What is a webcam?

This is the name of a special portable electronic device that transmits a signal to a computer using a USB port. The camera captures images around it in real time and transmits them to the network through one of the Special programs that are installed on the computer, for example, Instant Messenger, Skype, Grace or other applications.

How To Choose Web-Cameras

What are webcams for??

The main purpose of this device is to monitor an object online. Such shooting in real time is very informative and finds application in many areas of life:

  • Conferences. Home webcams help people who are often in different parts of the world to communicate while sitting in front of a monitor screen.
  • Security systems. A camera connected to your computer allows you to keep an eye on everything that happens in or around your home.
  • Observation on highways.
  • Monitoring of hard-to-reach places.
  • Online meteorological observations.

Types of webcams

  • Stationary. This webcam is attached to your computer and cannot be moved. These are the toy-shaped children’s cameras. Due to their appearance, they are hardly distinguishable in the children’s room among other toys, but they allow parents to watch the child, which remained under the supervision of a nanny or a neighbor.
  • Mobile. The dimensions of THESE devices are compact and easy to fold and carry in your bag or even. A wireless webcam is often connected to a laptop.
  • Universal. This webcam is installed on a laptop, stationary computer or even on a TV. Has an elastic leg and is attached to the screen with a special clothespin.

How the webcam works?

Before starting work, the camera is connected via a computer to the network, where it is assigned a personal web address. The device then uploads the signals to the web server. This can happen continuously, over time, or on demand. Modern models of web devices are supplied with software. Thanks to him, the webcam works as an independent server. This is how the webcam is monitored, allowing its particIPants to be anywhere and see everything that happens in the area of ​​the device.

Webcam specifications

To assess the quality of an electronic device, you must pay attention to its characteristics:

  • Matrix type. Manufacturers often supply cameras with CMOS and CCD matrices. The first option is more popular among users for private use due to its low price. If you choose a professional online surveillance camera, then such a device uses a matrix of the second option, which has improved color reproduction and high image quality.
  • Focusing. There are two types of it. Manual focusing involves adjusting by rotating the lens ring. Automatic is as follows: when the object being shot leaves the tracking area of ​​the camera, the optics automatically adjusts to the required sharpness.
  • Resolution. For conferences, the best resolution would be 640×480. Photo transmission mode assumes the use of a resolution of 1280×1024.
  • Frame frequency. Its range is 9-90 Hz. At low frame rates, the image will be hazy and blurry. If the Internet speed is low, and the frame rate, on the contrary, is very high, then the picture may not be at all. The best option would be a webcam with a frame rate of 40 to 70 Hz.
  • Viewing angle. This parameter shows how much area can be included in the frame. Higher angle of view offers more freedom of movement in front of the camera.
  • Connection interface. Such a camera is connected to a computer via a USB portal. IP and Wi-Fi cameras with built-in network cards connect directly to network equIPment.
  • Optical zoom. With this option, you can zoom in and out.
  • Length of cable. This option provides freedom in choosing where to install your webcam.

Webcam device

To have an idea of ​​what a webcam is, or webcam, as its name sounds in English, you need to know its device:

  • CCD. matrix. It is a light-sensitive conductor in the form of a plate that converts light into electrical impulses.
  • Lens. With its help, any image is projected on a computer monitor.
  • Optical filters. These are parallel plates, which are located on the matrix. Filters are responsible for the color quality of signals.
  • Capture board. Designed to convert analog electrical signal to digital format.
  • Compression unit. Its purpose is to Compress signals, converting them to MJPEG, JPEG, Wavelet formats.
  • CPU. He is responsible for reproducing the image.

Pros and cons of a webcam

These modern devices have many advantages that make them convenient to work with:

  • Mobility. Due to its compact size, the device can be easily carried and connected to any equIPment.
  • Online use.
  • Ease of use.
  • High quality signal transmission.
  • Built-in microphone.

There are also disadvantages in webcams. The main one is the bad picture obtained in budget models, because for them the main goal is not the quality of the image, but the presence of communication with correspondents. In the absence of high-speed Internet, a digital camera can transmit images from a jerk, and the sound will periodically disappear or lag.

How to use the webcam?

