Choosing a DVR with a rear view camera

The car accessories market is replete with all kinds of dash cam models. And more and more often, these devices can be found in car interiors. And, unfortunately, the high demand for these devices is associated with an increase in accidents on Russian roads.

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AVIN Avant 4 Install. E46 M3

With one hundred percent probability, you can protect your rights only if a video recorder is installed in the car. This device records the entire journey in the car in its memory card and can be a very useful assistant in case of problems on the road.

Structurally, this device is a unit in which a video surveillance camera and a recorder are combined. The device is attached to the windshield of the car by means of a special bracket.

A special category of devices under consideration includes DVRs with a rear view camera. They record simultaneously using two video cameras. We invite the reader to familiarize himself with the main advantages and disadvantages of these devices.

Definitely, having an extra camera is a big advantage. Depending on the model of the recorder, it allows you to monitor the events taking place in the car or the traffic situation behind the vehicle.

On the other hand, the main disadvantage of the devices of this type is the insufficiently high recording quality. This is because the second camcorder consumes the resources of the recording device, thereby reducing overall system performance and recording quality in general.

Currently, there are two types of DVRs on the automotive electronics market:

Devices with a built-in camera;
2. Devices with a bypass camera.

If there is a built-in camera, the recorder can only monitor the events taking place in the car’s interior. The external camera can be installed both in the cabin and on the rear window of the car.

Recorders with built-in cameras can often be found in various company vehicles, as well as in taxis. Recorders of the second type are widely used by many motorists.

DVRs with a rear view camera save the recording in their memory, from where the recording can be transferred to a flash card for viewing on a personal computer.

But devices with a built-in screen are even more convenient. Such models allow you to view the recorded video directly on the recorder itself right in the car.

We propose to consider the features and functional features of DVRs with a rear view camera using the example of the popular VisionDrive VD-8000HDS model.

VisionDrive VD-8000HDS DVR Review

This is one of the most popular models of DVRs today, equipped with two video cameras. One camera is integrated directly into the recorder, which also houses a GPS receiver and a color screen.

The GPS module is used to obtain information about the vehicle speed and its geographic coordinates. On the display of the device, you can view video both in real time and in recording.

The second camera is of the remote type. The kit includes a bracket for attaching a video camera to the rear window of the car. Also, the device is equipped with a thin cable of sufficient length, which can be discreetly laid under the interior trim.

These DVRs with a rear view camera are made in a body made of high-quality, pleasant to the touch plastic. The control keys are very conveniently located, the control of the device is intuitive.

In addition to this device, the range of DVRs with rear-view cameras is quite large. And in view of the growing popularity of these devices, we can expect that manufacturers will regularly release new items with interesting functionality.

How much are you willing to spend on a device?

We recommend that you do not pay attention to registrars cheaper than 3-4 thousand rubles at all: this will be money wasted. And if such a “budget” model lets you down when shooting an accident, the consequences can be much more expensive.

Best registrars. our recommendations

We did not collect the rating of the best DVRs for cars. 2020–2021. But let’s talk about those models in each price segment, which, in our opinion, most correspond to the above criteria.

Other specifications and additional functions

AdvoCam-FD Black DUO

Two cameras in one body make the AdvoCam-FD Black DUO the right choice for taxis. Photo:

AdvoCam-FD Black DUO is a fairly budget model with two cameras in one body, which is suitable for taxi drivers and public transport. Both cameras shoot in Full HD, while the camera aimed at the cabin is equipped with IR illumination that automatically turns on in the dark. Now the model can be found for 8,000 rubles.

An interesting and convenient option is a recorder in the form of an overlay on the rear-view mirror. Thus, the rear-view mirror, if desired, turns into a screen, which is convenient for controlling the recorder. When choosing a similar form factor, it makes sense to consider options with an additional rear parking camera. The picture from it is automatically displayed on the screen when the reverse gear is turned on. At the same time, for the convenience of parking, a model with even the simplest rear camera (for example, 640 x 480 pixels) is suitable.

Choosing a registrar in five minutes

If you do not want to deal with all the characteristics in detail, in this part we will give an easy algorithm: by answering four questions sequentially, you will quickly and correctly choose a DVR for your purposes.

