Cleaning the dust laptop. TOP-4 best funds in 2022

How often do you do cleaning at home? If you conduct a survey, then there will be an average indicator-somewhere a week. Some more often, someone is much less often, but in the total mass something like this.

Good, and now this question: how often do you clean your laptop? Tried to clean the laptop from dust at home on their own? But at this point, the overwhelming majority makes the surprised appearance: “Why, in fact, clean it? And so it works gorgeous! Well, he is warming up with me because the old one is already “.

I officially declare. not a single laptop is warming up because it is old. Dried thermal paste, prohibitive loads, work in the desert, garbage. these are the causes of overheating, and sometimes fatal outcome. About how to cool the laptop, read in my review of cooling stands, and now we will talk about the last point. household dust. For your laptop, it’s like an ordinary cold for you. Easy to pick up, it is easy enough to cure, but if you run, there will be very serious complications. And due to the fact that “garbage! It will pass by itself!”, So it happens most often. Only the laptop does not have complications-it will immediately die, or burn something local like a processor or an integrated video card, which is equal to buying a new computer.

What is the laptop cleaning for?

The laptop is arranged in such a way that its heating components, for example, a processor, a north bridge or a video card, are cooled by forced air flow and heat.outlet tubes.

At the end of such tubes, radiators are soldered, consisting of many plates located nearby. Passing between such plates the air removes heat and cools them, and they, in turn, cool the tubes that remove heat from microcircuits.

This whole system works as a vacuum cleaner and draws into itself a mass of dirt that settles on radiators. As a result, the removal of heat deteriorates greatly and the same processor under load overheats. Sometimes it comes to the point that the fan blades simply cannot rotate from the accumulated garbage.

All this together leads to a significant decrease in the performance of the laptop, and in some cases to burning out hardware components.

How To Clean Your Computer From Dust Without Compressed Air With An Old Toothbrush | Pt 10

How to clean a laptop from dust and not damage it?

Laptop cleaning without disassembly using a vacuum cleaner

Consider the lattice from the back of your device. At the bottom there are holes for supplying air on the fan blades to the processor and video card for cooling them.

Aside, you will also see a hole for the exit of heated air. Having turned on the vacuum cleaner, work out these places: in them, as a rule, the most pollution accumulates.

The ventilation output is also cleaned when the computer is turned off. Put it on the table like a book, in an open state.

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Remove the nozzle from the vacuum cleaner and in the on the on state bring the pipe to the air outlet for a couple of minutes.

Blow the ventilation input with compressed air

The ventilation entrance is most conveniently cleaned with the air spray: they are on sale, both in computer technology stores and in construction. Such cans are equipped with a nose that needs to be inserted into the lattice and launch it.

laptop Cleaning from dust without disassembling

Since the air is under pressure, it activates the rotation of the fan blades, blowing off the dust. To clean the keyboard, turn the device and blow out the same spray can of the air between the keys.

How to clean a portable computer indispensable

We will immediately say that cleaning the laptop in this way is a superficial. She will need the following tools:

This method of cleaning is concentrated on gratings of ventilation holes, on which the largest number of dust particles accumulate.

In laptops, the ventilation hole is below. It serves as an opening for supplying air to the cooling system, more precisely to its fan, the blades of which affect the flow of air, and cool it. Next, it is submitted to the video card and processor. On the side (or back) of the laptop there is an output ventilation hole through which the heated air leaves the device. Both holes are closed by gratings. To remove dust from them, you will need a regular vacuum cleaner or you can purchase a portable.

  • turn off the portable computer from the network, turn it off and close it;
  • Turn the device over;
  • Bring the tube of the vacuum cleaner on, having previously removed the nozzle to the ventilation grill, on the laptop case touching the body, and hold it for about 2-3 minutes.

To clean the portable PC from dust, you can use a spray with compressed air, which you can buy in any construction shop or computer service. It has a nose that easily passes into the holes of the ventilation grill and blow off the dust from the fan blades.

The procedure for cleaning a portable computer using a spray can:

  • Turn off the laptop.
  • Blow out particles of dirt from the keyboard, directing the spray spoon in the gap between the keys.
  • By putting a portable computer on the rib, you need to clean the hole where the air enters the cooling system.
  • Turn the device and clean the input hole.

With a soft rag, remove the remaining contaminants from the laptop body. Next, take another rag, and apply a few windows for it to wash it. Wipe the screen first moistened with a rag, and then dry.

Important! Do not spray the window to wash the windows on the matrix itself. This can lead to a short circuit.

Such preventive cleaning of the laptop can be carried out often, which will help maintain good processor performance.

How to clean a laptop keyboard?

Acer or HP modification of the laptop, as well as the portable device of another company, can become uncontrollable! And in the literal sense of the mentioned expression.

If the sweat traces and the benefit for experts of dactyloscopy, then in the case of a critical accumulation of such a product of the life of a person’s stamping of keys, simply cannot be avoided. Dust and fat will cause partial inoperability of the keyboard.