Most computers and laptops have built-in webcam software installed. The user should go to the “Control Panel”, find “Scanners and Cameras” and launch the desired program. Then the camera turns on and is ready to work. If such a program Tenders and a digital camera still does not work, you can download and install the Arcsoft webcam Companion 3 program on your computer. Launch it, set the camera so that you can see your image in a small window in the corner of the screen and communicate with pleasure.

Webcam functions

Some modern webcam models have additional features:

  • Motion Detector. With its help, an online webcam detects a moving object, which is in the field of view of the camera, determines its speed and size.
  • Connecting external sensors. This function is used to transmit sound signals or still images.
  • Password protection. It restricts access to the webcam to persons who do not have such a right.

Logitech hd

Of particular note are the Logitech HD webcams. What does this mean? This incomprehensible “HD”. everything is simple, it is the picture quality, high definition, bright colors and picture improvement in low light.

Logitech C170 Manager Workstation Camera

What’s in it? Built-in microphone, clear picture at short distance and of course low price.
The workplace is completely ready to work, because you do not need a driver and Skype will detect this camera automatically. For home, Logitech webcam c170 is also a great option if you do NOT plan to write requests)

Logitech C615 Mobile Conference Camera

What’s good about the Logitech c615 hd: Foldable design, trIPod mountable, swivel, high-quality shooting and sound, improved image under twilight lighting, vivid saturated colors, face detection.
If you conduct regular conferences and chats, then this camera is perfect for you

The most-most WEB-camera Logitech C920

The Logitech HD Pro C920 has it all: stereo microphone, wide angle, autofocus, rich colors, trIPod mount. With its help, you can makes for your YouTube channel, maintain a channel on social networks, and the result will be even without very high quality processing. But the price bites)

Logitech webcam how to choose?

Which WEB-camera to choose and which one is better suited for a specific task. A frequent question in today’s active user. Of course, most people prefer the laptop’s built-in camera for all tasks. At the same time, no one asks how the interlocutor sees and hears you: colors, lighting, sound, timbre and tone of voice. Whether you’re an online model, blogger, or businessperson, Logitech has a dedicated solution for each task. You can choose both a WEB-camera for streaming, and a camera with a remote control for blogs or small conferences, as well as solutions for conferences with up to 50 interlocutors

So, the criteria for choosing a camera:

Logitech cameras range from cheap to ultra-high-tech. What is the difference between a camera for UAH 140 and a camera for UAH 900? Which one do you need? It all depends on what you need a Logitech WEB-camera for

How to choose a WEB-camera? Why Logitech Camera?

Logitech makes new technologies as accessible as possible, you will not find a better representation in Ukraine in any GoPro manufacturer, such support and such a network of service centers.
All cameras have passed OTK control, they look modern and justify their price.

WEB-camera for communication with relatives Logitech C270

Your relatives should not worry that you have a gray complexion and that you live very dimly in Ukraine! They will even consider the interior behind your back and how badly your hair burned out in summer.!

Average price of Logitech C270 HD, while the quality is many times higher than expected! Built-in sensitive microphone and driver-free connectivity with Skype. out of the box, the camera is ready for use
Various color options to suit your personality

For communication in headphones Logitech C100

Without a microphone, but all the attributes of Logitech are met: the price is low, the quality is higher than expected, and a simple installation on a PC. Also WEB-camera Logitech webcam c100 for do-it-yourself surveillance

For her frequent calls one-on-one: Logitech C170
for regular family meetings Logitech C270
for executive conferences Logitech C615
for bloggers and super high quality footage Logitech C920

Briefly about the main

Now there are many brands on the market that specialize in creating perIPherals for computers. The most famous: Logitech, Sven, Genius and A4Tech. Each manufacturer creates their own system. Therefore, if you buy different devices for your computer, then choose them from one GoPro manufacturer.

What are the features of a webcam? Already from the name it is clear that this device is intended for shooting. She takes pictures and transfers them to a computer. Thanks to this, we can make calls, shoot and share it on YouTube.

Basis of the device

The core of all webcams is the matrix. Each matrix has its own manufacturing technology, for example, there is CMOS and CCD. CCDs produce a higher quality picture and create much less noise than CMOS, although their price is much higher.