AdvoCam-FD8 Red-II

AdvoCam-FD8 Red-II: high-quality picture in Super HD for 7,500 rubles. Photo:

Video recorder AdvoCam-FD8 Red-II shoots in Super HD video with high detail. The model is equipped with a night mode and 256 MB built-in memory, thanks to which you can create a backup copy of small clips. The device does not have many additional functions such as Wi-Fi and GPS, but) absolutely does not bite, especially given the good picture.

Xiaomi 70mai A500 Dash Cam Pro Plus

Despite the “humane” price tag, the characteristics of the Xiaomi 70mai A500 are at the level of many more advanced models. Photo:

The budget recorder (5,850 rubles) Xiaomi 70mai A500 shoots a high-quality picture both day and night, has a resolution of 2592 x 1944 pixels, and a universal viewing angle of 140 degrees. on the meaning of these characteristics. in the next section.

For 10-15 thousand you will find recorders with the highest video quality. There are also premium devices from 18 thousand rubles, with bells and whistles such as cloud storage.

A decent two-camera model with a basic (640 x 480) rear-view camera costs around 5-8 thousand rubles. If you want it in Full HD, be prepared to shell out 10-15 thousand. Premium devices cost 20 thousand or more.

Which model of the DVR is better to choose in different price categories, we will tell you in our recommendations at the end of the article.

Best DVRs of 2021

Foreigners have long been surprised: these Russians have a video camera in each car, a continuous reality show. Meanwhile, a video recorder is often the only way to prove innocence in an accident, to fix a robber or a vandal. In general, quite a necessary thing.

“KP” figured out how to choose DVRs in 2021, what you should pay attention to, and collected the 10 best devices in this segment.

A gadget of the domestic brand Roadgid with excellent technical characteristics. Video recorder and radar detector in one housing. Adapted for Russian operating conditions, which include very low temperatures and bad roads.

A video recorder based on the latest technological platform at an optimal cost. An important advantage is that a signature radar antenna is used, so false alarms of the radar detector are practically excluded. In addition, Roadgid Premier shoots better than its expensive counterparts. maximum recording resolution 2304×1296 pixels on Sony Starvis 5mPx sensor. Integrated WI-FI module and convenient firmware update via smartphone. Additional benefits include: CPL anti-glare filter, magnetic mount, heat-resistant supercapacitors instead of a battery, traffic sign recognition.

Popular combo DVR with excellent detection and video recording on Sony Starvis.

A video recorder from the fast-growing Daocam brand. An important feature of Daocam devices. clear shooting in the dark.

Streaming mirror DVR with night shooting on Sony imx307 and WI-FI.

New from Roadgid in car mirror format. Recording is carried out on two cameras at once. The main camera of the device has a retractable mechanism and records in Full HD quality. The picture from the second camera is transmitted to the display of the device. The driver gets maximum visibility and safety while driving. Nice little things have been taken into account, for example, the power adapter has a second USB connector that can be used to charge the smartphone. Comes with a 3m power cord for hidden wiring under the casing. The second chamber is equipped with a mounting kit and a 6.5 meter wire.

Artway MD-105 is the most compact 3-in-1 model that combines the capabilities of a video recorder, radar detector and GPS informant about all types of traffic cameras. Full HD resolution (19201080), six glass lenses and the latest Super Night Vision system for night shooting, which gives a clear picture in the dark, help the device perfectly cope with recording what is happening on the road.

The radar detector detects all types of radiation from speed control systems. you don’t have to worry about certain types of radars, the gadget recognizes all of them. The main thing is not to forget to update the database of cameras on board the device, and you will not care about all stationary traffic control systems on the territory of Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Belarus, Finland, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. Artway MD-105 recognizes control systems and stop lines, and dedicated lane, traffic lights, stops and complexes of Avtodoria, calculating your average speed. You also don’t have to worry about false alarms. there are several detector sensitivity modes in the settings, and a special intelligent filter effectively filters out interference. What’s more, the detector will automatically switch modes depending on the speed.

A state-of-the-art 5-in-1 combo that’s versatile and easy to use. A well-thought-out combo device that combines a video recorder, a radar detector, a GPS informer and two cameras. main and additional. An additional external camera with a parking assistance system is waterproof, the assistance mode itself is automatically activated when shifting into reverse gear.

