5 tips for attaching an Action Camera to your head and helmet

Fans of extreme sports are increasingly interested in how to attach an Action Camera to a head or a protective helmet. Conventional video cameras and smartphones are hardly suitable for such cases. In addition, they are inconvenient to use for first-person video filming. The best solution here would be a special GoPro camera or an analog from another manufacturer. The challenge is how to install this standard device on a helmet so that the video is recorded from the desired viewing angle.

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For snowboard

For fans of snowboarding, surfboard or wakeboarding, you need to purchase a set consisting of an adapter with a socket and an adhesive pad to shoot a video. Due to the fact that this pad has a sticky coating, attaching the camera is very fast. The only thing that the owner of the gadget needs to take care of is that the surface of the snowboard is pre-cleaned of dust and dirt.

Removing the adhesive pad is a little more difficult. To prevent traces of glue from remaining on the surface, you need to direct a stream of hot air from a hair dryer to the site for 2-3 minutes. After that, the adhesive base will soften and can be easily removed from the board.

For hunting and fishing

Depending on the requirements for the angle of view, when hunting or fishing, the camera can be mounted on a special monopod SP REMOTE POLE, which is convenient to hold in one hand. You can also choose a camera with a waterproof housing or a waterproof case. If the device needs to be fixed on the barrel of the gun, an adapter with Velcro or tape is used for this.

On the body

To keep the video gadget securely and comfortably on the body, elastic straps are used. Depending on where exactly the athlete or blogger is going to fix the video camera, the optimal belt length is selected.

Shooting experience shows that a chest strap on the body is the most suitable option for those who care about the absence of a “jumping” picture in the video. By installing a camcorder in this way, you can do without a stabilizer.

On the helmet

The answer to the question of how to attach an Action Camera to a helmet depends on its type. The easiest way to fix the video device is on a bicycle or ski helmet. For this, ventilation holes are used through which a belt with fastening is threaded.
On a closed motorcycle helmet, the camera is mounted using a curved plastic platform, double-sided tape and an adapter with hinges. Thanks to this, the angle of inclination of the gadget can be changed in order to achieve the required view for shooting.

In order not to lose the camera in case of a sudden impact, it is recommended to use a safety cable.

If the purpose of video shooting involves some removal of the camcorder from the helmet, you can use the external holder. It is used in cases where the athlete wants the face not only to completely fall into the frame, but also not to occupy most of it.

On the head

To solve the problem of how to properly install the Action Camera on the helmet, you can use the plastic mount. But what if a cyclist or a sportsman wants to mount a video camera on his head??

This is where a head strap mount comes in handy, like the GoPro Head Strap Mount. It can be used where a helmet can be dispensed with, such as boating or hiking. For divers, an excellent solution would be to attach the camera to a special mask.

By car

To shoot video, many people prefer to use an auto-recorder installed in the car’s interior. But if there is a need to choose a more dynamic shooting angle, the platform with a Sony VCT-SCM1 suction cup or scotch tape will come to the rescue. It can be attached to the car roof, door or hood.

How to connect Action Camera to your phone

Action cameras work with a similar algorithm. But each manufacturer has its own differences, which need to be told.

  • for correct operation, you need to download special applications from the manufacturer;
  • if the action camera does not connect to the phone, you should double-check the stability of the connection and the version of the installed software.

Why connect Action Camera to your phone

This will allow control directly from the phone. The smartphone will replace the external monitor and viewfinder (if the device does not have one), so that you can see the entire frame on the screen of the mobile.

With this connection, you can transfer files “over the air”, which simplifies work in those conditions where it is impossible to quickly send data by other means.

Instructions on how to connect Action Camera to a phone, using the example of 3 popular manufacturers

Action cameras are some of the most purchased gadgets for extreme photography. They are compact and at the same time can work in any conditions: from a simple walk around the city to mountain climbing or a long swim. To control the device remotely, it is synchronized with a smartphone. How to properly connect an action camera, what applications to use for phones with Android and iOS. in the material below.

Action Camera GoPro

To work with devices of this brand, you should download the GoProApp app. It can be used to control the camera remotely.

To start connecting a GoPro camera and a smartphone, you need to do the following:

  • Turn on Wi-fi on devices.
  • Enable shooting mode.
  • Select a Wi-fi network. Its name repeats the serial number.
  • Launch application on mobile.
  • Select a camera (the network name will correspond to the serial number of the device).
  • Enter the password that is printed on the serial number sticker.
  • Go to the app and work with the camera through the GoProApp.