All elements of the matrix create a point in the picture. The more pixels, the more detail in the picture will be, so choose a camera with more than three megapixels.

How to choose a webcam: some simple but princIPled tIPs

Until recently, people spoke only on the phone, and did not even imagine that they would soon communicate, being in different cities and countries, and they would not just talk, but look at each other. Now communication has become more accessible, the Internet has become much more powerful, which has removed the boundaries in communication. If you want to chat with someone, you can’t help but use your phone. Everyone uses messengers “Whatsapp”, “Viber” or “Skype”. And for “real” communication, you only need a computer at hand, a good Internet connection, and, of course, a camera. Well, we advise how to get a good webcam.

About device installation

Almost all webcams can be connected to a computer via a USB connector, which means that you will not have any problems with the connection. At the first connection, it will be automatically detected, and the OS will select the required driver for it.

If this does not happen, then you can download the latest drivers yourself.

Shooting quality

Besides the matrix, there is a difference in resolution. It can be:

  • 640 × 480,
  • HD 1280 × 720
  • Fullhd: 1920 × 1080

Webcams, in which low resolution are not very expensive, although the picture quality is significantly inferior. Better to opt for HD. Speaking about the resolution of 1280 × 720, it is enough Not only for communication on Skype, but also for recording on YouTube.

If you need to create it clearly and watch it on a large screen, then take a closer look at a camera with a resolution of 1920 × 1080, but remember that for the smooth operation of such a device, you need Internet at high speed.

Talking about focusing

All cameras differ in their focus. If the device has only manual focusing, then to create a clear picture you will have to constantly turn the lens. If automatic focusing is implemented, then it will make the adjustment itself and the image will turn out to be of high quality, and not blurry. Similar cameras. Great choice, prada are more expensive.

Lots of cheap webcams are built with fixed focus to create “bearable” image quality.

In order to summarize, once again we note in the stages of choosing a webcam. In the beginning, you need to decide on the manufacturer. Be sure to study the webcam parameters such as matrix and resolution. The higher it is, the better the recording will be. Also pay attention to focusing. We recommend models with automatic focus, so that your picture will please you with clarity.

We will be glad if you heed our recommendations. These tIPs will definitely help you in choosing the right device, and you will definitely find the one that suits you one hundred percent. We wish you a happy shopping!

Mounting methods

This parameter depends on where the webcam is used. Attaching the device can be:

  • Desktop. If you have a lot of space on your desktop, then this will be the best choice. The camera is mounted on a regular stand.
  • On clothespins. The webcam is installed on the monitor.
  • Combined. The first 2 options are combined.
  • Suspended. This mounting option is used if the camera is used for surveillance.

How to choose a webcam

Internet technologies are developing rapidly. And the webcam has become a familiar device for most users. Its purpose is to communicate on the Internet with different people from any country using various programs. You can also take pictures and record

The modern market offers a wide variety of these devices, so we will consider below what parameters must be taken into account when deliberately choosing this device.

Webcam resolution

The quality of the resulting image will also be affected by the resolution (specified in pixels) of the device. It should be chosen based on the purpose:

  • For standard conferences, a resolution of 320×240 is enough;
  • If you need to records, a resolution of 640×480 or more is enough;
  • To take large photos, you need a resolution of 1280×960.

Frames per second

The third parameter of a webcam that affects image quality is the number of frames per second (FPS). The higher the FPS, the smoother and more pleasing to the eye the picture. It is advisable to buy devices in which the FPS is NOT lower than 25.

Connection method

Most popular camera models are equIPped with USB (2.0 or 3.0) connection. This interface allows fast data transfer. If you have a desktop computer, get at least a 1.5 meter cord so that you don’t have to worry about installing a webcam. For a laptop, the length does not really matter.

We also note cameras that connect via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, but they are expensive, function less stable, hence the low popularity.

Network web cameras allow you to connect to them via the Internet. Usually such devices are mounted on the streets and installed in children’s rooms so that parents can control their “child” from a distance.


Serious photographic equIPment is equIPped with a CCD (CCD) matrix. It provides a low noise level but is expensive. But the main purpose of webcams is to communicate over the network, so CMOS matrices will be enough. But if you will additionally use the camera with programs that recognize faces, a CCD matrix is ​​recommended. It creates little interference and gives a better picture.