A 5-inch IPS display provides an incredibly bright and clear image, and a wide 170-degree viewing angle allows you to capture what is happening not only in all lanes, including oncoming ones, but also what is on the left and right of the road, for example, road signs. traffic signals and car license plates.

GPS informer is an extended function of the GPS module and differs from the usual GPS tracker in additional functionality: it notifies the driver about the approach to all radar systems, including low-noise radars and average speed control systems, such as “AVTODORIA” with distance information Among the important features of the model is also a built-in additional module specially “sharpened” to recognize the “Strelka” complex, which many other models are unable to calculate, taking radiation for interference. And the OSL function allows you to set the permissible value of exceeding the maximum permissible speed in an area with a stationary speed control system. In case of exceeding the permissible speed threshold, a voice notification will turn on, warning of an excess of speed. Adjustable range: 0 ÷ 20 km / h (step 5/10 km / h).

How to choose the right reverse camera (rear view. parking) for your car | Safety Dave Australia

6th place. Artway MD-160 Combo-mirror 5 in 1.

The presence of 2 cameras on the car adapter greatly simplifies the shooting process. Modern development of a new generation is in great demand due to the possibility of high-quality video filming both on the roads and on the side of the road in all weather conditions. A radar detector is available. The DVR is equipped with a GPS informer, which has an extended GPS module function and notifies drivers when the camera is approaching. A feature of the inexpensive device is a large display with a diagonal of 4.3 inches. Video shooting is made with high resolution 1920 × 1080 (FullHD). The compact device does not attract attention. The design is simple, lightweight. Therefore, intruders will not be able to break into a car for the purpose of robbery. The multifunctional satellite is powered by the vehicle’s on-board network. The manufacturer issues a 1 year warranty. During the operation of the device, there are no system failures.

The device is equipped with high quality glass lenses.

  • High price category.
  • Not all cameras are good at video.

10th place. Street Storm CVR-A7620S-G.

The advanced reversing camera dash cam is very popular among motorists for its superior performance. The main advantage of this device is the front and rear cameras. High-quality shooting is done within 24 hours. The compact device shoots videos in Full HD quality at a maximum rate of 30 frames per second. The viewing angle is 170 °. The device supports GPS. In addition, the modern model is equipped with 5 lens objectives. The display is large enough. 3.0 inches. Street Storm CVR-A7620S-G has IR illumination. Car DVR supports up to 256MB on-board memory.

  • The presence of two cameras.
  • High quality video recording.
  • Light weight.
  • User-friendly interface. you can install Russian.
  • The best ratio of price and quality.
  • The kit includes a cable and other elements.
  • The presence of powerful mounts.
  • Difficulty working at temperatures over 25 degrees. System malfunctions may occur when operating during hot periods.
  • The problem with restarting the device.

2nd place. Playme NIO.

To ensure road safety in all weather conditions, it is necessary to install a high-quality DVR with a rear view camera for parking. The best alternative is the Playme NIO mid-range model. The modern development is equipped with two cameras that allow you to shoot high quality images with a viewing angle of 140 °. When taking action, the owner of the device can change the direction of shooting. Video recording frame rate 30 per second. Video shooting is performed with a maximum resolution of 1280 × 720 (HD). A two-chamber recorder records actions not only on the roads, but also in the passenger compartment. All actions that are recorded on the camera are saved on this device. Under any circumstances, you can present your own material as evidence. The diagonal of the display is 2.3 inches. This parameter allows you to watch the material recorded on the DVR. Despite its small size, the adapter records sound well.

  • Compact design and light weight.
  • Multifunctional DVR has a Wi-Fi module.
  • Easy-to-use adapter works flawlessly.
  • Clarity of sound.
  • Rearview mirror with dash cam for easy parking.

4th place. CARCAM D2.

