If the operating system is not installed

First, you need to install the operating system, and then configure everything yourself.

On what devices you can check the WEB-camera online?

You can carry out online diagnostics of your WEB-camera on any device that supports Flash technology. Usually, this page is visited to check the WEB-camera on a PC or laptop. Although, Android devices with a flash player installed can also run tests using our service. Apple products (iPhone and iPad) are unfortunately not supported.

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How to quickly launch and test a camera from a laptop?

There are specific key combinations with which you can quickly launch the webcam on various laptops. This is the most common type of activation and verification of your webcam without other services.

The combinations may vary depending on the manufacturer, but in some cases they may be the same. Here is some of them:

  • FN and V, or through the “start”. Acer Crystal Eye (Software must be licensed);
  • FN and V or 3 light programs that come with the system for an Asus laptop. ECap Camera and more;
  • FN key with a camera. for HP laptops, either the classic keyboard shortcut, or through the default program. HP Camera;
  • FN Ecs for Lenovo Computers.

If all these methods did not suit you, the WEB-camera does not turn on and you cannot check it, then you need to take the laptop to the appropriate specialist. Most likely, there are problems with the equipment itself and repairs are needed. Or check for viruses.

I hope that this article was useful to you and you still turned on the WEB-camera, until we meet again in the following articles.

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How to check a WEB-camera on a laptop

When buying any laptop with a webcam, of absolutely any manufacturer, you will probably immediately want to talk to your family and friends on Skype, or at least take a picture. Therefore, it is very important that the webcam works. And many people immediately have a question: “How to check a WEB-camera on a laptop?” Indeed, video calls via Skype or through other chats and web applications are a very popular form of communication at the moment.

The webcam always works by default, like a laptop device. She always receives food. It’s just that her state is inactive. It is because of this that most users simply do not know that the camera always works, as a result of which they often write in search engines: “How to check a WEB-camera on a laptop” and look for information on how to turn it on.

How to check if a WEB-camera is working on a computer

How to set up?

  • First you need to enter the device manager;
  • At the end of the list your camera will be located;
  • Right-click the small triangle icon;
  • Then click “activate” (See the picture below)

What to do if your laptop does not have Windows 7 or 8 installed?

The first step is to work with the drivers for this laptop’s camera.

Most often, during the installation of the operating system, those drivers that are installed automatically must be changed to new ones. To find out if the drivers are correct, you need to start the device manager:

  • Using the WinR button combination, we launch the “Run” dialog box.
  • After that, in the “Open” line, write the command: devmgmt.msc.
  • The Device Manager of the Windows 7 or Windows 8 operating system will appear.
  • Next, we analyze the presence of all devices with a pronounced yellow exclamation mark. The presence of this sign indicates that the computer recognizes the device, but it is not active, since there is no required driver.

Features of checking a WEB-camera for Windows 10

Most users use the Windows 10 operating system.

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This operating system is pretty good. However, there are some difficulties with some drivers and privacy. Windows 10 has settings that change the privacy mode. It is the privacy settings that can be one of the reasons that the webcam can be blocked and will not function.

If you are a user of this system and you do not have a picture from the camera, you must first check the privacy settings:

  • First go to the START menu;
  • then click “Options” (see the picture below); After that, open the “Privacy” section;
  • Then open the section with the camera and check if applications are allowed to use it;
  • If you do not have this permission, naturally Windows 10 will block all “unnecessary” that wants to take over access to the web-camera. (picture below)

In addition, a built-in application is used to check the web-camera, which is available in the Windows 8 and 10 operating systems. Its name is “Camera” (figure below)

Why is the webcam not working

It may happen that you installed everything and the camera did not work when checking the connection. Such situations are possible for several reasons:

  • When connecting the USB cable, you can simply insert it into the connector not completely. So check this point right away;
  • It is required to install additional drivers for the video device to work correctly. To do this, you need to download additional programs from the manufacturer’s website;
  • The cord is frayed. Accordingly, you will have to buy a new webcam;
  • Disable in Device Manager. To do this, through the control panel, make a permit for the device to work;
  • Use by another service. The point is that the camera can only work when using one resource;
  • The browser denies access to the video device. It is possible to remove the lock by clicking on the window where information was provided about this.