The sensor’s sensitivity, measured in lux, is able to determine the minimum degree of illumination for filming. However, note that in low light conditions, even webcams equIPped with CCD matrices will display an image with interference.

Operating system (OS) support

Most webcams support Windows, but when buying, you should check if the device will work under your system.

Additional functions

Additional options worth mentioning:

  • Autozoom. The automatic zoom option is present in expensive models, making it possible to adjust the approach to the desired object in the auto mode, which is very convenient.
  • Built-in microphone. The quality of the microphone, as well as of the built-in camera, will not always be at its best, but for ordinary communication it is quite suitable and will save you from buying a separate microphone.

We hope that the information provided in the article will help you choose the right webcam.

How to choose a webcam?

Webcam matrix
. If you want to know how to choose a good webcam, then you should pay attention to its matrix. It can be CMOS or CCD matrix. The second view produces a higher quality image, less interference. And of course have a higher cost.

Resolution also affects the quality of the transmitted picture:

Webcam mounting method
. The gadget can stand on the table or be attached to the monitor. In this matter, you should be guided solely by which method will be more convenient for you personally.

Connection type. It is also quite an important criterion for those who want to know how to choose the right webcam. Almost all models of webcams are equIPped with a USB connector. a good data transfer rate is provided by the USB 2.0 protocol. Also, a webcam can be connected to the Internet using a modem. the data transfer rate will fluctuate depending on the type of modem and provider. The most expensive models of webcams have a wireless device (transmitter and receiver) and use Wi-Fi technology for signal transmission.

Additional webcam features
. The webcam can have a number of additional functions: photography and shooting functions, information editing, autozoom, brightness and contrast control, color gamma correction, frame rate, password protection. The webcam can be equIPped with a motion detector and have a rotating mechanism, which makes it possible to use it for surveillance. If you don’t need such a function, then you shouldn’t overpay for it.

Webcam prices. If you want to know how to choose the right webcam, remember that the most expensive option is not always the best one for you.

If you are a novice user and your webcam requirements are limited to home conferencing, economy models are fine for you. They have a resolution of 640×480 pixels, USB 2.0, do not have a built-in microphone and automatically adjust to the lighting in the room.

Those who want to use the capabilities of the webcam “to the fullest”, including for surveillance, should pay attention to the more expensive models with a resolution of 1600 x 1200 pixels, the function of approaching the subject and tracking it, a built-in microphone and “advanced »Software.

. It is worth paying attention if you really want to know how to choose a good camera. Reputable webcam manufacturers for their quality assurance are Genius, Logitech, Creative.

These basic criteria for choosing a webcam will help you make the right purchase and choose the one that suits you.

Additional options

Depending on the cost, webcams have a different set of additional functions. There is no need to go far for obvious examples. built-in LED illumination when there is a lamp next to the lens. It is Balanced and does NOT blind the eyes, in certain models you can even adjust its brightness and color.

The second interesting additions for webcams are:

  • Face Tracking. Allows the webcam to keep focus on the face at all times. Thus, during communication by communication, your face will always be clear, regardless of movement.
  • Background blur function. works like cameras and new smartphones with portrait mode. Highlights the person in front of the camera and blurs the background.
  • Built-in microphone. records and transmits sound along with the image. The quality is usually satisfactory. Models without a built-in microphone are cheaper, but then you will have to combine it.
  • Motion sensor. monitors the movement of a person in the frame, the webcam automatically rotates the lens. If desired, you can configure sending reports in movements in the frame.
  • Smartphone control. through a proprietary application for Android or iOS. Offers remote viewing of images from a webcam (including in real time), recording. Voice over microphone, event push notifications. Authorization takes place upon confirmation of the phone number or email (security code is sent).
  • Alarm. when activated, a siren is triggered in the form of a loud sound signal. The function is designed to scare off thieves.
  • Shutter. reliably protects the webcam lens from shock, scratches and dust. Curtains are made of plastic or metal.