Action Camera Sony

The connection mechanism of the action camera depends on the device model and the technologies supported by the mobile phone. Sony gadgets work via WI-FI and NFC. To find out what a particular device works with, you should look at its instructions.

Important: Before connecting the camera to a smartphone, you need to install the PlayMemories Mobile app, as the devices will connect through it.

When connected via NFC, gadgets connect automatically.

NFC connection algorithm:

  • Turn on Wi-Fi on the camera and select one of the shooting modes.
  • Enable NFC on Smartphone.
  • Attach gadgets to each other.

When connecting via Wi-Fi, the algorithm is as follows:

  • turn on Wi-fi on the camera and select any shooting mode;
  • launch PlayMemories on mobile;
  • select a camera (network name. its serial number);
  • enter the password that is printed on the sticker with the serial number;
  • go to the application and start working with the camera.

Yi Action Camera for Xiaomi smartphone

Connecting Action Camera starts with turning on gadgets and configuring phone settings.

  • Turn on the device by pressing the large button next to the lens. She is responsible for turning on / off the camera. To quickly find it, you can see the instructions.
  • Press the button on the right side (in the instructions it is indicated as the Wi-Fi On / Off button) until the indicator light comes on. This is a wi-fi module to which the mobile device will be connected.
  • Download from Google Play for Android gadgets or AppStore for iOS devices YI Action Cam app.
  • Connect your smartphone to the camera’s Wi-Fi network, which will look like YDXJ-XXXXXXXXX. The password is specified in the Xiaomi camera manual.
  • Connect your phone to this network by syncing your gadgets.
  • Turn on the downloaded application and select the required device.
  • Click on the required model and wait for the synchronization process.

Important: Updates will be received for this application. The software itself will signal the presence of drivers and offer to install them.

Apps from Play Market to synchronize Action Camera and smartphone

What applications should owners of other popular brands use, such as SJ, Sigma, Delta, etc.? In this case, you can use third-party applications.

Universal software is listed in the table:

Mobile connection allows you to view, edit and share video even when you are at a distance from the camera. The main thing is to adhere to the instructions from the manufacturer, and then Connect between gadgets will pass quickly and without problems.

Choosing an action camera: video quality

As with any camcorder, the quality of shooting is of the utmost importance to an action cam. It is immediately influenced by a whole group of interrelated parameters, including the features of the matrix and the camera lens, the shooting resolution and the video recording speed.

The size of the image sensors in action cameras affects the quality of the image detail. The optimal values ​​are considered to be 1 / 2.3 “and 1/3”, which, by the way, are typical for many ordinary digital video cameras, but if the matrix is ​​smaller, for example, 1/4 “or less, then the level of image detail during shooting may be unacceptable low.

The resolution of photosensitive matrices in action cameras also affects the level of detail in the “picture”. But despite the fact that high resolution is considered the best, you cannot rely on this parameter alone when choosing: the resolution is closely related to the physical size of the matrix, and the camera will provide a truly high resolution only if the matrix size is sufficient. Therefore, be guided when choosing the ratio of the size of the matrix and its resolution, not “chasing” only megapixels.

The characteristics of the lenses of action cameras play no less a role in the choice than the features of the matrices, and when choosing a camera with a suitable lens it is necessary to navigate the intended shooting conditions. For example, if you are going to often shoot in low light conditions, then you need a lens with high aperture and light sensitivity, while for shooting in bright light, such parameters will be less important to you.

The angle of view of the lens in an action camera is a very important parameter, because it determines how wide the space in the frame will be covered. As a rule, action cameras are equipped with wide-angle lenses, in some models even ultra-wide-angle lenses are installed. The acceptable range of values ​​for the angle of view for an action camera lens is from 120 ° to 170 °, while the optimal values ​​are 150 °.170 °.

Video recording mode is another important criterion for choosing an action camera. Nowadays, most action cameras also offer shooting in HD and FullHD modes. 4K shooting mode can also be supported. Shooting in HD quality (1280×720) may be enough to view the finished video on a computer screen, but if you are going to view the footage on “plasma”, then you better stop choosing models with support for FullHD (1920×1080) or even 4K (3840×2160). although the latter, of course, are significantly more expensive than other cameras.

