How to choose a RAM and not to be mistaken? TOP-5 planks according to Gambling

Today’s material about RAM: briefly and without unnecessary water, we will run through its main characteristics, we will tell you about what its wrong choice can affect, and how to avoid this mistake. Well, at the end we will give a list of models for which we vouching our head. In a word, this is a simple text for those who want to quickly figure out, buy and forget.

But we have not forgotten about those who need a more scrupulous and exhaustive approach to the question of the RAM: a big article on this topic is already in work.

What is the RAM needed for?

Another name OP. RAM. This abbreviation is deciphered as an “operational storage device” (in English RAM). It is intended for temporary storage of information.

For the normal functioning of the software, it is simply necessary to choose an OMU sufficient volume. OP is, first of all, temporary (operational) memory. The user does not take part in its use. Files are stored for some time in order to ensure the normal performance of a particular program.

We select the optimal volume of RAM

What size of RAM to choose and which is better for your laptop? It all depends on the tasks assigned to the laptop and the processor installed in the device. Consider a couple of examples.

The first example

You use some modest and inexpensive processor from Intel

At the same time, your laptop does not perform any difficult tasks, you just watch movies, listen to music, sit on social networks and work in office programs. In this case, it is recommended to have a total amount of RAM from 4 to 8GB for a laptop. If you have a 4GB laptop, then you should buy the same amount. If it costs 2GB, then you should think about buying one 4 or 8 hijack module.

If possible, then you should not put multiple modules of memory. For example, 4GB2GB or 8GB4GB combinations can be used to fail. Consider it.

In addition, it is not appropriate to set large volumes of RAM to the processors described above, since they are too weak. They just do not have enough power to use all the advantages of large memory volumes.

The second example

On your laptop. Intel medium.power processor

On these processors with a normal video card, you can already play modern 3D games. It is also comfortable to work in Photoshop with photos or edit videos. In this case, the best option for your laptop would be to buy RAM from 8 GB to 16 GB.

Such a volume will allow you to keep a large number of tabs with other simultaneously launched software open in the web browser and not worry about performance.

If you are a happy owner of such powerful processors as AMD Ryzen 7 or Intel Core i7 and at the same time work in heavy programs, play modern games, then buy 16 GB of RAM for your laptop.

At the same time, if you do not load your own expensive processor in anything, then 8GB of RAM will be enough.

Which is better. one module or several?

Suppose you want to assemble the game PC and install 16 gigabytes of RAM in it. In this case, there is a choice. one module for 16 gigabytes, two 8 gigabytes or four modules of four gigabytes.

The decisive factor in this case becomes a mode. two modules in a mode give more performance than one module of the same memory volume. The increase in performance can be up to 20-30 percent.

So that the regime works, the memory must be installed in certain slots on the motherboard. They are usually indicated in one color and are placed through one. For example, the blue first and third slots, as well as the black second and fourth.

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Also keep in mind if you are going to engage in overclocking. In this case, it is better to choose a configuration of two modules. four modules are much more difficult to disperse than two.

If you are planning to accelerate, you need to take into account another factor. ranking.

Two.rank memory modules usually have a higher frequency, all other things being equal and higher per module. They are more expensive and worse to overclock, but more producing due to high frequency.

The situation is opposite with one.ranking: they are cheaper and better amenable to acceleration, but initially their frequency is usually lower.

It is worth considering different options here: if you are ready to overcome, it is more profitable to buy single.rat modules and raise their frequency due to acceleration.

How to find out the RAM on the laptop

If you make an upgrade of the system and want to increase the amount of RAM, then you first need to find out which model of RAM has already been installed.

Unfortunately, getting information about the RAM model using the Windows operating system services does not work, the maximum of what you can find out is the amount of RAM. Therefore, to solve this issue, you can not do without installing a utility for the diagnosis of the system.

In our example, we will use the popular AIDA64 diagnostic program, but you can use any other such utility.

Instructions on how to find out the RAM on the laptop using the AIDA64 utility:

If everything is done correctly, the window will be updated, and you will see detailed information about your RAM. Pay attention to the following characteristics:

The listed characteristics are important to consider when buying an additional memory module.

The tension of the modules

Or voltage. The value at which the modules function at the declared frequency of the stated frequency. Here it is worth noting that for standard and server memory this value is constantly, and for the “game” such values ​​there may be several. The first standard. one.35V for DDR3, 1.2V for DDR4 and 1.25V for DDR3L, and the rest 1.5-1,65V and 1.35-1.4V, respectively, are designed for non.standard frequencies or timings.

DDR3L is a third.generation modules with reduced electrical consumption, they are compatible with DDR3 slots.

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It must also be remembered that increased voltage negatively affects not only the memory modules themselves, but also on processors. The reason for this is that the memory controller is part of the crystal T.e. directly in the processor itself, not the chipset, as it was until recently.