There is definitely a point to pay extra for the above functions if you are sure that you will need them. Backlighting, Difficult in the face and blurring the background will make communication much more pleasant, while the motion sensor, control via a smartphone and an alarm will be very useful for monitoring a house or garage. In general, with them the use of a webcam becomes trivial and easy.

Main characteristics of a webcam

If you are looking for the best excellent quality webcam, I advise you to first decide on the characteristics you need.

How to choose a webcam. We disassemble the basics

I think many will agree with the fact that the webcam has become an everyday gadget for Internet users. Today, people from all over the world can easily communicate with each other for knowledge exchange, work or simple communication. In modern laptops and smartphones, a camera with a microphone is built-in, but with computers of a classic form factor, things are a little different. in this case, the webcam needs to be together separately.

There can be several reasons to have a high-quality web-camera, ranging from distance learning and ending with implementation for security purposes. Against the backdrop of the ongoing Coronavirus Pandemic and the introduction of home quarantines on a global scale, staying connected is especially important. In this article I will tell you how to choose the right webcam, what they can do and what details you need to pay attention to when buying such a device in order to remain completely satisfied.

Computer connection methods

Most popular webcam models are equIPped with a wired USB connection (version 2.0 or 3.0). This is the most common data transfer interface among electronics, which has long become familiar to everyone. For a desktop computer, you need a cable at least 1.5 meters long so that there are no problems when installing the webcam in a convenient and visible place.

There are also more technologically advanced wireless webcams. they connect and work using well-known Wi-Fi and Bluetooth technologies. Wireless cameras are more expensive than wired USB cameras because they eliminate the need for annoying cables and often offer the Advanced functionality described above.

OS support. The vast majority of webcams support the leading PC operating systems. Windows from Microsoft and macOS from Apple. Webcams with native Linux support are much smaller (otherwise, a regular USB camera will do). If you are using not the latest version of one of the platforms, then you should check in advance the compatibility of the webcam and the supplied GoPro software (if any).

Frame rate

The third key webcam characteristic that affects image quality is frames per second (FPS). The higher the FPS, the smoother and more pleasing to the eye the picture. It is recommended to buy a webcam with a minimum FPS level NOT lower than 25.


The quality of the resulting image is directly affected by the resolution (specified in pixels) of the device. The more pixels, the higher the detail and better image rendering. The main resolutions in webcams remain 800 × 600 (SVGA), 1280 × 720 (HD 720p) and 1920 × 1080 (Full HD 1080p). They are enough for a communication conversation, photos and good quality.

Webcams with a higher resolution, such as 4K (Ultra HD 2160p), produce high-quality and similar photos. Just remember that a high-definition webcam requires an appropriate internet connection speed. For example, the difference between HD and 4K formats is more than noticeable, and each of them consumes its own amount of system resources.

Matrix type

A webcam, like any camera, consists of a lens, an optical filter and a matrix. The latter is currently represented by two types. a charge-coupled device, CCD (CCD), and a complementary structure of a metal-oxide-semiconductor, CMOS (CMOS). Both groups are widely used by major photographic equIPment manufacturers.

The advantages of CCDs are high light sensitivity, better color reproduction and minimal exposure to “digital noise” (an image defect in which pixels of random color and brightness are visible). Among the minuses are increased power consumption and high production costs compared to CMOS technology.

Despite the lag in the beginning of its development, it is CMOS matrices that have become the leading ones in the consumer market. High performance, lower power consumption and more compact dimensions have provided CMOS sensors with operational flexibility and versatility: now such cameras are found in smartphones, tablets, laptop computers, cameras, as well as automotive, medical and industrial systems.

Which matrix to choose. With a full-fledged comparison of CCD and CMOS technologies, a person, and not versed in the features of Photographic sensors, is unlikely to find any difference between them. The choice in favor of one or another matrix cannot be made, because each is good in its own way. For many years, CMOS has practically all the shortcomings left and has caught up with the CCD in image quality.


Focusing in webcams can be manual and automatic.

In a manual focus webcam, you can only achieve a stable focus on a specific object by self-adjustment. over, the adjustment will have to be done every time you turn it on, so the solution is NOT a practical one. Much more interesting autofocus. It does not need help and automatically adjusts for the clearest image.