If we talk about the speed of video recording in action cameras, then, as a rule, it varies from 30 frames / sec to 120 frames / sec. When recording in high-resolution modes, such as 4K (3840×2160) and FullHD (1920×1080), the speed will be the lowest supported, but when the resolution is reduced, you can shoot at a speed of 60 frames / sec or more, which allows you to get the clearest image at a fast movement. A combination of HD (1080×720) recording mode and 60 frames per second is considered optimal.

How to choose an action camera

If you try to shoot video with a regular camera during outdoor activities, the result will be, at best, not the best quality video and practically “falling off” hands, and at worst. a hopelessly damaged device. There is no need to talk about shooting with a conventional video camera while practicing extreme sports: most likely, the camera will break to smithereens in the first seconds of use.

To avoid such troubles, shooting in extreme conditions can now be done with action cameras. These cameras, by the principle of their operation, in general, do not differ from ordinary ones, but they have less weight and dimensions than standard video cameras, have improved image stabilization, increased resistance to damage and moisture, mounts for fixing on the body or objects, and more powerful. than in conventional cameras, batteries, due to which they cope with the task of shooting in the most inappropriate seemingly conditions.

Choosing an action camera is not easy. There are so many factors that Honor needs to affect the usability of the camera and the quality of the shots it produces. Let’s dwell with you today on some of the basic parameters of action cameras, knowing which, you can choose the right action camera for your needs.

Choosing an action camera: dimensions, weight, equipment, additional parameters

The dimensions and weight of action cameras play a significant role when choosing them, because if the camera is too heavy and bulky, it will be extremely difficult to use it for its intended purpose. At the same time, the smallest cameras usually cost more than similar models in terms of other characteristics, and therefore it is important to find a “middle ground”. For example, if you plan to mount the camera to the handlebars of a bicycle, you can easily take a larger model, because you do not have to wear it on your head or hand.

The presence of convenient mounts for fixing on various surfaces, as well as the presence of a protective case to prevent damage from impact or underwater shooting is something that action camera buyers should pay special attention to. When purchasing this or that model of such a camera, evaluate whether the proposed mounts and case are suitable for your purposes, whether they are strong and reliable enough. Remember that without good mounts and a case, an action camera can become as fragile as a regular video camera, which means it will not perform its functions.

The type and capacity of the media for storing the captured video plays a role if you plan to use the camera autonomously for a long time, say, while traveling in the mountains. Today in action cameras, either flash cards or HDDs are available for video recording, the capacity of which can be very different. When choosing the desired capacity, be guided by your own preferences, but note that for long-term recording in good quality, you will need at least 32 GB.

When using an action camera, there is usually no way to charge its batteries. therefore, it is recommended that you select a camera model with the highest capacity batteries within your budget. You should have enough charge for at least 2 hours of continuous shooting in the main mode, which corresponds to a capacity of 1100 mAh. Consider, by the way, about purchasing a spare battery so that at the most inopportune moment you will not be with a dead camera.

The presence of Wi-Fi and GPS in the action camera does not affect its basic functions, but these parameters can be important if you are looking for the most “advanced” model and would like to get the most out of your shooting. Thanks to Wi-Fi, you can always connect to the Internet directly from the camera and broadcast, and with the help of GPS, you can fix the route traveled on the map and share with friends. The latter option, by the way, may be especially interesting for fans of cycling.

Frames per second

In this parameter, the undisputed leader is GoPro, but their action cameras are aimed more at professionals. At the same time, you shouldn’t underestimate the performance when shooting video, as smoothness of the video depends on it. The more FPS, the better. When choosing an action camera for a bicycle, shooting sports events or hunting, be guided by an indicator in the range of 100-120 fps. For shooting family videos, 50 fps is enough. Please note that the small value of the number of frames per second is accompanied by a number of problems in the framework of editing saw. Anyway, in post-processing you cannot implement the time dilation effect.

Camera angle

In simple words, this parameter determines how many objects can be captured in the frame. Currently, the characteristic can vary from 45 to 360 degrees. Even when choosing an inexpensive action camera, aim for at least 160 degrees. At the same time, you should not buy state employees with a wide viewing angle. As photographers say, they shoot with fisheye effects. The best option from 200 degrees: for a bicycle, spearfishing, beautiful landscapes. It is desirable that the firmware provides for the management of this setting. This will increase the scope of the camera, because a large angle of view is not needed for selfies.

What to look for when buying?

