Instructions on how to turn on the camera in windows 7

  • Each webcam model kit is equIPped with an optional software disc containing the drivers. Connect the device to a PC and install them. Also, there is already a program on the disk, with its help we control the connected camera. After installing the driver Install this program as well. Next, restart your computer.
  • After everything is installed, the program icon appears on the system panel. Hover the mouse over it and select the command “On” or “Run”. Now the webcam is completely ready for use.
    How To Check The Camcorder
  • It happens that after a full installation, the application still cannot be automatically launched. “Windows 7” does not see the webcam. In this case, the necessary icon does NOT appear on the taskbar. We look for it through “Start” or the launch shortcut on the desktop, then select “On” in the menu.
  • Often there is a situation that the webcam was bought a long time ago, so there were no drivers with the appropriate program for windows7 included. If you know what camera model you have, then the right solution would be to download drivers and software for specific devices on the manufacturer’s website. And in a situation where the model is unknown, it is not difficult to recognize it. To do this, connect it to a PC, after which you will immediately see the automatic detection of the device and its name, which is used.

How to check and turn on the camera?

There are many chat sites, for example,,,,, http: // chatroulette. Ru /, By visiting any of THESE pages on the Internet, you can check and configure the device on a laptop with windows 7. In the case of a normally working WEB-camera, an indicator will light up next to it, which warns the user in a functioning device, and also a picture captured by the WEB-camera will be displayed in the browser.

Camera TIPs

  • Do not enter standby mode with instant activation of the system until the power indicator turns yellow;
  • The person who has configured it must once again make sure that the camera software is compatible with the correct version of “Windows”;
  • If the camera is not recognized, you should disconnect it, and after a minute or two try to connect it again;
  • If you have problems, check the webcam on another laptop;
  • If bad, you can reduce the size of the image or close all other applications and tasks.

To learn in more detail how to enable the webcam on a computer with windows 7, you can use from our website.

Turn on the camera on windows 7

Photo gallery: including camera on windows 7

First of all, to start working with a webcam, you should make sure that it is correctly connected to the equIPment, in this case. to a laptop or to a computer. This applies when using a separate USB camera. If it is built-in, then other methods will be used to launch it.

The Internet gives us even more opportunities to communicate. In addition to various chats, e-mail, one more type of communication is now gaining popularity. by. This technology will allow you not only to talk to your opponent, but also to see him through the monitor. What do you need to start working with a webcam in windows 7? This requires two main components:

  • Computer or laptop with windows7 OS;
  • Webcam.

How to check if your webcam is working?

If you purchased a webcam and connected it to your computer, you will probably immediately want to check if it works. In windows XP it was very simple to do this: just go to “My Computer”. there, in addition to the disks, the “USB device” was displayed. After clicking on it, the camera turned on and an image appeared on the screen. In windows 7 and higher, it is impossible to check the performance of the webcam using the operating system. What to do in this case?

First, a few words about how to check the performance of a webcam using third-party programs:

First, you can use the most popular calling software. Skype.

To do this, in the program you need to click the mouse in the menu bar on the “Tools”. “Settings” tab:

On the left in the “General” section, select the “Settings” item. After that, if everything is in order with the camera, you will see an image from it in the right field:

Second method: if your computer has proprietary software from the webcam developer, you can use it. For example, when installing the driver on a Logitech webcam. along with it, it is suggested to install the proprietary Logitech Webcam Software utility.

Just run this utility (you can find it in “Start”. “All Programs” if installed) and you will see the image from your webcam. Or you will not see if it is not connected or faulty:

But what to do if no third-party software is installed on the computer?

In this case, the performance of the webcam can be checked on a special website on the Internet:

Go to this site and allow access to the camera (click the “Allow” button): If everything is in order with the webcam, you will immediately see the image from it:

If there are any problems (for example, the camera is not connected or the driver is not installed on it), then the website will display a message: “The camera could not be found”:

How to check the webcam in windows 7

Checking the status

If the described methods of how to turn on the webcam on “Windows 7” DO NOT help, then you need to check its status. To do this, you need to go to the device manager and check if this module is present in the system at all. The easiest way to do this. Write at the command line: devmgmt.Msc. This will immediately open the “Device Manager” window, and there we need to look for the camera in the list. It will be in the drop-down list under the “Imaging Devices” line. Expand this list and if there is a webcam, it means that everything is in order with it. But there may be other situations:

  • The webcam is missing from the hardware list at all. This is the worst of the options, which means that either the device is physically broken or is disabled by hardware.
  • There is some kind of unidentified device. It could be a camera (or something else) that the computer simply cannot recognize. In 90% of cases, this means that there is no software, that is, a driver.
  • There is a camera, but it is marked with a yellow triangle with an exclamation mark. This means that the device is recognized and generally works, but there may be operational problems. This is treated by removing the old driver and installing a new one.

Therefore, before you turn on the webcam on “Windows 7”, first check its status. If it suddenly turns out that the computer simply does not see it, then it will NOT turn on at all.

We use Skype

Today Skype is so widespread that it is inserted by almost everyone who uses their computer to communicate. The webcam through this program can be viewed as follows:

  • Open the main Skype window by clicking on its icon in the taskbar or in the area near the clock.
  • In the top line of the menu, open the Tools item, then Settings.
  • Go to the Settings tab.

The disadvantage of this method is that you cannot open it in full screen.