Digital zoom

Some webcams have a digital zoom function that allows you to enlarge the image. Digital zoom is carried out by software, that is, the pixel size of the image increases. With a large matrix resolution, such a magnification can be used without significantly degrading the picture quality.

The zoom ratio (×) shows how many times the camera can change the zoom ratio.

How to choose a webcam?

Once upon a time, the ability to communicate with an interlocutor “live”, despite thousands and thousands of kilometers of distance, seemed fantastic. Thanks to webcams, fantasy has become a reality. Now, even being on different continents, people can communicate, literally looking into each other’s eyes.

It is difficult to imagine modern Internet and communications without a webcam. Conferences, “live” broadcasts from all over the world, astrography. these and many other opportunities are given to their owners by webcams. It remains only to choose the one that will suit your needs.

When choosing a webcam, you should decide on the purpose of the purchase. Do you need a camera for home conferencing or Skype chatting? Will you need audio recording capability, face tracking function? How important is the quality of the transmitted images?

Consider the main parameters of webcams.

Webcam matrices vary in manufacturing technology. Today, two of them are popular. CMOS and CCD. CCDs are preferred because they produce better images and less noise. CCDs are more expensive than CMOS.

The resolution of a webcam is one of the most important criteria for its selection. Resolution is determined by the number of dots-pixels from which the image is composed. The more such points and the smaller they are, the higher the quality of the transmitted image.

The resolution of webcams can range from 0.1 to 2 megapixels (Mpix). A webcam with a resolution of 320×240 pixels is sufficient for Internet conferences. For recording small clIPs, cameras with a resolution of 640×480 pixels (0.3 megapixels) are suitable. Higher resolution, 1280×960 pixels, allows you to take large-scale photographs. Camera models with this resolution. Most expensive.

Another important parameter of webcams is the sensitivity of their matrices. The matrix sensitivity determines the minimum illumination required for shooting. Sensitivity is measured in lux. The lower the value of this parameter in lux, the better the shooting will be in low light conditions.

The number of frames per second (fps) is an important indicator that determines the recording speed of a webcam. If the speed is not high enough, then the transmitted one is intermittent, “braked”. Due to the technical limitations imposed by the servers, the most commonly used speed is 15 frames / second. Webcams with a recording speed of 30 frames / second are also popular.

When choosing a webcam, you should also not forget about the type of its connection to the computer. Modern webcams are usually connected using the USB interface. USB 1.1 version. now obsolete, replaced by a higher speed version. USB 2.0.

Automatic focusing, Difficult by the position of the face, equIPping with a microphone. all these additional options also matter when choosing a webcam. If they are NOT useful for the intended operation of the camera, then there is no need to overpay for their availability.

The appearance of the camera and the type of its attachment to the computer are chosen solely from the preferences of the buyer. Round, square, stand or mountable. there is a choice.

How to choose a webcam?

To contact someone on the other hemisphere, all you have to do is connect the Internet and choose the communication method: using a smartphone or laptop. But what if, for example, the built-in camera on a laptop does not suit you, or you just have a monitor with a processor installed? You can’t do without a good webcam here. How to choose the perfect webcam, we will tell in this article.

By the way, webcams are needed not only for calls. they can be used to take photos or take pictures. Some computers already have programs installed that can open additional camera functions. In the second computer models, such programs are installed independently.

Let’s figure out what parameters should be used to choose a webcam?


Webcams often have a built-in microphone. It records and transmits sound along with the image. The sound quality is not top notch, but it will be enough for communication.


By type of installation, webcams are divided into clIP-on, desktop and universal. ClIP cameras are attached to a computer monitor or laptop cover using a special clIP.

Desktop cameras can be placed on any horizontal surface. With their help, it is convenient to choose the desired angle.

Versatile cameras can be stably Placed on a table or secured to a computer with a clIP.

Connection type

When choosing a webcam, you need to pay attention to how it connects to your computer. Many models come with a standard USB connector and wire connection. A convenient option is a wireless webcam. It transmits over a Wi-Fi connection. The main advantage of such cameras is no wires.

Most cameras are compatible with Windows. For Apple computers, you need to focus on MacOS compatible models.