Image stabilization

Sony currently offers the best optical image stabilization. And this must be taken into account when buying an action camera for outdoor activities. Otherwise, due to vibrations, hand shakes, it will be difficult for you to create good content. Plus, high-quality stabilization helps reduce the time it takes to process videos.
Digital stabilization drops the picture more, but when choosing a budget action camera for fishing or hunting, this will be enough. In this segment, Xiaomi and AIRON gadgets deserve attention.

Action camera sound quality

When choosing an action camera, amateurs make one big mistake. they forget about the sound quality. The first thing to learn is that a high level of protection negatively affects the sensitivity of the sound recording. You also need to consider the firmware. In the latest releases, the quality is always higher as leading brands work hard to optimize their skins. Currently, models with stereo support open up a wide range of possibilities for editing high-quality video clips. A number of Sony and GoPro models do not require any post-processing at all.

Selecting Action Camera Features

Nowadays, no one is surprised by the HD resolution (1024×720 pixels). This format is gradually becoming a thing of the past. Therefore, when choosing an action camera, be guided by the following standards:

  • Full HD is the most popular format with a resolution of 1920×1080 pixels. At the beginning of 2019, this standard is quite enough for viewing the filmed content even on widescreen monitors. Therefore, the specified resolution is the best option for ordinary users;
  • 4K is the format of the future. In fact, there are still not too many cameras that shoot at 3840×2160 pixels. The overwhelming majority allow you to create photos and videos that are closer to the standard than they correspond to it. At the same time, it is quite difficult to achieve really high-quality photos using a professional action camera in low light conditions. It is necessary that the device has 3-axis stabilization, and this is quite expensive. But, many experts are convinced that thanks to high detail, 4K is the future.

Action Camera Memory

The vast majority of devices are based on slots for microSD and SD memory. The amount of memory must be calculated based on your camera capabilities. If it is designed to shoot Full HD video, there is no need to choose a memory card for an action camera over 32GB. If you plan to use a gadget for shooting 4K video, a 128 GB card will come in handy, since one video can take up about 400 MB of free space.

How to choose an action camera?

An action camera is a compact device for capturing photos and videos with a wide range of applications: from home use to extreme conditions. Due to its compact size, the technique is gaining more and more popularity among bloggers, tourists, professional athletes and, of course, extreme lovers. For obvious reasons, if you don’t know how to choose an action camera, you first need to decide on a shooting scenario. Obviously, the camera requirements for diving are higher than those for campfire shots.

We will try to tell you about the important parameters of devices, paying due attention to advice from professional photographers and dealers. In addition, we propose to consider the main characteristics and our rating of action cameras, which presents the best models for various categories of users.

Remote control

This is an additional parameter with which you can take pictures in the most extreme conditions and capture moments that are not available in terms of functionality. The action camera has different parameters. Which one to choose for an amateur, some functional advantages will help determine.


The microphone built into the camera affects the sound quality. It should be checked that it records the purest sounds and ignores additional noise or crackling, which will make it possible to make perfect reproduction of what is happening not only in pictures, but also with the help of sound. If the model is sold at a medium or high price, then you do not need to worry about this parameter, since all devices have microphones created using the same technology. There are also separate microphones and voice recorders for professional recording that can be turned on simultaneously with video recording. Then the perfect balance of sound and picture quality is ensured.

Criteria for choosing an action camera

  • The ability to fix the device on any surface and as reliably as possible so that smooth and high-quality shooting can be carried out even during flight or from a long distance.
  • Video shooting is done with the highest possible resolution, as it is often necessary to shoot small objects or objects from a long distance. This is a decisive parameter when answering the question of which action camera to choose.
  • Providing complete resistance to irritating or potentially dangerous factors for the internal mechanism, such as liquid, falling. That is, it is imperative to ensure water resistance and shock resistance.
  • Long-term shooting should not be uncommon, so you need a powerful enough battery for this and as much memory as possible. These factors should be paid special attention to when choosing a device.
  • The action camera is one of the most demanded items for extreme lovers, so it will never lose its popularity. When asking the question of which action camera to choose, you need to be guided by your own requests and shooting conditions, and not chase the nominally best action camera.

Before choosing an action camera, you need to determine in advance what video should be. It is necessary to indicate the quality, resolution and duration of the video. The strength of the action camera deserves special attention, since this parameter is often the determining factor in the durability of the device. This criterion should be checked as it influences the decision of many athletes about which action camera to choose.

