How to check iPhone before buying

When purchasing a new mobile device from Apple, a gadget check is recommended to start with packing inspection.

The iPhone brand box is made of dense cardboard, and also has a transparent film with a special tongue for more convenient unpacking. On the boxes from new models stopped doing such a film, replacing it with a tongue for unpacking on the rear surface.

In addition, the box has an embezzlement of the manufacturer’s logo, the serial number of the mobile device and IMEI. The device includes the following:

  • Mobile device itself with a protective film;
  • Apple branded documentation;
  • Warranty card;
  • Stickers with company apple company;
  • Earpods headphones (in the new models of the smartphone they are not in the configuration);
  • Charging cable;
  • The power adapter (in the new models of the device it is not in the configuration);
  • The envelope in which the clip is embedded used to extract the tray for the SIM card.

In the event that the configuration of the smartphone lacks at least one element, the user can return to the store in order to change the mobile device.

It is worth noting that the unpacking process is recommended to shoot on the video so that in the future the user can provide the evidence store.

How to distinguish a new iPhone from restored (Ref)?

Officially Restored Smartphone by Apple.

Such an apparatus is different as the design of the box. In a new phone on the front of the box, an image of a smartphone is applied. On the REF, the smartphone on the front part on the box contains the inscription of the device model (for example, the iPhone XS MAX) and the inscription below “Apple Certified Pre-Owned”. In general, the official Refured Ref breaks through the official website as a new, not activated smartphone. This is logical because it is restored by Apple and has a global warranty.

“Basement” REF.

This type of Apple smartphones is particularly dangerous for the buyer, as it is disguised as a new, original phone. The box has the appearance of a new smartphone, where there is no hint that the phone is restored. But the box is done handickeys and poor quality. A person who with Apple‘s technique on “you” will be difficult to see it, but fans of apple products easily feature a box even on the font. With regards to the quality of such a device. there is a huge chance that such a smartphone will begin to work incorrectly after a month of use. Freezing, fast discharge of the battery or network signal loss and many other sores that are characteristic of basement iphone. Such defects are most likely caused by the fact that the main microcircuits (fees) are praised. That is, inside the case, everything keeps “on a honest word”. If you found the iPhone significantly cheaper the average market price. that is, the high probability that the basement refer will be sold. This product is especially favorite in Landing Stores (Landing Page). Single-page sites who have the whole catalog of goods concentrated on one page. Later we will also write in detail how such stores look like.

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Models iPhone

In this section, we collected the latest iPhone models with a brief description. Information was taken on the official Apple website. Before buying, make sure that the technical parameters of the device correspond to the following.

iPhone 12

This device is equipped with Super Retina XDR with a 6.1-inch diagonal. The latter takes the entire front panel. The smartphone does not have the Home button. The rear side of the device is made of glass. There are two 12 megapixel chambers on it. IMEI number knocked down on the SIM card tray.

iPhone SE (2 generation)

The diagonal of the device of this model is 4.7 inches. Glass facial panel flat with beveled edges.HOME touch button is equipped with Touch ID sensor. On the back of the case there is a LED flash of Quad-Led True Tone, and on the right side. tray for the SIM card.

iPhone 11

iPhone 11 in essence is the second generation iPhone XR. Its main difference is a double camera hidden along with a flash under glass that covers the back of the device. The rest of the smartphone is not different from more expensive models.

iPhone Xr

Unlike all other “dozen”, iPhone XR has an IPS screen, not OLED. In addition, he has a 6.1-inch diagonal, which is more than X and XS, but less than the XS Max. The resolution is the lowest. 1792 × 828, which gives the density of points of only 326 PPI. On the back of the case there is one 12-megapixel camera with a wide-angle lens and a Flash Quad-Led True Tone.

iPhone X

iPhone X is the first Apple smartphone with a 5.8-inch display, which takes almost the entire front panel of the case, spinning on the corners and leaving only a relatively thin frame, as well as a noticeable ledge at the top. The latter caused an ambiguous response after the announcement of the smartphone, but after some time they were fulfilled. The side button is located on the right side of the device. On the rear panel, two 12 megapixel cameras with a wide-angle and telephoto lens.

How to check the iPhone before buying a used

It is more complicated by the fact if you buy an iPhone with hands. Such an acquisition requires a more attentive approach and additional checks. To be confident in the purchase, completely secure yourself from possible deception and competently check the purchased iPhone, you will need the following:

  • It is necessary to check the appearance of the iPhone, the presence of dents, chips, cracks and other damage. As a rule, it is better not to buy an iPhone with big mechanical damage. After another blow, the phone will stop working. In this case, the repair can do in a round sum.
  • The most reliable to check the iPhone at the serial number on the official website of Apple (https: // Support.Apple.COM / RU-RU / HT201296). Here you can check all the necessary information about the iPhone model, color and release date.
  • The presence of an iPhone box is always a plus seller. But here it is necessary to be attentive. We need to check the iPhone again on IMEI and serial number. They must match the iPhone specified on the packaging. If this is not the same, the previous owner of the iPhone was silent about it, then perhaps he hides something.
  • Not at all unnecessary will check the iPhone on WWW sites.Chipmunk.NL, or By IMEI number here you can check such valuable information about your iPhone, as a model, color, release date, the deadline for the warranty, as well as check if the phone is not included in the list of stolen and wanted former owners.
  • There are 3 categories of purchased iPhone devices: 1) Compatible with SIM cards of any operators without additional settings. “non-local” or neverlock; 2) iPhone tied to a specific cellular operator and requiring additional settings to work with the other GSM networks. “Bulb” or Lock; 3) iPhones reprogrammed on the lack of restrictions on the network. “divided” or SoftUnlock. We recommend buying only iPhone category Neverlock. The rest usually arise problems. You can check the “wanishing” of the iPhone by the presence of a substrate scheme in the tray for the SIM card, as well as by how easy the iPhone will catch the network with your SIM card and will not require additional settings at the same time.
  • Next, check the performance of the iPhone: 1) the buttons and switches should not be addressed, to shindle and react slowly to pressing; 2) Home button and combined with it The TouchID function must work from light, effortless, pressing; 3) behind the lens of the chamber should not be soynes, the photo should be obtained clear and clear; 4) The iPhone screen should not contain “broken” pixels, the image must be bright and focused; 5) The sensor must easily and quickly respond to touch, the icons must easily move after the finger; 6) nests for headset, charging and DATA cable should not be loosened, must ensure a reliable connection; 7) Rechargeable battery must withstand test work in talk mode, viewing video over the Internet using Wi-Fi for several minutes with a maximum decrease in the charge level of not more than 1-3%.
  • Pay attention to the phone screen. In the perfect version, if it remains native, not renovated or replaced by a copy.
  • Check how iPhone is charging. It should be charged quickly and not to warm at this moment.
  • It is also necessary to check the operation of frequently used applications. GPS navigation, text editors, media players and T.D.
  • Mandatory require the seller to disable iPhone from the account and reset the previous settings. You can check the iCloud iCloud binding on the iCloud resource.COM using the serial number or the IMEI number.
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We wish you a successful purchase and only positive emotions from using Apple appliances!

Results and conclusions

Of course, I understand how great the desire to buy iPhone x 256 for 36 thousand With his official PCT, 73 thousand. I am absolutely not an opponent of gray (not PCT) phones, but no matter how you wanted to buy it for 50% of its price. the risk of “getting” is extremely great.

check, iphone, buying, apple

Under the guise of new sales and “Exchanging”, and “Restored”, and simply repaired phones.

Do not forget about the need to make money on sale. all this can not lead to such a low value.

Based on the information available, the cost is not an PCT model can be lower by 12-16% of the PCT version (taking into account the fact that the seller still earn something), but not 50-100%.

I described my personal application for the purchase of iPhone X, on the Internet there are still articles and recommendations, which are also desirable to explore! I hope my article at least someone else will help. Be careful and good luck!

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Appearance Packaging. Check Passed

Box, packaging film, “label”. everything looks “as it should”. Do absolutely. For obvious reasons, I did not find the Icons of PCT / EAS (these designations mean that the phone “RosTest”).

check, iphone, buying, apple

The phone was in film, very similar to the factory. All buttons on the spot. the side buttons of the volume, switch, all “click” properly, vibration when switching is. No dents, chips, scratches or cracks.

The first swallow in doubt was the device off button. on the right on the housing:

If you have an iPhone (and the original one), try clicking on the button in any place (in the bottom or top). the button will be pressed completely, all. The button must be “solid”, and it does not matter to which part of it is pressed. must be accommodated entirely.

In the device brought to me, the button was pressed precisely in that corner to which you click, that is, not completely, but as a “swing”.

It is very difficult to notice, so practically no one pays attention to this: clicks? Works? And okay.

IPhone Software Check

Search relevant for your gadget version of software also holds through the manufacturer’s website. Information about this can be found on the phone through the “Settings” section. “Basic”. “On this device”.

  • Note also to work Siri’s voice assistant. Usually gray models do not have this feature.
  • In this smartphone will be pre-installed the capabilities of the electronic wallet and loading credit cards.

How to check the iPhone before buying on Apple‘s website

You can protect yourself from the purchase of counterfeit right in the store. Much more difficult than those who ordered iPhone through the Internet playgrounds. But, if you buy a device in a retail store, without departing from the cashier, check IMEI on the box on one of the sites for checking:

The same can be done on the official Apple website, where the serial number is used for verification. Of course, these actions can be performed at home, but it is better to protect yourself in the store in order not to pay in advance for counterfeit goods.

As happens so that the iPhone used to the market?

The fact is that the world of business is chiter and cruel. It often happens that activated smartphones are illegally brought to the country and sell under the guise of new. As possible? New phones that are tied to a certain mobile operator can be bought in America rather cheap. They are bought by enterprising Deltsi, to then untie from the operator (it is also called “Unlock”).

But often to do this, iPhone need to be removed from its shopping packaging, and after manipulations to take back, as if nothing was.

Essentially the phone was not used, but the activation date will be another. Therefore, the time of maintenance you will have less, as the smartphone has been activated earlier. It is certainly unpleasant, but not deadly. You have the full right to refuse the product and demand a refund.

If you have a MI smartphone, you have breakdown the screen, then you can buy a screen on Xiaomi phone