The choice of a video recorder should be based on technical characteristics and price category. The CARCAM D2 model with a wide-angle lens provides high-quality shooting at any time, both day and night. An additional camera is installed on the back, which simplifies the video recording process. The modern matrix and glass lens produce high-quality shooting with a maximum resolution of 1920x1080p in Full HD quality. The body of the device is ordinary without unnecessary details. An orange border appears on the surface of the lens. The manufacturer releases new models in black colors. The device supports HD memory card. Viewing angle 140 °. An inexpensive two-channel DVR has a parking assist mode. Comes with a charger and other accessories.

  • The presence of a G-sensor (a sensor that reacts to any movement).
  • A USB cable and HDMI are used to connect the device to a PC.
  • The car adapter works in temperatures from. 40 to 60 degrees.
  • Built-in microphone prevails, which can be disabled in automatic mode.

There is no night mode. Therefore, it is sometimes difficult to make a good recording.

Best dvrs with rear camera of 2020

Car owners often wonder which dash cam to choose for high-quality shooting on the road. So that the numbers can be seen at night and “cover the rear” with a second camera. A video recorder is considered an important device for a modern driver, as it can be the only “witness” on the road, save the driver’s money and even freedom. Therefore, when preparing the rating, I relied on the main indicators:

  • Recording quality at any time of the day;
  • stable operation of the device. For example, stability is greatly affected by the use of a supercapacitor instead of a battery;
  • rear camera video quality;
  • ease of installation and use, equipment, WI-FI;
  • additional functionality. For example, GPS camera alerts will save your budget from fines.

Here is a ranking of the 10 best dual camera DVRs of 2020. Among them, you can choose both budget and expensive devices.

7th place. Neoline G-tech X23.

High-quality development takes a leading position in the Russian market. With a car DVR, you can film the road and the side of the road, even in poor lighting conditions. A mirror DVR with a rear-view camera is installed both outside and inside the cabin. The functional adapter helps to improve visibility in the parking lot. This model is suitable for hidden installation. The design is equipped with a panoramic mirror at the rear. Many people like the large Neoline G-tech X23 display. 4.3 inches. Modern models are equipped with a powerful Allwinner V3 processor. They also support Micro SD card up to 64 GB. The manufacturer produces adapters in black colors. The design is quite simple, but easy to use. Thanks to the presence of a rear-view mirror, high-quality shooting is made in Full HD quality. 30 frames per second. The car device is capable of recording high-quality videos at an angle of 120 degrees. With a strong impact, a sensor is triggered that reacts to any movement.

  • The built-in screen will make it possible to receive material in the event of damage to the vehicle.
  • The device collects all the information that can be viewed not only on the screen, but also on TV. To connect the adapter to the TV, you need to use the HDMI interface.

There is no GPS speedometer, which notifies about the presence of cameras.

3rd place. ROADGID DUO.

The cheapest model is very popular among motorists. The presence of two cameras allows high-quality shooting with a maximum resolution of 1920 × 1080 Full HD. Frame rate. 30 with a viewing angle of the lens of 140 degrees. Automatic parking assistant with 3 ” display. The device is installed on the windshield. The second rear view camera is supplied with a mounting kit. The manufacturer provides a 1 year product warranty. The price for the set and functionality provided is below average.

  • Detail of shooting at night exceeds expectations for its price segment.
  • Full front display convenient to use with parking assistant.
  • Automatic display off does not interfere with driving. LED indication of working and recording status.
  • The price for a kit with two cameras and a charger for a smartphone is pleasantly surprising.
  • Shock sensor parking mode.

There is no GPS module that informs the driver about the approach of cameras or a dangerous area.

8th place. Blackview MD X6 DUAL.

High-quality automotive technology ensures control on the roads. With the help of a universal video recorder, you can collect all kinds of information that occurs when driving a car. Model Blackview MD X6 DUAL has the best performance. This adapter is a thin interior mirror. A front-facing camera is installed at the back of the device, which helps to obtain informative information. The camera shoots with a maximum resolution of 1920 × 1080 at a viewing angle of 140 °. The AVI MJPEG video recording format allows you to get high quality materials. The compact model has a sensor that responds to all movements. This function helps to protect “emergency” files from being overwritten. Battery capacity 500 mAh. The product is guaranteed for a period of 1 year.