The ability to sync with other devices

Many action cameras have the ability to connect directly to digital devices, such as computers or televisions, via HDMI, for almost instant video viewing on the big screen. It is desirable that the action camera be able to connect to other devices via Wi-Fi, which also helps to convey the necessary information.

Selection features

All quality action cameras from reliable manufacturers are waterproof and shockproof, and they also have a protective case that prevents dust from entering the internal structure, even in strong winds, for example, when in a desert area.

High durability is essential for professional athletes who have the ability to shoot videos in truly hazardous conditions. If you do not plan to take any special extreme in the shooting process, it is advisable to take into account first of all the video recording quality indicator, and only after that pay attention to the strength characteristics possessed by the action camera. Which one to choose, everyone must decide for themselves.

Choosing an action camera by strength

The action camera should be made of shock-resistant material, as it provides for its concept. Usually, modern models of such action cameras are made from a special mixture, which includes aluminum and special plastic. There are other types of action cameras that are produced using polyurethane grilamide combined with steel inserts. Also, some models are made from thermoplastic polyurethane. The last two materials are preferred if the device will be adversely affected of any kind.

Sometimes action cameras are purchased for underwater photography. It follows from Honor how many meters the person plans to dive. It is important to pay attention to high-strength products when the question arises about which action camera to choose for spearfishing.

The Sony HDR-AS100V delivers excellent quality footage at 5m depth. If you need to dive very deeply, GoPro models are suitable, as most of them will allow you to shoot at a distance of about 60 meters. Comparison of the main criteria will help determine the answer to the question of which action camera to choose for underwater photography.

Battery volume

When choosing a suitable action camera, you should first of all look at the volume of the battery and the maximum operating time, which must be indicated by the manufacturer on the packaging or in the instructions. Action cameras from Sony exceed those of GoPro and Garmin models in this indicator. You should pay attention to the models of lesser known manufacturers, such as Liquid EGO. They work quite well.

If the duration of video recording is one of the decisive parameters in a particular case, you need to pay attention to this brand, since most models from this manufacturer differ in the duration of shooting up to 5 hours, which is the maximum that an action camera has.

Which one to choose? Sony AS100 is the answer to this question. This applies to cases where the quality of shooting is more important than its duration.

Shooting quality is an important parameter for choosing an action camera

Most modern devices can boast of excellent shooting quality, which assumes a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels at a frequency of 30 frames / sec. There are some models, such as the GoPro Hero4, which offer the same frequency but many times the resolution up to 3840×2160 pixels. In all models, it is allowed to independently change the quality of shooting and set the resolution that is optimal at a particular moment, however, you should pay attention to the maximum possible parameters.

Some models offer an increase in the video recording speed up to 60 or 120 fps, however, the maximum resolution can only be increased up to Full HD 1920×1080. These are the maximum values ​​that an action camera can boast. Which one to choose. 2014 or 2015, it’s up to you.

To understand how high the quality of shooting a particular action camera is, you need to determine the angle of view. To understand this, just look at the parameters in the instructions. The larger the angle of view, the larger the area you can capture when filming. Most modern action cameras shoot with a viewing angle of 100-170 °, but there are models that can boast of large parameters.

If you plan to shoot video in poor visibility conditions, that is, the object is in the dark, you need to choose a device that will have an automatic backlight or it is possible to connect a special shooting mode that makes objects distinguishable in a dark room.

Sometimes manufacturers limit themselves to infrared illumination, which is a satisfactory criterion, but in some cases cameras are needed in which there is a special mode for shooting at night, that is, in almost complete darkness. Compliance with these criteria will help determine the answer to the question that the action camera dictates: which one to choose? Reviews unanimously state that you need to be guided by your own preferences.

Which action camera should you choose? Reviews and expert advice

A camcorder helps people capture the most significant moments in life on a memory card so that they can revisit them at any time. There are situations in which a conventional video recorder or photo capture device is not sufficient. This applies to various extreme conditions. Then an action camera is needed. Similar situations arise for those who like to jump with a parachute or swim in a kayak on the river in the mountains.

What are waterproof action cameras

As the name suggests, waterproof cameras are devices for capturing video at some depth underwater without distortion or other inconvenience.

How to Choose an Underwater Camera

  • amateur;
  • research;
  • industrial;
  • military.

