How to distinguish the original Apple Watch from a fake by serial number

The popularity of the apple company has made the spread of fake gadgets. Users have a question about how to check Apple Watch. There are several criteria for recognizing fake models in the purchase of devices in the store and from hand. The article will tell in detail how to check Apple Watch when buying and by serial number.

Features of the original sample

Apple in the manufacture of products uses a specially developed technology. It is thanks to it that the watch has an ideal structure. Let us consider in more detail the stages of manufacture of “apple” devices:

Apple, using highly qualified professionals, creates a perfectly flat texture of the product, without any flaws. This is what determines the authenticity of the watch. Thanks to the unique technology used by the company when developing a gadget, to distinguish the originality of the product is not difficult.

The design of the “apple” clock also has its own characteristics:

The original Apple gadget has a monolithic structure. Distinguishing the original from a fake, always take into account the ideality of the appearance of the device. This is the leading criterion. Let’s talk about Chinese copies.

We recognize the Chinese fake

The Chinese manufacturer copies the gadgets of famous brands. Samsung, LG, Sony. Apple is no exception. For 2017, billions of fake models were released, which can be recognized as follows:

When buying the device, the first thing to do, open the boxes and consider its internal state. On the walls, lining, etc.D. must not be:

The same applies to the components of the elements-watches, docking stations and adapter. In the case of one of these damage, you should not purchase the product. It’s a fake.

No need to justify the purchase by marriage. Yes, it happens at Apple, as in other companies. However, the Yablons, unlike other companies, will not allow the device with the slightest shortage, even on the box. Ideal. their main difference.

Chinese companies equip their products with excess elements. Most often. these are connectors. We remind you that there are no slots on official samples.

Fake gadgets can be indistinguishable outwardly from the original. China installs the following OS on the devices:

Apple equips products with its own operating systems. Check is made at first sight. Having turned on the device, pay attention to the quality of the image, the sophistication of the design solution, the brightness of the colors, etc.D.

Features of a replica

There is absolutely no information in the settings about the contents of the unit. There is not even a name inside the miracle technique.

But it is possible to put Micro SD. It is better even to say that this is a necessity. Since without a flash drive it is impossible to see the gallery, enter. WhatsApp or there is absolutely no information, what operating system the device works for.

Without Micro SD and SIM cards, you can only start a step-down and a program for tracking the phases of sleep, but these applications work very strange. Shagomer, for example, believes that the user is standing in one place for several days, and a “smart dream” looks like a regular stopwatch.

As for the outer shell, the iwatch is made of cheap plastic.

Principle of operation

Real Apple Watch, for example, is enough to connect to the iPhone using the application and smart watches will continue the smartphone, will notify all notifications. You can send and accept messages, make calls right from the clock, view posts on social networks, measure steps, fully use the sleep program. Everything works properly and without complaints.

What can not be said about the fake watch Watch.

In theory, the device should be autonomous from the phone, therefore it is necessary to have an additional SIM card. Theoretically, it is convenient. For example, when a smartphone sat, it becomes possible to make a call from the watch. But in fact, not everything is so simple. For example, it is impossible to connect cheap iwatch to the iPhone, since there is no special program in the App Store.

Android has a program, but it does not become easier. Although you can already take SMS and configure time, but in order to use messengers and social networks, you need an additional SIM card and a flash drive. Without them, applications are simply not launched.

Apple Watch Ultra. Finally Rugged SmartWatch! #shorts

Why buy

A logical question is brewing. Why are Chinese iwatch generally needed?

A reasonable answer to it is quite difficult. Yes, you can buy such hours to a child. Complete with an inexpensive smartphone and an additional SIM card, let him play. But for an adult, this watch, apparently, does not exist.

Despite all this, the market is oversaturated with Chinese analogues Iwatch. Which in itself suggests that the demand for such devices is. There are many questions for the owners of a miracle of watches from China. What are you guided by preferring Chinese analogues? What functions do you use? Are you satisfied with the appearance and work of the gadget?


The main difference between the original Apple Watch is the presence of a serial number and a series on the back cover of the watch.

Further, note that there are no slots for the SIM card, flash drives, etc.D.

Original Apple Watch is charged through the back: they are primed to a special induction charging.

Pay attention to the case itself so that there are no cracks, chips, etc.P.


The main difference between the original Apple Watch is the presence of a serial number and a series on the back cover of the watch.

Further, note that there are no slots for the SIM card, flash drives, etc.D.

Original Apple Watch is charged through the back: they are primed to a special induction charging.

Pay attention to the case itself so that there are no cracks, chips, etc.P.

Remote Apple Watch from the account of the previous owner

In the original watches, you can only drop everything to factory settings with the iPhone, with which they are synchronized. To do this, you need to go to the Watch → Select the Menu Menu item → Reset → Get Content and Apple Watch Settings.

Visual inspection

Low.quality replicas instantly give themselves out a sloppy appearance and the use of cheap materials. Excessively large frames, granular screen and rough fitting of elements allow you to instantly figure out scammers.

