TOP-5 correct ways to distinguish the iPhone from a Chinese fake

Hello! Buying an expensive device like iPhone, I always want to save money. Logical? Naturally. However, all official sellers often have approximately the same (recommended by Apple), which means that in order to buy cheaper, you have to contact little.known stores or private ads.

And then an unpleasant surprise can expect us with you!

After all, the joy of buying can be replaced by disappointment that the device will be the most natural Chinese fake. Therefore, it is better to prepare in advance and know the signs by which you can easily distinguish a real iPhone from the fake. What kind? Now we will find out. Go!

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Important remark. Since the “Chinese” iPhone is a huge number, then there are also many signs by which they can also be recognized. it does not make sense to indicate all of them, I will give only those that are absolutely accurate (and most importantly. quickly!) will help you determine fake iPhone.

How to find out that the iPhone is new, not used?

The easiest and most correct way to use the Apple site:

  • We need a serial number. over, if you are just about to buy a device, then it is not necessary to even activate it. you can always look at the box, or, more reliable, at the stage of activation, press the icon “I in a circle”. However, there are other ways to find out IMEI.
  • We go to the official website of Apple to the section “Inspections of the right to maintenance and support”. here is the link.
  • Enter the serial number and look at the result.
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There can be many options, but we are only about two to make sure that the iPhone is new:

Received some other incomprehensible messages for you? Decryption is in an article on the results of checking the right to maintain and support.

Blocked device

Each iPhone used is attached (or was attached) to a specific Apple id. When buying, make sure that the account is untied from the smartphone. Otherwise, there is always a chance that the phone will be blocked, and you cannot use it.

You can check the binding at the menu items:

It was used to check the device on the icloud website.COM, indicating the serial number or IMEI in the item “Checking the state of lock and activation”. Now this option has been removed.

In any case, if the Apple ID is tied to the device, ask the seller to untie the account and complete the full reset of the device. After that, it will be possible to configure the iPhone “like new” with binding already to your Apple id.

check, iphone, authenticity, imei

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Как проверить iPhone по imei? КАК ПРОБИТЬ АЙФОН ПО IMEI БЕСПЛАТНО?


Knowing the IMEI devices, when checking the phone for originality, you should definitely use the IMEI online service.Info, which can provide a lot of interesting information about your gadget.

Check the iPhone for authenticity by IMEI

IMEI is a unique 15-digit digital code assigned to the Apple device (like any mobile device) even at the production stage. This code for each gadget is unique, and you can find it out in different ways that previously already considered on our website.

Informative online service IMEIPRO.Info will allow you to instantly check the device.

  • Everything is very simple: you go to the web service page and indicate the unique number of the gadget in the column. To launch the check, you will need to put the checkmark near the point “I’m not a robot”, and then click on the “Check” item.


A third-party online service will break through the iPhone by serial number in exactly the same way as it is implemented on the Apple website. over, somewhat more information about the device is provided here.

4 Anglok check for IMEI

You can check this on the following sites:

On this site, information on the replaced devices is issued.

check, iphone, authenticity, imei

#iPhone-How to Check if iPhone is IMEI Blacklisted/ Lost / Stolen?

Sometimes sellers offer phones that buyers returned for various reasons. Perhaps there is nothing wrong with this, but as a rule, the appearance of such iPhone can be slightly spoiled and they are definitely not suitable as a gift.

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The support service even works here, which, if necessary, will be able to unlock your iPhone for money.

Recently, IMEI iPhone has become problematic. Services providing such a service work unstable.

Checking iPhone components using Zombie Check technology

Zombie Check. Apple utility for diagnosing mobile devices. A double cable is connected to the smartphone. After that, the smartphone is connected to the computer, which leads to the launch of Zombie Check. The utility will help to find out the identifier and serial number of the diagnosed device.

The only reliable way to protect yourself from buying non.original iPhone is to appeal to an authorized store. If you decide to purchase a smartphone from hand or in a small boutique, check the information about the smartphone by serial number on the official website of Apple.

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