notification. Let’s figure out where memory disappears and how to free it.

How to clear the internal memory of a Huawei smartphone

An easy way to clear the internal memory of your smartphone is to transfer files to a memory card. The lack of a slot is partially compensated by cloud storage. Solutions from Google and Yandex allow you to store an unlimited number of photos, which, with their size of 5 MB or more, significantly save space. An alternative is to transfer the data to a computer. After connecting the device to the PC, do not forget to clean the thumbnails folder:

  • In the root folder go to “DCIM”.
  • Select “.thumbnails”.
  • Select and delete all files.

This is where thumbnails of media files are accumulated to quickly display thumbnail tiles in the gallery. Fans of mobile photography can save up to 1-2 GB of useless files in a folder.

The second way to clear the memory of Huawei phone via PC is to pay attention to the folder also located in the root section. The cache of the social network of the same name remains in it: voice messages, sent photos, videos and graffiti. Feel free to get rid of unnecessary files in the folder. sent, they are stored on network servers.

On the way, go to the Download folder. it stores files downloaded from the Internet, send unnecessary ones to the trash.

Note! In the built-in file manager on a smartphone, these folders are often hidden. The exception is Total Comander, which allows you to view the above directives via your smartphone.

How to free up memory completely

If you cannot clear the memory, deleting residual files and large applications does not help, it remains to completely clear the internal storage by rolling back the smartphone to factory settings:

  • Go to “Settings”.
  • Select “Recovery and reset”.
  • Click “Reset Settings”.
  • Agree with the start of the operation.

Attention! Resetting to factory settings, among other things, will delete all data from the internal memory of the smartphone, so first copy them to a PC or memory card.