Determination of fake in appearance

If the replica is of high quality, then it becomes more difficult to distinguish it from the original. To do this, you have to pay attention to the little things. It is recommended to look at the back of the gadget. Watch watch fake will give itself out of the absence of sensors or the presence of a removable cover.

The back of the original Watch

Comparison of the reverse side

Branded Apple Watch are charged based on magnetic induction. Therefore, you should not connect any wires to the gadget. To do this, just attach to the mark on the back of the clock, the charging includes or use the docking station.


Micro-USB connector is used to charge fake Apple Watch. Its presence instantly speaks of the fake origin of the gadget.

Charging connector at the replica

Similarly, for fakes, a frequent characteristic feature is the presence of connectors for inserting a SIM card and Micro SD memory card. Original hours in the process of daily operation work exclusively using wireless technology.

Replica with the ability to install a micro SD and SIM card memory card

Some users say that Apple‘s branded clock does not have a single connector. In fact this is not true. For everyday operation, wire connection is really not required. However, if you disconnect the strap, then at the place of its fastening, you can detect a diagnostic connector. It serves to check the gadget, as well as for service firmware update.

Diagnostic connector

It should be borne in mind that the original Apple Watch is available only in two sizes. Copies have a variety of dimensions. Therefore, having controlled the technical characteristics of the gadget, it is easy to identify the falsify.

The dimensions of the original watches

View directly to branded gadgets

The number of variations of the original straps is large, but still limited. It is recommended to familiarize yourself with various models in advance. Replicas often differ not only in a shade, but also with a strap.

A variety of branded straps

The case of these hours is carried out using special hardening and polishing. Thanks to this, the brand products have an excellent appearance. Fraudsters do not have such impressive production capabilities, so the corps of their gadgets always fade against the background of the original.

Attention should be paid to sound. At the Watch fake it can be too quiet or obsessively loud. At the same time, the sound is far from the ideal. The number of distortions is just huge.


On real Watch stands the branded shell of Apple. It has no flaws in work and is easily distinguishable from fakes. During the operation of the gadget, the presence of any freezes and glitches is unacceptable.

Comparison of the program shell of original and fake Watch

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Apple proprietary shell

The replicas as a software shell uses a mixture of Linux and Android. OS has a rough design. Some functions may not work. A low.quality translation and abundant presence of bugs are often observed.

Linux and Android.based software

Real Watch are easily connected and attached to the Apple smartphone. The fake generally refuses to function in conjunction with the iPhone. It is possible to bind only to the phone on Android. In this case, a preliminary installation of a special program is usually required.

Fake binding to the smartphone

Binding the original

The original Apple Watch Apriori does not use a SIM card. The fake will require its installation at the first inclusion. Therefore, there is no need to look inside the gadget to detect the slot and identify the fake.

Watch replica requires a SIM card

How to extend the life of Lightning

It is better to limit direct environmental contact with cable insulation and reduce the likelihood of microcracks. For example, use thermal tubes. Or buy a separate cable for travel (a meter cable is best suited) and charging in a car. that is, for places where it is most polluted. Options can be found on the same Ali, there are cables certified by MFI, which will work without problems with iPhone and iPad. Also with free delivery.

check, authenticity, apple, watch, watches

Thermal tube is a way out

When the cable for your iPhone becomes unusable, and sooner or later it will happen, you will have to find a replacement for him. You can choose one of the cables of various manufacturers, you can buy an original Apple cable, or you can buy a certified Ali (including Type-C, because now Apple goes to new chargers) or Chinese noun (which we do not advise doing). If you buy an original Apple cable, be sure to check that it meets the criteria above. If this is a wire from a manufacturer, look at the presence of MFI.

How to find out the serial number Apple Watch or Imei?

You can find out the history of the origin of IWatch without leaving the store office. It is enough to find IMEI and check it on one of the official sites with databases on mobile devices.

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Serial number is written in the “settings” of the mobile device. To find it, you should go to the point “Basic” and select the section “On this device”. It is possible to read the necessary information, you need to scroll the lines of the menu down.

IMEI/Meid number can be written on a tray from under the SIM card, on the rear panel of the phone. It depends on the device model. Sometimes in these places there are also serial number. Also, information can be found in the instructions for the device or on the box.

Checking the authenticity of the serial number on the Apple website

You can find out about the condition of the device by IMEI or check the watch by the number indicated on the package on the official website https: // www.icloud.COM/ActivationLock/. Checking Apple Watch by the serial number will show information about the state of activation:

How to check the serial number of Apple Watch, also checking in the originality of Apple by serial number, you can find out the exact date and time of blocking or activation of the gadget. If, instead of new iWatch, they try to sell used in the store, then:

Activation Date Apple Watch

  • The line with the exact date will be the date of the early activation of the device.
  • If the clock is stolen, then the activation status will indicate the locking of the device. It is almost impossible to circumvent on the latest IOS versions, as you can’t access the application store or enter your profile.