  • Using a brush (by the way, the pile should be of medium stiffness) carefully clean the laptop control module.
  • Pay special attention to the space between the keys. Here you will need alcohol!
  • A drop of the mentioned substance between the buttons and several intense presses will certainly give a positive result.
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How to clean a laptop from dust with disassembly

If the cleaning of the laptop without disassembly did not give the desired result, the laptop is still warming or making noise, then you can’t do without it. First of all, look on the Internet or in UTYUB instructions for cleaning your laptop model. If the process seems difficult for you (you need to disassemble almost the entire laptop), then do not risk. contact a reliable service center or a trusted computer store that provides such a service.

If you see that everything is simple for your model, it is enough to remove the back cover and cooling system, then you can safely proceed with independent disassembly and cleaning, but in any case you are in no hurry and do not forget about the accuracy.

What is needed for disassembling and cleaning the laptop

As tools, you will most likely need:

If the design of the cooling system of your laptop does not allow you to separate the fan and radiator separately, but requires complete removal of the cooling system from the processor and video card, then you will additionally need the following:

Prepare this all in advance, since when you like to cool the cooling system, you must completely remove the old one and apply a new thermal grease.

The main stages of disassembling and cleaning the laptop

The main stages of disassembling and cleaning of any laptop are the following:

  • Turning off the laptop and disconnecting the battery
  • Removing the back cover of the laptop
  • disconnecting and cleaning the cooling system
  • Cleaning the internal space of the laptop
  • Removing old thermal paste from the cooling system and chips
  • Approaching a new thermal paste
  • Installation back of the cooling system
  • Closing the laptop cover
  • Installation of the battery
  • Cleaning the keyboard with a vacuum cleaner with a soft nozzle
  • Wipe the screen and body slightly damp microfiber

All this is quite simple and will take only about an hour of time, of course, if your model is not required to remove the keyboard in your model and completely disassemble the case. In this case, it is better to contact qualified specialists, as there is a big risk of breaking something.

Tips for disassembling and cleaning the laptop

Fear of static electricity, do not use woolen clothes when disassembling and cleaning the laptop, also statics can accumulate when walking on the carpet. Touch the battery before starting work to remove the charge. If you notice static discharges when using a vacuum cleaner, then it is dangerous to use it to clean a laptop.

As in the case of cleaning without disassembly, the first thing you need to disconnect the battery. Then you can remove the back cover of the laptop (sometimes the screws are under rubber legs/plugs or under the battery). If the battery is non.removable, then it will have to be disconnected after the lid is removed.

It is advisable to put all the screws in separate boxes or jars, where they come from where they do not confuse them when assembling. In order to remember how the details that you will shoot were fixed, a good idea will photograph the insides under the lid. If necessary, take additional pictures how certain details are fixed.

clean, laptop, dust, disassembling

Gently disconnect the loops and smoothly unfasten the latches (if you have to do this in the process of disassembly, which is not always required). Do not disconnect what can be cleaned without removal. If the fan and the radiator can be cleaned without dismantling the entire cooling system, then do not remove it entirely. This is recommended only on the initially hot laptops to replace thermal paste with a more effective.

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Unscrew the screws of the cooling system by the numbers that are indicated next to them, starting from 1.2.3 and t.D. First evenly loosen all the screws, then unscrew them completely. The assembly is carried out in the reverse sequence. at first all the screws are evenly pulled, starting from 6.5.4 and t.D. Then the screws are evenly squeezed to the end in the same reverse order. This is necessary to eliminate the skew of the cooling system during installation, otherwise the heat from the processor and the video card will be removed poorly.

So that the old thermal paste does not smear, remove it first with dry cotton wool, and only then slightly moistened in the solvent. Apply a new thermal grease as a thin layer as possible, since the thick layer worsens the drain of heat.

When cleaning the already removed cooling system, you can use a vacuum cleaner, but carefully so that the fan does not spin and not break the blades. To clean the interior space, it is better to use a soft painting brush. It is not advisable to blow on something with your mouth, since dust can fall into your eyes, and saliva on sensitive electronic components or screen (spots will remain).

If, after cleaning and assembling the laptop, the fan will make noise, then you will have to remove it again, disassemble, thoroughly clean it with alcohol and grease with grease (it is better than thick silicone, but liletic or machine oil is also suitable), it needs very slightly.

To disassemble and clean the laptop, you can also confuse an increase in memory of memory or replacement of the disk, if you still planned it, so as not to disassemble again. But, if the laptop worked with failures, it is better not to rush with upgrade, maybe you will have to change it at all.

When a laptop is required?

The main factor talking about the excessive contamination of the device is to increase the temperature in a short time of operation. For monitoring temperature indicators, it is recommended to install a utility type Hwmonitor, which, when starting, shows accurate information collected from all sensors.

clean, laptop, dust, disassembling

In addition, it is recommended to maintain regularity. Acer, Samsung, HP laptops are better to clean about once a year. ASUS and SONY VAIO top models will last two years. However, you need to look at the operating conditions: for example, the presence of pets seriously accelerates the process of laptop pollution.

As a conclusion

Cleaning a laptop from dust can be affordable for literally everyone. However, this is not a complete disassembly of the system. Such cleaning is unlikely to help if water, wine or drinks with a large m alcohol, sugar were shed on a laptop. In this case, you should seek help from professionals. However, if everything begins to slow down, the laptop body is warming, fans are very noisy. it is necessary to clean the ventilation system and enjoy the perfect operation of the mobile device again.