The characteristics for the different classes are different. If reconnaissance or research needs to produce the maximum picture quality, then for amateurs the emphasis is placed on the maximum balance of price and functionality.

You can dive deep with several Action Camera views. These can be aqua boxes, which are special waterproof covers for various equipment. They also produce completely autonomous models that allow you to dive to a depth of 20 meters without the use of special devices. Such devices are most often made very small, without helmet mounts.

There are full-fledged Action Cameras designed for shooting at depth. They come with all mounts and are best suited for deep sea photography.

Often, diving enthusiasts are offered the option built into a swimming mask. This is very convenient, but limits the use of the device. If the camera is only needed for underwater photography, then this is one of the best options. The increased load on the neck can be considered a minor drawback, because the weight of the mask increases significantly. With prolonged use, it can lead to pain.

The most common option is the use of an aqua box. Almost all Action Cameras are equipped with similar covers, but even if not, it will not be difficult to find a universal one. This is very convenient, as it does not deprive the camera of its versatility. This solution also has a number of disadvantages:

  • aquabox significantly increases the weight of the device;
  • mounts are not always suitable for masks;
  • no streamlining is provided, which can lead to increased energy consumption of the diver.

How to choose a camera for underwater photography

Choosing a reliable device that will not drown in water

The choice of a camera for shooting underwater, in addition to the basic rules, includes consideration of some specific features. It is, of course, important to determine the water resistance class. But it’s obvious.

But the unobvious detail is the consideration of the size and weight of the device. And the most important thing here is the size. After all, weight under water feels different, so you can pay less attention to it. The main thing is to choose a smaller camera, so as not to increase the resistance of the medium.

The material of manufacture is also very important. It must be strong and durable. Usually, underwater cameras are made of special plastic or aluminum.

The battery plays an important role in the choice of the device. Needless to say, the larger its capacity, the better.

Spear hunting microphone is unlikely to be needed, so it is not necessary to have one.

A very important parameter of a deep-sea device is color rendering. With each new meter of diving, the surrounding landscapes will lose color, which means that you need a really good matrix to capture them.

Pay attention to the shape of the case. It should be smooth and streamlined with a minimum of sharp corners. The water resistance is very high, and the ergonomic device will serve its owner much better.

As for stabilization, the conditions under water are somewhat different. There is no need for a digital stabilizer. It will be sufficient to use a secure mount.

SJCAM SJ5000X Elite

A really good camera from a well-known highly specialized brand. Possesses a powerful processor and a matrix of 12 Mp. It is possible to change the viewing angle and frame rate. The device is equipped with several stabilizing sensors. Videos are recorded in several popular formats, including.mp4 and.mov. Built-in wireless modules make data transfer much easier. The weight is quite small and is only 100 g. Considering the functionality, this is a very good value. Shooting can be done underwater. over, the dive can be carried out up to 30 meters.

  • low price;
  • elegant design;
  • small dimensions;
  • versatility.

Rating of the best underwater cameras. Top 5


An excellent camera from a Chinese company. It has a 12 megapixel matrix and a 170-degree lens. There is a touch screen for easy operation. 1050 mAh battery. Wi-Fi wireless module. The kit is supplemented with a special box that allows using the device at a depth of 30 meters. It is possible to take pictures with an action camera.

  • moisture protection;
  • good equipment;
  • several colors.
  • weak battery;
  • tangible weight 100 g;
  • average characteristics.

Required functions and features

To shoot video at depth, the model must have the following properties:

  • moisture resistance of the case;
  • insulating electrical parts;
  • special optics that compensate for distortion and refraction of light under water;
  • increased strength of the body, to withstand high pressures of the water column.

Regular Action Cameras do not have all of these properties. This means that the range of suitable cameras is noticeably narrowing.

Xiaomi Yi 4K Action Camera

The camera is from a well-known electronics brand. Manufacturers have managed to create a lightweight device that has all the characteristics of a universal action camera. The device has a very small size. Controlled by an 800 Hz processor. Matrix 12 Mp. There is a rather large screen with a resolution of 640×360. Viewing angle 160 degrees. The device has a very good autonomy, allowing you to work on a single charge for almost 2.5 hours. The use of an aqua box guarantees comfortable shooting at a depth of 40 meters.

  • light weight 95 g;
  • good battery 1400 mAh;
  • wireless modules.

The matrix

The matrix is ​​a universal photosensor. This is where the rays of light that have passed through the lens form the resulting image. The quality of the recorded video directly depends on the physical size of the matrix.