Deactivate iPhone and iwatch

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In the fifth symbol of the number is encrypted about half.year.

Cyphir designations A week Letter designations A week
one one C ten
2 2 D eleven
3 3 F 12
four four G 13
5 5 H fourteen
6 6 J fifteen
7 7 K 16
eight eight M 17
9 9 N eighteen
L 19
P twenty
Q 21
R 22
T 23
V 24
W 25
X 26
Y 27

The following characters (from the seventh to the twelfth) are individual for each individual product

A little confused, true? Let’s look at a practical example of the serial number from the middle of the article: DMPMK096FKYC

The fourth sign is M, this is the first half of 2014. Fifth sign. K, take into account the first half of the year and get 16 weeks of 2014.

Advantages and disadvantages of Chinese smart watches compared to the original Apple Watch

Very dubious advantages include:

  • Inexpensive cost of the gadget.
  • The ability to insert a SIM card and make a call directly from a smart watch.
  • Lack of need to take care of the safety of the gadget. it is not a pity to break or lose.
check, authenticity, apple, watch, watches

There are undoubtedly more disadvantages for such analogues:

  • Corps. cheap plastic.
  • The replica is much heavier than the original.
  • Chinese watches are made of leatherette, unlike real iwatch.
  • A fastener of plastic or silumin. quickly becomes unusable.
  • No protection against moisture and dust penetration.
  • The screen simply does not show signs of life, completely ignoring the touch of the user.
  • The service life of a candid fake rarely exceeds 10-12 months.

Apple Watch is a leader in the market for smart watches, since each gadget has a premium level of quality. Therefore, even an inexperienced user will be able to distinguish a fake from genuine iwatch. When choosing such an accessory, you should not compromise in favor of a low cost, because the Chinese replica will bring one disappointment.

Box and documentation Apple Watch

First of all, pay attention to the box. The Apple Watch box should be made in white, with neat even inscriptions. If you see that the box of a slightly yellowish shade, rough, is present on it “burrs” or an inscription is uneven, then this is one hundred percent fake.

The documentation for the product should contain information related to the clock. If there are characteristics that do not correspond to the product, then in front of you is a fake.

As a rule, written in the documentation fully corresponds to the product. In this case, pay attention to the model number. There can be written a number that does not exist. Also, documentation should not contain errors: grammatical, oographic, print errors

IWatch equipment

The set includes instructions, a cable with a network adapter, an additional smaller strap and a pencil case. Pay attention to accuracy. See that everything lay neatly and evenly. Charging cable should be white, not very thin, but not thick (like Lightning cable).

Carefully inspect Apple Watch. Pay special attention to the frames, buttons, connectors, thickness and size. When examining the fake, you can see:

Rs.1,500 Apple Watch 6 Vs Rs.40,000 Apple Watch 6 | Real Vs Fake ⚡ OH MY GOD ��

  • huge frames on the sides of the screen, a small, terrible quality screen;
  • Charging connectors: in the original watches, charging occurs through wireless technologies;
  • The goods are thicker, lies poorly on the hand: with everyday use, you will feel discomfort, t. to. copies are harder than branded goods;
  • The presence of a slot for a SIM card-many Chinese copies work autonomously from the smartphone, this is not the following hours, they only work in conjunction of iPhoneApple Watch
  • non.working wheel, which at the fake plays a decorative role.

How to check the smart watch Apple Watch when buying

Buying expensive Smart hours of one of the leading world brands, it makes sense to check their authenticity directly at the counter. In the store you need to go on the company’s website in the Support and Verification section for maintenance and support ”.

Next, the serial number and code are introduced and the “continue” is pressed. After the operations performed, find out information about the acquired copy.

Comparison of the original with fake

It is possible to distinguish original products from fake products by external signs in the acquisition process.

The following criteria will be a guarantee of real smart watches:

  • There are no all kinds of connectors or slots;
  • Recharge is carried out using an induction from a magnet;
  • lack of scratches, defects in the case and color;
  • The packaging is flat, made of dense cardboard, with clearly made inscriptions without errors;
  • A special Watchos operating system has been installed, recognizable when entering the product into effect.

Chinese chronometers in most cases leads Android, which will help to include the inclusion.

Samsung Watch service check

By checking, you can find out the history of the origin of the watch Samsung Watch.

  • Install the application from Samsung and turn on the watch.
  • In the application, you need to go to the clock settings and select the “About Galaxy Watch” item, the menu will be written by serial number and IMEI. Some fakes use a non.existent number. Also, many fakes are not a mobile application.


The easiest way to distinguish the original from fake is to look at the price. If the clock costs two or three, or even four times cheaper, then this is a 100 % copy. Also, if you want to buy a proprietary clock, come to Samsung specialized or branded stores, where original products will definitely be sold.

Pay attention to the size and quality of the materials from which the Samsung Watch watches are made. The original version of the watch also has a ring, and in the copy it plays only a decorative role.

Turn the clock and look at the sensors and at the inscription. Fakes have no sensors or they are located in a different order.