T.h. If the DDR3L memory is declared for the processor, and you will install the usual one by 1.35V and at first the system will work stably, then, after time, failures may begin. And here, alas, the time of degradation of the memory controller can be 3 years and 5 years old, which will go out for all terms of warranty.

choose, right, memory, laptop


Separately, it is worth talking about how to choose the right time timings of RAM. They are also called latency.

When working RAM, the system prepares for the subsequent exchange of data. The number of cycles that are needed to perform this process and display timings. They are usually indicated along with the name of the module itself.

DDR4 memory has the best characteristics in terms of clock frequency. But they have higher delays, which are 15-15-15-35, for example. If we take into account previous generations, then their delays can be 7-7-7 or 9-1-9. That is, they are below.

But it is important to consider that these parameters will significantly affect the overall speed of computer functioning will not. They influence, but insignificant. Therefore, it is necessary to build on the timings only on condition that the most productive computer is collected, which are really important tasks facing.

It is also worth adding that the purchase of modules that support AMP from AMD, or XMP from Intel will be a useful solution. This allows you to change the mode of memory of memory, that is, its timings, frequency and other characteristics. To do this, you will need to use a special utility or reconfigure work directly in the UEFI shell.

Since the ordinary user will not pay much attention to this, it is better to concentrate on the volume and frequency.


This is so far the most modern generation of RAM, although a more advanced type of DDR5 is already on his heels. The best DDR4 modules in the ranking below.

Kingston Valueram KVR26S19S8/8

8 GB RAM bar, executed in accordance with the SODIMM standard, will become an indispensable component if it is necessary to improve the performance of the portable system.

A distinctive feature of the Kingston Valueram KVR26S19S8/8 model is small physical dimensions that allow you to place it in laptops, netbooks, compact server or home equipment.

The presented RAM belongs to the DDR4 class, it operates at a frequency of 2666 MHZ and can boast of the capacity of 21300 MBPS at timings 19/19/19/32.

These parameters guarantee the minimum data exchange time and, as a result, a comfortable launch of office, multimedia and game programs.

  • Form factor-sodimm;
  • working clock frequency. 2666 MHz;
  • throughput. 21300 MBPS;
  • The total memory of the module is 8 GB;
  • TAMINGS. CL 19, TRCD 19, TRP 19;
  • Nominal supply voltage. 1.2 V.

Kingston Valueram KVR24S17S8/8

Model Kingston Valueram KVR24S17S8/8 on 8 GB, completed according to the SODIMM standard, is an ideal option for accelerating the laptop by increasing the total volume of RAM or replacing a less effective bar.

The presented device uses advanced components and technologies.

SODIMM forms mean the use of this model in mobile computers.

The component corresponds to the type of DDR4 memory, supports a high working clock frequency of 2400 MHz.

There is one bar compatible with a large number of models of modern laptops included. The device can be used with similar modules paired.

  • Form factor-sodimm;
  • working clock frequency. 2400 MHz;
  • throughput. 19200 MBPS;
  • The total memory of the module is 8 GB;
  • Taimes. CL 17, TRCD 17, TRP 17;
  • Nominal supply voltage. 1.2 V.

Hyperx Impact HX426S15IB2/16

The 16 Gb RAM module is a great solution for laptop owners who want to speed up and increase the performance of their car without significant financial investments.

choose, right, memory, laptop

The presented RAM belongs to the type of DDR4.

Hyperx Impact HX426S15IB2/16 is made in accordance with the most relevant SODIMM format currently.

This means that the bar is suitable for installation in a large number of models of laptops, netbooks, compact workers and home stations supporting the use of DDR4-type RAM.

The installed radiator reduces the heating of vital elements on the board.

  • Form factor-sodimm;
  • working clock frequency. 2666 MHz;
  • throughput. 21300 MBPS;
  • The total memory of the module is 16 GB;
  • Taimes. CL 15, TRCD 17, TRP 17;
  • Nominal supply voltage. 1.2 V.

Crucial CT4G4SFS824A

RAM on 4 GB Crucial CT4SFS824A is a reliable and ultra-suffering module of the SODIMM DDR4-type class designed to install in a laptop.

This model may be useful when upgrading a working, home or game machine.

Provided that compatibility can be replaced by obsolete, insufficiently effective or damaged RAM modules.

The bar from Crucial is highlighted by high throughput, works with a clock frequency of 2400 mHz.

choose, right, memory, laptop

Low input voltage of 1.2 B positively affects the level of energy consumption by a laptop. The bar is equipped with four memory chips.

  • Form factor-sodimm;
  • working clock frequency. 2400 MHz;
  • throughput. 19200 MBPS;
  • The total memory of the module is 4 GB;
  • Taimes. CL 17, TRCD 17, TRP 17;
  • Nominal supply voltage. 1.2 V.