Here are some reasons and how to fix them if your device is not working.

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Device video check

As an example, I will give the most common Skype program in use, go to “Tools”.

In this case, you can check the camera for operability through the “Settings” section in the “Video settings”.

Thus, the question is solved, how to check the camera on the computer, whether it works or not. However, if, after the above verification options, the device did not work, then you should try to install it on another computer to make sure it is working properly.

If it works, then look for the cause of the problem on your computer, otherwise, you should contact the service or exchange it for a new WEB-camera.

How to check the camera on a computer

How to check the camera on the computer if it works or not

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Most programs and services created for communication between people provide the possibility of video communication. To do this, you must use a WEB-camera.

At the same time, if the camera is built-in on a laptop initially, then on a stationary computer, as a rule, it is absent. In this case, to use video communication, an additional purchase of a WEB-camera and its installation is required.

In principle, any processors are equipped with a special USB connector that allows you to connect flash drives, keyboards, as well as any devices with the same connector.

Therefore, there will be no problems with connecting a WEB-camera. However, I want to understand how to check the camera on a computer, whether it works or not. This is what will be discussed in this article.

How to check the camera on a computer

Before using the device that transmits the image, you need to connect it to your computer via a USB cable.

For example, on the Windows XP operating system, the drivers are installed automatically, after which you can go to the “Start” menu and select “Control Panel”.

Then find “Scanners and cameras” from the list and click on “USB video device”. After that, if everything was installed correctly, the image transmitted from the camera will appear on the monitor.

For other operating systems, additional driver downloads are required from the websites of webcam manufacturers. As for the verification, for this you will need to go to the program where there is a possibility of video communication and carry out with its help.

How to check a camera on a computer on the Internet

Currently, there are quite a few services that allow you to check your WEB-camera online.

List of sites where it is possible to check the camera online:

  • testwebcam.com;
  • ru.webcammictest.com;
  • testcam.ru;
  • toolster.ru;
  • webcamtest.ru.

Having entered these sites, you are required to click on the “check camera” button and allow access to your camera. If everything is in order, then you will immediately see the image from your camera. If there are problems, then you will be informed about it.

How to check the camera on a laptop

A video device is available on any laptop, but this does not exclude the possibility of installing additional equipment by connecting to it via a USB cable. To check if it works, you can do it in several ways.

The first is a check using the Start menu:

Checking Webcam Resolution in Windows 10

  • In the lower left corner of the screen, click on “Start” and select “Control Panel”.
  • Choose “Hardware and Sound”.
  • Click on “Dispatcher” and find the item “Imaging Devices”.
  • Click on the camera and right-click on “Enable”.
  • The last thing that remains to be done is to click on “Properties” and the broadcast picture should appear in front of you.

The second method can be said to be universal and easy to use for any computer, which consists in checking the equipment using Skype, Mail Agent and other communication services where video communication is possible.


When using a computer, it is worth updating the video drivers periodically, especially if you plan to use a video device. When installing the camera, in case your driver is outdated, a system window will pop up with a proposal to update it.

Just follow the prompts and the program will be updated. If the update fails, you can use the program to scan and install the missing drivers DriverFinder.

Also, if the video equipment does not work, it will not be superfluous to perform a deep scan with the antivirus installed on your computer for the presence of malicious programs and clean it of them.

Sometimes the USB connector becomes inoperative, which also causes the camera to malfunction. Therefore, if, when you turn it on to one USB port, there are problems, then try turning it on in another.

It follows from all this that there are many different ways to test the camera for operability, as well as troubleshooting methods that you can do yourself.

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