How to check the operation of a video card on a laptop using FurMark utility

First, download FurMark and install it. Close all programs before running the utility. Then follow the instructions below:

  • run the program and make sure that it correctly identified the model of your video card;
    check, operation, laptop
  • set your screen resolution;
  • press the GPU stress test button, after which the program will warn you that the test significantly loads the video chip, and it may get very hot; if this does not scare you, then start testing by clicking on the GO button.

Testing with FurMark will take 15-60 minutes. At this time, the “fiery donut” will rotate on the screen, and information about the testing process will be displayed. It is highly discouraged when running FurMark to run any programs.

Do not be alarmed if the image starts to distort during testing. FurMark program will automatically make an emergency reboot of the system if during testing the temperature of the video card rises to a critical one.

Upon completion of testing, draw conclusions about the operation of the video card, guided by the following instructions:

  • the maximum temperature of the video chip, depending on the model, should not rise above 85-95 ° C;
  • the graph of the temperature rise should first go sharply along a parabola, and then, when the maximum value is reached, go into a straight line;
  • ripples, stripes or distortions should not appear on the screen during testing;
  • there should be no critical errors related to the operation of the video card.

Ways to check how the video card works on a laptop

There are two methods for checking the operation of a video card:

  • the simplest is to monitor the display of a picture on the screen while applications and games are running;
  • more reliable. by testing through special utilities.

The first method, how to check the operation of a video card on a laptop, does not give a 100% guarantee that the result will be accurate, but with its help you can easily identify serious problems. To implement it, run an application that uses the resources of a video card (for example, Photoshop) or a video game (more demanding on a gaming laptop, less on a simple one). If during several hours of operation there are no problems such as ripples, flickering, distortion, stripes, then we can say with confidence that the video card is in order.

For a more detailed diagnostics of a video card, you cannot do without using special utilities, the most popular of which are:

  • FurMark;
  • OCCT;
  • 3D Mark.

All of the above programs do a fairly good job of identifying problems with video cards, so you can use any of them.

When testing a video card through special utilities, you should pay special attention to the maximum temperature, which, depending on the video chip model, should not rise above 85-95 ° C.

In this article, we will look at how to check the performance of a video card on a laptop using the FurMark utility, which is suitable for testing both integrated video chips and discrete video cards from AMD and NVIDIA.

How to check the video card on a laptop

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If the laptop is equipped with two video cards, then the system automatically switches between [. ]

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The video adapter is an important component of the system, due to which the processing of graphic data and the output [. ]

SOS! I installed and launched the program, but ripples appeared on the screen during testing. What to do?

How to enable correctly?

The best way to fix the problem and figure out what is wrong is to do it all over again.

  • Gently insert one end of the cable into a laptop or computer, and the other into an HDMI port on a TV or other device.
  • In any free field of the desktop, right-click and select the desired section.
  • Under the screen with the number. select the second item.
  • Next, we are offered several options. For displaying the monitor screen, it is better to choose the first or fourth option. After that, click “Apply”.

For faster switching on of the display mode and screen mirroring, you can simultaneously press two keys “Win” (located between the keys “Ctrl” and “Alt”) and the English button “P”. After that, just select the mode. Just don’t mix it up. you need to click on the English letter.

HDMI stopped working on laptop: how to check and enable

I bought myself a TV quite recently and somehow there was no need to use an HDMI cable at all. But then the relatives came home. And I decided to show a video and a photo. I plug in the cable, but there is no picture and no sound either. In general, I fought with this problem, but still managed to solve it. Today I will tell you why HDMI does not work on a laptop and how to solve this problem.

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No sound

  • First, let’s check if the sound is being output to the second device. Let me remind you that a cable of this format should calmly output both sound and video on the screen. Click “Start” and then enter the word “Sound” in the search box. Next, select this section.
  • Go to the “Playback” tab. You should now see the name of your TV there, with the word “TV” written on it. Right-click and select “Use this device as default.” Do not forget to click “Apply”. If there is still no sound, go to the next chapter.

Installing drivers and checking

And so, let me remind you that the HDMI output goes directly from the video card. No difference built-in or separate. Our task is to install newer drivers.

  • We press simultaneously on two keys “WinR”. Next, we write the command as above in the picture.
  • Go to the “Video adapters” section. Click on our card with the right button and then “Update drivers.”.
  • We immediately select the first item and wait until the system finds a new driver on Microsoft servers. If the driver is found, install it. But it is not always possible to update the software in this way. Sometimes the system does not find anything and you see a message that the driver does not need to be updated. In fact, he just didn’t find it.
  • To install the exact driver, you need to find out the name of your video card. As you might have noticed, the name is displayed there in the “Device Manager”. Then just enter it into the search engine and download the driver from the official website.

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  • Do not forget to specify the operating system. We download only the latest driver and the full package. After downloading, install and reboot the device.

If this does not help and there is still no image on the TV, then try a different port on the TV and on the laptop (if available). Otherwise, you need to take some other wire, perhaps the one you are using is broken or not compatible by standards. The cable can be tested by connecting another laptop or PC to it.