The picture quality depends on the camera resolution. The more pixels, the higher the image quality. The popular resolutions for webcams are 640×480 and 800×600. This is enough for a communication call, photo and low quality.

There are cameras with HD resolution. They also allow you to take good quality photos. Webcams with a higher resolution, such as 1920 x 1080 Full HD, allow you to take high quality and the same photos.

Remember, the higher the camera resolution, the higher the internet connection speed you need.


Focusing in cameras can be automatic and manual. In a manual focus camera, you need to adjust the focus before each use. This is not very convenient. Much better autofocus. It automatically adjusts to the sharpest image possible.

Additional features

Backlight function in the camera. In this case, a light is located next to the lens and additional lighting is not needed. This built-in lighting will NOT blind your eyes. In some models, you can adjust the brightness of the light and even its color.

Face tracking function. It allows the camera to maintain focus on the face at all times. This is a handy feature, especially during communication calls.

Background blur function. It works like a camera. Highlights the foreground, the person in front of the camera and blurs the background.

Some cameras have the ability to customize the image. For example, you can adjust the white balance, correct color or brightness.

You are now ready to choose the perfect webcam to blog, stream, or call family. You can see all models of webcams here

How to choose a webcam?

What are webcams for??

Initially, Webcams are intended for conferences and demonstrations. Now their functionality has been somewhat expanded.

Conferences. You can communicate with the interlocutor while observing him. At the same time, not only sound information is transmitted, but also gestures, facial expressions. It gives life to Internet communication. Many services have already appeared that allow you to use the connection.

Livecam. the webcam will broadcast live stories to the Internet. The streets of Paris, Amsterdam and many other cities, which can be observed in real time, are shown to us by webcams.

Astrography is the observation of the starry sky. Yes it is. If you photograph the starry sky with ordinary film, then the quality will be much higher, but this is an expensive pleasure. It is much cheaper to take pictures with a webcam and view them on a monitor screen. In this case, several frames are taken, which are then connected by special software to improve the quality.

Basic parameters of webcams.

You can see them on the box or in the instructions.
Sensor Type. There are matrices created using CCD and CMOS technologies. They do not delve into the technical details, I will say that CCD matrices give a higher quality, but they are also more expensive.

Matrix resolution (Pixel number). Similar to a digital camera. This parameter sets the maximum frame resolution. Matrices range from 100k to 2000k. The most common matrixes are 300k (0.3 Mpx), they are also often called VGA. For VGA Webcam maximum resolution 640×480.

Sensitivity. The parameter, which determines the minimum illumination at which you can shoot with the webcam. Measured in lux. This parameter is of great importance if you intend to do astrography.

The number of frames per second (Frame rate). In cinematography, a frame rate of 24 frames per second (fr / sek or fps) is used. For communication over the Internet, 10-15 fps is enough. Conclusions are easy to draw.

Connection type (Connect). Mostly cameras are produced for USB. There are USB and USB2. USB 2 is a faster interface and should be preferred. If you have an old computer, it doesn’t matter. The webcam will work, just fps and the resolution of the images can be reduced.

Autozoom. The webcam itself determines the distance to the object and sets the focal length. Present in more expensive camera models.

Combined Webcams. Sometimes webcams are equIPped with a camera function, which can work independently of the computer. These Webcams are much inferior to conventional digital point-and-shoot cameras. The quality of the images is NOT higher than that of cameras built into mobile phones. The price of such webcams is always higher. I WOULD NOT recommend paying attention to such trade-offs. Buy such models or not. it’s up to you.


Often a microphone is embedded in webcams. Usually these microphones are of poor quality. Better to purchase the microphone separately. Cameras can be equIPped with trIPods, stands and other mounts. Here you need to think about how you intend to install it.

Software. Here you need to consider everything in detail. Not only drivers, but also programs for communication, editing, and so on can relate to the Webcam. The richer the better.

The main thing is to decide what you will use the Webcam for.
A VGA webcam is fine for communication. In a higher resolution it will be difficult to transmit in real time, because the speed of the Internet connection is NOT unlimited. Pay more attention to the mounting method and appearance of the camera.
Astrography requires the most sensitive CCD camera.
And most importantly, do not forget the appearance of the Webcam. Everything should be aesthetically pleasing.