  • One of the important advantages is the slim design.
  • Parking mode in automatic mode.
  • Covers a wide area.
  • The display shows information from the bypass camera.
  • Lack of GPS module.
  • No built-in memory.
  • There is no night mode as there is no backlight. Accordingly, shooting at night is almost impossible.

Artway MD-161

The multifunctional model from Artway is a video recorder, GPS informer and a radar detector. The navigator with proprietary software will orient on the terrain and record up to 100 geo-points of your choice.

The radar detector recognizes most of the equipment used by the police, including low-noise devices. The sensitivity can be adjusted so as not to hear false alarms in the city. On the trails, on the contrary, sensitivity will be beneficial. It is possible to set the allowed speed mode for the device. Alerts are annoying. you can turn them off. With such opportunities, it looks tempting.

Artway MD-161 has only one camera, but with a viewing angle of 140 degrees. The picture is of high quality. FHD 1920 × 1080. Video is recorded in AVI format with H.264 archiving.

Photo resolution can be selected: 8, 5, 2 or 1 megapixel. The size of the memory card is too small. only 32 GB.

Additional functions include a G-sensor, motion and light sensors, an electronic compass, a clock, protection against detection.

The best rearview mirrors with dvr

The best multifunctional rearview mirrors

The main camera is built-in with the ability to adjust the angle of inclination. Matrix resolution for video 1.3 Mpix, for photos 5 Mpix. Video shoots in AVI format with a maximum resolution of 1440 by 1080. The camera has no zoom, but there is a very decent viewing angle of 120 degrees.

The external camera shoots video in AVI format with a resolution of 720 by 480, has a viewing angle of 90 degrees. There is also no zoom and photography mode, but it is possible to use it as a parking lot. The body of the remote camera is not afraid of water.

Loop video recording is 1, 2 or 5 minutes, but it can be turned off. The recorder display is 3.5 inches in the left corner of the mirror. In addition to the picture, the DVR is capable of recording sound, but it does not have a speaker. SD card capacity. 32 GB.

Best Rearview Mirrors: Independent Top 8

The days when all mirrors were just mirrors are long gone. The modern electronics market offers models with built-in video recorders and a bunch of additional functions. they replace several devices at once without taking up much space. How to choose such mirrors and which 8 rear-view mirrors are the best, we will now tell you.


Universal DVR combined with a rear-view mirror. Like most devices of this type, it is placed directly on top of the salon mirror: you do not need to dismantle anything, installation takes literally a few seconds. The DVR camera shoots in front of itself at an angle of 170 degrees in a resolution up to 1920 x 1080 pixels at 30 frames per second. The rear view camera is connected to the recorder via a cable and greatly facilitates parking in difficult conditions.

An irreplaceable assistant to a motorist costs only 3,000 rubles. a small fee for your own convenience, safety and comfort.

Neoline G-Tech X27 Dual

The dash cam, parking camera and GPS alert for police cameras are all in the rearview mirror. The main camera with a viewing angle of 150 degrees records Full HD video. An external camera with a 120-degree view provides HD video. The device is able to indicate the date, time, speed, geolocation and even the license plate of a car on video recordings. Such a video will be a powerful argument when searching for the culprits of an accident. The G-sensor will help to save the extreme record. Neoline G-Tech X27 records video in MOV format and archives it in H.264.

The GPS-module contains a database of police radars of the Russian Federation, Europe and 5 neighboring countries. This information can be updated on the manufacturer’s website every 14 days. A special feature of the G-Tech X27 is the ability to intelligently process cameras for calculating the average speed and warn and exceed. Doesn’t seem too high for such a gadget.

The picture from the cameras is displayed on the 4.3-inch display in the center of the screen, which is not convenient for everyone. But when the navigator is turned off, the screen on the mirror is not visible.


One of the most popular rearview mirror DVRs on the market. This is the merit of a combination of successful design, simple and convenient control, affordable price and wide functionality. Like other devices of this type, CARCAM Z6 is installed over a standard interior mirror and is capable of both recording an image in front of itself in the video recorder mode and working as a parking assistant using a rear view camera. The presence of a G-sensor and a motion detector allow you to set up the automatic start of recording on impact and at the moment when someone appears in the frame. The device is powered by a car cigarette lighter and can work up to 10 minutes from the built-in battery.