Using Media Player Classic

Media Player Classic Home Cinema (not to be confused with windows Media Player) is a very popular player, the features of which are contained in its name: classic interface, intelligibility, minimalism. Most likely it is already installed on your computer, as it is included in the standard K-Lite codec package. If you do not have this player installed, you can download it here.

To view the webcam image through this player, go to the File menu, and then select Open Device. (File. Open device.).

You may need to select a capture source and a microphone before that, for this go to the View menu, then Settings. Then Capture (View. Options. Capture).

How to check a camera on a laptop. online services and programs to check

Communication technologies have become so popular and in demand that you probably will NOT find a laptop or tablet that does not have a built-in webcam. Even some models of desktop computers are equIPped with this useful device, but if the PC does not have its own camera, you can always purchase and connect an external one to it. But the simple fact of having a webcam is still not enough, without the appropriate drivers and software it will not work.

In general, before you can start enjoying the benefits of communication, you need to perform a camera test on a laptop. It is not difficult to make sure that the device is functioning properly. You can test it in three different ways, namely: by means of the operating system itself, using Special online services or through a desktop program.

Webcam test

A service with a self-explanatory name that allows you to check a WEB-camera on a laptop online. Go to the page, Wait for the device to be detected (you will be notified about this), click the “Test camera” button and grant the application access to the camera. In this case, in the window of the player you will have to see what the camera sees. Additionally, the service supports the definition of camera resolution, the number of megapixels, stream type, luminance and brightness values, picture aspect ratio, bit rate and many other parameters.

Checking a webcam through programs

To check the status of the built-in or external webcam, you can use any desktop or universal applications that support communication, and it is not at all necessary that these are popular programs like Skype. It is even possible that a program for working with the camera is already installed on your laptop, since many models often come with discs with useful proprietary software from the manufacturer.

You can try your webcam using the popular free VLC player. Launch the application and select the “Open capture device” option in the “Media” menu.

In the window that appears with the source settings, leave the capture mode by default (DirectShow), in the device name menu, select your webcam. However, you can test the microphone by selecting it from the audio device name menu. Having decided on the settings, click the Play button. An image from your camera should appear on the screen. The player will not please you with the quality of the picture, but this will be enough to make sure that the webcam is working properly.


A simple service that allows you to check the correct operation of the WEB-camera and microphone. To check, go to the webcamtest.Ru page, click in the player window to enable Adobe Flash and provide the service with access to your webcam and microphone. After that, an image should appear in the player window.

If the pictures are comments, make sure that the flash player is configured correctly, for which open the right-click menu, select “Options”, in the window that appears, click on the camera icon and select your device in the drop-down list. If the picture does not appear after that, then there is a possibility that you have a problem with the camera itself or the drivers.

Use of online services

You can make sure that the device is working with the help of Special resources on the Internet, designed to check the camera on a laptop online. This is a universal method, suitable for all versions and editions of Windows, but you need to have Adobe Flash Player installed on your computer. There are a lot of the most popular services, so we will limit ourselves to mentioning only the three most popular.

Windows check

First, you need to make sure that the camera is detected and has no restrictions on the part of Windows 7/10. Therefore, first of all we go to the Device Manager, look for and expand the item “Devices for image processing”, find the camera there and double-click on it. In the properties window, the status field should say “The device is working normally”, if the camera is disabled, the recording will be appropriate.

If you see an error message, the camera is marked with a yellow icon in the device list, or is missing altogether (there is some unrecognized device), most likely you have a driver problem. Use DriverPack Solution or a similar tool to find, install and update drivers, or you can download the camera driver from the manufacturer’s website.

If everything is in order with the definition of the device, we proceed to the next stage. checking the broadcast picture. First, let’s see how to test the camera on a laptop with Windows 10 and 8.1. Both of these versions come with a built-in universal Camera application capable of taking photos and. Find it through search or start menu and run.

As soon as you do this, the picture transmitted by the webcam will appear in the application window. In Windows 10, the Camera application can also be launched using the Scanners and Cameras Control Panel applet, but this is if it is present.

But with the “seven” everything is a little more complicated, because it has a standard tool for working with the device. If you are looking for a way to test the camera on a Windows 7 laptop, then see below.


The fast-growing Internet messenger Viber also allows you to check the camera on your laptop. Open the application settings, go to the “Audio and” tab and select, if required, your camera in the device menu. Otherwise, in general, the image in the mini-player window should appear immediately.

The camera is checked in a similar way in other messengers with communication support, for example, Skype, in the parameters of which you need to select “Settings”.


An English language service available at To test the camera on a laptop using it, follow the specified link, click on the “Play” button in the player window and allow the web application to access your device. If everything is in order, your image will appear in the player window, and the number of frames per second will appear in the upper right corner of it. The service also allows you to test the operation of the built-in microphone and keyboard.


Manycam is a program designed to customize and extend the capabilities of your webcam. It is mainly used to superimpose various effects on the image transmitted by the camera, but, like all applications with support for communication, it can be used to test the operation of the webcam. Install and run the program. If the device is in good working order and ready to work, a picture will appear in the player window.


Well, now you know how to check if the camera works on a laptop. Which of THESE three ways to use is up to you. If you have Windows 8 or 10, of course, the easiest way is to use the universal standard Camera application. It will be more convenient for users of the “seven” to go to one of the above-mentioned specialized websites or install one of the popular instant messengers on their computer.