Usually this figure is at the level of 36 × 24 mm, but action cameras are very limited in size. Therefore, 6.17 × 4.55 mm will suffice here. Due to the small size of the matrix, even top-end devices do not capture images well in the dark and twilight.

Another parameter is the resolution of the matrix. Marketers often like to speculate on this, positioning the number of megapixels as the main indicator of quality. In reality, things are a little different. To record a video in 1080p, 2 megapixels are enough, for 4K 8 megapixels are enough.

Slow motion videos are impossible without high frames per second. Most modern Action Cameras shoot at 30, 60 and 120 fps. The higher the value, the smoother the picture will be on the screen.

The last parameter of the matrix is ​​dynamic range. The number of small details on the contrasting parts of the image depends on its width. The value is measured in Exposure Value. For most action cameras, a value in the range of 4-8 EV is valid.


The footage is stored in the device’s memory. Before the actual saving, the recorded stream is compressed and how strong the compression will be and, accordingly, the loss of video quality depends on the bitrate. Its value contains the number of bits of memory that are needed to save one second of video.

The higher the bitrate, the better the quality of the content. The bit rate also depends on the required bandwidth of the memory card for a particular device, usually manufacturers recommend using memory cards of at least class 10.

When choosing a device, also keep in mind that the higher the video bitrate, the more space the device will need to store video content. Therefore, for high-quality material, you will need to fork out for a good supply of cards.


The possibilities of the action camera are practically unlimited. the mount allows you to free your hands of the operator and take pictures in motion from the first person. The compact device is equipped with a shock-resistant, waterproof case, with it you can safely swim underwater and jump with a parachute, and then, while watching the recording, re-experience the unforgettable sensations.

There is a wide range of models on the market for both amateur and professional photography. The capabilities of an action camera depend on the characteristics of its constituent elements.

Action Camera which one to choose

Action Camera which one to choose. Outdoor activities are often replete with unique moments that you just want to capture. Action cameras are specially designed for skydiving, fast mountain descents and exciting races. For this unique gadgets of its kind, we owe the opportunity to look at events in the first person that were previously available only to a select few.

Each device for video recording is designed for specific purposes. To understand which action camera is best for your needs, you need to understand the features of its use and technical characteristics. And in this article we will tell you how to do it correctly. Read more: How to choose pink salmon with caviar.

Price categories

Expensive devices differ from budget models by the presence of additional interfaces, display and stabilization technology.

But the main difference lies in the characteristics of the matrix used: up to 10 thousand rubles. amateur-level gadgets with a maximum resolution of Full HD 1920 × 1080 pixels, are suitable for getting acquainted with this type of cameras and filming a video blog in simple conditions; up to 25 thousand rubles. high-quality devices capable of shooting video with 4K resolution, have reliable protection from external influences and high shooting speed; more than 25 thousand rubles. professional cameras used even for filming movies are equipped with the best optics, capacious batteries and can shoot video at 240 frames per second at 4K resolution.

The price of an action camera depends to a large extent on the brand. Products from well-known companies cost an order of magnitude more than similar products from little-known manufacturers.


Before choosing an action camera, decide what and how you will shoot. Let’s highlight three priorities:

  • Duration of the recording. Take a closer look at high-capacity batteries. Among the models in this area, Sony and Liquid EGO are in the lead. The second copy promises almost 5 hours of continuous work. Also get a memory card with at least 32 GB;
  • Strength. You need cameras made of aluminum alloy and impact resistant plastic with steel inserts. For underwater shooting, Sony HDR-AS100V or GoPro Hero series are suitable;
  • Picture quality. Choose 4K resolution and increased frames per second. GoPro Hero 5 will do here.

How to choose?

When choosing an action camera, it is necessary to determine for what purpose it will be used and, based on this, select a product with the appropriate parameters: the larger the physical size of the matrix, the better the image; processor performance must match the capabilities of the matrix, otherwise the camera will not be able to provide the declared characteristics;

the stabilization function is not a whim, but a necessary element. no one will take pleasure in looking at a shaking image; the display is an optional element, but its presence greatly facilitates the control of the camera;

it is better to buy a device with a GoPro mount standard. in the future this will save you from problems when choosing additional accessories. The size and weight of the camera are not critical. But you should still pay attention to this. in some cases, a completely miniature device may be required.